[00:11] <netrunner> ~
[00:11] <fake> ~
[00:15] <netrunner> I could pretend that I wanted to state I am home now ... but this natural keyboard is too heigh for its drawer and pushing it in always presses some function keys :)
[00:16] <daja77> hehe
[00:20] <netrunner> oki, n8
[00:30] <mnemoc> rehi
[00:48] <daja77> fake: yep skype is running now
[00:51] <fake> daja77: and do you have a microphone?
[00:52] <daja77> no, :(
[00:53] <daja77> have to buy one tomorrow
[00:54] <daja77> shall i search for fake?
[00:55] <daja77> .oO (skype crashed while receiving a contact list)
[00:55] <fake> fake666
[03:29] <SteffenP> moin moin
[03:29] Action: SteffenP can't sleep
[03:29] <SteffenP> ohh skype is very good.. sometimes i used it.
[03:30] <fake> no, skype is evil
[03:30] <SteffenP> why?
[03:30] <fake> (until chan_skype is ready)
[03:30] <fake> because ithere are industry standards for voip which it just ignores
[03:30] <fake> no compatiblity to anything
[03:30] <fake> that _is_ evil
[03:31] <SteffenP> http://stpohle.dyndns.org/phpsysinfo/index.php  <-- uhh two HD's shining up red again... did i said that i need a bigger HD?
[03:31] <SteffenP> fake yep but they are the first who could do it that everyone can use it even behind some bad routers/firewalls.. and so
[03:32] <fake> that's STUN
[03:32] <fake> it's part of the SIP specification
[03:32] <fake> all they did is set up a third-party proxy everyone connects to
[03:32] <fake> that's neither elegant nor useable ;)
[03:33] <SteffenP> well the post peolpe like it because it's easy to use.. and it works with tree and four people talking even on isdn
[03:33] <SteffenP> err  three
[03:34] <fake> that's not skype's doing, that's the closed source codec from (some firm beginning with G)
[03:35] <fake> well, the conference stuff is skype
[03:36] <fake> but that's perfectly possible with SIP too
[03:36] <SteffenP> hmm.. 
[03:36] <SteffenP> well then write a software to use it in an easy way.. 
[03:36] <fake> the problem is that there is no easy-to-use SIP application (soft phone) that works reliably
[03:36] <SteffenP> yep..
[03:36] <SteffenP> thats right.. 
[03:37] <SteffenP> so i'd say untill there is nothing better skype is a good software.. :)
[03:37] <fake> skype opened their API
[03:37] <fake> so there might be a channel driver for asterisk real soon now.
[03:38] <fake> then it get's more interesting.
[03:55] <SteffenP> so i'll go again to bed.. good night all
[03:56] <SteffenP> next try to sleep
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[08:09] <SerWou> Hello the Chan
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[09:37] <blindcoder> moin
[10:24] <daja77> moin blindy
[10:27] <blindcoder> moin daja77 
[10:27] <blindcoder> I'm sitting here at SUN again :)
[10:28] <daja77> poor blindy
[10:29] <blindcoder> oh, free coffee and cookies
[10:29] <blindcoder> not so bad I think :)
[10:29] <daja77> hehe
[10:29] <SerWou> Hello guys
[10:29] <blindcoder> moin SerWou 
[10:30] <SerWou> what's up blindcoder
[10:30] <blindcoder> certification
[10:30] <SerWou> i'm looking for a mass email sender on linux, who can remove emails adress from a list if the are twice and send html/text emails to a list
[10:31] <SerWou> do you know that ?
[10:31] <blindcoder> stasrting a spammer career?
[10:31] <SerWou> not yet, annoucing my new website to my graphist community
[10:32] <SerWou> do you want to check it out  ? 
[10:32] <blindcoder> not really
[10:32] <blindcoder> at least not yet
[10:32] <SerWou> it's not a porn website ;)
[10:32] <blindcoder> then even less :)
[10:32] <SerWou> hehe
[10:33] <SerWou> so, do you know a program on linux ?
[10:33] <blindcoder> mailman
[10:33] <SerWou> let's me check
[10:34] hannes_ (ucbiv@rzstud3.stud.uni-karlsruhe.de) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[10:34] <SerWou> thanks
[10:40] clifford (~clifford@213-229-1-138.sdsl-line.inode.at) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[10:41] <SerWou> mailman needs apache and sendmail
[10:42] <blindcoder> so install them
[10:42] <SerWou> i don't need my own MTA
[10:42] <blindcoder> how do you want to send mail then?
[10:42] <SerWou> i can use my SMTP ISP
[10:43] <blindcoder> well, you _need_ an MTA to send mail. period.
[10:43] <blindcoder> your MTA can then relay the mail to your ISPs MTA.
[10:43] <SerWou> ha
[10:47] esden (~esden@p50805CD1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #rocklinux.
[10:47] <blindcoder> moin esden 
[10:47] Action: blindcoder brb, coffee
[10:47] <esden> hi blindcoder!
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[10:53] Action: esden getting coffee too
[11:02] <blindcoder> back
[11:03] <esden> back too
[11:06] Action: blindcoder listening to introduction to EIS
[11:28] hannes_ (ucbiv@rzstud3.stud.uni-karlsruhe.de) joined #rocklinux.
[11:34] clifford (~clifford@213-229-1-138.sdsl-line.inode.at) joined #rocklinux.
[11:35] <hannes_> hi clifford 
[11:35] <blindcoder> moin hannes_ , clifford 
[11:35] <clifford> hi gang! ;-)
[11:35] <th> hi cliff
[11:36] <clifford> blindcoder: the bash <-> ncurses thing
[11:36] <blindcoder> yes?
[11:37] <clifford> why doesn't happen this in trunk?
[11:37] <blindcoder> I think it does
[11:37] <clifford> root@localhost:~# ldd /bin/bash
[11:37] <clifford>         libdl.so.2 => /lib/libdl.so.2 (0x40035000)
[11:37] <clifford>         libc.so.6 => /lib/libc.so.6 (0x40039000)
[11:37] <clifford>         /lib/ld-linux.so.2 => /lib/ld-linux.so.2 (0x40000000)
[11:38] <blindcoder> bash uses dload to load the libs
[11:38] <clifford> aha. ic.
[11:38] <blindcoder> just try Emerge-Pkg ncurses :)
[11:38] <th> just umount /usr and login as root ;)
[11:38] <th> oh it's moved to /lib
[11:38] <blindcoder> th: ncurses is in /lib, no?
[11:38] <th> ok
[11:38] <clifford> I'll create a small chroot to test it..
[11:39] <blindcoder> good idea :-)
[11:39] <th> whimp!
[11:39] <th> clifford: do it on some important live system!
[11:39] <th> ;>
[11:39] <th> perhaps i should bette get breakfast
[11:39] <blindcoder> still no problem: create package, login, try, reinstall package
[11:40] <clifford> no - works fine.
[11:40] <clifford> also 'cat /proc/$$/maps' doesn't have ncurses
[11:41] <clifford> bash seams to link vs. the .a version of readline and ncurses here..
[11:41] <blindcoder> hmm, do we have so2a in stable?
[11:41] <owl> damned fscking parents. 
[11:42] <clifford> blindcoder: no. th: is stable missing .a versions of ncruses and readline?
[11:42] owl (~owl@karnaya.de) left #rocklinux ("...").
[11:45] <clifford> blindcoder: $autoso2a is only set for alsa and xfree86 in trunk.
[11:45] <blindcoder> I see
[11:46] <blindcoder> hmm
[11:46] Action: blindcoder checking out a stable tree
[11:50] <blindcoder> making lib/readline/libreadline.a in ./lib/readline
[11:50] <blindcoder> found that in 3-bash2.log
[11:50] <esden> hi clifford 
[11:50] <clifford> hi esden
[11:51] <blindcoder> gcc ... -o bash ... -ltermcap ...
[11:51] <blindcoder> I think that's why
[11:53] <blindcoder> in trunk bash2 is linked statically against readline and termcap AFAICS
[11:53] <blindcoder> http://scavenger.homeip.net/2-bash2.log
[11:54] <clifford> so - why is it linked dynamically when using glibc22 ?
[11:54] <blindcoder> http://scavenger.homeip.net/3-bash2.log obviously
[11:55] <blindcoder> that might need digging through the bash source
[11:55] <blindcoder> it might be interesting to see if it is even related to glibc22
[11:56] <clifford> or it is related to gcc2..
[11:56] <clifford> ..someone with spare cpu-cycles should test that..
[11:57] <blindcoder> I'm not at home until wednesday evening and my machine doesn't have WOL
[11:58] <clifford> All my machines are busy doing trunk reference builds so I can catch up with applying the patches from submaster
[11:59] <blindcoder> okay, that means the problem is postponed until wednesday :)
[12:03] <th> as you are both here...
[12:03] <th> clifford: blindcoder wrote a script for you to send more information about refbuild results
[12:04] <th> clifford: could you use this to provide more results to rock-sonar?
[12:04] Action: clifford forwarding the above dialog to the mailing list thread now.
[12:04] <blindcoder> clifford: good idea so I won't forget until then :)
[12:07] <clifford> th: yes. but I had no time so far to have a deeper look at the ROCK sonar thing..
[12:08] <blindcoder> it's more or less a grep implemented as a perl cgi script :)
[12:11] Action: clifford <- pizza.
[12:11] <blindcoder> an guadn :)
[12:31] <th> clifford: please have a look. i really need such data from trunk from time to time
[12:34] Action: netrunner would love to have a fulltext search on the submaster archives
[12:46] <fake> netrunner: me, too!
[12:48] <esden> weee ... battery indicator is now working!!!
[12:48] <esden> hi fake 
[12:48] <fake> kewl
[12:48] <fake> hi!
[12:49] <esden> fake: the pcb that I fried yesterday excused itself and is back to life ;)
[12:49] <esden> straaange thing ;)
[12:49] <fake> hehe
[12:50] <esden> fake: what way are you coming to eching? train or car?
[12:50] <fake> the latter
[12:50] <fake> saves time
[12:50] <fake> what do you think how long it'll take me?
[12:50] <esden> be carefull there may be a traffic jam at the "baustelle" 
[12:50] <esden> in neufarn
[12:51] <fake> yeah, i know
[12:52] <esden> you can also leave the highway in allershausen and drive the in direction of dachau and then the b13 to eching
[12:53] <esden> you need when there is no traffic jam half an hour from ingolstadt
[12:55] <hannes_> hi fake, esden 
[12:55] <esden> hi hannes
[12:55] <esden> have you slept well? ;)
[12:56] <hannes_> on sunday, yeah nearly all day and all night
[12:56] <hannes_> so no probs to wake up at 7am today
[12:56] <esden> yes I saw it ;)
[12:57] dsoul (darksoul@pingu.ii.uj.edu.pl) joined #rocklinux.
[12:58] <hannes_> esden: how did you see it?
[12:59] <esden> I am all seeing ;)
[12:59] <hannes_> .oO(i locked my door(
[13:00] <esden> *G*
[13:02] <hannes_> esden: i know you have your lock pick set from ccc
[13:02] <esden> yes I have ... ;)
[13:03] <esden> but my magic fingers are enough ;)
[13:03] <hannes_> long fingernails?
[13:04] <hannes_> http://www.swimmingbird.com/apawsdistro.html
[13:04] <hannes_> =)
[13:07] <blindcoder> back
[13:08] <hannes_> hi blindcoder 
[13:08] <hannes_> please have a look at the svn-download patch
[13:09] <hannes_> it works for me(see package submaster)
[13:09] <blindcoder> already seen it
[13:09] <blindcoder> I just want to check why that happens
[13:09] <blindcoder> and why it didn't here
[13:09] <blindcoder> oh
[13:09] <blindcoder> I think I already know
[13:10] <blindcoder> yes, I found it
[13:10] <hannes_> please check if the revision-number handling still works
[13:11] <hannes_> i cannot look at it now, because i have to leave for uni
[13:11] <blindcoder> I used !svn:// for testing
[13:12] <blindcoder> hannes_: yes, still works
[13:13] <netrunner> why c# will fail: http://khason.biz/blog/2004/12/why-microsoft-can-blow-off-with-c.html
[13:19] <hannes_> blindcoder: it just ignores the ::50?
[13:19] <hannes_> blindcoder: i will have a look at it, when i'm back
[13:21] <hannes_> blindcoder: or should we leave the !svn:// - style?
[13:24] <blindcoder> hannes_: your patch is fine
[13:24] <blindcoder> I was mistaken by some behaviour of Download
[13:26] <hannes_> have you reviewed if Download really checks out the correct revision?
[13:26] <hannes_> i don't think so...
[13:27] <blindcoder> yes it does
[13:27] <hannes_> are you sure
[13:27] <blindcoder> more or less
[13:28] <blindcoder> okay, does not
[13:28] <blindcoder> needs !
[13:29] <hannes_> okay, i'll discard the patch and will rediff the submaster-stuff
[13:29] <blindcoder> thankd :-)
[13:29] <blindcoder> we should add that svn:// should always use !
[13:30] <hannes_> waah...i'm already late...i'll only put a note to the patch
[13:30] <hannes_> do whatever you want. i can discard the patch later if needed
[13:31] <blindcoder> okay
[13:31] <blindcoder> I think I see a good solution
[13:32] <hannes_> blindcoder: ok, have a look at it
[13:32] <hannes_> c'ya later
[13:33] <blindcoder> bye
[13:55] <mnemoc> moin
[13:55] <blindcoder> moin mnemoc 
[13:55] <netrunner> moin mnemoc 
[13:55] <mnemoc> moin blindcoder netrunner 
[13:55] <netrunner> ha. sleeping place for c3 seated.
[13:56] <blindcoder> netrunner: where?
[13:56] <netrunner> blindcoder: a friends' flat.
[13:56] <netrunner> sounded like I had to share his gf's bed ;)
[13:56] <blindcoder> heh
[13:57] Action: netrunner asks himself if he will bring his build server or not ...
[13:57] <blindcoder> I doubt the usefulness of that
[13:58] <blindcoder> better make some builds and send them here so I can create some DVD ISOs and burn them
[13:59] <blindcoder> guess I'll write a mail about that
[13:59] <netrunner> blindcoder: I have a crystal pentium-m and a crystal mmx
[13:59] <netrunner> blindcoder: maybe we should organize builds once more. 
[13:59] <blindcoder> netrunner: yes, that's what I meant :-)
[14:00] <blindcoder> especially since we have a shiny new release (thanks th!)
[14:01] <blindcoder> I will take care of that in a few hours
[14:01] <blindcoder> (ie: create configuration, work-packets etc)
[14:13] Action: esden going to make fire signes
[14:13] Action: daja77 backs away from esden
[14:14] Action: netrunner fires on esdens command
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[14:39] clifford (~clifford@213-229-1-138.sdsl-line.inode.at) got lost in the net-split.
[14:39] treo (~xfman@Daab9.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[14:41] <treo> sali
[14:41] clifford (~clifford@213-229-1-138.sdsl-line.inode.at) joined #rocklinux.
[14:53] <th> clifford: svn locked again
[14:54] <clifford> grml..
[14:55] <clifford> fixed.
[14:55] <daja77> hi clifford 
[15:22] Action: treo is away: AFK
[15:33] <blindcoder> fake: what's the status of the liveCD (at least for x86). Is it ready for giving it away?
[15:38] Action: daja77 kicking svn
[15:41] Action: daja77 screams
[15:41] <daja77> noteedit.desc.merge-rechts.r4986
[15:41] <daja77> svn is localized?
[15:42] <th> it is
[15:42] <daja77> strange
[15:42] Action: treo is back (gone 00:20:27)
[15:43] <hannes_> rehi
[15:43] <hannes_> blindcoder: svn download stuff ok now?
[15:43] <blindcoder> hannes_: yes, I just forced usage of the plain text in the [D] tag
[15:44] <hannes_> super
[15:47] <daja77> >_<
[15:50] <hannes_> i think i just have stopped smoking =)
[15:50] <hannes_> no cigarette for 4 days =)
[15:50] <blindcoder> how so?
[15:50] <blindcoder> heh, nice
[15:51] <hannes_> i just wanted to know, if it's possible...
[15:51] <hannes_> and now i don't want to start anymore
[15:51] <hannes_> juchu, xen is working =)
[15:52] <daja77> tons of conflicts in svn merge ...
[15:53] <hannes_> http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/Research/SRG/netos/xen/ <-- fine, fine
[15:53] Action: hannes_ packaging xen...
[15:53] <mnemoc> what has xen better that qemu?
[15:54] <hannes_> mnemoc: first of all, the performance
[15:54] <mnemoc> yes?
[15:54] <mnemoc> i considered qemu fast enough
[15:55] <hannes_> mnemoc: for example, you can dump an image and transfer it to another machine
[15:56] <mnemoc> cool feature
[15:56] <hannes_> mnemoc: a lot of other cool features wich aren't avaible in qemu
[15:56] <hannes_> and it doesn't really depend on an host-os
[15:57] <hannes_> you have a domain0 running which controls the other machines but they are a lot more independent
[15:58] <hannes_> blindcoder: now please add a method for bk:// - downloads while you are at it =)
[15:58] <mnemoc> f34rs
[15:59] <hannes_> mnemoc: why?
[15:59] <blindcoder> hannes_: :P
[15:59] <blindcoder> hannes_: takes too much time
[16:00] <mnemoc> hannes_: adding download methods you restrict to host machine
[16:00] <mnemoc> s/to/the/
[16:01] <hannes_> mnemoc: you're right
[16:02] <hannes_> mnemoc: but somehow it got very popular for OSS
[16:03] <mnemoc> using checkouts as [D]s is _evil_
[16:04] <mnemoc> you can't use checksums, etc...
[16:04] <blindcoder> mnemoc: sure can
[16:04] <mnemoc> avoid adding more evilness :)
[16:04] <hannes_> blindcoder: how?
[16:04] <mnemoc> blindcoder: no you can't
[16:04] <blindcoder> if you specify a fixed release you can
[16:04] <mnemoc> blindcoder: different versions of tar produce different binary forms of the same fscking dir
[16:04] <hannes_> but the timestamps change, for example
[16:05] <mnemoc> timestaps vary too
[16:05] <mnemoc> tha'ts why 'X' is used instead of '0'
[16:06] <hannes_> you can add a plain cksum for each file and blaah...
[16:06] <hannes_> only too much of overhead
[16:06] <blindcoder> hmm, didn't think of timestamps
[16:07] <mnemoc> hannes_: cksum based on files does't fit current checksum schema
[16:07] <hannes_> mnemoc: of course, i was just kidding...
[16:07] <mnemoc> :)
[16:08] <blindcoder> clifford: can you give me an approximation of the next apply-orgy?
[16:08] <clifford> 1416 builds total, 710 completed fine, 8 with errors.
[16:09] <clifford> .. this is where my ref build is right now.
[16:09] <blindcoder> so it will probably take some days
[16:09] <clifford> (1.47 GHz Athlon)
[16:09] <hannes_> clifford: i'm afraid the stuff with acl/attr/dmapi causes some problems
[16:09] <hannes_> did you see some errors till now?
[16:09] Action: daja77 laughing his ass off
[16:09] <clifford> I need to finish the build, rebuild all broken to see dep errors and then analyze the errors.
[16:10] <daja77> the java2ee isntaller hangs with a race condition
[16:10] <blindcoder> clifford: think it's okay to use the current revision for creating CDs/DVDs for 21C3?
[16:10] <clifford> I wanted to do a fix-orgy with fake in the week before x-mas..
[16:11] <hannes_> clifford: will you stay in ingolstadt around chrismas?
[16:11] <blindcoder> clifford: that would cut it really close for building until 21C3
[16:11] <clifford> hannes_: acl and attr built fine.
[16:12] <clifford> no results for dmapi right now.
[16:12] <hannes_> clifford: thanks *puuh*
[16:12] <hannes_> dmapi has some small probs right now
[16:12] <hannes_> only just where the libs are located
[16:13] <clifford> hannes_: yep. I will be at fakes places from 18th/19th until we leave for 21c3
[16:13] <daja77> clifford: what about the pending issues for crystal as i mentioned some on ml
[16:13] <clifford> blindcoder: fake has a faster machine. we will make some crystal and livecd builds over xmas.
[16:14] <clifford> daja77: they are still pending. 
[16:14] <blindcoder> clifford: great! then other people could do the remaining builds (minimal and 2.0)
[16:15] <blindcoder> clifford: would it be okay to just collect them at my machine again?
[16:15] <clifford> minimal? what for?
[16:15] <daja77> clifford: got no answers, apart from the video player thing
[16:15] <daja77> haven't tracked all changes on rock though, due work :(
[16:15] <blindcoder> clifford: personally, I like to install a machine with minimal and then build from there
[16:15] <blindcoder> at least for servers
[16:16] <clifford> blindcoder: yes - and that's ok too. but as 21c3 "give-aways" it's imo just very confusing to have that many different things.
[16:16] <clifford> imo livecd and crystal should be enough for most people.
[16:16] <hannes_> blindcoder: i'm currently working on an hardendrock target with selinux support
[16:17] <hannes_> blindcoder: it's very minimal
[16:17] <hannes_> blindcoder: but i don't know if i get it ready for 21c3
[16:17] <hannes_> blindcoder: some weirdness with all the policies
[16:17] <blindcoder> clifford: hmm, guess you're right there. So we'd have the following: livecd and crystal from 2.1, bbs and crystal-emu from 2.0
[16:20] <clifford> what's "bbs" ?
[16:20] <blindcoder> build boot strap
[16:21] <mnemoc> bolletin board system?
[16:23] <blindcoder> clifford: I would like to have a DVD with bbs for generic, pmmx, p2 and p3 as well as all sources
[16:23] <blindcoder> so you just throw in the DVD and off you are
[16:23] <clifford> sounds nice.
[16:24] <hannes_> blindcoder: can i help you burning the dvds?
[16:24] <blindcoder> and on a second one have the crystal-emu for same optimisations.
[16:24] <blindcoder> hannes_: sure :)
[16:24] <blindcoder> I just can't do anything for AMD processors
[16:25] <hannes_> blindcoder: i'm sure fake can do the builds for AMD
[16:27] <blindcoder> hannes_: fake will be busy with building 2.1
[16:33] <hannes_> blindcoder: someone in my WG has an AMD machine running linux
[16:33] <hannes_> blindcoder: i will ask him, when he is back from uni
[16:34] <blindcoder> great
[16:34] <blindcoder> well, I'm still waiting for th to decide on the crystal-emu thing
[16:34] <blindcoder> so maybe it's just bbs
[16:34] <hannes_> i'm afraid building rock on a suse machine =)
[16:36] <hannes_> blindcoder: ok, just tell me
[16:41] Action: blindcoder going to hotel
[16:41] <blindcoder> bye
[16:42] <hannes_> bye blindcoder!
[16:52] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
[16:52] <madtux> hello.
[16:53] <daja77> mike!
[16:55] <mnemoc> wb beachtux
[16:55] <madtux> danke
[16:55] <daja77> :p
[16:55] <madtux> hi daniel!
[16:55] <madtux> :)
[16:58] <hannes_> hi madtux 
[16:58] <madtux> hi
[17:21] Nick change: BoS -> BoS|afk
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[17:45] <hannes_> http://www.planetvip.de/vip2/php/smf/index.php?topic=233.0
[17:45] <hannes_> alcohol makes people really stupid
[17:46] <netrunner> is there a way to see which char I have? (special char) in c
[17:46] <netrunner> my t68i sends something weird for joystick up
[18:00] <netrunner> got it.
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[18:21] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
[18:53] tcr (~tcr@pD9EABBEC.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[19:18] <netrunner> how do I properly add a package to import/cpan?
[19:30] <th> hannes_: i dont understand your 2004120616373101496; isn't that patch a no-op?
[19:31] <hannes_> th: no. if i change the order of the lines the install process creates a /usr/lib/libdm.so link to /lib/libdm.so
[19:31] <hannes_> otherwise not
[19:32] <th> i suppose that might be because in the new order the libdir is not defined in the var_append line?
[19:32] <th> s,libdir,$libdir variable,
[19:33] <hannes_> jop, it has the default settings from rock
[19:33] <hannes_> i had lots of probs with all the dmapi/acl/attr stuff
[19:33] <th> so why don't you remove the libdir assignment?
[19:33] <hannes_> because he has to search in /lib for all the libs
[19:34] <hannes_> ahh..okay, it could work
[19:35] <th> hannes_: did you send a xfsprogs update too?
[19:35] <hannes_> but if you have subscribed the submaster lists you have seen all the probs i had with them
[19:35] <hannes_> th: jop
[19:35] <hannes_> th: to 2.6.25
[19:35] <th> hannes_: exactly. that's what stable has since 2.0.3 ;)
[19:36] <th> in fact i'm getting all those submaster mails
[19:36] <hannes_> you saw all that discarding patch and submitted new patch by me
[19:37] <hannes_> i just got finished one package and then i realised a libattr.so -> libattr.so
[19:37] <hannes_> and empty lib*.la files
[19:37] <hannes_> and all that stuff
[19:37] <hannes_> th: why did you update xfsprogs in stable and not in trunk?
[19:39] <th> hannes_: i'm not doing testbuilds in trunk. i'm not committing untested patches. thus i did not commit the update to trunk. but...
[19:39] <th> hannes_: i asked blindy to test a simple bump (that was what i did in stable)
[19:39] <th> hannes_: but he said it failed due to some libtool problems
[19:40] <hannes_> jop, that were the sames i had in the last times
[19:40] <hannes_> --tags were not specoified or the la files were empty
[19:41] <hannes_> i hope they will all compile in clifford's refbuild
[19:50] <netrunner> how do I properly add a package to import/cpan?
[19:51] <hannes_> netrunner: look at /import/cpanhosted_cpan.cfg
[19:51] <hannes_> import/cpan/hosted_cpan.cfg
[19:51] <hannes_> i think you only have to place your pkg there
[19:52] <hannes_> just try it out ;)
[19:55] <hannes_> netrunner: or just look at an old patch in submaster
[19:57] <netrunner> hannes_: this says it is auto-generated from ..txt
[19:58] <netrunner> hm. it's doing something.
[19:59] <hannes_> netrunner: die hosted_cpan.desc, hosted_cpan.sel, hosted_cpan.cfg are autogenerated from hosted_cpan.txt
[20:00] <hannes_> netrunner: so only put something in hosted_cpan.txt
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[20:18] Nick change: kasc_ -> kasc
[20:18] <netrunner> hannes_: thx, got it now.
[20:18] tcr (~tcr@pD9EABBEC.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[20:19] <hannes_> netrunner: just positive thinking ;)
[20:30] Action: netrunner adding patch support to import/cpan ...
[20:30] <netrunner> c
[20:30] <netrunner> oups :)
[20:31] <hannes_> netrunner: ??
[20:31] <hannes_> netrunner: can't understand you :D
[20:34] <hannes_> netrunner: ohhh, i read cups and not oups
[20:34] <hannes_> netrunner: now i know why i did not understood you ;)
[20:35] SteffenP (~steffen@p548043E6.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[20:39] <hannes_> hi SteffenP 
[20:40] <netrunner> :)
[20:41] <SteffenP> hi hannes_ 
[20:41] <SteffenP> the HD is working.. :o)
[20:41] <hannes_> df -h ?
[20:41] <SteffenP> now i'll have to sort all files
[20:41] <SteffenP> only 160GB
[20:41] <hannes_> SteffenP: say me what you need and i will fire up my rsyncs =D
[20:42] <SteffenP> hannes later first i want to save another HD and format it with ext3
[20:43] <hannes_> try xfs. i just updated the new xfsprogs
[20:43] <hannes_> there are really some funny progs in
[20:43] <hannes_> like xfs_freeze
[20:44] <SteffenP> hmm i will stay with ext3 is not so fast but works fine and i had no crashs ever.. so
[20:44] <th> SteffenP: you wont find a fs more stable than xfs.
[20:46] <SteffenP> hmmm.. 
[20:48] <hannes_> i recently switched all machines to xfs
[20:48] <hannes_> and even lots of cool tools ;)
[20:48] <SteffenP> i don't need tools.. i just need something what is running nice and does it's job every day..
[20:49] <hannes_> try it. no probs till now..
[20:50] <SteffenP> hmmm... uhm i'm already copying the files to the new hd
[20:50] Action: hannes_ checks if the reiser4fs patch is in linus-kernel tree
[20:52] <SteffenP> now i have a error... where does rock save the downloads?
[20:53] <netrunner> SteffenP: in download/ :)
[20:53] <hannes_> download/mirror/ :)
[20:54] <SteffenP> hmm oky i found it.... but why is it downloading tcl8.4.4 and trying to unpack 8.4.6?
[20:55] <hannes_> erm...
[20:55] <hannes_> a feature...
[20:55] <netrunner> :)
[20:55] <hannes_> SteffenP: are you sure?
[20:56] Action: netrunner has ftp://tcl.activestate.com/pub/tcl/tcl8_4/tcl8.4.6-src.tar.gz
[20:56] <hannes_> there is an update to 8.4.7 in submaster
[20:56] <netrunner> why does this f** cpan.conf get evaluated twice? grml.
[20:56] <SteffenP> moment i'll reconnect with the other comp.
[20:56] <SteffenP> brb
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[20:58] SteffenP (~steffen@p548043E6.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[20:59] <SteffenP> so i am back
[21:00] <madtux> so welcome back
[21:00] <SteffenP> [D] 2059488128 tcl8.4.4-src.tar.gz  ftp://tcl.activestate.com/pub/tcl/tcl8_4/
[21:00] <SteffenP> [D] 2035285416 tk8.4.4-src.tar.gz   ftp://tcl.activestate.com/pub/tcl/tcl8_4/
[21:00] <SteffenP> this is what gets downloaded
[21:01] <hannes_> SteffenP: heck, no...
[21:01] <SteffenP> i just see there is a difference in tk and tktcl
[21:01] <SteffenP> hmm 
[21:02] <hannes_> SteffenP: tcl should be at least 8.4.7
[21:02] <hannes_> in an current tree
[21:02] <hannes_> s/an/a
[21:02] <SteffenP> i have tk and tktcl as two different things?
[21:03] <hannes_> tk is a standalone package in version 8.4.6
[21:03] <SteffenP> ahh oky.. then i'll install only tktcl
[21:04] <netrunner> hannes_: but it depends on tcl, no?
[21:04] <hannes_> netrunner: it has to
[21:04] <netrunner> :)
[21:04] <hannes_> the cache files says yes
[21:05] <netrunner> SteffenP: so you should install at least tcl, and tktcl additionally.
[21:05] Action: hannes_ updating tk to 8.4.8
[21:05] <hannes_> what is this tktcl you talk all about?
[21:06] <hannes_> me and rock don't know such a package =)
[21:06] <netrunner> he said it.
[21:06] <hannes_> s/me and rock/rock and me/
[21:06] <SteffenP> err tcltk
[21:06] <SteffenP> sorry..
[21:08] <hannes_> why is there also a tcltk-package?
[21:08] <SteffenP> i don't know
[21:09] <SteffenP> i'm not installing tk and tcl as standalone package
[21:09] <hannes_> ehh...it's really there
[21:09] <hannes_> O_o
[21:10] <hannes_> is this package necessary?
[21:10] <SteffenP> hmm some tools need them..
[21:10] <SteffenP> but i can't say what tool..
[21:10] <SteffenP> hmm maybe i won't need it
[21:11] <hannes_> i delete it
[21:19] <hannes_> hmm
[21:19] <hannes_> there is something broken :/
[21:21] <SteffenP> why?
[21:21] <hannes_> i don't know
[21:22] <SteffenP> with the tk thing?
[21:22] <hannes_> the tcl.conf scripts
[21:22] <hannes_> jop
[21:28] <SteffenP> i'm now only using the tcltk stuff in there i have both
[21:28] <SteffenP> and the tcl and tk alone packages i won't use
[21:29] <hannes_> normally the tk stuff is build after tcl and the tcl.conf should also config the tk package
[21:40] <hannes_> i don't know. i'll check it tomorrow(hopefully someone else has checked it till then)
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[21:55] <mnemoc> http://khason.biz/blog/2004/12/why-microsoft-can-blow-off-with-c.html
[21:56] <hannes_> somehow this link appeared this morning, too
[21:56] <hannes_> =)
[21:56] <mnemoc> :(
[21:56] Captain (~Captain@d142-59-231-163.abhsia.telus.net) joined #rocklinux.
[21:57] <hannes_> mnemoc: my prof loves c# and wants all of us learn this programming language
[21:57] <hannes_> mnemoc: but he is afraid of all the linux freaks
[21:57] <hannes_> mnemoc: and so we have to learn java =)
[21:58] <mnemoc> i hate java :\
[21:58] <hannes_> mnemoc: me too
[21:58] <hannes_> but currently we use it only for writing some mathematical algorithms
[21:58] <hannes_> it's ok there
[21:59] <mnemoc> java's restrictions sucks more than their chaotic framework :)
[21:59] <hannes_> though i am only doing imperative programming in java :D
[22:00] <mnemoc> :)
[22:00] <hannes_> writing everything in one _very_ big java file and then i'm happy
[22:00] <mnemoc> :|
[22:01] <hannes_> somehow java is really crap
[22:01] <hannes_> i think c/c++ is much more platformindependent than java
[22:02] <hannes_> mnemoc: https://i71ipo.cm-tm.uni-karlsruhe.de:8443/ipo14/portal/media-type/html/user/anon/page/default.psml/js_pane/P-fe69c071dd-10001
[22:02] <mnemoc> *click*
[22:02] <hannes_> you see what i mean?
[22:03] <mnemoc> babelfish can't traslate https :(
[22:03] <hannes_> different downloads for linux/macosX/windows...
[22:03] <hannes_> that's java source!
[22:04] <mnemoc> o_O
[22:04] <mnemoc> fsck portatility :|
[22:04] <hannes_> that's how they teach programming at university
[22:05] <SteffenP> oky good night everyone i'm on my way to bed
[22:05] SteffenP (~steffen@p548043E6.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: "http://www.bomberclone.de"
[22:05] <mnemoc> so, i should not despise my third-world university... it's at european level :p
[22:08] <hannes_> :D
[22:08] <hannes_> that's why i'll try to get out of germany after my pre-diploma
[22:09] <hannes_> in russia they have very nice universities
[22:10] <hannes_> they are all very theoretical
[22:10] <hannes_> but of the most i heard only positive stuff
[22:14] tcr (~tcr@pD9EABC7F.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[22:28] <treo> gn8
[22:28] treo (~xfman@Daab9.d.pppool.de) left irc: "cya@all"
[22:31] <hannes_> gnu n8!
[22:54] tcr (~tcr@pD9EABC7F.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[23:46] <madtux> n8
[23:46] madtux (~mike@ left #rocklinux ("Leaving").
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