[00:07] <hannes_> gnu n8!
[00:19] <SteffenP> hannes_:  nopch da?
[00:19] <SteffenP> groff won't compile
[00:19] <SteffenP> better the groff documentation makes problems
[00:37] <SteffenP> someone here who might can help me?
[00:37] <SteffenP> with the groff problem?
[00:41] <SteffenP> huhu?
[00:51] <mnemoc> moin!
[00:56] <SteffenP> hi mnemoc 
[00:57] <SteffenP> can you help me? because i have a problem compiling the groff packet
[00:58] <mnemoc> query me your last 10 lines of src.groff.foo/ERROR-LOG
[00:59] <SteffenP> moment
[01:00] <SteffenP> GROFF_COMMAND_PREFIX=''; export GROFF_COMMAND_PREFIX; GROFF_BIN_PATH=`echo /ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/src/roff/groff /ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/src/roff/troff /ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/src/preproc/pic /ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/src/preproc/eqn /ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/src/preproc/tbl /ROCK/src.grof
[01:00] <SteffenP> f.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/src/preproc/grn /ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/src/preproc/refer /ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/src/preproc/soelim /ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/src/preproc/html /ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/src/devices/grops /ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/src/devices/grohtml | sed -e 's|  *|:|
[01:00] <SteffenP> g'`; export GROFF_BIN_PATH; sed -e "s;@VERSION@;1.19;" pic.ms | /ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/src/roff/groff/groff -M/ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/tmac -M/ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/tmac -F/ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/font -F/ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/font -Upet
[01:00] <SteffenP> -ww -Tps -ms -mwww >pic.ps
[01:00] <SteffenP> <standard input>:432: warning: closing delimiter does not match
[01:00] <SteffenP> :0: macro error: diversion open while ejecting page (recovering)
[01:01] <SteffenP> make[2]: *** [pic.ps] Error 2
[01:01] <SteffenP> make[2]: Leaving directory `/ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19/doc'
[01:01] <SteffenP> make[1]: *** [doc] Error 2
[01:01] <mnemoc> query! :D
[01:01] <SteffenP> make[1]: Leaving directory `/ROCK/src.groff.1102034966.12073.3142288416/groff-1.19'
[01:01] <SteffenP> make: *** [all] Error 2
[01:01] <SteffenP> --- BUILD ERROR ---
[01:01] <SteffenP> sorry..
[01:01] <SteffenP> i forgot to put it in the query.
[01:01] <SteffenP> you want it now still in the query
[01:01] <SteffenP> ?
[01:01] <mnemoc> no tahnks
[01:01] <SteffenP> oky
[01:02] <mnemoc> i think i saw this before
[01:02] <fake> wasn't that due to over-optimizing groff?
[01:02] <SteffenP> hmm..
[01:02] <fake> (on athlon* and pmmx optimization this doesn't occur)
[01:03] <SteffenP> i have P4
[01:03] <SteffenP> and i enabled it.
[01:03] <SteffenP> can i disable it for one single packet?
[01:03] <SteffenP> package..
[01:04] <fake> you may need to do a .conf hack to disable / reduce opt for a single package
[01:04] <fake> wait
[01:04] <SteffenP> why do i write package always wrong.
[01:04] <SteffenP> ahh i'll can i just do it with going into package/base/groff and editing there some lines?
[01:05] <SteffenP> oky i'll wait
[01:05] <mnemoc> (hi fake! :-)
[01:05] <SteffenP> can you put things like that somewhere on the webpage?
[01:06] <SteffenP> i mean a list of packages and with the problems you might can get?
[01:06] <fake> open package/base/groff/groff.conf
[01:06] <fake> at the very bottom, add
[01:06] <fake> var_append GCC_WRAPPER_REMOVE " " '-march=* -mcpu=* -O -O[0-9s]'
[01:06] <fake> this builds groff un-optimized
[01:06] <fake> shouldn't hit you hard performance-wise
[01:07] <SteffenP> oky i will try
[01:07] <SteffenP> but now i get this too:
[01:07] <SteffenP> WARNING: Found Documentation/./.BUILD.swp
[01:07] <SteffenP> WARNING: Found package/./x11/xorg/changeProjectRoot.patch-x
[01:07] <SteffenP> when i do a ./script/Cleanup
[01:07] <fake> please report your results, this is a dry exercise ;)
[01:07] <SteffenP> i didn't had it befor
[01:08] <fake> nevermind
[01:08] <SteffenP> i'll report
[01:08] <SteffenP> moment
[01:08] <fake> .BUILD.swp is a file left over from a vim you killed or still have open ;)
[01:09] <SteffenP> hmmm .. moment.. i guess i had some vims open wait
[01:10] <fake> those warnings aren't fatal
[01:10] <fake> anyways
[01:10] <SteffenP> oky nevermind i still had the Docfiles open.
[01:12] <SteffenP> oky again same error
[01:12] <fake> damn
[01:12] <fake> wait
[01:13] <SteffenP> hmmm
[01:13] <fake> can you paste me a random line from the middle of src.groff.foo/cmd_wrapper.log ?
[01:14] <fake> 2 lines, to be exact
[01:14] <fake> a - and a + line
[01:14] <SteffenP> moment
[01:17] <SteffenP> just one set of these both?
[01:17] <SteffenP> - gcc-34 -g -O2 -o pfbtops pfbtops.o /ROCK/src.groff.1102036097.31898.1192111091/groff-1.19/src/libs/libgroff/libgroff.a -lm
[01:17] <SteffenP> + gcc-34 -Os -pipe -march=pentium4 -o pfbtops pfbtops.o /ROCK/src.groff.1102036097.31898.1192111091/groff-1.19/src/libs/libgroff/libgroff.a -lm -s
[01:17] <SteffenP> it looks like a patch diff dile
[01:17] <SteffenP> err file
[01:18] <fake> argh!
[01:18] <SteffenP> and the optimation is still active
[01:18] <fake> damn, that -march=pentium4 shouldn't be there anymore
[01:18] <fake> make the line you added to groff.conf to:
[01:18] <fake> var_append GCC_WRAPPER_REMOVE " " '-march=pentium4'
[01:19] <fake> (ugly, but should work)
[01:19] <SteffenP> oky i'll try
[01:20] <mnemoc> you may enable CMD_WRAPPER debugging fag
[01:20] <mnemoc> flag*
[01:20] <SteffenP> hmm how do i do that? over the config?
[01:20] <SteffenP> somewhere?
[01:21] <mnemoc> mom
[01:22] <SteffenP> at the moment i can't see any -march=pentuim4 in the 3-groff.out log
[01:22] <mnemoc> you wont
[01:22] <mnemoc> only at cmd_wrapper.log
[01:23] <SteffenP> again..
[01:24] <SteffenP> ohh oky moment
[01:24] <SteffenP> but same error..
[01:24] <SteffenP> can'T the problem be in pic?
[01:24] <mnemoc> SteffenP: run ./debug.sh from src.groff.foo
[01:24] <SteffenP> moment
[01:25] <SteffenP> yep i have
[01:25] <SteffenP> cd gro*
[01:25] <SteffenP> ?
[01:25] <SteffenP> i mean groff-somthing?
[01:26] <SteffenP> oky i am in..
[01:26] cap (~cap@p213.54.83.78.tisdip.tiscali.de) joined #rocklinux.
[01:26] <fake> what does cmd_wrapper.log say now?
[01:26] <mnemoc> export GCC__WRAPPER_DEBUG=1
[01:26] <fake> is the -march crap still in there?
[01:26] <mnemoc> export GCC_WRAPPER_DEBUG=1
[01:27] <SteffenP> fake yes it is.
[01:27] <mnemoc> and run make all
[01:27] <fake> hrmpf
[01:27] Action: fake stoopid
[01:28] <mnemoc> fake: ?
[01:28] <fake> make that line in the .conf
[01:28] <fake> var_append GCC3_WRAPPER_REMOVE " " '-march=pentium4'
[01:28] <SteffenP> ohh i should have said, make is going to work there but stops with another error.. a diffrent one.. after this
[01:28] <fake> architecture/x86/gcc-options sets GCC3*
[01:28] <SteffenP> i can do another make and it runs fine.
[01:28] <SteffenP> but a make clean ; make all gives me the first error
[01:28] <mnemoc> fake: doesn't GCC_ affect every gcc wrapper?
[01:29] <SteffenP> the one which abborts the build
[01:29] <SteffenP> moment
[01:29] <fake> mnemoc: i thought so...
[01:29] cap (~cap@p213.54.83.78.tisdip.tiscali.de) left #rocklinux.
[01:29] <mnemoc> if not, it is a bug
[01:29] <fake> yes
[01:30] <SteffenP> mnemoc: hmm the same error.. 
[01:30] <SteffenP> ohh i made a make clean
[01:30] <SteffenP> before i did a make all
[01:31] <SteffenP> hmm same error.. fake i will try now the other line
[01:31] <mnemoc> SteffenP: ./debug.sh gives you the same enviroment that Build-Pkg use, so you can run specific tests
[01:32] <mnemoc> SteffenP: my line was to enlarge log info
[01:32] <mnemoc> SteffenP: not to fix anything
[01:33] <SteffenP> mnemoc: yeah i have seen in the beginning of the compilation that there was something with deleting ... and inserting parameters...  and new command is.. gcc something
[01:34] <fake> your goal is to have the -march=... removed in cmd_wrapper.log
[01:35] <fake> good luck - i have a lot of other stuff to do right now and can't test this enough to give you qualified directions.. mayeb wake up hannes, he's sleeping too much anyways *g*
[01:35] <mnemoc> hehe
[01:35] <SteffenP> same error
[01:36] <mnemoc> i have to study for an important exam right now :(
[01:36] <SteffenP> moment
[01:36] <SteffenP> fake well it's still in there
[01:36] <mnemoc> SteffenP: using ./debug.sh and _WRAPPER_DEBUG env var you can see what the wrapper is doing and why it's not removing -march
[01:37] <SteffenP> i'll try
[01:37] <SteffenP> moment
[01:38] <SteffenP> Insert: -Os
[01:38] <SteffenP> Insert: -pipe
[01:38] <SteffenP> Insert: -march=pentium4
[01:38] <SteffenP> this is what i see there
[01:38] <SteffenP> so it is still present.
[01:39] <mnemoc> SteffenP: var_remove GCC3_WRAPPER_INSERT '-march=[^ ]*'
[01:39] <mnemoc> or var_remove GCC_WRAPPER_INSERT '-march=[^ ]*'   if that doesn't work
[01:39] <mnemoc> fake: i remember now
[01:40] <mnemoc> fake: REMOVE only removes strings from command line
[01:40] <fake> mnemoc: yes! of course! argh!
[01:40] <fake> mea maxima culpa...
[01:40] <fake> are you sure it's not var_remove_regex ?
[01:41] <SteffenP> is there a documentation of all these things?
[01:41] <mnemoc> fake: right :) 
[01:42] <SteffenP> so i have to use var_remove_regex?
[01:42] <mnemoc> yes
[01:42] <mnemoc> var_remove_regex
[01:42] <mnemoc> because it's a regex :)
[01:42] <SteffenP> == 12/03/04 02:42:05 =[3]=> Finished building package groff.
[01:42] <SteffenP> tada
[01:43] <mnemoc> :D
[01:43] <fake> weee!
[01:44] <mnemoc> GCC3_ o GCC_ ?
[01:44] <SteffenP> thanks all.. i just included both :o)
[01:44] <SteffenP> should i try it with only one?
[01:44] <SteffenP> so you'll know for sure?
[01:45] <mnemoc> SteffenP: http://scavenger.homeip.net/rockdoc/
[01:45] <mnemoc> try GCC_
[01:45] <mnemoc> and if you feel generous write something on the new wiki about it :)
[01:46] <SteffenP> :) hmm i'm bad at writing..  but where should i put it .. or can you make there a page for Problems/Hints
[01:47] <SteffenP> moment
[01:48] <fake> just create a page and call it 'collation of topics' or so
[01:50] <SteffenP> well i could put there that it was impossible to build on Debian..
[01:50] <SteffenP> because i tried it yesterday and gave up.. on this
[01:51] <mnemoc> SteffenP: you could have asked for help :)
[01:52] <SteffenP> mnemoc: i did i asked hannes.. and even he didn't know what went wrong.. all we know it had to do with the ./debug.sh environment ... 
[01:52] <SteffenP> the error and by the way the only error was: dl_open can't find something..
[01:53] <SteffenP> i guess debian uses to much dynmic librarys and all this.. 
[01:53] <SteffenP> vi and co didn't wanted to work no more
[01:54] <SteffenP> oky i have to add both GCC_WRAPPER_INSERT and GCC3_*
[01:54] <mnemoc> both?
[01:55] <SteffenP> i've tried first only GCC_* 
[01:55] <SteffenP> didn't worked 
[01:55] <SteffenP> now i tried with the GCC3_*
[01:55] <SteffenP> didn't worked and now both again
[01:55] <SteffenP> didn't work..
[01:55] <SteffenP> arrgh
[01:55] <mnemoc> var_remove_regex GCC_WRAPPER_INSERT '-march=[^ ]*'
[01:56] <fake> aren't you missing the delimiter?
[01:56] <SteffenP> moment.. can it be that i need maybe i did something worg.
[01:57] <mnemoc> fake: true
[01:57] <mnemoc> how did it worked before?
[01:58] <SteffenP> i had all diffrent versions you both told me in the conf file
[01:58] <SteffenP> :o)
[01:58] <mnemoc> :p
[01:58] <SteffenP> and i removed not the right ones.. moment
[01:58] <SteffenP> maybe now it will work
[01:59] <fake> mnemoc: are you aware that openldap is broken in trunk?
[01:59] <mnemoc> oh
[02:00] <mnemoc> no idea, i have never build trunk
[02:00] <fake> okay, i'll fix it ;)
[02:00] <mnemoc> =)
[02:00] <SteffenP> only this line: var_remove GCC3_WRAPPER_INSERT '-march=[^ ]*'
[02:00] <SteffenP> is needed
[02:00] <mnemoc> o_O
[02:10] <SteffenP> i'll now try to add one page about compiling problems.. 
[02:15] <SteffenP> so the other is there have to be a page about how to install / download a package.. and how to remove i will write just a few little lines.. but someone with a better english that me will have to redoo this
[02:16] <mnemoc> SteffenP: you, a user, are the best person to write about that
[02:17] <mnemoc> SteffenP: our view of the 'problem' is far diffrent, and tend to be useless for users
[02:17] <SteffenP> :o)
[02:18] <mnemoc> look at the handbook :\
[02:18] <SteffenP> how you call the system you're building the rock thing first?
[02:19] <SteffenP> like i had problem in debian which had only to do with the debian system.
[02:19] <mnemoc> host?
[02:21] <SteffenP> hmmmm... well maybe oky.. i will see
[02:51] <fake> mnemoc: the last line in openldap.conf just needed some un-commenting and an additional '2' ;)
[02:52] <mnemoc> good :)
[02:52] <hannes_> rehi
[02:52] <SteffenP> puhh it is not as easy to write something.. 
[02:52] <SteffenP> hehe
[02:52] <SteffenP> hi hannes_ 
[02:53] <hannes_> hi SteffenP 
[02:53] Action: hannes_ is still fighting with selinux-policies and flex :/
[02:53] <fake> moin hannes_ *g*
[02:53] <hannes_> why are you smiling, fake?
[02:54] <SteffenP> hannes_: hmm shouldn't you already be in bed sleeping or so?
[02:56] <hannes_> i just have lectures from 8:00 to 9:30 and than weekend starts!
[02:56] <mnemoc> hannes_: madtux is highly involved on selinux, maybe he can give you a hand
[02:57] <hannes_> mnemoc: that would be cool
[02:59] <SteffenP> hannes_: it's all your fault.. i haven't done a bit on my game.. 
[02:59] <hannes_> SteffenP: you are infected with the rock-linux-virus ;)
[03:00] <SteffenP> hannes_: well at the moment i try to write a page for the handbook..
[03:01] <SteffenP> so others who just started with Rock will have it a bit easyer..
[03:02] <hannes_> that's nice
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[03:20] <hannes_> sind die var_
[03:20] <hannes_> sry
[03:39] <hannes_> gnu n8!
[03:41] <fake> n8!
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[04:07] Nick change: blindcod1r -> blindcoder
[04:21] <SteffenP> http://scavenger.homeip.net/rockdoc/CompilingProblems <--- here first version.. but i don't know.. i hope someone will go over it.. because i'm bad in english
[04:21] <SteffenP> and some thing i knew what was happen but i didn't know the name and how it worked in the thing.. maybe can rewrite it in a better way
[04:22] <mnemoc> SteffenP: that's the good of wikis, everyone has power
[04:23] <SteffenP> i know..
[04:23] <SteffenP> tzz not even my game had such a good troubleshooting page.. :o)
[04:23] <fake> hehe
[04:23] <fake> that's a funny page
[04:24] <SteffenP> why funny?
[04:24] <fake> The CmdWrapper? is something unknown (for the guy who wrote this page here)
[04:24] <fake> *laughes*
[04:24] <SteffenP> i just put in words what i knew .. 
[04:24] <mnemoc> excellent
[04:24] <SteffenP> hannes said he will write tomorrow a page about the cmd_wrapper
[04:25] <mnemoc> CmdWrapper :)
[04:25] <SteffenP> yep somehow it is possible as soon as someone write something about the cmdwrapper that there will be the text cmd_wrapper
[04:26] <SteffenP> like the one text "Which Tree Do I Have"
[04:26] <SteffenP> there you can give the text a name.. 
[04:26] <fake> that's great
[04:26] <SteffenP> a normal one.. 
[04:27] <fake> does anyone here have problems with linux-2.6.9 and responsiveness on IDE access?
[04:27] Action: SteffenP used 2.6.8 in debian..
[04:27] <mnemoc> :)
[04:28] <SteffenP> so i can't say anything.
[04:28] Action: fake considers downgrading...
[04:28] <mnemoc> what about 2.6.10-rc ?
[04:28] <fake> 2.6.10-rc2 is (besides that) pretty stable, though
[04:28] <fake> ;)
[04:28] <mnemoc> =)
[04:28] <SteffenP> hmmm ohh and who is working on the network scripts... is there a normal easy way to add a network device with only ipx?
[04:29] <mnemoc> SteffenP: you may need to add an ipx module for rocknet
[04:29] <SteffenP> hmmmm.. rocknet.... oky i will look at this tomorrow.. 
[04:29] <SteffenP> at last i want my Descent2 game running here.. 
[04:30] <fake> descent2 - i remember that...
[04:30] <fake> i was too stupid to get used to the controls
[04:30] <fake> always rammed walls and stuff
[04:31] <SteffenP> hmmm.. i love this game.. it's great i still drive from ingolstadt to luebeck every year once or twice.. :)
[04:31] <SteffenP> jups to play this game on a lan.. :)
[04:32] <fake> you're from ingolstadt?
[04:33] <SteffenP> yep.
[04:33] <SteffenP> well i live here.. but i am not from here.. :)
[04:34] <fake> now that's interesting.
[04:34] <fake> <- from ingolstadt, too
[04:34] <SteffenP> yes i know.. Hannes told me.. 
[04:35] <SteffenP> :)
[04:35] <fake> hrmpf. 
[04:36] <SteffenP> ?
[04:36] <fake> evolution 2.0.2 works great - as long as you dont' try to open the settings dialogue
[04:37] Action: SteffenP uses slypheed-gtk2
[04:37] <SteffenP> evolution is to big as to be a single email client :o)
[04:39] <fake> yes. but i need some application feeding my ldap-server and sycronizing my appointments with my cellphone ;)
[04:40] <SteffenP> hmmm as long as the puk-5 usb wire from nokia isn't supported i won't need it..
[04:40] <SteffenP> do you use Xorg?
[04:40] <SteffenP> i need someone who can test something
[04:41] <fake> i have xorg running currently, yes
[04:41] <SteffenP> ohh and sdl installed?
[04:41] <fake> sure
[04:41] <SteffenP> ahh.. moment
[04:41] <fake> but no xdamage/xwhateverstupidextension runnin
[04:41] <fake> *running
[04:42] <SteffenP> http://stpohle.dyndns.org/bomberclonefiles/bomberclone-0.11.4test2.tar.gz
[04:42] <SteffenP> try if you can run it.. 
[04:43] <SteffenP> compile and run
[04:43] <SteffenP> usually it should work.. but hannes uses Xorg too and there i got a crash.
[04:43] <fake> wait
[04:43] <SteffenP> oky only the game segfault
[04:43] <mnemoc> bomberclone?
[04:43] <SteffenP> yes
[04:43] <fake> get a faster link...
[04:43] <fake> *g*
[04:43] <mnemoc> yours?
[04:44] <SteffenP> yes
[04:44] <SteffenP>  but 0.11.3 and 0.11.4 are still not working as good as i want.
[04:44] <mnemoc> =D
[04:45] <SteffenP> well i made too much changes from 0.11.2 to 0.11.3 so there showed up alot of little problems
[04:46] <mnemoc> looks cool!
[04:47] <SteffenP> well the network part is working so it's quite fun.. if all the little bug wheren't
[04:48] <mnemoc> there is no perfect software :)
[04:49] <SteffenP> yeah.. i wanted to have support that the server can leave the game and the people can still play.. and i almost have it that way.. but this change mixed up too much my network code.. 
[04:49] <fake> 54%...
[04:49] <SteffenP> ohh so slow
[04:49] <SteffenP> i have nothing going on here.. my network should be free
[04:49] <mnemoc> SteffenP: why don't you use sourceforge structure to distribute it?
[04:50] <SteffenP> hey how often will gcc and glibc compiled.. it's the 3 or 4th time..
[04:50] <SteffenP> mnemoc: i use.
[04:50] <SteffenP> but the version fake is downloading is still testing.
[04:50] <mnemoc> SteffenP: why don't you use sourceforge structure to distribute it? :)
[04:51] <SteffenP> so from sf you can only download 0.11.3 and thats it.
[04:51] <SteffenP> i hope in one week or so i will have a new version.. but i don't think so
[04:51] <fake> SteffenP: ~12K/s
[04:52] <mnemoc> outch
[04:52] <SteffenP> hmm..
[04:52] <fake> hrmpf. koffice now depends on python. great.
[04:52] Action: SteffenP wants a faster connection
[04:54] <SteffenP> hmm..
[04:54] <SteffenP> does anyone use nfs there?
[04:55] <fake> SteffenP: you may be interested in the offers from kabel deutschland
[04:55] <fake> 4MBit/s down, 521kbit/s up, full flat rate for 99EUR / month
[04:55] <SteffenP> because a mount gateway:/home /home-gw just stuck
[04:55] <fake> have you started portmap ?
[04:55] <SteffenP> what thats all. and aviable here in germany?
[04:56] <SteffenP> hmmm is it not coming up alone?
[04:56] <fake> SteffenP: yes, if you have cable
[04:56] <fake> no, on a rock system: rc portmap start
[04:56] <SteffenP> ahh oy
[04:56] <fake> make is running...
[04:56] <SteffenP> i have cable
[04:56] <SteffenP> fake ahh oky
[04:56] <SteffenP> gdb src/bomberclone
[04:56] <SteffenP> after make
[04:57] <SteffenP> don't install it
[04:57] <SteffenP> run
[04:57] <SteffenP> wait for the crash you will get.. if you get one and then there bt
[04:57] <SteffenP> oky portmap was missing
[04:58] <fake> SteffenP: works like a charm
[04:58] <SteffenP> grmml..
[04:59] <fake> no, i guess hannes problem is unrelated.
[04:59] <SteffenP> it should crash right after you run the game.. 
[04:59] <fake> a patch has gone into rock just recently that fixed a libsdl problem
[04:59] <SteffenP> that makes it complicated.
[04:59] <fake> is the crash in SDL_mmx something?
[04:59] <SteffenP> yep.. even on the mailinglist they didn't know why
[04:59] <SteffenP> yes it is
[04:59] <SteffenP> why?
[04:59] <fake> that's exactly what i fixed.
[05:00] <SteffenP> ahhh oky
[05:00] <fake> a patch to make libsdl compile with gcc 3.4.x has caused regressions
[05:00] <SteffenP> oky good to know
[05:06] steffen_ (~steffen@p3E9EA5A9.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[05:06] steffen__ (~steffen@p3E9EA5A9.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[05:07] <steffen__> uhmmm
[05:07] <steffen__> stupid reconnect
[05:12] steffen_ (~steffen@p3E9EA5A9.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
[05:15] <steffen__> so i am now in my bed.. good night all.. 
[05:16] steffen__ (~steffen@p3E9EA5A9.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: "http://www.bomberclone.de"
[05:16] <fake> n8!
[05:17] <mnemoc> n8 fake 
[05:18] <fake> no, not me, to steffen ;)
[05:19] <mnemoc> :p
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[07:24] <hannes_> g'moin
[07:31] <fake> remoin ;)
[07:39] BoS (~BoS@dialin-212-144-072-232.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
[07:43] <hannes_> i have to leave, bye
[08:01] <SerWou> Hello the Chan
[08:11] <blindcoder> moin
[08:11] netrunne1 (~andreas@pD9E8DEEB.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #rocklinux.
[08:17] <SerWou> how are blindcoder
[08:18] <blindcoder> sleepy, thanks. you?
[08:18] <SerWou> little bit too, cause my work ake me all my time
[08:19] <blindcoder> here it's more because of workout :)
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[08:28] Nick change: netrunne1 -> netrunner
[08:32] <netrunner> moin
[08:36] <blindcoder> moin moin
[08:45] <netrunner> anybody running 2.4 and want to fix my alsa-driver patch for that?
[08:46] Action: netrunner wonders why nobody notices the broken alsa modules in 2.6
[08:46] <fake> hum?
[08:47] <fake> what broken alsa modules?
[08:47] <blindcoder> works for me in crystal with 2.6
[08:47] <netrunner> no. they install as .o in the /lib/modules/2.6 ...
[08:48] <netrunner> oh, sorry, I think I am talking of linux-drm
[08:49] <blindcoder> I never knew what linux-drm is
[08:49] <netrunner> blindcoder: the drivers that enable dri for X in the kernel
[08:49] <blindcoder> isn't that already part of the kernel?
[08:49] <netrunner> so you can run glxgears really fast :)
[08:49] <netrunner> no
[08:50] <blindcoder> well, I'm using nvidia, does that count?
[08:50] <netrunner> hm, dunno, think not.
[08:51] <netrunner> you use binary drivers?
[08:52] <blindcoder> sure
[08:53] BoS_ (~BoS@dialin-212-144-019-062.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
[08:54] <netrunner> fake: do you happen to use linux-drm?
[08:55] <fake> no
[08:55] <fake> nvidia here, too
[08:55] <fake> :(
[08:56] <netrunner> grmbl.
[08:56] <netrunner> I submitted a patch once, but clifford said it fails for 2.4. I cannot test it as I have no 2.4 here ...
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[09:20] Nick change: kasc_ -> kasc
[09:27] Nick change: BoS_ -> BoS
[10:06] Captain (~Captain@d142-59-231-163.abhsia.telus.net) joined #rocklinux.
[10:29] <hannes_> rehi
[10:31] <fake> re
[10:31] <blindcoder> moin ha
[10:31] <blindcoder> moin hannes_ 
[10:35] <blindcoder> fake: btw. single line breaks are now possible with subwiki
[10:36] <blindcoder> fake: I changed the css so that <p> has a padding-top of 0px
[10:37] <fake> err... okay 
[10:46] <th> moin
[10:48] <hannes_> hi th 
[10:49] <blindcoder> moin th
[10:49] <blindcoder> th: guess we can disable gpg in licq
[10:50] <blindcoder> th: my local installation doesn't use it. I don't even have gpgme installed
[10:50] <blindcoder> th: it also uses openssl for encryption, not gpg
[10:51] <th> i see
[10:51] <th> you don't have the required confopts handy, do you?
[10:52] <blindcoder> no
[10:52] <blindcoder> --without-gpg if I had to guess :)
[10:53] <th> should i remove libcdk again?
[10:54] <owl> moin
[10:54] <th> hi owl 
[10:54] <owl> hi th
[10:55] <blindcoder> th: only if you want to keep licq 1.2.7
[10:55] <blindcoder> moin owl 
[10:55] <owl> hi blindcoder 
[10:56] <th> blindcoder: current head has 1.2.7 without libcdk
[10:57] <blindcoder> haeh?
[10:57] <blindcoder> http://www.rocklinux.net/svn/rock-linux/trunk/package/blindcoder/libcdk/
[10:57] <th> s,head,head of stable,
[10:57] <th> i'm only talking of stable
[10:58] <blindcoder> th: ah, okay. but didn't you ask to update to 1.3.0?
[10:58] <th> yes i did.
[10:58] <th> and i updated gpgme to 1.0.0 for that
[10:58] <th> but that seems to have regressions in gpa and licq
[10:58] <blindcoder> so why do you want to remove libcdk?
[10:59] <th> i guess i need to stay at 0.4.0 for gpgme
[10:59] <th> blindcoder: i just added libcdk
[10:59] <th> blindcoder: and i'm wondering wether i nead to revert this add to get a working licq back
[10:59] <th> but i think the regression is from gpgme only
[10:59] <blindcoder> th: libcdk is necessary for the licq 1.3.0 ncurses interface
[10:59] <blindcoder> if you want to stay with 1.2.7 you can remove it 
[11:00] <th> i would like to go for 1.3.0 but it fails due to some gpg issues.
[11:01] <th> ahh
[11:01] <th> that's worth a try for --disable-gpg. but that does not solve the gpa regression
[11:01] <th> In file included from gpa.h:32,
[11:01] <th>                  from gpa.c:35:
[11:01] <th> gpgmetools.h:65: warning: `GpgmeError' is deprecated (declared at /usr/include/gpgme.h:1518)
[11:01] <th> gpgmetools.h:71: warning: `GpgmeData' is deprecated (declared at /usr/include/gpgme.h:1517)
[11:05] <th> but gpa is unchanged and it's the same in stable
[11:05] <th> ahh
[11:05] <th> and it's failing in trunk too
[11:05] <th> with the same errors
[11:07] <th> perhaps we should try gpa-0.7.0?
[11:08] <blindcoder> worth a try
[11:09] <th> == 11:08:36 =[9]=> Building rene/gpa [0.7.0 2.0.3].
[11:10] <th> == 12/03/04 11:09:43 =[9]=> Finished building package gpa.
[11:10] <th> that's it
[11:13] <blindcoder> :)
[11:14] <th> sylpheed is another gpgme regression
[11:17] <th> but first i'll try the --disable-gpg
[11:18] <th> going for sylpheed 0.9.12 might help
[11:19] <th>   --disable-gpgme         disable GPGME support
[11:24] <th> ahh xine is failing in trunk too..
[11:24] <th> lot's of packages failing in trunk again.
[11:26] <daja77> O_O
[11:28] <th> ahh xine just needs a rediff for one of the patches
[11:31] <th> hmmm i really like to have more results from latest trunk builds available.
[11:32] <th> input for sonar for example
[11:32] <th> and all build-logs
[11:33] <th> blindcoder: how would cliff need to contribute refbuild results for sonar to you?
[11:33] Action: daja77 doin a new trunk build atm
[11:33] <th> blindcoder: could we make this scriptable for him?
[11:33] <blindcoder> th: mailing me the /var/adm directory would be enough
[11:33] <blindcoder> I'll sort it out
[11:33] <th> blindcoder: like automatically taring it up and sending via http?
[11:34] <blindcoder> th: I can set up a perl script for that
[11:34] <th> blindcoder: i guess that could help
[11:34] <th> blindcoder: could sonar even provide access for build-log files?
[11:34] <blindcoder> th: so that he just uploads the /var/adm as tar.bz2 and sending it over to me
[11:34] <th> ack
[11:34] <blindcoder> th: sure, just needs to be extended for that
[11:35] <th> that would be of great help i think
[11:35] <blindcoder> th: I'll write up a misc/archive/ script for that
[11:35] <th> blindcoder: great
[11:35] <th> daja77: could you do your trunk build without bash2?
[11:36] <daja77> too late ...
[11:37] <th> blindcoder: ok so i cancelled my mail for cliff regarding "please-provide-a-bit-more-results"
[11:37] <th> == 12/03/04 11:36:33 =[9]=> Finished building package licq.
[11:39] <th> -   eval ./configure $confopt
[11:39] <th> +   eval ./configure $confopt --disable-gpgme
[11:39] <th> blindcoder: you should change that in licq.conf
[11:39] <th> blindcoder: tested in stable
[11:40] <th> and when you are at it:
[11:40] <th> +           pkgcheck xosd X && bool "Build the OSD Pluin" ROCKCFG_PKG_LICQ_OSD 1
[11:40] <th> there is a typo
[11:40] <blindcoder> th: can you send a patch for it? I'll ack it then
[11:41] <blindcoder> gotta go now, bbl
[11:41] <th> blindcoder: i will.
[11:41] <blindcoder> th: thanks :)
[11:41] <th> blindcoder: cya - please keep me posted with that misc/archive script
[11:45] Action: daja77 trying to figure out the hw base for the simputer
[11:46] <th> blindcoder: 2004120311461127412
[11:46] Action: th trying to figure out why avifile fails to build.
[11:47] <th> In file included from fft_sse.c:24:
[11:47] <th> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i586-unknown-linux-gnu/3.2.3/include/xmmintrin.h:37: no data type for mode `V4SF'
[11:47] <th> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i586-unknown-linux-gnu/3.2.3/include/xmmintrin.h:40: no data type for mode `V4SF'
[11:47] <th> sounds familiar to anyone?
[11:47] Nick change: BoS -> BoS^afk
[12:00] <th> anyone could put a recent avilfile build log from trunk online somewhere?
[12:30] SMP (~stefanp@vanessa.wronline.net) left irc: "argl"
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[12:43] th (th@thzn.de) got netsplit.
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[12:46] th (th@thzn.de) returned to #rocklinux.
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[12:57] <blindcoder> th: server side is implemented (on my laptop only)
[12:57] <blindcoder> will put it up tonight
[12:57] <th> blindcoder: very good
[12:57] <blindcoder> now writing a script for misc/archive
[12:57] <th> yea
[12:58] <blindcoder> th: though it will not immediately be visible in Sonar
[12:58] <blindcoder> only be uploaded for review
[12:58] <th> yes thats fine
[13:12] SMP (~stefanp@vanessa.wronline.net) joined #rocklinux.
[13:36] SteffenP (~steffen@p3E9EA5A9.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[13:40] <blindcoder> th: misc/archive/sonar.sh looks good, too. will be tested once I'm home
[13:40] <th> blindcoder: cool
[13:40] <blindcoder> th: for lazyness' sake even this is possible: misc/archive/sonar.sh config/* :-)
[13:41] <th> e.g. passing config directories as argument...
[13:41] <th> nice
[13:42] <blindcoder> th: usually you would do: sonar.sh bootdisk crystal minimal
[13:42] <blindcoder> th: but config/* is just much easier :)
[13:42] <th> yea. how do you generate a more-or-less unique id for the /var/adm-set?
[13:43] <blindcoder> on the server
[13:43] <blindcoder> YYYYMMMDDD-HHMMSS
[13:44] <blindcoder> could also use an md5sum on date, revision, target and rockversion
[13:45] <blindcoder> but that's uninteresting on the client side
[13:45] <blindcoder> because the client just pushes a varadm.tar.bz2 to the server
[13:47] <th> but you can't extract the revision from /var/adm
[13:47] <SteffenP> hi all
[13:48] <blindcoder> th: no, but I can from 'svn info'
[13:48] <blindcoder> th: the client pushes the varadm.tar.bz2 and some more information to the server :)
[13:48] <blindcoder> ROCK Version, Subversion revision, target, description, comment
[13:59] <th> blindcoder: so do you out the whole `svn info` to the server?
[13:59] <th> blindcoder: that would be usefull
[14:00] <th> blindcoder: i'll just have a look myself, when you contribute that script ;>
[14:00] <blindcoder> th: no, just the revision
[14:01] <blindcoder> th: there's not much more useful information in there
[14:01] <blindcoder> th: lemme get my usb-stick..
[14:01] <owl> re
[14:01] <owl> weee! i have my notebook back :))) 
[14:02] <blindcoder> owl: working?
[14:02] <blindcoder> 10 bucks say it lasts three weeks at most :D
[14:03] <owl> blindcoder: working. and with a much lower temperature (in idling state... - 39 C)... normally it has about 50 C when idling...
[14:04] <th> -39C wow. quite cold. must be cooled by butan or something.
[14:04] <owl> and: with a new keyboard ... now the keys are not blopping away while typing. 
[14:04] <owl> *cough* *kicking th* :p
[14:04] <th> ;-)
[14:07] <owl> btw, could someone explain me why a person walks slowly on the street while rush hour, much traffic and so, and eating an "broetchen"? O_o
[14:07] <blindcoder> owl: because he's a calm person?
[14:08] <owl> she was about 30 years old... and was slim. so she cant be calm... 
[14:12] <blindcoder> why not?
[14:13] <blindcoder> th: in SubMaster. You might have to adapt the path to the  /var/adm directory for 2.0
[14:13] <blindcoder> th: just remembered now that it changed from 2.0 to 2.1
[14:15] <th> ok
[14:17] Action: blindcoder gone
[14:18] <th> blindcoder: why don't you put the meta data in a file in that tar?
[14:33] <SteffenP> is the package orbitCC needed for something?
[14:35] <th> SteffenP: what is the exact name of that package?
[14:36] <SteffenP> orbitcc
[14:36] <SteffenP> well i will leave it out.. i've never heard of it so the package what needs it will tell me anyway.
[14:36] <th> SteffenP: there is no such package
[14:37] <th> talking of orbitcpp?
[14:37] <th> packages depending on orbitcpp:
[14:37] <th> libbonobomm    libbonobouimm  orbitcpp       
[14:38] <SteffenP> ahh yes sorry cpp i mean
[14:38] <SteffenP> hmmm 
[14:38] <SteffenP> maybe i should take it
[14:39] <SteffenP> hmm neee
[14:39] <th> SteffenP: you might want to use the miscr/archive/showdeps.sh script.
[14:42] <SteffenP> oky thanks.
[14:57] <SteffenP> th is it planed to make it possible that all needed packages will be build too if i don't have them installed or in the build process that they will be selected too?
[14:57] <th> SteffenP: sure
[14:57] <SteffenP> because it's not that easy to follow all lib by hand..
[15:00] <blindcoder> back
[15:00] <blindcoder> th: because I want a "normal" webinterface, too
[15:01] <blindcoder> th: so the meta-file will be created on the server side and is already compatible to ROCK Sonars dists.db file
[15:01] <th> blindcoder: ok.
[15:01] <SteffenP> hmm how can i add to the packet selection : X gome2 && extre/development
[15:02] <SteffenP> so that it adds only stuff needed to build gnome2 apps
[15:03] <hannes_> rehi
[15:04] <hannes_> SteffenP: just adjust the pkgsel
[15:04] <SteffenP> hannes well i did.. but what do i have to put in there.. 
[15:04] <SteffenP> from the menu.. i do X gnome2
[15:04] <SteffenP> then it adds me almost well everything what have to do with gnome2
[15:04] <SteffenP> thats much more as i need
[15:05] <hannes_> something like  / gnome2 / { p; d; };
[15:06] <SteffenP> and i need there: gnome2 and development 
[15:06] <SteffenP> something like grep gnome2  packages.txt | grep development
[15:06] <hannes_> you can also use the categories in your pkgsel
[15:07] <SteffenP> hmm categories?
[15:07] <hannes_> see Documentation/Developers/PKG-CATEGORIES
[15:08] <SteffenP> yeah there i need exras/development
[15:08] <SteffenP> but then i get the kde stuff to..
[15:08] <SteffenP> libkde and things like that
[15:09] <hannes_> i think you want it too
[15:09] <SteffenP> i need something if (gnome2 AND development)
[15:09] <hannes_> a lot of pkgs depend on kdelibs and the qt-stuff
[15:09] <SteffenP> well you know me kde i don't like kde at all and i never needed it..
[15:09] <SteffenP> on debian i don't even have libkde installed..
[15:10] <SteffenP> how can i add there two search strings?
[15:10] <SteffenP> so i can check for two?
[15:11] <SteffenP> hmm maybe i will write me a script or something that i can select one package and it will add automatic all needed packages.. :o)
[15:11] <SteffenP> i'll try now the gnome2 stuff all
[15:12] <SteffenP> ohh and will it split later the CD in two parts if it won't fit on one?
[15:14] <SteffenP> hmm complicated.. arrgh oky
[15:14] <SteffenP> yeah i have it
[15:14] <th> SteffenP: perhaps you should just read sed documentation?
[15:15] <SteffenP> X gnome2 extra/development 
[15:15] <th> SteffenP: should be no problem to add such a logical combination in pkgsel
[15:15] <hannes_> SteffenP: it will split more cds
[15:15] <SteffenP> jups.. 
[15:15] <SteffenP> :)
[15:20] <hannes_> someone experience with selinux-policies?
[15:20] <SMP> th: are you ignoring me?
[15:20] <th> SMP: no
[15:20] <th> SMP: i'm not receiving anything
[15:20] <SMP> what about now?
[15:20] <th> better
[15:23] <SMP> th: maybe something's broken with your new gpg key?
[15:23] <th> SMP: i somehow doubt that
[15:24] <SMP> did you get the 2nd test with encryption?
[15:24] <th> SMP: yes i did. and i answered non-encrypted.
[15:25] <SMP> I didn't see anything from you at all :-O
[15:33] ringo (ringo78@xs2.xs4all.nl) joined #rocklinux.
[15:45] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
[15:45] <madtux> hello
[15:47] <owl> hi madtux , ringo 
[15:47] esden (~esden@p50805015.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #rocklinux.
[15:47] <esden> hi ho everyone
[15:47] <owl> moin esden 
[15:48] <esden> hi owl
[15:49] <ringo> hi owl 
[15:53] Action: ringo has finally weekend :)
[15:54] <blindcoder> MOIN esden 
[15:54] <blindcoder> damn caps
[16:17] ringo (ringo78@xs2.xs4all.nl) left irc: "ByE (CUL)"
[16:31] <SteffenP> the next problem: configure: error: XML::Parser perl module is required for intltool
[16:31] <SteffenP> is this the cpan-xml-parse package?
[16:43] nullslack (~nullslack@ joined #rocklinux.
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[16:51] treo (~xfman@D99aa.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[16:51] <treo> sali
[17:01] <netrunner> anybody using kontact here?
[17:02] <netrunner> bzw korganizer
[17:03] Action: daja77 
[17:03] esden (~esden@p50805015.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[17:04] <netrunner> daja77: do you experience problems in the day-view? like appointments stretching over more lines than they should?
[17:05] <daja77> no
[17:05] <netrunner> daja77: using 3.3.1?
[17:05] <daja77> but have just started using it, and don't have many entries
[17:05] <daja77> yes
[17:07] <netrunner> hm. maybe I have a broken datafile :/
[17:07] Action: netrunner -> seminar
[17:16] <blindcoder> back
[17:16] <SteffenP> so now i have another problem
[17:17] <SteffenP> cpan-xml-libxml
[17:17] <SteffenP> i can't get it installed
[17:18] <SteffenP> ===[build_this_package:1 (last $?=0)> make prefix=/usr CC=gcc-34 CXX=g++-34 install
[17:18] <SteffenP> this is what i can read out of th elog file
[17:19] <SteffenP> could not find ParserDetails.ini in /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.5/XML/SAX
[17:43] <SteffenP> oky cpan-xml-libxml won't compile..
[17:43] <SteffenP> thats bad
[18:08] <SteffenP> it's bad i can't get it compiles
[18:08] <SteffenP> err compiled
[18:14] <SteffenP> hmmm what means this:
[18:14] <SteffenP> Making post-install adaptions.
[18:14] <SteffenP> Found shared files with other packages:
[18:14] <SteffenP> usr/lib/perl5/5.8.5/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini: cpan-xml-libxml cpan-xml-sax
[18:14] <SteffenP> --- BUILD ERROR ---
[18:14] <SteffenP> removed `/var/adm/logs/5-cpan-xml-libxml.log'
[18:14] <SteffenP> Finished building cpan=cpan-xml-libxml.
[18:15] <hannes_> SteffenP: you have shared files with another package
[18:15] <SteffenP> yeah but why it is going to abort this?
[18:15] <SteffenP> or how i can solve this problem?
[18:16] <hannes_> var_append INSTALL_WRAPPER_FILTER "|" 'sed ...' in the conf file of the package
[18:17] <hannes_> with the sed you change the location where the file is placed
[18:17] <hannes_> just give it another name
[18:17] <hannes_> have a look at package/base/bash/bash.conf
[18:17] <SteffenP> oky moment
[18:18] <hannes_> i think in the bdb package it's often used, too
[18:19] <hannes_> and have a look in submaster sometimes
[18:19] <hannes_> it often happens that the prob is already solved
[18:21] <blindcoder> hannes_: you should make the checksum X
[18:22] <blindcoder> and no version tag
[18:22] <blindcoder> or [V] trunk
[18:22] <blindcoder> or something
[18:22] <hannes_> blindcoder: you mean the submaster patch?
[18:23] <blindcoder> yes
[18:23] <hannes_> jap, you are right
[18:24] <SteffenP> hmm i can't find the submaster thing
[18:25] <hannes_> http://www.rocklinux.net/submaster
[18:27] <SteffenP> hannes there i can't find anything
[18:27] <SteffenP> what have to do with cpan-xml-*
[18:27] <hannes_> blindcoder: done
[18:27] <SteffenP> and the var append where should i put it?
[18:27] <hannes_> SteffenP: it was just a suggestion
[18:28] <SteffenP> i have a lot of packages but only one conf file in packages/import/cpan
[18:28] <blindcoder> hannes_: X not 0
[18:28] <hannes_> okay
[18:29] <hannes_> i'll rediff again
[18:30] <hannes_> blindcoder: the X means not to check the cksum at all?
[18:30] <blindcoder> yes
[18:31] <hannes_> blindcoder: ok now?
[18:33] <blindcoder> perfect :)
[18:39] tcr (~tcr@pD9EAB939.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[18:39] <th> anyone experience with nforce4 on linux?
[19:00] <mnemoc> moin
[19:06] <SteffenP> hi mnemoc 
[19:09] tcr (~tcr@pD9EAB939.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[19:13] <mnemoc> hi SteffenP 
[19:23] nullslack (~nullslack@ joined #rocklinux.
[19:34] <SteffenP> brb
[19:34] SteffenP (~steffen@p3E9EA5A9.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: "http://www.bomberclone.de"
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[19:51] <treo> bye
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[20:02] SteffenP (~steffen@fortuna7.bingo-ev.de) joined #rocklinux.
[20:03] <SteffenP> so i am back
[20:06] <SteffenP> hannes_, are you there?
[20:07] <SteffenP> how can i make that it won't abbort with this error:
[20:07] <SteffenP> Found shared files with other packages:
[20:07] <SteffenP> usr/lib/perl5/5.8.5/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini: cpan-xml-libxml cpan-xml-sax
[20:09] <th> SteffenP: which pkg did you try to build?
[20:11] <SteffenP> cpan-xml-libxml
[20:14] <SteffenP> hmm very strange..
[20:16] <th> SteffenP: so edit /var/adm/flists/cpan-xml-sax and remove that file
[20:17] <th> delete that file and rebuild cpan-xml-libxml after that
[20:18] <SteffenP> hmm moment i will try
[20:22] <SteffenP> it is compiling... 
[20:22] <SteffenP> ... waiting ... waiting ...
[20:23] <SteffenP> oky it worked..
[20:23] <SteffenP> will there any change in this packages? or can you make somehow that these double files will be in both packages? 
[20:47] <th> trunk or stable tree?
[20:48] <th> there is not a single shared file in 2.0-stable tree
[20:49] <SteffenP> trunk
[20:54] <th> well trunk is always moving. it will be fixed somewhen.
[20:54] <th> but each file has to be in exactly one package
[20:54] <th> i guess that won't change
[20:55] <th> if two package provide the same file - which package would you want to have?
[20:56] <SteffenP> hmm i don't know.. 
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[21:08] Nick change: mnemoc_ -> mnemoc
[21:09] <th> SteffenP: and cause we don't know either - we won't do such
[21:10] <SteffenP> yep i know..
[21:14] <fake> damn!!
[21:14] <fake> tar: usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/100dpi/timBI12-ISO8859-9.pcf.gz: Cannot open: No space left on device
[21:15] <SteffenP> now i have the problem with rep-gtk...
[21:15] <blindcoder> heh, sucks
[21:15] <SteffenP> :)
[21:15] <blindcoder> fake: sounds like tmpfs with 800M
[21:15] <fake> no
[21:15] <SteffenP> and this time it's a compiler problem
[21:15] <fake> that's the ultra30 trying to create the livecd squashfs *g*
[21:16] <fake> i need a bigger disc...
[21:16] <blindcoder> oops
[21:18] <SteffenP> have anyone tried to guild rep-gtk?
[21:20] <SteffenP> is there something possible to add into the conf files like a diff file or so?
[21:20] <fake> a patch, you mean?
[21:21] <fake> just drop a -p1 patch ending with '.patch' in the package dir.
[21:22] <owl> re
[21:24] <SteffenP> ahh oky
[21:24] <SteffenP> i'll
[21:25] <SteffenP> but it's good to have this ./debug.sh thingi.. 
[21:34] <SteffenP> https://www.rocklinux.net/people/clifford/results/ref0511/5-rep-gtk.err  <-- lol the same problem i have
[21:36] <fake> SteffenP: most likely the package isn't that important
[21:36] <fake> you can do the following:
[21:36] <fake> chmod +x ./misc/archive/showdeps.sh
[21:36] <fake> ./misc/archive/showdeps -usedby rep-gtk
[21:37] <SteffenP> hmm so i can just ignore it.. yeah it is strange he defined some functions with the same name but other parameters..
[21:39] <fake> SteffenP: gtk incompatibility
[21:40] <SteffenP> hmmm... yep..
[21:40] <fake> packages depending on rep-gtk:
[21:40] <fake> - nothing -
[21:40] <fake> so, forget it ;)
[21:41] <SteffenP> yep.. i'll 
[21:57] <fake> *lol*: http://gallery.infodrom.org/2004-09-Meeting/dsc00883.html
[22:00] <mnemoc> fake: where is the monitor?
[22:02] <fake> which monitor?
[22:02] <fake> it has a perfect 90 degree pos to the camera
[22:02] <fake> ;)
[22:03] <mnemoc> hehe
[22:07] <SteffenP> oky i'm in the cinema
[22:09] <fake> what will you watch?
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[23:28] <esden> hi ho everyone
[23:29] <mnemoc> hi esdentem
[23:30] <madtux> MPET!
[23:33] <owl> hi esden , madtux , mnemoc 
[23:33] <madtux> SED!
[23:33] <owl> Miguel! ;)
[23:33] <esden> hi ho madtux!
[23:33] <esden> hi owl
[23:34] Action: esden -> fake ... cu l8er
[23:34] esden (~esden@fortuna7.bingo-ev.de) left irc: "Computer goes to sleep!"
[23:49] madtux (~mike@ left irc: "see ya on monday folks!"
[23:50] <owl> someone has expierence with "degus"?
[23:56] <owl> i interpret this as "no". well. gn8 ;)
[23:57] <hannes_> bye owl
[00:00] --- Sat Dec  4 2004