[00:00] <esden> there are some drives lying around here ...
[00:00] <fake> or you drop the alpha next to the indigo2 in your car and drive by *g*
[00:00] <fake> then go for one
[00:00] <esden> 420Mbyte and 425Mbyte big ones ...
[00:01] Action: lewellyn still considers those large
[00:01] <esden> fake: yes that is also a solution .... but sadly I do not have a truck
[00:03] <esden> ok ... /me shutting down dell to insert a drive
[00:03] <esden> I hope the stuff fits on that drive >_<
[00:03] <fake> 420 MB? that's sufficient
[00:04] <esden> then it is good ;)
[00:05] <fake> for a base system
[00:06] <esden> rofl ... there is only one connector for the standard ide drive cable on the mainboard!
[00:07] <esden> I have to remove one cd drive to insert the disc ;)
[00:07] <fake> hhe
[00:15] <lewellyn> hrm. can anyone help me troubleshoot this hotplug issue i'm having?
[00:15] <fake> <- hotlug noob
[00:15] <lewellyn> hrm.
[00:16] <fake> yeah baby! enterprise season 4 episode 2 coming in with 20k/s
[00:19] <daja77> lewellyn: what issue
[00:19] <esden> ROFL the drive I picked already has linux on it
[00:19] <esden> amazing
[00:19] <esden> it is suse ... but it is still a linux
[00:19] <esden> note: that drive is not mine
[00:20] <fake> interesting
[00:20] <fake> suse on 420 MB?
[00:20] <fake> must be an older one ;)
[00:21] <lewellyn> daja77: i hit the hotsync button on my palm and see this in /var/log/messages:
[00:21] <lewellyn> Dec  9 15:20:29 tuffet /sbin/rockplug: Calling /etc/rockplug/usb.plug.
[00:21] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[00:21] <lewellyn> Dec  9 15:20:29 tuffet usb.plug[23436]: Invalid environment
[00:21] <lewellyn> Dec  9 15:20:29 tuffet usb.plug[23437]: Waiting for hardware to finish config (830/60/100)...
[00:21] <lewellyn> and then it loads the drivers
[00:21] <lewellyn> then
[00:21] <lewellyn> Dec  9 15:20:32 tuffet usb.plug[23437]: Executing /etc/rockplug/scripts/usbfs.perm -g users -p 0664 interface 
[00:21] <lewellyn> Dec  9 15:20:32 tuffet usbfs.perm[23503]: Changing access for /proc/bus/usb/001/009, permissions 0664, root.users
[00:21] <lewellyn> but nothing when i ls /proc/bus/usb
[00:22] <daja77> have you mounted usb filesystem?
[00:22] <esden> fake: I think so
[00:22] <esden> fake: what should I copy on the drive?
[00:22] <esden> humm ... I know
[00:22] <esden> install the gems ... 
[00:22] Action: esden stupid
[00:22] <fake> lewellyn: did you mount -t usbfs none /proc/bus/usb ?
[00:23] <fake> esden: which gems?
[00:23] <esden> fake: stable rock 2.0.3 crystal-emu
[00:23] <fake> esden: yes. sure.
[00:23] <esden> I can install it on that drive
[00:24] <lewellyn> fake: thanks :)
[00:24] <lewellyn> next step! getting it to show up in vmware! :)
[00:25] <fake> lewellyn: that is a bug in rock, it's even in flyspray. im currently working on the installer, i'll add it
[00:28] <esden> ok ... rock installs ... finally *sigh*
[00:30] madtux (~mike@ left irc: "leaving"
[00:33] <esden> humm ... the installation iso is corrupted ... 
[00:35] <esden> ok ... the iso was not downloaded compleatly
[00:36] <fake> wget -c
[00:36] <esden> ack ... already running
[00:36] <esden> ok ... I go for a smoke ;)
[00:48] <fake> ha!
[00:49] <fake> xine xv output fixed...
[00:50] <lewellyn> fake: sorry. went afk.
[00:50] <lewellyn> what's a bug in rock?
[00:50] <lewellyn> not adding usbfs?
[00:51] <lewellyn> or getting usb + vmware working?
[00:51] <fake> lewellyn: that /proc/bus/usb is not mounted by default
[00:51] <lewellyn> ya. should be a quick change. :)
[00:51] <fake> jep, i am currently testing this.
[00:51] <lewellyn> this look right for my fstab?
[00:51] <lewellyn> none                                    /proc/bus/usb usbfs    defaults     0  0
[00:51] <fake> that's fine
[00:51] <esden> ohh my fscking godess
[00:52] <esden> the backup system on that alpha sucks badly!
[00:54] <lewellyn> so. what script actually runs when i connect a usb device?
[00:54] <fake> Dec    9 15:20:29 tuffet /sbin/rockplug: Calling /etc/rockplug/usb.plug
[00:55] <lewellyn> that's what i thought. wanted to make sure that there wasn't another one getting called before it and you only see it in debug ;)
[00:56] <lewellyn> hrm. i'm taking the wrong approach
[00:57] <daja77> no it is not fine, if i count right there is the none on the wrong place 
[00:57] <lewellyn> how can i prevent rockplug from loading the visor driver for this thing?
[00:57] <lewellyn> hrm.
[00:57] <lewellyn> # Device                                Mountpoint    FStype  Options  Dump Pass
[00:58] <lewellyn> shouldn't device be none?
[00:58] <fake> yes?
[00:58] <fake> it is?
[00:58] <fake> none /proc/bus/usb usbfs defaults 0  0
[00:58] <lewellyn> that's what i have, yes.
[00:59] <fake> that's correct
[00:59] <lewellyn> ok. :)
[00:59] <fake> daja77 can't count - ha ha ;)
[00:59] <lewellyn> now.
[00:59] <fake> you can easily test wether it's right
[00:59] <lewellyn> can you cahnge the driver for rockplug from stone?
[01:00] <fake> uhm
[01:00] <lewellyn> yes, i can see the device! ;)
[01:00] <fake> no idea
[01:00] <fake> as i said, i'm a rockplug/hotplug noob
[01:00] <daja77> perhaps not, just happy that my perl stuff works now
[01:00] <lewellyn> i'll try adding visor to USB_SKIP_MODULES
[01:00] <fake> i only know of /proc/bus/usb becuase of sane and my usb scanner...
[01:01] <esden> is anyone here familiar with cpio?
[01:01] <fake> yes
[01:02] <fake> bring it on
[01:02] <esden> how do I extract files from a tape device with it?
[01:02] <fake> uuuh... tape devices. big gap in my knowledge.
[01:02] <esden> or a file that is the same
[01:02] <esden> at the end I think
[01:03] <fake> cpio -ivdI ?
[01:04] <fake> no
[01:04] <fake> I menas archive file instead of stdin
[01:05] <fake> dd if=/tape/device of=- | cpio -ivd ?
[01:10] IT_Ninja (~notmy@170-215-104-126.bras01.cok.tn.frontiernet.net) joined #rocklinux.
[01:11] <IT_Ninja> can anyone in here help me recover files i just accidently deleted? my fs is reiser
[01:11] <esden> fake: humm ... the syntax of that cpio here is bit different I think
[01:11] <esden> >_<
[01:11] <IT_Ninja> i'm sorry to be asking in the wrong room, but i can't find anyone to help me
[01:12] <IT_Ninja> and i'm in a panic
[01:13] <fake> IT_Ninja: yes?
[01:13] <IT_Ninja> fake, thank you
[01:14] <fake> i didn't promise to help you, just that i'd listen ;)
[01:15] <IT_Ninja> i'm not real sure on what to do.. .i've heard of using reiserfsck, but i'm not real sure on how to do it... i'm in a crunch because i'm afraid there will be alot of reading and writing to the HD and i need to figur this out quick....
[01:15] <fake> uh - i don't have a clue about reiserfs
[01:15] <fake> i stopped using it when i lost a harddrive full of valuable data
[01:16] <lewellyn> mount -o ro,remount /mountpoint
[01:16] <lewellyn> that will prevent writes
[01:17] <lewellyn> but reiser did not impress me. and i know little about it due to that
[01:20] <IT_Ninja> what would be the best channel to ask my questions in? 
[01:20] <IT_Ninja> scanning them all right now
[01:22] <fake> IT_Ninja: There is an IRC channel for reiser4 and reiserfs discussion: #reiser4 on irc.oftc.net 
[01:23] <IT_Ninja> thanks
[01:23] <fake> (from the reiserfs homepage, www.namesys.com)
[01:24] <lewellyn> YAY!!!
[01:24] <lewellyn> i can hotsync through vmware! :)
[01:29] <fake> party!
[01:29] <fake> ;)
[01:33] <esden> ok one tape works
[01:33] IT_Ninja (~notmy@170-215-104-126.bras01.cok.tn.frontiernet.net) left #rocklinux.
[01:33] <esden> all others seem to be fried
[01:33] <fake> esden: who cares *g*
[01:34] <esden> the guy that gave me the box ;)
[01:34] <esden> but he can not read that stuff anyway
[01:34] <fake> ...
[01:34] <esden> because he does not have the application to read that
[01:35] <esden> you can not even read that on the alpha as far as I sea it for now
[01:35] <fake> great backup strategy ;)
[01:35] <esden> you need a client box that can read the data
[01:35] Freak (freak@helena.bawue.de) left irc: Read error: 113 (No route to host)
[01:35] <esden> no you can recover the backup
[01:35] <esden> but the data you recover can only be accessed with a client running on dos on an other box
[01:36] <esden> strange stuff
[01:36] <esden> but I want to tell that guy that I tried
[01:38] <fake> i understand.
[01:39] <esden> ahh the download is near to a finish
[01:40] <fake> esden: i have a crystal ppc finished...
[01:41] <esden> hehe .. I could expect that the tapes are corrupted ... they are DDS3 ;)
[01:43] <esden> humm ... and you expect me to install it on my powerbook?
[01:44] <fake> of course.
[01:45] <fake> i built it just for you.
[01:46] <fake> i grepped through it and replaced 'linux' by 'esden' everywhere...
[01:46] <esden> give me an emulator in the kind of vmware for ppc and I will do it 
[01:46] <esden> woooooooow
[01:46] <fake> run mol -> virtual pc ;)
[01:46] <fake> or wine -> vmware *g*
[01:46] <esden> erm ... that is the wrong direction ...
[01:46] <esden> vmware in wine
[01:47] <fake> mol -> OS X -> virtual pc -> wrong_os
[01:47] <esden> I am not really sure that it will work
[01:47] <esden> I need a virtual machine that simulates a virtual ppc machine
[01:47] <esden> for mac os x ... 
[01:47] <esden> then I can install linux 
[01:47] <fake> huh
[01:48] <fake> why not running macos X in mol?
[01:48] <esden> then I have to install linux on a partition
[01:48] <fake> yes?
[01:48] <fake> oh no! not partitions again! ;))
[01:48] <esden> I am to lazy to resize the partitions I have currently ... I do not even know if it is possible
[01:49] <fake> i bet there is a very colorful and very expensive software for that...
[01:50] <esden> humm ... in the harddisk manager are the partitioning options locked :(
[01:50] <fake> why?
[01:50] <esden> dunno yet
[01:50] <fake> maybe you need to call 1-900-APPLE ;)
[01:51] <fake> *blip* please enter your credit card number...
[01:52] <mnemoc> o_O
[01:52] <fake> cool, the guys from bluez.org will hold a talk about bluetooth security on 21C3 - we should attend!
[01:54] <esden> lol: http://www.google.de/search?q=cache:Yh-STW1zlwwJ:www.intuitive.com/blog/archives/000673.html+mac+os+x+resizing+partitions&hl=de
[02:24] <fake> damn
[02:25] <fake> the readline update wasn't healthy for sparc...
[02:26] esden_ (~esden@p508046A5.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #rocklinux.
[02:32] <esden_> re
[02:32] <esden_> fake: how are you advancing with irda?
[02:34] <fake> that visual c++ crap is driving me nuts
[02:35] <fake> but i'm at it...
[02:37] <mnemoc> why are you using such crap?
[02:38] <esden_> fake: my condolences ... 
[02:39] <fake> mnemoc: ...
[02:39] <fake> fixing the crap others created
[02:41] esden (~esden@p50804064.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: Nick collision from services.
[02:41] Nick change: esden_ -> esden
[02:42] <mnemoc> findutils 4.2.10 has a damn verbose `find` ... :\
[02:44] <esden> my holy jesus that tape is _capacitive_
[02:47] <lewellyn> someone mentioned running a ppc on osx?
[02:47] <fake> how much is on it?
[02:47] <lewellyn> pearpc didn't do it?
[02:47] <fake> pearpc is a pure emulator
[02:48] <fake> he's looking for something like vmware, e.g. abstraction only
[02:48] <lewellyn> oh
[02:48] SteffenP (steffen@p3E9EAD49.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: "http://www.bomberclone.de"
[02:48] <lewellyn> none that i know of are in distribution to the masses
[02:49] <esden> damn
[02:49] <esden> fake ... dunno but the target filesystem is nearly full now
[02:49] <esden> and still a lot to unpack
[02:50] <fake> esden: praised be nfs
[02:50] <esden> ok ... now it is full
[02:50] <esden> I do not know if I am able to mount nfs on that old crappy unix
[02:56] <esden> ROFL
[02:57] <esden> I have not seen such an unsecure box for a _VERY_ long time!
[02:57] <esden> or better: never!
[03:02] <fake> what's wrong?
[03:03] <esden> fake: everything is open in that box
[03:03] <esden> ftp ... telnet
[03:04] <esden> and everywhere you can log in as root
[03:04] <esden> and the root password is not really a secure one
[03:05] <esden> it is a miracle that it is set at all!
[03:05] <fake> hehe
[03:11] <esden> is there a possibility to repeat the last command executed in csh?
[03:12] <lewellyn> !!
[03:12] <esden> lewellyn: ?
[03:12] <lewellyn> that's the command ;)
[03:12] <esden> ohh
[03:12] <esden> thanks ;)
[03:12] <esden> m-feria # !!
[03:12] <esden> !!: not found
[03:12] <esden> m-feria #
[03:12] <lewellyn> n.b.: i am not a csh user, so don't complain to me if it doesn't work exactly right ;)
[03:12] <lewellyn> hrm
[03:12] <lewellyn> dunno
[03:12] <esden> hrm
[03:13] <fake> cut-and-paste it using the serial console mouse *g*
[03:17] <esden> hehe ... cool ... they describe a built in command called history in the csh manpage but the csh installed is not supporting it ;)
[03:18] <esden> ok ... that is not csh that is running as default shell
[03:18] <esden> it is something else ...
[03:18] <esden> but what? 
[03:19] <fake> zsh ?
[03:19] <fake> ksh?
[03:20] Action: mnemoc don't remember how to use a csh
[03:20] <esden> fake: the binary is called simply /sbin/sh ... but it accepts no parameters and simply starts
[03:20] <esden> so I can not find out what shell it is
[03:21] <mnemoc> strings /bin/sh
[03:21] <mnemoc> :)
[03:23] <esden> humm strings is not revealing anything
[03:24] <esden> beside the names of the cfiles that were used to write that peace of shit
[03:24] <esden> and that it was in a directory called posix some time ... :/
[03:24] <esden> or so
[03:27] <esden> damn dds3 drive ... I will take a psu in a moment turn it to 220Volts and stick it in it so it runs faster!
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[04:11] <fake> haha
[04:11] Action: fake just updated his running system to kde 3.3.2
[04:11] <fake> sw33t
[04:14] <mnemoc> any difference?
[04:14] <fake> errm
[04:14] <fake> all version numbers are now 3.3.1 ;))
[04:14] <fake> err
[04:14] <fake> 3.3.2
[04:15] <mnemoc> cool =)
[04:15] <fake> 3 less patches needed
[04:15] <mnemoc> that's an improvemente, how many new patches?
[04:15] <fake> none !
[04:16] <mnemoc> really?
[04:16] <fake> yes.
[04:16] <mnemoc> amazing
[04:16] <fake> https://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/smadm.cgi?i=2004121003592329956
[04:17] <mnemoc> :)
[04:22] <esden> hehe ... I increased the block size value of dd and (who would expect it) the dds3 drive is not so slow afterall ;)
[04:32] <esden> argh ... the basic packages for a rock install are bigger then 1GB
[04:32] <esden> o_O
[04:32] <esden> or is the calculation wrong?
[04:33] <fake> most likely not
[04:35] <esden> humm ..
[04:35] <esden> ok now removing some stuff
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[05:28] ojh (~omer@67-42-48-224.eugn.qwest.net) joined #rocklinux.
[05:31] <ojh> I need some help with a custom package .conf file
[05:31] <mnemoc> talk
[05:32] <fake> that's an order
[05:32] <fake> *g*
[05:32] <mnemoc> :)
[05:33] <ojh> OK, I'm attempting to make a build file for the LazyFS module and it needs some tricks . . . . the source tarbal is packed in a signed GPG file
[05:33] <fake> uuh...
[05:33] <ojh> I need to intercept it run gpg on it and pass the resulting tarball for notmal configing and building.
[05:34] <ojh> (Yes I know VERY ODD)
[05:34] <mnemoc> you may disable autoextract and do you odd extract on prepatch
[05:34] <fake> you'd need to add support for that to scripts/Download
[05:35] <ojh> I am following the use of the 'custmain' directive from he NVIDIA conf file, will the build system see the tarball  . . . . 
[05:35] <fake> mnemoc: what if there's no gnupg?
[05:35] <esden> ok ... finally compiling a kernel for the damn dell machine ... *sigh*
[05:35] <mnemoc> to keep unisgned tarball on /mirror ?
[05:35] <fake> custmain is executed after extracting
[05:35] <esden> and the nic in the alpha sucks badly!
[05:35] <fake> mnemoc: like any other tarball
[05:35] <esden> it is sooooooo slow
[05:36] <mnemoc> what if there is no gnupg on downlaod ?
[05:36] <mnemoc> ojh: don't they share an unsigned tarball?
[05:37] <ojh> Well, manualy stuffing the tarball in ./download/ojh/lazyfs/ would work . . . . . .
[05:37] <fake> mnemoc: i intended that non-signed-on-mirror thing...
[05:37] <fake> because normal users use mirrors
[05:37] <ojh> No for some paranoid reson.
[05:37] <mnemoc> true
[05:37] <fake> ojh: download/ojh/ ? are you working on stable?
[05:37] <mnemoc> what would they think if we share an unsigned tarball of their product?
[05:38] <ojh> It is under the GPL . . . . . so . . . . . .
[05:38] <fake> i don't really care what 'they think'
[05:38] <mnemoc> ok :)
[05:38] <ojh> Exactly :)
[05:39] <fake> exactly as they don't really care what other people think about their release methods ;)
[05:39] <fake> btw: what is lazyfs?
[05:39] <ojh> At this point I want to build the full Zero-Install system as a core part of my customized ROCK based distro.
[05:40] <ojh> (lazyfs is the kernel part of Zero-Install)
[05:40] <mnemoc> can you unsign it and share it? using your address as [D] ?
[05:41] <fake> hey, i just wanted to write tha
[05:41] <fake> +t
[05:41] <mnemoc> go and write it :)
[05:41] <fake> can you unsign it and share it? using your address as [D] ?
[05:41] <fake> ;-)
[05:41] <mnemoc> =)
[05:42] <ojh> Another problem I have is that the User part of needs to create a non-root user as part of te install process
[05:42] <ojh> I was intending to use the same trick as I see in the Nvidia build script.
[05:42] <mnemoc> ojh: look into cron and see how it created the user
[05:43] <fake> see package/base/openssh/postsysfiles.in
[05:43] <fake> or cron...
[05:43] <mnemoc> :)
[05:43] <ojh> The build for 0install is './configure --with-user=zeroinst'
[05:44] <ojh> some non-root needs to be used for zeroinst
[05:44] <ojh> THX for the examples to check :)
[05:44] <esden> humm ... it is really amusing watching you two (mnemoc, fake) explaining stuff ;)
[05:45] <mnemoc> why?
[05:45] Action: fake will go watch enterprise season4 soon...
[05:45] <esden> you both are saying the same things ... nearly simultanously ...
[05:45] <mnemoc> :)
[05:46] <fake> just feeding google: http://www.google.de
[05:46] <mnemoc> i'm a fake of fake :=
[05:46] <esden> lol
[05:46] <fake> <a href="http://www.google.de"> google likes irc logs from rock linux </a>
[05:47] <mnemoc> google tend to show me asking the stuff i ask him :\
[05:48] <ojh> I'll ask mr Thomas Leonard about posting a non-GPG tarballs . . .
[05:48] <ojh> It would be best if we all could be able to build 0install easely.
[05:48] <esden> is sonar running somewhere else beside scavenger?
[05:50] <esden> aaaargh
[05:51] <esden> damn vi package
[05:51] <esden> the vi contained in crystal-emu is depending on X11!!!!
[05:51] Action: esden wants to kill
[05:51] <mnemoc> now we are closer to redhat! :)
[05:52] <esden> who packaged that!
[05:52] <esden> why is that binary depending on X11?
[05:52] <mnemoc> i'll go to sleep... have fun :p
[05:53] <mnemoc> there is an option to split vim of xvim
[05:54] <esden> but why is it not done in the official stable iso? o_O
[05:56] <fake> ask th...
[05:57] Action: fake goes wathcing enterprise now
[05:57] <fake> sleep well!
[05:58] <esden> ok ... I go to bed now too
[05:59] <esden> enough for today ... 
[05:59] <ojh> Night, all.
[06:09] ojh (~omer@67-42-48-224.eugn.qwest.net) left #rocklinux.
[07:28] <netrunner> moin
[07:40] Nick change: BoS^afk -> BoS^home
[08:05] <blindcoder> moin
[08:12] kasc_ (kasc@dsl-082-083-044-240.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
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[08:30] netrunner (~andreas@pD9E8E23A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #rocklinux.
[09:37] <netrunner> where does pkg-config read the version from? in /opt/xfce4/lib/pkgconfig/libxfce4mcs-client-1.0.pc I see a line "Version:" but it reports 4.1.90
[09:45] <netrunner> (and I was looking for 4.1.91)
[09:51] <netrunner> gngn, there was an old .pc lingering in /usr/lib :/
[09:52] <th> moin
[09:53] <th> 2192 builds total, 1797 completed fine, 0 with errors.
[09:53] <th> hmm looks good so far
[09:56] <blindcoder> sweet
[10:13] <netrunner> ah, now my xfce4 builds :)
[10:16] <owl> moin *yaaaawn*
[12:06] Action: netrunner working through an abandoned submaster trunk
[12:20] <blindcoder> back
[12:38] <netrunner> clifford: I think submaster does not dequeue revisions y when using the command 'sm patch x y z'
[12:50] <SerWou> Hello the Chan
[12:59] <daja77> re
[12:59] <clifford> netrunner: hmm.. I'm pretty sure it does. I've done that already many times.
[13:00] <daja77> it had old revisions in the queue after sm recreate ...
[13:02] <clifford> ah - ok. that would explain it.
[13:17] <daja77> clifford: i thought that submaster could (re)create the local svn repos with new fsfs backend, which works a lot faster on commits
[13:17] <daja77> i could prepare a patch for it if you like
[13:17] Action: netrunner uploading a few patches, hope there are no dupes in ... (checked against trunk)
[13:20] <clifford> daja77: sure, why not.
[13:22] <th> clifford: have you had a look at 2.0.3? do you have any suggestions for 2.0.4?
[13:22] <esden> hi ho everyone
[13:22] <clifford> th: no and no.
[13:23] <th> clifford: you had your chance ;)
[13:23] <netrunner> clifford: is it intendet that I always get submaster mails for my patches twice?
[13:23] <netrunner> s/et/ed/
[13:24] <clifford> netrunner: you don't get them twice.
[13:24] <clifford> but you are also subscribed to the submaster mailing-list I guess.
[13:25] <netrunner> clifford: yes.
[13:25] <clifford> so you get the mails once thru the list and once directly from submaster because it's your patch.
[13:25] <netrunner> hm. ./scripts/Build-Pkg: architecture/x86/gcc-options: line 20: syntax error near unexpected token `<<<'
[13:25] <netrunner> how I hate these syncs
[13:26] <clifford> hmm... '<<<' would be valid SPL code. maybe I should redesign some aspects of the language.. ;-)
[13:28] <daja77> netrunner: svn status | grep ^C should show you files in conflict
[13:28] <th> clifford: would "====" be valid too?
[13:28] <netrunner> daja77: yes thx I know :) the sync is still running and has the working copy locked.
[13:28] <clifford> no.
[13:28] <clifford> .. but I could change that *evilgrin* ;-)
[13:28] <th> ;>
[13:29] <clifford> th: I'm doing even more gasgui/mine changes now.
[13:29] <clifford> the incompatible stuff is turned of if ROCK20 is defined - is that a good solution in your opinion?
[13:30] <netrunner> clifford: what about reading /etc/ROCK-VERSION?
[13:31] <netrunner> or using a switch ... one could install a stable and emerge some packages from trunk...
[13:31] <clifford> netrunner: what if you are trying to install ROCK from a debian?
[13:31] <clifford> the changes are just gasgui changes - you wouldn't do that with gasgui.
[13:32] <netrunner> ah ok, thought of mine.
[13:33] <clifford> gem files in 2.1 are named <package>-<ver>-<extraver>.gem
[13:33] <clifford> in 2.0 there is no "-<extraver>"
[13:33] <th> it would be good if one mine binary could handle both.
[13:34] <th> and at compile time...
[13:34] <th> a default should be set
[13:34] <blindcoder> WEE, Crystal for K6-2 almost done :)
[13:35] <clifford> th: It's really just a gasgui thing.
[13:35] <th> yea that's ok then
[13:36] <th> clifford: so i could update mine in stable and add some makeopt?
[13:37] <clifford> yes.
[13:37] <th> ok. fine with me.
[13:48] <blindcoder> Error logs from default-2.1.0-DEV-x86-k6-2-32-crystal:
[13:48] <blindcoder> 314 builds total, 314 completed fine, 0 with errors.
[13:48] <blindcoder> sweet
[13:50] <esden> hrm ...
[13:50] <blindcoder> mrh
[13:50] <esden> I installed stable rock 2.0.3 crystal-emu ... and now I try to use 2.6.9 kernel on it
[13:50] <th> esden: and?
[13:51] SteffenP (~steffen@p3E9EA0AA.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[13:51] <th> esden: keep me posted.
[13:51] <esden> and when I try to boot it it says "Warning: can not open initial console"
[13:51] Action: blindcoder building a bootdisk for the K6-2 build
[13:52] <esden> th: and another thing ... the vi provided with it is depending on xfree ... that is baaaaaad!!!! ;)
[13:52] <esden> I had to compile vi myself ... otherwise the installation would not fit on the 1GB drive I have ;)
[13:55] <netrunner> hah, learned something new:  For usb mp3 players with additional slot the kernel option CONFIG_SCSI_MULTI_LUN must be set
[14:07] <th> esden: you are telling me that the vanilla 2.0.3 bootdisk does not boot?
[14:07] <daja77> *sigh* the sm patches do not apply
[14:09] <esden> argh ... no wonder that it does not work ... I forgot to add devfs >_<
[14:09] <th> esden: that would have been my next question
[14:09] <clifford> daja77: http://www.rocklinux.net/people/clifford/results/current/
[14:09] <clifford> .. here are the fixdiff files I'm using right now.
[14:09] <esden> th: no the bootdisk boots
[14:10] <daja77> how can i use them with smap?
[14:10] <th> esden: and the system as well - unless you forget devfs
[14:10] <th> esden: how is your ROCKCFG_PKG_VIM_TWO_BINARIES confopt set?
[14:11] <daja77> ah not that many fixdiffs
[14:14] <esden> th: I used the official iso 
[14:17] <th> esden: so this is not stable specific. i guess you would have had the same with trunk
[14:18] <th> esden: and the default is to have two vim build passes
[14:18] <blindcoder> clifford: what does the X in [P] mean?
[14:18] <th> esden: so the "vim" binary should differ from the "gvim" one and should not be dependand on x
[14:19] <esden> th: but it is in the official 2.0.3 iso ... and I think it should be changed ;)
[14:19] treo (~xfman@Dabda.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[14:20] <treo> sali
[14:21] <th> esden: what should be changed?
[14:22] <th> are you talking of the vim-6.2.gem with cksum 284634179?
[14:24] <esden> the gem file included in the official 2.0.3 crystal-emu iso on iso.rocklinux.de (that seems to be down at the moment)
[14:28] <th> esden: i'm checking that
[14:28] <esden> kk
[14:29] krash-monster (~chatzilla@as1a-168.chcg3.il.core.com) joined #rocklinux.
[14:29] krash-monster (~chatzilla@as1a-168.chcg3.il.core.com) left #rocklinux.
[14:31] Action: netrunner 's /usr/bin/vi{,m} is not linked against X
[14:31] <esden> damn sata raid >_<
[14:32] <netrunner> esden: not working?
[14:32] <esden> ata_piix is not detecting it ...
[14:32] <esden> I am not sure if I missed something
[14:49] Nick change: BoS^home -> BoS^afk
[15:05] <daja77> *sigh*
[15:06] <daja77> sm is a nightmare today
[15:14] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
[15:14] <madtux> hello.
[15:24] <esden> does anyone know how I find out which network cards are supported in an alpha server 4100?
[15:27] <madtux> perhaps alphalinux.org is a good place to start?
[15:29] <owl> http://h18002.www1.hp.com/alphaserver/options/as4100/as4100_19_options_sorted.html#OptListHead << maybe here?
[15:30] <madtux> hello owlita?
[15:30] <owl> hi madtux 
[15:30] <madtux> i mean owlita!
[15:31] <blindcoder> wee
[15:31] <madtux> woo!
[15:31] <blindcoder> hit an irssi bug
[15:31] <owl> huh?
[15:32] <blindcoder> just a small displaying bug
[15:32] <owl> where?
[15:33] <owl> <- having shower and hoping that the hole in the head is not opening again
[15:33] <owl> bye, bye. wish me luck. 
[15:33] <madtux> have fun eule
[15:34] <owl> thx. :(
[15:34] <blindcoder> take care that your brains don't fall out :)
[15:34] <owl> nah. that's not possible. the whole is just about 3 - 4 mm deep
[15:35] <owl> but i want to remove the blood out of my hair... i'm looking a bit like with having "dreadlocks"
[15:35] <madtux> owl: so how did u make that hole?
[15:36] <madtux> owl: maybe u would like to for "Hole in my soul" and make a song called "Hole in my head" ?
[15:36] <esden> humm ...
[15:36] <esden> it will be difficult to find a matching network card :(
[15:37] <owl> madtux: accident. to dumb to walk && lost balance && flew above my own feets - and there was the wall.. 
[15:37] <madtux> ouch!
[15:37] <owl> esden: which ones do you exactly need? 
[15:38] <esden> a card that is supported by digital unix (Tru64) and is a 100BaseT
[15:38] <esden> pci
[15:38] <owl> madtux: jap. my bf and my parents were "a bit shocked" cuz i was lieing in a puddle of blood coming out of my head.
[15:38] <esden> some kind of Tulip or DEC Chip
[15:38] <madtux> owl: well i hope u get well soon
[15:39] <owl> esden: hmm. wait a second... arent't old 3com NICs tulip? 
[15:39] <owl> madtux: thx
[15:39] <esden> urgh ... dunno
[15:39] <owl> i guess they're... i have much NICs here... will have a look then, ok?
[15:40] Action: esden currently moving 800MB file from the alpha with 15kb/s :(
[15:40] <esden> that is _SLOW_
[15:40] <esden> owl: yes thank you very much
[15:40] <madtux> esden: btw Dzien dobry! Jak sie masz?
[15:40] <esden> fine thanks madtux 
[15:40] <esden> and you?
[15:40] <madtux> waa! damn slow
[15:41] <owl> esden: hehe. faster than isdn *vbeg* de nada
[15:41] <esden> owl: >_<
[15:41] <owl> esden: hm?
[15:41] <madtux> Dobrze, dziekuje.
[15:41] <esden> owl: the download is running since yesterday
[15:41] <esden> and I have another 2 or 3 GB to move
[15:42] <owl> *ggg* i can imagine. have fun :)
[15:42] <esden> the 800MB file is only one of 5 files
[15:43] <owl> hmm. well. i will first have a shower, then take a look for NICs. cya
[15:45] <esden> sigh ... the machine is to high to fit under the table ;(
[15:45] <esden> mamaaaaa!
[15:45] <esden> today is not my day!
[15:46] <daja77> think for me too
[15:47] <daja77> oh xfree is still rock default
[15:49] <madtux> 0_o
[16:31] Action: treo is away: duschn
[16:50] <daja77> Downloading download/mirror/I/ImageMagick-6.1.6-2.tar.bz2 ...
[16:51] <daja77> curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404
[16:51] <daja77> *ARGL*
[16:52] <netrunner> r115 | root | 2004-12-10 13:15:31 +0100 (Fri, 10 Dec 2004) | 4 lines
[16:52] <netrunner> Andreas V. Meier:
[16:52] <netrunner>          update imagemagick(6.1.6-3)
[16:52] <netrunner> shall I send it :)
[16:52] <daja77> yes ...
[16:52] <netrunner> it's against trunk ... well.
[16:53] <daja77> so it doesn't apply?
[16:53] <netrunner> if you have trunk, it does :)
[16:53] <netrunner> (I hope.)
[16:53] <daja77> trunk + patches
[16:54] <netrunner> argh, my tree is broken due to sm sync, I push what I have ...
[16:56] <esden> hehe ... I think I got a network card! :)
[17:01] <madtux> tell us more :)
[17:04] <esden> I can not ... I wait till the one download is here ... and then I will shutdown the server and insert the new card
[17:04] <esden> it is a 100BaseT card
[17:05] <esden> that is the most positive thing about it
[17:05] <esden> the question is if digital unix will support it ... 
[17:05] <daja77> you'll build rock on true64?
[17:06] <esden> nooooo!
[17:06] <esden> I have to backup some stuff from the tapes 
[17:06] <daja77> j/k
[17:07] <esden> when I can recover his data I can say ... ok .. here is the cdrom with the data ... and you give me the machine ... not only borrow ;)
[17:09] <esden> then I will first install debian on the machine ... and start building rock ... or perhups cross build ... 
[17:09] <esden> dunno .. I am not sure yet
[17:09] <madtux> daja77: u forgot to say please
[17:09] <madtux> :)
[17:09] <daja77> lol
[17:10] <madtux> esden: cross build will do the trick for u 
[17:10] <esden> madtux: no please ... ... I invested two days in recovering the data ... and have nearly not slept ... I deserve that machine!!!!1
[17:10] <esden> ;)
[17:10] <madtux> sure.. you deserve the machina.. and the machine deserves rock on true64 on it
[17:11] <madtux> :)
[17:11] <esden> and imagine that ... others tried to recover the data too ... for already 3 years by now ;)
[17:11] <esden> and they were unsuccessful ;)
[17:11] <madtux> lol
[17:11] <madtux> :)
[17:11] <daja77> hehe
[17:11] <madtux> daja77: yes i'm good with words :)
[17:13] Action: daja77 'd like to have the cksum testing in the background ...
[17:13] <esden> half an hour for 40MB ... *sigh*
[17:13] <daja77> so put a pillow on the machine and sleep
[17:14] <esden> hehe ... 
[17:14] <esden> I get a digital camera ... and make some photos
[17:14] <daja77> do that
[17:14] <esden> when the download completes I will be able to make some naked pics of that box :)
[17:15] Action: treo is back (gone 00:43:46)
[17:17] <madtux> esden: _PLEASE make sure the naked pics will be ONLY of the machine.. _OR_ of a pretty GIRL ok?
[17:17] <madtux> :)
[17:17] <madtux> daja77: and he needs no sleep.
[17:17] <madtux> esden: remember sleeping is for the birds.. u have to rock that alpha
[17:17] <daja77> you are evil
[17:19] <madtux> just 1/2 a bit.
[17:19] <madtux> :)
[17:28] <esden> madtux: :P
[17:28] <esden> ok ... some photos made
[17:33] <madtux> esden: of the COMPUTER right?
[17:36] <esden> no of me me me!!!1 :P
[17:36] <madtux> urrggs
[17:37] <daja77> esden is a cutie ...
[17:37] <madtux> OMFG
[17:37] Action: madtux slowly steps away
[17:38] <daja77> :D
[17:38] <esden> :D
[17:43] tcr (~tcr@pD9EAB9A4.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[17:44] <esden> ok ... uploading images ;)
[17:50] <esden> http://www.esden.net/bilder/alpha_server/
[17:50] <esden> here they are ;)
[17:50] <esden> more to come ;)
[17:51] <esden> and what do you say guys?
[17:52] <th> esden: is that at your home?
[17:53] <esden> no at the office ... I have no truck to transport these machines yet
[17:53] <th> i was just about to ask two questions:
[17:53] <esden> yes?...
[17:53] <th> why is your home so tidied
[17:53] <th> and
[17:53] <th> you have to much room left at home?
[17:54] <esden> lol
[17:55] <tcr> DEC alpha?
[17:55] <esden> space is a expandable thing
[17:55] <esden> you always find a new space when you search for it ;)
[17:55] <esden> tcr: digital alpha ... but that is the same at the end ;)
[17:58] <tcr> *37.jpg looks a bit like pci? 
[18:00] <esden> it is pci
[18:02] <tcr> I thought that would be used by pc and apple, heard of sun supporting it too in more recent things.. :)
[18:09] <treo> bye
[18:10] treo (~xfman@Dabda.d.pppool.de) left irc: "cya@all"
[18:42] th (th@thzn.de) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[18:42] SMP (~stefanp@vanessa.wronline.net) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[18:43] <esden> tcr: alpha has pci already for a very long time
[18:43] <esden> in my box there is pci 64
[18:43] <esden> and it is from year 1995
[18:43] tcr (~tcr@pD9EAB9A4.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[18:44] <esden> hrm
[18:52] madtux (~mike@ left irc: Remote closed the connection
[18:53] <esden> why is everyone leaving?
[18:54] <netrunner> esden: because you appeared? :)
[18:54] <esden> :P
[19:01] <netrunner> grmpf. svn: The REPORT request returned invalid XML in the response: XML parse error at line 29020: Couldn't find end of Start Tag S:set-prop
[19:07] <esden> ok some more pictures online: http://www.esden.net/bilder/alpha_server/
[19:29] th (th@thzn.de) joined #rocklinux.
[19:29] SMP_ (~stefanp@vanessa.wronline.net) joined #rocklinux.
[19:36] <th> esden: now i know why vim is linked against X11.
[19:37] <th> esden: it's because of --enable-pythoninterp
[19:37] <th> esden: our python is linked against X11
[19:37] <esden> hrm ... very nice >_<
[19:38] <esden> so that is why when I start vim it complaint that the x11 libraries are not there ... >_<
[19:38] <th> esden: i remove the --enable-pythoninterp
[19:38] <th> esden: do you have python installed?
[19:38] <th> esden: try starting the interpreter
[19:38] <esden> yes I have
[19:38] <th> i guess it will complain too
[19:38] <esden> but I think that standard vim should have as small deps as possible
[19:39] <th> esden: well i made a first step towards that. i removed the python stuff
[19:39] <esden> if someone needs more bloated vim should recompile it ... 
[19:39] <esden> that is my opinion
[19:40] <esden> th: to do the test I have to insert the disc back in the box ... 
[19:40] <esden> and before I do that I need to burn a dvd ... 
[19:40] <esden> that will take some time
[19:40] <th> esden: no hurry.
[19:40] <th> esden: just let me know
[19:43] <esden> kk
[19:43] <th> thanks
[19:45] <th> esden: the vim libX11 problem will be fixed in 2.0.4
[19:46] <esden> ok
[20:05] _Ragnar_ (loki@abarrach.franken.de) left irc: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
[20:05] _Ragnar_ (loki@abarrach.franken.de) joined #rocklinux.
[20:09] tcr (~tcr@p54879935.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[20:11] <owl> remoin
[20:11] <esden> re owl
[20:11] <owl> esden: bad luck for you. sorry, no tulip-card... at least i didn't see one
[20:12] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
[20:14] <owl> wb madtux 
[20:14] <esden> no problem ... I have one now ... it is being detected by srm but not by the operating system ... but I think that is solvable
[20:14] <madtux> thx owly
[20:14] <esden> thank you anyways for searching
[20:14] <owl> no problem
[20:15] <tcr> re all.
[20:22] <esden> re tcr 
[20:26] <esden> wooow cpio rulez
[20:26] <esden> now I know what is my alternative tool to tar
[20:27] <madtux> :P
[20:27] <esden> sorry ... I did not know it till now ... 
[20:27] <esden> it is not my fault
[20:30] <madtux> yes it is
[20:31] <madtux> well actually i think we could just blame it on daja77 
[20:32] <tcr> madtux, no that's only valid when the concern is about pregnancy.
[20:33] <madtux> well in self defence u can always tell "tongue doesn't make babys"
[20:33] <tcr> I read somewhere that spittle contains spermata.
[20:34] <tcr> Don't ask where how they come from the testicles there.
[20:34] <th> tcr: that doesn't apply for all of us.
[20:34] <tcr> s,where,,
[20:34] <madtux> i'm not interested in knwoing how :)
[20:35] <madtux> tcr: now i really hope that this is just something u _READ_ somewhere :)
[20:35] <madtux> th: well said
[20:35] <tcr> th: _please_, don't remark that you're diffferent so persistently. ;)
[20:36] <th> tcr: heh you are good at this.
[20:36] <th> .oO(i guess he hears that ever and ever again.)
[20:36] <tcr> At being different?
[20:37] <tcr> madtux, I'm working on a proof. 8)
[20:37] <madtux> tcr: i'm not really sure if i want to see that "proof"
[20:37] <madtux> :)
[20:38] <tcr> You mean the act or the product?
[20:38] <th> i was just about to ask...
[20:38] <th> madtux: you can always close your eyes.
[20:38] <tcr> No he can't. That his problem.
[20:39] <tcr> because of stimulation, probably. ;)
[20:40] <madtux> th: well i don't want to find out if i will want to close my eyes.. by the time i find it out it will be too late and the psycological demage will be done.. 
[20:40] <tcr> Never seen alien sex?
[20:41] <th> tcr: you're an alien?
[20:41] <madtux> no.. what's the url again?
[20:41] <madtux> :)
[20:41] <tcr> http://www.google.de/search?hl=de&q=alien+pr0n&btnG=Google-Suche&meta=
[20:41] <madtux> omg..
[20:42] <madtux> he actually has something 
[20:42] <tcr> th: I thought you already found out.
[20:42] <mnemoc> o_O
[20:42] <tcr> With `he' you mean the google god?
[20:48] <mnemoc> he means you :)
[20:49] <esden> madtux: there are new photos of the alpha sbtw
[20:50] <madtux> esden: good
[20:50] <madtux> ONLY of the alpha right? :)
[20:51] <th> 2192 builds total, 2187 completed fine, 0 with errors.
[20:51] <madtux> th: nice
[20:51] <th> that's gonna be 2.0.4
[20:51] <esden> madtux: no also of my crotch
[20:52] <madtux> thaks for advicing
[20:52] <esden> :P
[20:54] <madtux> so what are u going to call it?
[20:56] <esden> dunno yet
[20:56] <esden> suggestions welcom
[20:56] <esden> e
[20:57] <esden> it should be a beautifull female name ... of a pretty girl ;)
[20:57] <madtux> esden: btw there is no need to have space ont he trunk of ur care.. u can take the box in ur shoulders on the _WALK_ home :)
[20:57] <esden> that is not really a long walk ... I sleep downstairs ;)
[20:57] <madtux> so what the BIG problem?
[20:58] <th> perhaps he won't carry girls he doesn't know the name of?
[20:58] <th> not everyone does.
[20:58] <esden> did I say that it is a big problem?
[20:58] <esden> lol
[20:58] <madtux> :P
[21:01] <esden> angelina perhups ...
[21:01] <th> perhaps miss piggy
[21:02] <esden> th <- die
[21:02] <esden> :P
[21:02] <madtux> hehe
[21:02] <esden> nono .. thank you ... miss piggy ... nono
[21:02] <esden> hrm
[21:03] <esden> ahh XTC Radio London rulez!
[21:03] <tcr> esden: M'kota Dezhe. 
[21:03] <tcr> How about that name?
[21:03] Action: esden found after a very long time a very nice new radio!
[21:03] <esden> tcr ... who is that!
[21:03] <esden> I can not even pronounce the name ...
[21:03] <owl> _'
[21:03] <tcr> Heh, I can't too. Thought you could help me :)
[21:04] <owl>  9$
[21:04] <esden> lol
[21:04] <esden> owl?
[21:04] <esden> hehe .. owl is killing her laptop ;)
[21:04] <esden> I call the alpha -> owl ;)
[21:04] <owl> nah. not yet. just grabbing my mobile
[21:04] <owl> O_o
[21:04] <esden> *GG*
[21:05] <esden> or Sandra
[21:05] <owl> and there was the "bettdecke" on my notebook -> "bettdecke" typed
[21:06] <esden> bedcover?
[21:06] <owl> dunno
[21:07] <th> it's just a blanket
[21:07] <esden> argh ... that really sucks that I can not smoke in the office!!! >_<
[21:08] <owl> blanket! thx. this was the stuff i had in my had too!
[21:08] <owl> esden: hahaha. :p
[21:08] <esden> I take a look who is still here ... and check out if I may break a rule without expecting consequences ;)
[21:09] <esden> owl: be carefull that I do not break a much more severe rule!
[21:09] <esden> namely: "do not kill"
[21:09] <esden> ;)
[21:09] <owl> tstststs. if you're a non-smoker, you will probably smell(? riechen) the "cold smoke"
[21:09] <esden> ack
[21:09] <owl> esden: why? *vbeg* 
[21:09] <esden> nothing ... forget it
[21:10] <th> owl: your english is at it's best again today.
[21:11] <owl> th: yeah. i'm getting insane today because of the pain everywhere 
[21:11] <owl> <- might must visit the hospital tomorrow :( 
[21:18] <esden> ahh very nice ... now my connection is muuuuuuch better
[21:19] <esden> :D
[21:19] <owl> congrats
[21:20] <esden> the wlan access point was positioned too near to earth ... and as it seem earth is sucking up radio waves ... ;)
[21:20] <madtux> :)
[21:36] <tcr> Bah, 10 minutes advertisement break is more than perky ("dreist")
[22:00] <esden> on rtl you have 15 min advert in the prime time ...
[22:14] ojh (~omer@67-42-51-4.eugn.qwest.net) joined #rocklinux.
[22:14] <esden> hi ojh how is your zero install advancing?
[22:14] <ojh> The ROCK build script seems to work just fine :)
[22:15] <esden> nice
[22:16] <ojh> My new puzzle is a package where the Make file is not in the root of the tarball. GRRRRR. How do I tell ROCK that the Make file is in a subdir?
[22:18] <mnemoc> make -c subdir all
[22:18] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[22:18] SteffenP (~steffen@p3E9EA0AA.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: "http://www.bomberclone.de"
[22:19] <mnemoc> oh sorry
[22:19] <mnemoc> i missread
[22:19] <mnemoc> mom
[22:20] <mnemoc> srcdir=$pkg-$ver/subdir
[22:20] <mnemoc> on .conf
[22:20] <mnemoc> _or_ 
[22:20] <mnemoc> cd subdir on preconf
[22:20] <ojh> I'll give that a try :)
[22:22] <mnemoc> what are you packaging now?
[22:22] <daja77> madtux: ?
[22:22] <mnemoc> he is packaging madtux?
[22:22] <th> madtux: what's your cksum?
[22:23] <ojh> The 'ladspa' sound manipulstion libraries and SDK.
[22:23] <madtux> 0_o
[22:23] <ojh> I want to build the mhwaveedit program with the advanced sound filters.
[22:24] <madtux> daja77: ?
[22:24] <ojh> Its an advanced GTK audio editing program.
[22:24] <daja77> you are blaming what on me O_o
[22:24] <mnemoc> ojh: do your 0install users need sound manipulation or just for fun?
[22:24] <madtux> daja77: i dunno i forgot 
[22:25] <madtux> oh yeah the fact that esden didn;t knew cpio exists
[22:25] <ojh> Just for fun :) See: http://www.mtek.chalmers.se/~hjormagn/mhwaveedit.html
[22:25] <daja77> hehe
[22:27] <mnemoc> ojh: have you tried rene's GSMP?
[22:27] <esden> daja77: you are lagging ;)
[22:27] <ojh> Oh, and I hope that some day my project does have users . . . . 
[22:27] <ojh> I'll look.
[22:27] <daja77> i've been to clug ...
[22:28] <esden> users? you want users? ... believe me ... you do not want users! ;)
[22:28] <mnemoc> :D
[22:28] <ojh> LOL
[22:28] <esden> users are pain in the ass!
[22:29] <daja77> esden got used quite often
[22:29] <mnemoc> who use esden?
[22:29] <esden> asking dumb questions... spamming mailinglists... running behind you like a shadow on every cenvention you attend ... and so on!
[22:29] <daja77> ask the users
[22:29] <madtux> mnemoc: do u want to use esden? ;)
[22:29] <esden> rofl!
[22:30] <mnemoc> don't ask ;)
[22:30] <madtux> esden: thats price for the fame
[22:30] <daja77> .OO (no i could drink my alcohol alone)
[22:30] <madtux> :)
[22:30] <esden> madtux: fame? ... you do not need users for fame
[22:31] Action: daja77 likes pretty female users
[22:31] <madtux> esden: i have a very good dirty trick on the events.. most of the times maddog goes to the same events i go, so i just hang out with him and the fotomaniacs come around he gets more attention than i do so i can slowly step away :)
[22:31] <mnemoc> friends are enough to create you a fame :)
[22:31] <esden> ok ... in that case you are right daja77 ;)
[22:32] Nick change: SMP_ -> SMP
[22:32] <madtux> he hates it when i look at him a huge evil green from behind the cameras :)
[22:32] <madtux> +with
[22:32] <esden> madtux: you mean a grin ...
[22:32] <esden> right?
[22:32] <daja77> think i have a quote from him mocking about german coffee
[22:35] <madtux> grin yeah
[22:35] <madtux> god damn i need coffee
[22:35] <esden> argh: FUCK! : http://forums.us.dell.com/supportforums/board/message?board.id=sw_linux&message.id=5403
[22:35] <madtux> him = me?
[22:38] <daja77> maddog
[22:38] <madtux> oh :)
[22:38] <madtux> find the quote
[22:38] <madtux> :)
[22:39] <th> esden: at which kernel version you are?
[22:39] <th> esden: on 2.4 the -ac patches help
[22:40] <esden> *sigh* ... i really really do not care which kernel I should use ...
[22:40] <th> esden: so go for 2.6
[22:40] <mnemoc> grep -i ".*esden.*coffee" irclogs/freenode/*/\#rocklinux.* | wc -l 
[22:40] <mnemoc> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[22:41] <esden> forget it ... the drivers in 2.6.9 do not recognize the sata raid in that fscking dell
[22:41] <esden> I tryied it already
[22:41] <th> sata _raid_??
[22:41] <esden> mnemoc: hehe ... the program knows what it should do when you try to find something like that ;)
[22:41] <esden> th: yes sata raid
[22:42] <mnemoc> :)
[22:42] <esden> this dell machine has a sata raid controller in it
[22:42] <madtux> esden: would u mind fixing the driver and submiting a patch to the lkml? *please*
[22:42] <th> esden: are you sure you want to use that raid controller?
[22:42] <esden> madtux: *CRY* noooooooo *CRY*
[22:42] <th> esden: i'd guess it's putting the work to the cpu.
[22:43] <tcr> mnemoc, does the backtrace go back to some re_* functions og glibc?
[22:43] <tcr> of
[22:43] <th> esden: so you could use linux sw raid with no performance loss
[22:43] <esden> th: no it does not
[22:43] <th> esden: can you give me lspci output?
[22:43] <esden> I try ...
[22:44] <th> that's only ICH6 chip!
[22:44] <th> i bet it let's the cpu do the work
[22:44] <esden> can be ... 
[22:44] <th> it's like all these onboard raid-voodoo-controllers
[22:44] <esden> nononono
[22:44] <th> or cheap promise raid controller cards for ide
[22:44] <esden> no it is not like that
[22:45] <esden> if it would ... then it would miss what it should acheve
[22:45] <esden> performance improovement
[22:45] <th> perhaps it does.
[22:45] <esden> these controllers are there so the io performance increases
[22:45] <th> or perhaps you misunderstand what it should achieve.
[22:45] <esden> and when moving the raid management to processor you would not gain anything
[22:45] <th> thats not true
[22:46] <esden> i read all docu that is avalable
[22:46] <esden> or all I found ;)
[22:46] <esden> *sigh*
[22:46] <th> you can get performance from mirroring raid even if you give the work to the cpu
[22:46] <esden> I still could switch the controller to legacy mode ...
[22:46] <esden> but then I have to reinstall windows on that box ...
[22:46] <th> that's what i'd suggest with ICH6
[22:46] <esden> hrm ... 
[22:47] <esden> ok ... I have no nerve anymore ...
[22:47] <esden> I switch it
[22:48] <ojh> Well, that made me almost go through the roof . . . . the build process for the LADSPA SDK plays a test sound after compiling . . . . I didn't lmow what was going on . . . . LOL
[22:48] <esden> I want to start compiling for the alpha and not fuck around with intel crap >_<
[22:53] <blindcoder> hi
[22:58] tcr (~tcr@p54879935.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[23:05] <esden> th: you were right ... this is really a software raid
[23:05] <esden> but on bios level
[23:05] <esden> hi blindcoder 
[23:05] ojh (~omer@67-42-51-4.eugn.qwest.net) left #rocklinux.
[23:07] <esden> WEEEEE the drives are being detected!!!!
[23:07] <esden> thank you god!!!!
[23:07] <esden> *sigh*
[23:07] <madtux> u are welcome.
[23:07] <madtux> *g*
[23:10] <blindcoder> ah, nothing like having successfully started a long flame war :)
[23:10] <daja77> where?
[23:10] <blindcoder> on a local newsgroup in Ingolstadt about statistics :)
[23:10] <madtux> good job blindcoder 
[23:11] <th> damn. we need more mirrors :-(
[23:11] <blindcoder> th: how so?
[23:11] <th> binary mirrors
[23:11] <th> iso.rocklinux.de is not mirrored at all
[23:11] <daja77> yep
[23:11] <blindcoder> hmm, right
[23:12] <th> and the source-master is not capable of holding binary stuff
[23:16] <esden> ok ... now I have the information is needed to get rock running on that dell machine: http://tienstra4.flatnet.tudelft.nl/~gerte/gen2dmraid/
[23:16] <esden> this has to be integrated into rock
[23:17] <th> esden: why the hell do you want to use the bios for it?
[23:17] <th> esden: let the kernel handle it
[23:17] <esden> because I want that windows can work on that raid
[23:18] <th> windows does not deserve to access a raid
[23:19] <esden> hehe ... right ... but I still have to use it ... there is sadly no pcb layout software comparable to protel ;(
[23:19] <esden> for linux
[23:19] <esden> ok ... let me see ...
[23:20] <esden> ohh ... besides ... the kernel contained in the stable iso I mentioned before is not containing the nessesary drivers to access the sata drives th
[23:20] <esden> I need ata_piix driver
[23:20] <th> esden: no. and the bootdisk has lots of other flaws
[23:20] <th> esden: so use 2.6
[23:20] <esden> and libata
[23:20] <th> (which is not in stable)
[23:20] <esden> how?
[23:20] <th> how what?
[23:20] <esden> perfect
[23:20] <th> well.
[23:20] <th> just boot from a rescue system
[23:21] <th> use mine to install the gems
[23:21] <th> (set password and do ldconfig)
[23:21] <th> setup your bootloader
[23:21] <th> compile a kernel
[23:21] <th> point your bootloader to it
[23:21] <th> thats a lot easier than using a bootdisk target
[23:21] <esden> or the linvecd from fake
[23:21] <esden> right
[23:21] <th> or my rescue cd
[23:22] <esden> I have the livecd already here ... so I do not have to download anything more
[23:22] <th> well iso.rocklinux.de is still down. so your choice is made.
[23:23] <esden> why is it down?
[23:23] <th> cause localhero is doing maintenance
[23:23] <th> he is on it
[23:23] <esden> I understand
[23:48] madtux (~mike@ left irc: "leaving"
[00:00] --- Sat Dec 11 2004