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[01:01] <esden> hi ho everyone
[01:01] <fake> hi esden!
[01:02] <esden> hi fake 
[01:02] Action: esden packing up his cell ... *sigh* that is a lot of work ... :(
[01:10] <esden> fake: how is work search advancing? Found anything interesting?
[01:11] <fake> esden: it's still weekend!
[01:11] Action: esden brb
[01:11] <esden> erm .. yes ... weekend ... 
[01:11] <esden> I knew there was something ;)
[01:13] Action: esden brb
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[01:15] <esden> re
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[02:03] <esden> I will get sick of that what I am eating at the moment for sure! ;)
[02:04] <esden> it sucks not having propper food at home >_<
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[02:10] <mnemoc> fake: mail
[02:12] <fake> mnemoc: checking...
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[02:26] <fake> mnemoc: mail ;)
[02:27] <mnemoc> fake: checking...
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[08:04] <blindcoder> moin
[08:07] <mnemoc> moin blindcoder 
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[10:30] <owl> moin
[10:31] <blindcoder> moin moin
[10:31] <SerWou> hello blindcoder & co
[10:32] <blindcoder> moin SerWou 
[10:32] <owl> hi blindcoder 
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[11:11] <esden> hi ho everyone
[11:12] <owl> hi esden 
[11:12] <blindcoder> moin esden 
[11:17] <netrunner> moin
[11:18] <blindcoder> moin moin netti
[11:19] <esden> hi owl, blindcoder, netrunner  ;)
[11:19] <owl> netti? wasn't this "netcrow"'s nick once? *thinking*
[11:19] <owl> hi netrunner 
[11:19] <esden> owl: it is still netcrows ...
[11:20] <esden> I do not know why blindcoder  is calling netrunner this way ... o_O
[11:20] <blindcoder> esden: sleepiness
[11:20] <esden> blindcoder: hehe ;) ... call him runni ;)
[11:20] <blindcoder> nice idea :)
[11:20] <esden> ack
[11:21] <esden>  it is mine ... it has to be nice ;)
[11:21] <owl> *lol* 
[11:21] <blindcoder> well... no comment on that
[11:21] <esden> heeey ... what do you mean with that!?!
[11:22] <esden> my ideas are nice ...!! :(
[11:22] <blindcoder> you don't want to know. trust me.
[11:22] <esden> *wheep* ... you are mean to me ... *wheep*
[11:22] <blindcoder> HARRHARR
[11:23] <esden> *sigh* ... 
[11:23] <esden> you are uncorrectable
[11:23] <blindcoder> I take that as a compliment :)
[11:24] <blindcoder> cause, you know
[11:24] <blindcoder> good things needn't be made better :)
[11:34] Action: blindcoder -> lunch
[11:42] <esden> *sigh*
[11:42] Action: esden making a pizza ...
[11:44] <daja77> 263 builds total, 195 completed fine, 1 with errors.
[11:45] <esden> does anyone of you have a cdrom drive with scsi interface that reliably reads burned cd's?
[11:45] <daja77> my old yamaha does that i think
[11:46] <esden> hrm ... do you still need it?
[11:46] <daja77> good question, haven't used the machine for more than a year
[11:47] <fake> moin
[11:47] <owl> hi fake 
[11:47] <daja77> hi fake
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[12:08] <blindcoder> back
[12:08] aXp (~aXp@ joined #rocklinux.
[12:19] <esden> ok ... now I have a dect extention too ;) 
[12:19] <esden> 2119
[12:19] <esden> ;)
[12:21] <daja77> cool
[12:22] Action: fake trying to get some coffee
[12:22] <esden> very topic related fake
[12:23] <daja77> http://www.geekculture.com/joyoftech/joyimages/628.png
[12:24] <blindcoder> do we only need the DECT phone or also the station?
[12:24] <daja77> only the phone
[12:25] <daja77> in fact it would disturb the net if you are operating the station
[12:28] <blindcoder> okay
[12:28] Action: blindcoder has no idea how DECT works, so please excuse stupid questions :)
[12:28] <daja77> np
[12:30] <esden> but somehow we have to charge our phones no?
[12:31] <daja77> you could do that at poc iirc
[12:31] <esden> hrm ... they have all kinds of docking stations? o_O
[12:32] <esden> I can not believe that!
[12:32] <daja77> you could take the station with you and ask them how to do that, without disturbing 
[12:32] <daja77> esden: they have all sorts of phones and dockingsations
[12:32] <esden> ok ... that is a solution
[12:32] <esden> asking them
[12:32] <daja77> yep
[12:33] <daja77> they had some guidelines i can't remember ;) 
[12:33] <esden> hehe ... ok ;)
[12:33] <daja77> esden: mail your number to the list
[12:33] <esden> I have already
[12:33] <daja77> oh
[12:33] <daja77> *reload*
[12:34] <daja77> not in my inbox, perhaps spam filter delayed
[12:34] <esden> ohh ... fuck
[12:34] <esden> it is waiting for approval ... because I am registred at rocklinux with other email address 
[12:34] <esden> >_<
[12:34] <daja77> ic
[12:34] <daja77> don't worry did that myself a few times
[12:36] <blindcoder> for some reason my apache isn't saving uploaded files to php...
[12:36] <blindcoder> files uploaded through php
[12:39] <esden> daja77:  ok ... now is the mail sent with the right sender address
[12:40] <daja77> can't wait for clifford's approval? ;)
[12:40] <esden> I cancelled it...
[12:40] <esden> and no ... I do not wait for clifford ... 
[12:41] <esden> he has already enough to do ;)
[12:41] <daja77> *hehe*
[12:41] <esden> he has fake at home ... ;)
[12:41] <esden> you know?
[12:41] <daja77> i know
[12:47] <fake> let's hope the refbuild will get through today
[12:47] Action: fake currently fixing stuff
[12:48] <fake> oh great, and NOW i get tired.
[12:50] <mnemoc> anybody knows how to get the first or the second half of a long on m68k?
[12:51] <fake> uh
[12:52] <daja77> the one error in my build is xim
[12:52] <fake> xor with 1111111100000000 or 0000000011111111 ? ;))
[12:52] <daja77> exim
[12:53] <fake> daja77: that's known
[12:53] <fake> exim will be removed from the livecd
[12:53] <fake> it needs any bdb
[12:53] <daja77> any?
[12:54] <fake> exim wants bdb - i wonder why one would need a mailserver on a desktop system.
[12:54] <daja77> ok i better should not ask why
[12:54] <fake> we could replace it by nullmailer
[12:54] <fake> *with
[12:54] <mnemoc> fake: that's dirty :)
[12:54] <daja77> well live cds are used for ad-hoc servers too
[12:55] <fake> daja77: not the one labeld 'desktop-oriented' ;P
[12:55] <daja77> you mean a server live cd and a desktop live cd?
[12:55] Action: mnemoc prefer to think rock builds as single-purpose distros
[12:55] <blindcoder> man, ./scripts/Config on a 500 MHz machine sucks
[12:55] <daja77> blindcoder: it sucks on faster machines too
[12:56] <blindcoder> daja77: I just want to deactivate the LICQ plugins :/
[12:56] <blindcoder> but if I change it in config/default/config it gets overwritten again
[12:56] <daja77> yep had to disable osd plugin in crystal
[12:56] <fake> blindcoder: change it and run ./scripts/Config -cfg mycfg -oldconfig
[12:57] <blindcoder> daja77: or enable xosd :)
[12:57] <daja77> or that ...
[12:57] <blindcoder> fake: great, now I'm done :/
[12:57] <fake> daja77: the package selection for livecd is not fixed - there will be a gnome version soon, it's too easy to alter it.
[12:57] Action: daja77 points and laughs at blindcoder 
[12:58] <blindcoder> *snif*
[12:58] <daja77> muhahaha the gnoppix project has already died ...
[12:58] <blindcoder> well, who wants gnome, anyway?
[12:58] Action: fake wants evolution
[12:59] Action: daja77 using kmail
[12:59] Action: blindcoder using mutt
[12:59] <daja77> or kontact
[12:59] <blindcoder> or mozilla
[12:59] <blindcoder> mutt remote and mozilla local :)
[13:01] <mnemoc> mutt remote, thunderbird local :)
[13:01] <fake> i use kmail, too, but evolution is much more than just a MUA
[13:01] <blindcoder> yeah, it's an MTA, too :)
[13:01] <fake> kmail remote, kmail local ;)
[13:02] <blindcoder> fake: so what do you use when you can't X-Forward from the remote machine?
[13:02] <fake> it's the only organizer with a useful sync option to my cellphone.
[13:02] <fake> blindcoder: i don't x-forwared
[13:02] <blindcoder> so how do you use kmail remote?
[13:02] <fake> blindcoder: i use NX
[13:02] <daja77> fake: i want to sync kmail instances via imap
[13:02] <blindcoder> NoeXecute?
[13:02] <fake> daja77: don't use kmail, then ;))
[13:02] <fake> blindcoder: www.nomachine.com
[13:03] <blindcoder> oh, a vnc-like thing?
[13:03] <fake> it's *incredibly* fast
[13:03] <fake> no, much, much better
[13:03] <daja77> fake: erh why
[13:03] <fake> daja77: oh, i misread that, i thought about ldap. imap and kmail is superb
[13:04] <blindcoder> fake: does nx work through non-transparent proxies on windows?
[13:05] <fake> blindcoder: i use openvpn anyways. i need SIP, and want fast access to my build machines
[13:05] <blindcoder> fake: I'd like to see you set that up here @siemens :)
[13:05] <fake> blindcoder: openvpn is very very good at drilling holes into proxies and stuff
[13:06] <blindcoder> putty is, too :-)
[13:06] <mnemoc> putty is a savor
[13:06] <fake> but putty doesn't accept a default route set on it making you part of the internet again ;)
[13:08] <mnemoc> saver*
[13:08] <blindcoder> mnemoc: I only recently found out you can to transconnect-like connection with putty
[13:09] <blindcoder> I always telnettet to the proxy and manually did a CONNECT :/
[13:09] <mnemoc> o_O
[13:10] <blindcoder> yeah
[13:16] <fake> esden: http://iso.rocklinux.de/default.php?dir=/unofficial/fake/crystal/
[13:16] <fake> crystal for ppc uploaded
[13:16] Action: fake away for {g,f}ood
[13:16] Action: daja77 getting hungry
[13:18] Action: mnemoc needs {g,f}ood too
[13:23] Action: netrunner just had sand whiches
[13:23] <netrunner> :)
[13:24] <th> fake: but nx still can't help me remote controlling customers on windows right?
[13:26] <netrunner> th: nx can also compress the rdesktop protocol
[13:27] <th> netrunner: i guess that is some sort of answer?
[13:27] <th> does vnc use that protocol?
[13:27] <netrunner> th: I never tried it, but you could use rdesktop in such a case
[13:28] <netrunner> th: don't know. the remote desktop stuff of windows uses rdesktop
[13:28] <mnemoc> rdp i much better than vnc, but only for windows :\
[13:28] <th> argh. that native remote-controlling stuff was terrible
[13:28] <mnemoc> th: hi, when will you start your next reference?
[13:28] <th> but perhaps it's with rdesktop client hmmm
[13:28] <th> mnemoc: it's already running
[13:28] <mnemoc> :(
[13:29] <th> mnemoc: what's it?
[13:29] <mnemoc> i wanted to ask you for updating openldap to 2.1.30
[13:29] <th> mnemoc: is it important to be on 2.0.4?
[13:30] <mnemoc> 2.1.27 was never flagged as "really stable"
[13:30] <th> mnemoc: currently the focus is on making the 2.0.4 ready
[13:31] <th> mnemoc: i've no problem with delaying 2.0.4 a bit. ask blindy about details. he plan's doing some bianries for c3
[13:33] <mnemoc> fake is the one with 'issues' with openldap stability :)
[13:34] <mnemoc> as far as i concern it can wait for 2.0.5
[13:50] <esden> finally my mail arrived at the ml ;)
[14:00] <fake> mnemoc: i had extremely sleep-stealing experiences - once burnt, forever shy
[14:01] <netrunner> hm, anybody experienced an build issue with xfig and xorg?
[14:01] <mnemoc> so what do you think about having 2.1.27 on 2.0.4 instead of 2.1.30?
[14:01] <netrunner> It tried to include X11/Xaw3d/XawInit.h, but I only had X11/Xaw/...,  a link helped...
[14:03] <fake> mnemoc: i don't care about stable ;)
[14:03] <fake> i guess 2.1.30 is fine
[14:04] <fake> http://iso.rocklinux.de/default.php?dir=/unofficial/fake/crystal/
[14:04] <fake> esden: see above
[14:04] <fake> esden needs to be constantly pressurized...
[14:06] Action: netrunner kicks esden on fakes command
[14:06] <fake> install it!
[14:06] <esden> :P
[14:06] <fake> *speaksmagicwords* *brabbel*
[14:07] <netrunner> fake: ugh, don't use that much sulfur next time!
[14:07] <fake> some crow feet...
[14:07] <fake> ... frog legs ...
[14:07] <blindcoder> oh puh leez, noone uses frog legs these days
[14:09] <fake> ... solaris for x86, windows NT for MIPS...
[14:09] <fake> ... and a bit objective C++.
[14:10] Action: netrunner barfs
[14:10] <esden> ok .. fake ... as it seems I can test your crystal build
[14:10] <blindcoder> hehe
[14:10] <esden> I will install it on my ipod and boot from it ..
[14:11] <esden> ;)
[14:11] <fake> i guess that won't work due to missing sbp2 in-kernel module
[14:11] <esden> your crystal install disk has to support firewire
[14:11] <esden> fake: then you know what you have to do ;)
[14:11] <fake> the livecd has support for firewire, but not the general bootdisk
[14:11] <esden> that is not good ;)
[14:11] <fake> esden: do you know how damn long it took to upload this 600 MB monster??
[14:12] <esden> *gnarf* no ;)
[14:12] <fake> :P
[14:13] <fake> gnomemeeting 1.2 is out!! wee!
[14:13] <fake> Apple Rendezvous support
[14:14] <blindcoder> I don't want a rendezvous with apple :P
[14:14] <netrunner> fake: does h323 use less ports than sip?
[14:14] <fake> netrunner: h323 is not comparable to SIP
[14:15] <fake> sip is a Session Initiation Protocol, whereas h323 is exclusively a VoIP protocol
[14:15] <fake> sip can use as many ports as you want sessions - and more ;)
[14:16] <netrunner> fake: ok, I should specify - sip/rtp
[14:16] <fake> i don't know much about h323 
[14:17] <fake> i used it a long time ago and it was a pain to set up firewall-wise
[14:17] <fake> SIP/rtp has support for proxies
[14:17] <netrunner> fake: my point is - for rtp I had to open up >10k ports in my firewall, which I don't really like.
[14:17] <fake> netrunner: you did something wrong.
[14:17] <fake> netrunner: with good SIP softphones you can specify the range of ports on which rtp should be signalled
[14:18] <netrunner> fake: no. rtp uses a random port in the range 10000:20000
[14:18] <fake> netrunner: no!
[14:19] <fake> netrunner: the port used for rtp can be transmitted in the SIP Invite message!
[14:19] <netrunner> fake: I have my knowledge from http://www.voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+firewall+rules
[14:19] <fake> netrunner: openh323 was th random port thing
[14:19] <fake> hey - that's asterisk, not a softphone
[14:20] <netrunner> I have to connect to some server, no? :)
[14:20] <netrunner> my asterisk has these ports open. and they are for rtp. and I dislike this.
[14:21] <fake> i don't quite understand why this should be needed for plain SIP
[14:21] <fake> sip listens on port 5060 for incoming connections
[14:21] <fake> and then manages the rest
[14:21] <fake> some rtp ports should be availible, but that's configurable
[14:22] <fake> you should try SER or siproxyd if you want a more SIP-centric solution...
[14:22] <fake> at least siproxyd (or something like that) has those options, it's meant for dial-up-line users
[14:22] <netrunner> fake: sip builds up the connection, yes. but then rtp is used for voice transmitting
[14:23] <fake> netrunner: if you have the time, sniff some messages of SIP Invite and look at the content
[14:23] <netrunner> oh well, I won't do this now. but maybe I can at least call out from 21c3 :)
[14:23] <fake> netrunner: there the ports used are specified, or can be at least
[14:24] <fake> yeah, let's do some playing around with sip there
[14:24] <fake> sip <-> dect gateway ;)
[14:25] <fake> uuuh
[14:25] <fake> i just found a bug in fi;e
[14:25] <fake> file
[14:26] <fake> echo "1280x854" > tmp && file tmp
[14:33] <th> tmp: ASCII text
[14:33] <esden> Piotr-Esden-Tempskis-Computer:~ esdentem$ echo "1280x854" > tmp && file tmp
[14:33] <esden> tmp: ASCII text
[14:33] <esden> Piotr-Esden-Tempskis-Computer:~ esdentem$
[14:34] <fake> hm...
[14:35] <fake> root@jana:~# echo "1280x854" > tmp && file tmp
[14:35] <fake> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
[14:35] <fake> root@jana:~# file core
[14:35] <fake> core: ELF 32-bit LSB core file Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), SVR4-style, SVR4-style, from 'file'
[14:35] <fake> file-4.11
[14:35] <fake> your file versions, please
[14:36] <th> file-4.07
[14:37] <esden> file-4.02 <- that is ooold o_O
[14:38] <th> 2.0.4 will have 4.12
[14:40] <th> no problem with 4.03 either
[14:43] <fake> hmm...
[14:44] <fake> yes, it's fixed in 4.12 it seems
[14:45] <SMP> eh, folks
[14:45] <th> hi SMP 
[14:46] <SMP> I use in- and outbound calling via SIP from behind a packetflter that has absolutely _no_ open ports
[14:46] <fake> inbound without open ports? magic? ;-)
[14:46] <SMP> the magic things to configure are: symmetric RTP (if using UDP) and symmetric media
[14:47] <fake> i knew it - magic. how does it work?
[14:48] <th> no frog legs please.
[14:49] <SMP> this way the SIP communication between the client and proxy will use source (and destination of course) port 5060 on both sides
[14:49] <SMP> the packetfilter has to do "stateful" UDP filtering of course
[14:52] <fake> aaah...
[14:52] <SMP> for RTP a single pair of ports is chosen as well. to e.g. party A sends its RTP from port 2000 to port 3000 at party B, and party B sends from port 3000 to port 2000 at party A
[14:53] <SMP> this works even if both parties are behind a stateful filter
[14:54] <SMP> because both open up the port for the other party from behind the filter
[14:54] <fake> i c
[14:54] <fake> btw, have you settled for any softphone yet?
[14:54] <SMP> they all suck ...
[14:55] <th> as all mail clients do
[14:55] <SMP> kphone at least does symm. signalling and symm. media
[14:56] <fake> but it crashes (at leas for me) if you call kphone <-> kphone
[14:56] <fake> and on many other occasions
[14:57] <SMP> though 4.1.0 doesn't answer keepalive packets for SIP anymore
[14:57] <SMP> didn't find anything in the diff, yet, though ..
[14:57] <fake> pestilence or cholera ;)
[14:58] <SMP> kphone crashes on some occasions, but it worked for the calling so far ..
[14:58] <SMP> I'm kind of pondering writing my own softphone at the moment ...
[14:59] <fake> binary-only free softphone is not an option for you, i guess?
[14:59] <esden> ROFL ... the svd monitor first shows [battery full] when connected to the power supply ... and some seconds later it switches off thinking that the battery is empty ... 
[14:59] <esden> stupit programming mistake 
[14:59] <SMP> using gst-sharp, the gstreamer bindings for the CLR platform
[14:59] <esden> *stupid
[15:00] <fake> SMP: i almost wanted to offer my help... ;-)
[15:00] <SMP> fake: I tried one closed-source, but even that didn't really work
[15:01] <SMP> Gnomemeeting will have SIP support for the next major release past 1.2
[15:02] <SMP> I'm eager to see how good that will be!
[15:02] <fake> SMP: i use sjphone pretty often
[15:02] <SMP> does it do symmetric signalling and symmetric media?
[15:02] <fake> i thought about using h323 lan-internally, and asterisk iax externally
[15:03] <fake> SMP: i haven't noticed these options, but they may be there, it's very configurable compared to other closed-source phones
[15:03] <SMP> I think I tried it once
[15:04] <SMP> most of that software is absolutely ridiculous
[15:04] <SMP> there is no excuse for not providing a good GUI to chose the audio input and output devices, e.g.
[15:05] <SMP> and I *don't* mean "type in /dev/foobar here"!
[15:07] <fake> hm... if they don't support alsa, there's not much they can show you 8)
[15:11] <SMP> /dev/dsp must die
[15:12] <fake> hw:default
[15:12] <fake> hw:0,0
[15:12] <fake> i mean
[15:13] Action: daja77 acks SMP 
[15:13] <daja77> and artsd must also die
[15:13] <SMP> yes!
[15:13] <fake> artsd is always replaced by /bin/true here ;)
[15:15] <SMP> though it's kind of "it just works" if one only has one sound device and only uses software that supports artsd (i.e. KDE)
[15:16] <daja77> apart from krec ...
[15:16] <SMP> uhh, krec is evil
[15:17] <daja77> *nod*
[15:18] <fake> *nodnod*
[15:21] <SMP> so, should one use a sound server (which one?) just for the local host? or use ALSA directly with dmix?
[15:22] <fake> JACK is overkill, i guess
[15:23] Action: fake uses ALSA + dmix
[15:24] <SMP> does dmix also enable multiple concurrent use of /dev/dsp
[15:24] <SMP> ?
[15:24] <th> SMP: i once told you about
[15:24] <SMP> I know, but I don't remember ;)
[15:24] <fake> i don't know, my apps use alsa
[15:25] <fake> despite kphone, until now, and it's the *only* one 
[15:25] <netrunner> how do I tell xfig not to make the figure 18km wide?
[15:25] <th> SMP: i managed to let two apps use the same oss-emu-device simultanisously
[15:30] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
[15:30] <madtux> hi.
[15:30] <owl> hi madtux 
[15:30] <madtux> hi owl.
[15:31] <owl> how are you?
[15:31] <madtux> good, and you?
[15:32] <owl> alive and annoyed. thx
[15:32] <madtux> ssdd huh? :)
[15:32] mnemoc (~amery@ left irc: Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)
[15:33] <owl> madtux: hm?
[15:34] mnemoc (~amery@ joined #rocklinux.
[16:13] treo (~xfman@D9959.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[16:13] <treo> sali
[16:50] steffen_ (~steffen@fortuna7.bingo-ev.de) joined #rocklinux.
[17:04] <esden> hi madtux !
[17:04] <esden> *kuddle*
[17:04] <esden> ;)
[17:04] <madtux> hallo esden
[17:05] <daja77> esden betrays me ...
[17:06] <esden> daja77: NO! *EG*
[17:06] <daja77> *gg*
[17:06] <esden> muahaha ... I am evil! muahaha
[17:06] <esden> ;)
[17:06] <daja77> i know
[17:06] <esden> humm ... someone sabotaged my coffee ... I feel so strange ... 
[17:06] <esden> *blurp*
[17:07] Action: daja77 hides
[17:07] <esden> hrm
[17:14] Nick change: BoS -> BoS^afk
[17:21] <netrunner> hm, seems clifford started a commit round :)
[17:21] <madtux> :)
[17:26] steffen_ (~steffen@fortuna7.bingo-ev.de) left irc: "Verlassend"
[17:36] <kasc> moin
[18:34] <madtux> hello kasc 
[18:35] <esden> weee ... some more pictures of my other project ;)
[18:35] <esden> http://www.esden.net/bilder/thc_rot/
[18:35] <madtux> show me show me
[18:38] <esden> aaand? ;)
[18:38] <madtux> nice.
[18:39] <madtux> having fun ? :)
[18:39] <esden> lol ... you do not dare asking what it is ... or you can imagine?
[18:39] <madtux> i'm not done looking at the pics
[18:39] <esden> hehe ... ok ;)
[18:42] <madtux> ok..
[18:42] <madtux> WTF are u doing?
[18:44] <esden> hehe ... ;)
[18:44] <esden> you really can not imagine what it will be?
[18:44] Action: fake stealing the idea and producing 1000 pcs.
[18:45] <esden> rofl
[18:45] <esden> fake: and you think you will earn money with that?
[18:46] <fake> well... if i only could think of some *useful* task it could fulfill... ;))
[18:47] <esden> hehe ;)
[18:47] <esden> think fake think!
[18:47] <fake> it can blink... and... spin.. hmm....
[18:47] <esden> yes ...
[18:52] <fake> i have no idea.
[18:53] <esden> goood ... .oO(PUHHH)
[18:54] <blindcoder> a brainfuck output module?
[18:55] <blindcoder> that hypnotises you?
[18:55] <fake> reprogramms your brain to fuck ?
[18:55] Action: fake *giggles*
[18:55] <esden> that fucks your barin... 
[18:56] <esden> urm ... ups
[18:56] <esden> ;)
[18:56] <esden> fake ... you were too fast ;)
[18:57] <blindcoder> well, I think esden will show me on friday :D
[18:57] <esden> *GG*
[18:57] <esden> I hope it will be ready till then ;)
[18:57] <esden> but I think so
[18:58] <esden> the programming will be missing though
[18:58] <blindcoder> esden: did you register it with your "Fluggesellschaft"?
[18:58] <esden> that is what has to be done on ccc
[18:58] <esden> o_O?
[18:58] <blindcoder> *sigh* I take that as a no
[18:58] <esden> what do you mean?
[18:58] <blindcoder> can I call you? that's easier :)
[18:59] <esden> ack
[18:59] <esden> my skype is on
[18:59] <esden> ;)
[19:01] Action: fake thinks of the nirvana song 'rape me' refactored as an advertisment jingle for skype...
[19:05] <daja77> hehe
[19:05] <daja77> we should package skype
[19:05] <fake> daja77: read the license?
[19:06] <daja77> yes and the linux faq ...
[19:06] <daja77> i could mail them
[19:17] <daja77> *flood*
[19:17] <daja77> Can I redistribute Skype for Linux?
[19:17] <daja77>     Yes, you can. For the fine print, read the EULA. In short, please link back to Skype servers for the actual file download (automatic downloading is OK), notify distribution@skype.net about your intentions, and make the Skype EULA terms clear to your users.
[19:20] <fake> they want to track downloads / user
[19:21] <daja77> hm that contardicts to redistribution ...
[19:22] <fake> link back to skype for the 'actual' file download
[19:22] <daja77> [ ] they know how redistribution works
[19:30] <blindcoder> anyone with access to iso.rocklinux.de here? (putting up an iso?)
[19:31] <th> ack
[19:31] <blindcoder> great :-)
[19:31] <esden> that is what you call a phone call ;)
[19:31] <esden> @ blindcoder ;)
[19:32] <blindcoder> esden: skype has no benefit for me. no microphone :P
[19:32] <esden> blindcoder: then buy a headset!
[19:32] <esden> they are really not so expensive
[19:32] <esden> at least when you take a wired one
[19:33] <blindcoder> maybe during C3. still have a 20 EUR Saturn (gutschein)
[19:33] <esden> and bluetooth costs ca 40Eur and I think that is payable
[19:34] <blindcoder> yeah
[19:38] <th> i prefer these with integrated dsp that connect to USB
[19:38] Action: daja77 hopes that the rock linux themed live cd finishes today
[19:39] <blindcoder> th: any recommendations?
[19:39] <th> blindcoder: yes
[19:39] <th> blindcoder: second
[19:39] <blindcoder> you have two :)
[19:39] <th> plantronics DSP stuff
[19:39] <th> DSP-100 to be exact
[19:40] <blindcoder> cost?
[19:41] <th> just another second
[19:43] <th> http://www3.alternate.de/html/shop/productDetails.html?artno=KH%23P10&
[19:43] <daja77> fake: ?
[19:44] <th> 59EUR including VAT is not very cheap. i think i got it for a bit less
[19:44] <blindcoder> hrm
[19:44] <th> but it works
[19:44] <th> it's devmeeting approved.
[19:44] <blindcoder> normal_price = alternate_price / 130 * 100
[19:47] <th> i could bring some to the congress for 55EUR
[19:48] <th> if it's a bit more than one.
[19:49] <blindcoder> send a mail to the list
[19:49] <blindcoder> I want one for sure :)
[19:49] <th> blindcoder: find two others and we could do that
[19:50] <blindcoder> ask the list :)
[19:50] <th> i would feel like a salesman
[19:50] <th> blindcoder: but you have my approval for telling the list about it.
[19:51] <esden> wuarrrrgh ... that are many glibc patches!
[19:51] <blindcoder> thanks :)
[19:51] <th> hehe ;)
[19:55] <esden> we are collecting patches ... so we get the record of the most patched distribution build kit? o_O
[19:55] Action: esden got overrolled with the amount of patches ;)
[20:01] <daja77> is someone sending this upstream?
[20:06] <daja77> why is build-target running config endlessly, i just changed one .conf file ... 
[20:32] <netrunner> daja77: well, put a break; in your while(1) { }
[20:34] <SMP> <daja77> we should package skype
[20:34] <SMP> no, we shouldn't
[20:34] Action: netrunner agrees to SMP
[20:34] <daja77> SMP: yep i've seen that 
[20:34] <owl> http://www.franklin.com/estore/category.aspx?group_id=1&nettrackerid=mmc1&cat_id=1&page_type=handhelds <- without any comments O_o
[20:34] Action: netrunner holds up a sign "fight the proprietary protocols"
[20:36] <blindcoder> owl: nice
[20:37] <owl> blindcoder: *lol* completly
[20:37] <blindcoder> owl: no really
[20:37] <owl> well. might i should buy some of those devices, and sell them to "bibeltreue christen" with 20 % provision
[20:38] <blindcoder> PBC, heh
[20:38] <blindcoder> also known as legal terrorists :)
[20:38] <owl> ack ;) 
[20:50] <SMP> Cksum ERROR: download/mirror/w/wesnoth-0.8.4.tar.gz.cksum-err (2248107671)
[20:51] <SMP> grrr
[20:56] <blindcoder> guess it's time to send the update to latest version :)
[20:59] <daja77> == 12/13/04 21:00:28 =[5]=> Finished building package rock-theme.
[21:03] <blindcoder> SMP: downloading from original site?
[21:07] <SMP> yes
[21:07] Action: SMP never uses mirrors
[21:08] <blindcoder> hmm, they had problems with their server recently + the release monkey changed.
[21:08] <blindcoder> guess I'll just send an update to 0.8.8
[21:10] <daja77> *sigh* of course kdelibs and kdebase needs security patches ...
[21:17] <fake> daja77: i'm at it
[21:17] <daja77> me too ;)
[21:42] praenti_ (~praenti@mail.obster.org) joined #rocklinux.
[21:42] praenti (~praenti@mail.obster.org) left irc: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
[21:44] madtux (~mike@ left irc: "leaving"
[21:57] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
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[21:59] praenti (~praenti@mail.obster.org) joined #rocklinux.
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[23:33] <esden> puhh ... that was a chat marathon .... >_<
[23:33] <owl> gn8
[23:34] <esden> n8 owl 
[23:35] <daja77> chat marathon?
[23:39] <esden> yes ... I started icq ... for the first time in months
[23:39] <esden> and I have been swamped with messages ;)
[23:39] <esden> I think I should do it on purpose ;)
[23:40] <esden> at least then people pay attention that someone is there ;)
[23:42] <daja77> hehe be lucky i did not call you via skype
[23:57] <daja77> n8
[23:59] <esden> lol ... daja77 ... thank you veeeery much ;)
[23:59] <esden> n8
[23:59] esden (~esden@p508040B5.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: 
[00:00] --- Tue Dec 14 2004