[00:00] <esden> puhh ... finally installing crystal on the dell ... with some very nasty tricks ... >_<
[00:00] <esden> but it works that is the most importaint thing
[00:00] <daja77> :)
[00:01] <esden> the second stage filesystem from the installation cdrom for example resides currently in a directory located on the target root partition ... ;)
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[01:08] <esden> ok ... all packets installed
[01:08] <esden> now compiling kernel
[01:09] <esden> running ...
[01:09] <madtux> esden: have fun :)
[01:09] Action: daja77 copying new sources from the laptop
[01:30] <esden> where does this warning come from: could not determine runlevel doing a softreboot when I run reboot come from?
[01:30] <esden> is it intendet so?
[01:30] <esden> or is it a bug?
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[01:36] <fake> shutdown -r now fixes that
[01:38] <esden> aha .. ok
[01:38] <esden> hi fake 
[01:38] <esden> and successfully arrived at cliffords?
[01:39] <fake> jep
[01:39] <fake> and i am damn tired... 
[01:39] <fake> i slept 2 hrs yesterday
[01:40] <esden> o_O
[01:40] <esden> why?
[01:40] <esden> why have you not slept in the train?
[01:41] <fake> because i was constantly disturbed by guys wearing all sorts of uniforms
[01:41] <esden> urgh
[01:41] <daja77> hi fake 
[01:42] <esden> fake: to better your mood your livecd helped me a lot today
[01:42] <esden> I have rocklinux on the Dell machine now
[01:42] <fake> yay!
[01:42] <esden> thanks to your livecd ;)
[01:44] <esden> a dumb question .. is submaster script also a rocklinux packet?
[01:44] <esden> or contained somewhere?
[01:44] <daja77> it is now iirc
[01:45] <fake> yes, a patch to add a submaster package is in submaster ;)
[01:45] <esden> but not in the stable tree?
[01:45] <fake> in the meantime :
[01:45] <fake> wget -O /usr/local/sm http://www.rocklinux.net/svn/submaster/trunk/sm.pl
[01:45] <fake> wget -O /usr/local/smap http://www.rocklinux.net/svn/submaster/trunk/smap.sh
[01:46] <fake> make that /usr/local/bin/{sm,smap}
[01:46] <fake> chmod +x /usr/local/bin/{sm,smap}
[01:48] <esden> what is smap?
[01:48] <daja77> to apply sm patches
[01:49] <esden> aha ... thanks
[01:50] Action: daja77 just got an offer from someone who likes to be a seeder for our next release (bittorrent)
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[02:25] <esden_> humm?
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[02:26] <daja77> *gg*
[02:27] <esden> damn reconnects ...
[02:28] <esden> I have to force my firm to get a normal hardline ...
[02:28] Action: daja77 reconnecting esden
[02:29] <esden> :P
[02:30] <daja77> one could think you don't like me ;)
[02:32] <esden> hehe ... that is a nice feature ... that i did not know yet: send email on a special event
[02:33] <esden> daja77: why could? You think I like you? o_O
[02:33] <esden> *GG*
[02:34] <daja77> that's bad if you don't like me, think of our marriage
[02:38] <esden> hehe ... yes
[02:38] <esden> ok ... sources are downloading
[02:39] <daja77> ah sources i have them at my build machine now
[02:41] <daja77> clifford? fake?
[02:45] <esden> I think they are already making a chilly evening with a pipe ;)
[02:45] <daja77> :D
[02:49] <esden> ok burning debian for alpha for testing ;)
[02:53] Action: daja77 kicking new build
[02:53] <daja77> n8
[02:54] <esden> n8
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[03:47] Action: fake is chilling, but without a pipe ;P
[03:47] <esden_> so you are now ready with a pipe ... ;)
[03:48] <esden_> damn as4100 ... it does not support or find the cdrom in srm prompt >_<
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[03:48] <esden_> and when I want to update the firmware it hangs when loading the files from floppy >_<
[03:49] Action: esden_ uploading rock sources from his laptop to the dell machine ;)
[03:49] <esden_> thank you fake for that ;)
[03:50] Nick change: esden_ -> esden
[03:51] <esden> aha ... and another funny thing ... when I connected the box last time to the power plug ... the lights went off and the "sicherung" said bye bye ;)
[03:51] <esden> fuse
[03:51] <esden> that is the word
[03:52] <esden> hrm ... 
[03:52] Action: esden talking to himself ...
[03:55] <fake> no
[03:55] <fake> to a busy fake ;)
[03:56] <esden> what are you doing?
[03:56] <fake> twiddling vpn stuff so i can feel at home here ;)
[03:59] <esden> hehe ... roadworior like ... or are you "inserting" clifford in the vpn network?
[04:00] <esden> ahh ... sbtw ... greet him from me if he is in reach...
[04:01] <fake> esden: greetings back.
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[04:45] <esden> ok ... alpha cros build started
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[05:06] <esden> ok ... glibc is failing in stage 1 already...
[05:06] <esden> that means work is waiting for me ...
[05:06] <esden> I can go to bed now ;)
[05:06] <esden> good night everyone
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[11:44] <netrunner> oh, found another uncommitted package
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[12:36] <treo> hi
[12:47] <netrunner> hm.
[12:48] <mnemoc> moin
[12:50] <netrunner> moin mnemoc
[12:52] <mnemoc> moin netrunner 
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[13:40] <blindcoder> moin
[13:48] <blindcoder> iso.rocklinux.de still down?
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[14:18] <netrunner> grmpf. editing files during a sm sync includes them in the sm commit :/
[14:19] <daja77> yeah sure ...
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[14:30] <esden> morning
[14:31] <daja77> hi esden 
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[14:34] <tfing> hi
[14:35] <daja77> hi tfing!
[14:35] <tfing> hello daniel
[14:35] <esden> humm ... the alpha port really neads attention :(
[14:36] <esden> already glibc in stage 1 is not compiling :(
[14:36] <daja77> perhaps there are alpha specific patchsets which are not shippe dwith glibc
[14:38] <esden> perhups perhups
[14:41] <esden> ok ... I am off for ingolstadt
[14:41] <esden> cu guys
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[15:05] <SerWou> Hello the Chan
[15:06] <mnemoc> hi SerWou 
[15:16] <SerWou> what's up mnemoc
[15:18] <mnemoc> i have an amazing headache :\
[15:19] <SerWou> ok
[15:19] <mnemoc> and you?
[15:19] <SerWou> gonna take a little chocolate made by hand to fix your headache ;)
[15:21] <mnemoc> yes, please :)
[15:21] <daja77> patch -p0 < mnemoc_headache_fix.patch
[15:22] <mnemoc> :p
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[19:02] <praenti> hi
[19:02] <blindcoder> moin praenti 
[19:03] <praenti> blindcoder: do you know how i can manage that a script and his subscripts are executed as root
[19:03] <blindcoder> chown root script
[19:03] <blindcoder> chmod u+s script
[19:03] <praenti> blindcoder: setting suid only works for the main-script, subscripts are executed as user
[19:03] <blindcoder> in the script do su - subscript
[19:04] <blindcoder> su - -c 
[19:04] <fake> what's up with iso.rocklinux.de ?
[19:04] <blindcoder> fake: down since yesterday
[19:04] <fake> damn...\
[19:04] <fake> .
[19:06] <praenti> blindcoder: does not work, wants a password...
[19:07] <praenti> blindcoder: interesting:
[19:07] <praenti> root      7969  0.0  0.1  2768  936 pts/2    S+   19:05   0:00 su - -c subscript
[19:08] <praenti> and a C program does not work either
[19:09] <praenti> and i don't want to write my root password somewhere on my filesystem
[19:11] <th> fake: we need more mirrors.
[19:11] <th> hi folks
[19:11] <SerWou> hello th
[19:11] <SerWou> you need HTTP mirrors for RockLinux ?
[19:11] <fake> th: _ack_
[19:12] <th> SerWou: yes
[19:12] <fake> SerWou: ISO and binary package mirrors
[19:12] <fake> praenti: sudo can do that
[19:12] <SerWou> i have a free space on my ISP web servers, something like 900Mo
[19:13] <th> 900MB?
[19:13] <praenti> fake: looks like this is the only way ;-)
[19:13] <th> SerWou: or what is "Mo"?
[19:13] <fake> MegaOctets
[19:13] <SerWou> octets
[19:13] <fake> that MB, yes
[19:13] <SerWou> MB
[19:13] <fake> *that's
[19:14] <th> well we could put one iso to it
[19:14] <fake> (french weirdos ;)
[19:14] <blindcoder> my server-to-be will have a 250 GB traffic limit
[19:14] <blindcoder> that won't do much
[19:14] <SerWou> we works with Mb and Mo, more more logical then Mb and MB
[19:14] <th> bit and oct?
[19:15] <SerWou> yes
[19:15] <SerWou> oct means 8
[19:15] <SerWou> octet means heigh bits
[19:15] <SerWou> height
[19:15] <blindcoder> and since the response to my BitTorrent request equals to Zero there is no hope there, either
[19:16] <SerWou> whatever
[19:16] <SerWou> do you want this 900MB space ?
[19:16] <SerWou> How much you need/want ?
[19:17] <th> much more
[19:17] <SerWou> how much you need ?
[19:18] <th> mompl
[19:18] <th> te
[19:18] <th> l
[19:18] <SerWou> i have my own server connected to a 100Mbits Line
[19:18] <SerWou> that's why i'm asking you that
[19:19] <th> just a second
[19:20] <th> back
[19:21] <th> SerWou: i think 10GB would do for a start
[19:21] <th> HDD's arent that expensive.
[19:21] <th> perhaps we can buy one if HDD space is the limit
[19:21] <SerWou> how much bandwith is used by a RockLinux mirror ?
[19:21] <th> bandwiths is what we need
[19:22] <th> we don't really know cause we just started to maintain binary servers again
[19:22] <SerWou> no idea
[19:22] <SerWou> 500BG a month ?
[19:22] <SerWou> more ?
[19:22] <th> shouldn't be more
[19:22] <th> how is that machine connected you are talking about?
[19:23] format_ (format@raidfibre.campus.alfred.edu) joined #rocklinux.
[19:24] <format_> Hello everyone, I don't know if anyone is here but I'll ask anyway.. I'm installing ROCK linux on a Soekris net4501, and I cannot get the initrd.img file from the FTP server because I can't reach it
[19:24] <format_> so I was wondering if someone could DCC it to me perhaps
[19:24] <th> format_: our ftp/http server is currently down von maint.
[19:25] Nick change: aXp -> daemon
[19:25] <SerWou> it's a XP2000+ with 256Mo DDR, 40Go Drives, but i'm already hosting 2 website on it, a FTP server soon, and 2 Direct Connect Hub. I bough this server on a company where i made a internship in Miami, so, i don't pay for the extra bandwith used
[19:25] <th> format_: what initrd.img are you talking about?
[19:25] <format_> SerWou: the FTP server?
[19:25] <th> SerWou: i see.
[19:26] <format_> th: I am reading the guide here: http://www.rocklinux.org/128.html
[19:26] <th> SerWou: sounds good. but we need some more than 900Mo
[19:27] <format_> and it says "copy the initrd.img file from the ROCK install CD..." so I am just looking for that file
[19:27] <SerWou> 900Mo was on my ISP www server, that's not a problem, my own Miami server got more free space, but buy a HD is a obligation if you want put some files their
[19:27] <th> SerWou: perhaps we can manage that.
[19:27] <format_> everything is working good up to this point :)
[19:28] <th> SerWou: how much could you spare without buying a new hdd for the first time?
[19:28] <th> format_: sorry i'm almost off.
[19:29] <format_> I'd help you guys out with bandwidth but I already have a few large websites on my server
[19:29] <SerWou> actually, they are not monitoring the bandwith i use, i paid for 200Go/month, i'm using something like 150Go, but they never send me some bandwith used stats ;) that's cool, but i don't know what they will say to me if i use 500Go/month
[19:30] <blindcoder> format_: you can wait for the ftp to be back up or ask on the mailinglist if someone has a build at hand
[19:30] <format_> blindcoder: so asking here is futile?
[19:31] <blindcoder> format_: there are not many people around here right now that do regular builds
[19:31] <blindcoder> format_: plus that was cliffords baby IIRC
[19:31] <SerWou> hello blindcoder
[19:31] <blindcoder> moin SerWou 
[19:33] <fake> format_: i can upload you an initrd somewhere, but that won't help you much if you don't have all the other packages on the cd
[19:33] <format_> fake: I have the router archive, I just need that one file
[19:34] <fake> format_: for what kernel / build ? you know, the kernel modules have to match the kernel
[19:38] <format_> fake: if you are able to send me the vmlinuz and initrd.img from your copy I think it will work
[19:38] <format_> this is for the initial PXE boot
[19:43] <fake> sorry, but i have to go now
[19:43] <fake> clifford is driving nuts
[19:43] <fake> brb
[19:44] <fake> format_: i bet blindcoder can give you that ;)
[19:44] <blindcoder> actually, no
[19:44] <blindcoder> I don't have that here
[19:45] <format_> thanks guys
[19:46] <format_> auf wiedersehen
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[20:58] <owl> hi
[20:59] <blindcoder> moin owly
[21:01] <owl> hi blindy. did i say that we/i have always bad luck? today the "gaspedal" went away!
[21:04] <th> oh it went away?
[21:04] <th> some vacation for your gaspedal.
[21:06] <owl> it went away as in "you're not able to drive again" - cuz there is no "widerstand" there anymore, cuz there must bhe the "gaspedalseil" gerissen oder so... 
[21:08] <blindcoder> ouch
[21:09] <owl> yes. 
[21:56] <th> how can i start a program in gdb step-wise?
[21:56] <mnemoc> n ?
[21:57] <blindcoder> break main
[21:59] <th> it's on win32
[21:59] <th> mnemoc: next just complains that the program is not running
[21:59] <blindcoder> break out_in_tears
[21:59] <th> blindcoder: and break main is set but not stopped at
[22:00] <th> blindcoder: main is not a real symbol is it?
[22:00] <blindcoder> yes it is
[22:01] <th> hmm
[22:02] <th> i just want to step through that code and view the dissassembled code
[22:02] <th> but i can't cause run runs to much
[22:02] <th> and i don't know how to start without "run"
[22:02] <th> "break main" does not help cause it does not stop
[22:03] <tcr> th: `start'
[22:04] <th> Undefined command: "start".  Try "help".
[22:05] <th> uhh
[22:05] <th> it does not seem to care breakpoints at all :-/
[22:05] <tcr> (gdb) help start
[22:05] <tcr> Run the debugged program until the beginning of the main procedure.
[22:05] <tcr> You may specify arguments to give to your program, just as with the
[22:05] <tcr> "run" command.
[22:05] <tcr> GNU gdb 6.2
[22:06] <th> GNU gdb 2003-09-20-cvs (cygwin-special)
[22:06] <th> hmm sounds old
[22:06] <tcr> Yeh.
[22:06] <th> that one can't debug native win32 programs
[22:06] <th> :-/
[22:07] <tcr> I bet they're proprietary, right?
[22:07] <th> sure they are.
[22:07] <tcr> Why else would you like to look at the machine code.
[22:07] <th> i even have the source code.
[22:07] <th> i'm developing on that code
[22:08] <th> but there is some very strange behaviour on this linked binary
[22:08] <tcr> Ah, I see, You can't probably read it because of hungarian notation? :)
[22:08] <netrunner> re
[22:08] <th> tcr: ;>
[22:09] <th> where could i get a newer gdb from?
[22:09] <tcr> Well, better get your hands on a newer gdb. Maybe even a native one, compiled with ming.
[22:09] <th> compiling gdb. *shiver*
[22:10] <tcr> Sure you are supposed to compile the code with gcc?
[22:10] <th> no
[22:10] <th> cl.exe from MSVC
[22:10] <tcr> I think there are binary pkgs. So STFW and look how far .exe crap is supported.
[22:11] <tcr> FWIW, cygwin does have a nice installer and updater.
[22:12] <th> tcr: maybe i'm just to dump to use that updater. the installer only offers the version i have
[22:12] <tcr> MSVC probably comes with a debugger, too. (But then, I heard the scariest things about msvc)
[22:13] <th> i don't know how to use that debugger on binaries
[22:13] <th> i started msvc but everything is greyed.
[22:13] <tcr> Well, as said, stfw.
[22:13] <tcr> :)
[22:14] <tcr> Is that your code that's under suspicion?
[22:16] <th> of my working group
[22:21] <tcr> http://sources.redhat.com/gdb/current/onlinedocs/gdb_19.html#SEC166
[22:23] <th> yea i know this one. but i'm still missing the gdb itself
[22:26] <tcr> I think MingGW should have it bundled.
[22:26] <tcr> http://www.mingw.org/download.shtml
[22:27] <tcr> Funny, the version there is even older than yours. But it actually *should* be able to cope with .exe's then.
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[00:00] --- Sun Dec 12 2004