[02:50] <fake> netrunner: PING
[03:35] ojh (~omer@67-42-49-110.eugn.qwest.net) joined #rocklinux.
[03:36] <ojh> Anyone on?
[03:37] <mnemoc> i think so
[03:39] <ojh> I have some interesting progress to report with 0install. I have the entire GTK 2.4 stack of libraries (glib, atk, pango) running off of 0install. Too bad that the site only exists as a line in my hosts file.
[03:41] <ojh> At least gtk-demo is runable through it.
[03:41] <mnemoc> :D
[03:42] <ojh> When I can I'll get a domain and hosting account to make it available to the world.
[03:42] <mnemoc> oh
[03:42] <mnemoc> do you have a name in mind?
[03:43] <ojh> The url I built against is 'systemqx.net' (stands for nothing in particular, just sounds cool)
[03:44] <mnemoc> what language do you speak?
[03:44] <mnemoc> i can't pronouce that name :)
[03:44] <ojh> BASIC, ASM, C++ Jav . . . . . . Oh, I mean English
[03:44] <mnemoc> =)
[03:45] <ojh> 'System Q X'
[03:46] <ojh> Yes I know, it reaks of marketspeak . . . .
[03:49] <mnemoc> :)
[03:49] <ojh> Hey, what's the command I need to use to create a submitable patch set of my custom ROCK repository? It has 0instal, some games and other cool packages.
[03:50] <mnemoc> you need to use submaster
[03:51] <mnemoc> http://www.rocklinux.org/submaster.html
[03:52] <ojh> THX
[03:59] <fake> hi ojh 
[04:00] <ojh> Hi.
[04:01] <fake> ojh: you can also do a simple diff -rduN with -p0 and add it to submaster using the web-frontend
[04:01] blindcod1r (~blindcode@dsl-082-082-102-235.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
[04:01] blindcoder (~blindcode@dsl-082-082-094-022.arcor-ip.net) left irc: Nick collision from services.
[04:01] <fake> (to be exact, diff -uN for single files, diff -rduN for directory diffs)
[04:01] Nick change: blindcod1r -> blindcoder
[04:05] <mnemoc> with a header of the following form:
[04:05] <mnemoc> real name <email>:
[04:05] <mnemoc> \t* blah
[04:05] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[04:05] <mnemoc> \n
[04:05] <mnemoc> :)
[04:05] <ojh> OK
[04:09] <ojh> What does this mean 'diff: missing operand after `package/ojh/'' when running 'diff -rduN package/ojh/'
[04:13] <mnemoc> you need two trees
[04:13] <mnemoc> one pristine and one modified
[04:14] <ojh> IC
[04:14] <mnemoc> submaster does this for you
[04:14] <mnemoc> i have to go
[04:14] <fake> mnemoc: bye!
[04:14] <ojh> THX!
[04:14] <mnemoc> see you tomorrow.... good luck
[04:14] <mnemoc> bye fake 
[04:14] <ojh> Bye
[04:15] <mnemoc> bye ojh 
[04:16] <ojh> Night mnemoc
[04:22] <ojh> UGH!!!!!! GTK 2.6 was just released! I have to start over again!!!!
[04:23] <fake> hehe
[04:23] <fake> ojh: take a rest.
[04:23] <ojh> :)
[04:23] <fake> ojh: i will upate pango/glib/gtk in the next 1 - 2 days
[04:24] <fake> and do a full reference build with it
[04:24] <fake> let's see if it is really 'source compatible' as they claim
[04:24] <ojh> Cool! :)
[04:25] <ojh> Being able to test libraries in a sort of 'sand box' is one of the usefull features of the 0install work that I'm doing.
[04:26] <fake> ojh: that's cool for binary compatiblity tests
[04:27] <ojh> And having, if needed, all versions ov everything all available all at once.
[04:29] <ojh> fake: Binary compatability testing can be easely done using LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to non default locations.
[04:30] <ojh> fake: I have already discovered that GTK is not so binary compatable between 2.2 and 2.4, at least not the way FireFox uses it . . .
[04:51] <hannes_> rehi
[04:51] <fake> re hannes_ 
[04:51] <fake> that must have been a big doener
[04:51] <hannes_> hee...
[04:51] <hannes_> nono
[04:51] <hannes_> just a normal one
[04:52] <hannes_> i'm back long time, watched a movie 'sky captain'
[04:52] <hannes_> and so on...
[04:52] <hannes_> 0 errors on my new build...fine..
[04:54] <fake> which target?
[04:55] <hannes_> crystal again
[04:55] <hannes_> pmmx and p3 for 21c3
[04:56] <hannes_> currently creating the cd-labels
[05:01] <fake> hannes_: what should i change your rn-vpn mailinglist-address to?
[05:02] <hannes_> what's the problem with it?
[05:03] <hannes_> fake: the best would be the mailaddr at university
[05:05] <hannes_> fake: do you have it?
[05:08] <fake> hannes_: not in mind
[05:08] <hannes_> fake: -> query
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[11:55] <fake> away zzz
[12:00] <owl> gn8 fake 
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[12:07] <treo> hi
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[12:56] esden (~esden@poz02178025.visp.energis.pl) joined #rocklinux.
[12:56] <esden> hi ho everyone
[12:57] <esden> weee ... I love apple ... that is the first time I had really _NO_ problem configuring and setting up modem here!!
[12:57] <esden> I really have to say that mac os x rulez ... I think I have to bring some of that usability and ease to linux ... ;)
[12:57] Action: esden hides and runs
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[12:58] <esden> humm ... so quiet here ...
[13:00] <esden> ok ... nooone wanting to bash me ... then I leave ... ;)
[13:00] <esden> cu guys
[13:00] esden (~esden@poz02178025.visp.energis.pl) left irc: Client Quit
[13:42] Action: netrunner throwing a bash behind esden
[13:52] Action: netrunner hugs fake for 2004121811250710839
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[14:05] <mnemoc> moin
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[19:53] <treo> bye
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[20:49] <owl> hi
[20:49] <mnemoc> moin owl 
[20:50] <owl> hi mnemoc. how are you?
[20:51] <mnemoc> quite well and you?
[20:51] <owl> someone has experience with biteing, insane budgies which are biteing her "friend" (another budgie)? - what to do with this biteing budgie? sending him to exil for some days?
[20:51] <owl> mnemoc: angry of my budgie
[20:51] <owl> thx
[20:54] <mnemoc> budgie? is that a little rat?
[20:54] <owl> nah. something flying - a bird ;)
[20:55] <mnemoc> =)
[20:55] <owl> .oO( rat - ok. maybe he's a crossed rat,dog,cat,bird... i'm not sure)
[20:55] <mnemoc> females tend to attach males on 'those days' :)
[20:56] <owl> *lol* 
[20:56] <mnemoc> keep them away works for rats, dogs and birds at least :)
[20:57] <owl> sure? ;) and reinserting them in the cage of thue other bird will work then, too? and: will he normally be not as agressive as he is now?
[20:58] <mnemoc> 'those days' are problematic on all animals :)
[20:58] <owl> hmmmm. i dunno. this bird has "his days" daily. *g*
[20:58] <owl> ok. almost daily
[20:59] <mnemoc> if he wnats to be alone, let him alone :)
[21:02] <owl> hmm. mostly he doesn't want to be alone. and the  cage is really large (and often the door is opened, so he could fly in the room) but he is as agressive like an insane idiot and flys always to "sephiroth", makes him fall down of the "stange" with a "rums" - cuz sephiroth can't fly. 
[21:05] <mnemoc> jail that insane idiot :)
[21:05] ringo (ringo78@xs2.xs4all.nl) joined #rocklinux.
[21:06] <owl> mnemoc: already done. he's now sitting in my bedroom and telling me stories... in german i would say "arschkriecherter kleiner schleimscheisser"... *grrrrrr*
[21:06] <mnemoc> heheh
[21:07] <owl> why are you laughing? ;)
[21:07] <mnemoc> sorry :p
[21:07] <owl> *g* np :p
[21:08] <owl> btw, thenull.de.vu/weblog/albums/tiere/wellensittiche... they green-yellow one is "sephiroth", the grey one is "gandalf"
[21:10] <mnemoc> wrong url?
[21:11] <owl> aeh. no. sorry,you must type thenull.de.vu/weblog/ and then click on albums/wellensittiche
[21:11] <hannes_> fake: *ping*
[21:12] <mnemoc> hi hannes_ 
[21:12] <hannes_> hi mnemoc , hi @ll
[21:12] <owl> huhu hannes_ 
[21:12] <hannes_> hi owl =)
[21:27] <SteffenP> hi hannes_ 
[21:27] <hannes_> hi SteffenP 
[21:27] <owl> mnemoc: found the pictures?
[21:29] <mnemoc> yes :) those are 'loros' here :)
[21:30] mistik1 (rasta@ool-44c02704.dyn.optonline.net) left irc: No route to host
[21:30] <owl> ah. k :)
[21:31] <owl> loro parque... tenerife. makes sense *thinking*
[21:31] <mnemoc> :D
[21:31] <mnemoc> the loros i know are all violent :\
[21:33] <owl> violent? O_o why this?
[21:34] <mnemoc> i don't know :(
[21:35] <owl> hmmm. where are they?
[21:35] tcr (~tcr@p5487995C.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[21:35] <netrunner> phew, cookies ready.
[21:36] <owl> netrunner: hm. you don't want to send them via "deutsche post" to me? ;)
[21:36] <mnemoc> idividual cages, or _big_ 5 on a 8m^3 cage, the fight, but fight little
[21:36] <netrunner> owl: not really ;)
[21:36] <owl> mnemoc: hmmmm. have they social contact? 
[21:36] <owl> netrunner: *sniff* you're so evil
[21:37] <netrunner> owl: come and get some ;)
[21:37] <owl> netrunner: hehe. no :p
[21:38] <mnemoc> owl: with a division between :)
[21:38] <owl> mnemoc: hm. not well :(
[21:58] <mnemoc> blindcoder: can you add a link to the page on the notifications?
[22:33] <owl> .oO( i have a gothic-bird... it sings to the song... O_O )
[22:34] <mnemoc> =)
[22:34] <owl> not funny ;) imagnine "tristania" with bird-singing-background *g*
[22:43] <mnemoc> *G*
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[00:00] --- Sun Dec 19 2004