[00:00] <mnemoc> german and spanish are understood too
[00:00] <tcr> And variations of that... 
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[00:02] <_Lewellyn> tcr: there's a good dozen source tarballs i'd end up needing to compile. and i don't feel like patching the gcc and binutils sources today...
[00:02] <_Lewellyn> all for 3 resulting rpms
[00:03] Action: _Lewellyn really is unsure how it all glues together...
[00:03] <_nexus_> ERROR[ogle_nav]: faild to open/read the DVD
[00:03] <_nexus_> callbacks.on_opendvd_activate(): DVDSetDVDRoot: Root not set
[00:03] <_nexus_> what?
[00:03] <_nexus_> we help me?
[00:04] <tcr> _nexus_, Where do you get that?
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[00:24] <_Lewellyn> can alien turn an rpm into something more friendly to rock?
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[00:25] <mnemoc> _Lewellyn: a mail to the author requesting a release on a decent format is friendlier
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[00:26] <_Lewellyn> another problem is that it's multiple authors. :/
[00:26] <treo> re
[00:27] <_Lewellyn> this is more than i feel like dealing with today:
[00:27] <_Lewellyn> http://prc-tools.sourceforge.net/install/BUILDING.html
[00:27] <_Lewellyn> hoi treo
[00:27] <tcr> _Lewellyn, Yeah, it can turn it into a tarball which you can easily extract and see what you've got.
[00:28] <_Lewellyn> i'm pretty sure what's there :)
[00:29] <_Lewellyn> so, extracting a tarball from / should do the trick (once i do a sanity check, of course)
[00:29] <mnemoc> _Lewellyn: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/prc-tools/prc-tools-2.3.tar.gz?download
[00:29] <_Lewellyn> hrm. i don't seem to have alien :(
[00:29] <_Lewellyn> mnemoc: that's the source though
[00:29] <_Lewellyn> did you read the build instructions? :)
[00:30] <mnemoc> nope :p
[00:30] <_Lewellyn> mnemoc: read the url i gave and you'll see why i don't want to start a project like that when i'm supposed to be working ;)
[00:30] <tcr> _Lewellyn, Well, I'd first see what I've *really* got, ie. poking around and see if I can make it run abside my root directory first before I clutter / with those files.
[00:30] <_Lewellyn> well, it's supposed to install to /opt
[00:31] <_Lewellyn> which is fine by me
[00:31] <mnemoc> _Lewellyn: it needs it's own toolchain, tipical ;)
[00:31] <mnemoc> brb
[00:31] <_Lewellyn> have fun doing whatever
[00:31] <tcr> Well, then why don't you just use the rpm file?
[00:32] <_Lewellyn> because of all the errors when i tried to install them
[00:32] <tcr> Yeah and I said the following after you wrote that: <tcr> Yeah of course, you don't have a rpm database, so you have to force the installation.
[00:33] <tcr> Maybe that got lost in noise.
[00:33] <_Lewellyn> it's been so long since i've used rpm, that i don't know how to do that.
[00:33] <_Lewellyn> all i remember about rpm is -Uvh
[00:33] <_Lewellyn> and the man page sucks :(
[00:33] <tcr> Uh, I'm sure you capable to search for `force' in the manpage, ain't ya?
[00:34] <tcr> +are
[00:34] <tcr> probably it's even named `--force'.
[00:34] <tcr> or `--ignore-dependancies'
[00:35] <_Lewellyn> well, it jsut tells me that it's the same as using --replacepkgs, --replacfiles, and --oldpackage
[00:35] <_Lewellyn> which i've been trying to determine if i want before i go and use --force
[00:35] <_Lewellyn> or is --nodeps all i need really?
[00:35] <tcr> Wait up
[00:36] <tcr> Yeah, that's the right one.
[00:36] <_Lewellyn> see, it even confused you ;)
[00:37] <_Lewellyn> gah. now to figure out how to make a pkgdb
[00:37] <_Lewellyn> there we go.
[00:37] <tcr> No, not really. But before I advocate crap, I better looked up
[00:37] <_Lewellyn> third time's the charm :(
[00:37] <_Lewellyn> mjl@tuffet$ rpm --initdb
[00:37] <_Lewellyn> error: cannot get exclusive lock on /var/lib/rpm/Packages
[00:37] <_Lewellyn> error: cannot open Packages index using db3 - Operation not permitted (1)
[00:37] <_Lewellyn> got that a few times. kinda an ominous tone is set by that.
[00:38] <tcr> Fuck it, and google for a way to make an rpm a tarball. There're lot of tools for that (short perl scripts IIRC)
[00:39] Action: tcr reminisce how he fucked with one of those #!@$ rpms in past.
[00:40] <tcr> +s
[00:40] <_Lewellyn> it finally went
[00:40] <_Lewellyn> now to find the last missing rpm...
[00:40] <_Lewellyn> it's hidden someplace on palmsource's site...
[00:40] <_Lewellyn> later. after i actually do some work.
[00:41] <tcr> What's you supposed to do?
[00:45] <_Lewellyn> i just want to recompile my ssh app
[00:46] <tcr> That's your job?
[00:49] <_Lewellyn> oh. my job.
[00:49] <_Lewellyn> that's different. :)
[00:49] <_Lewellyn> www.kefta.com
[00:49] <_Lewellyn> i'm an implementation engineer
[00:49] <_Lewellyn> aka, one who actually makes things go
[00:50] <_Lewellyn> ideally, you never notice our technology :)
[00:52] <tcr> In Germany?
[00:53] <_Lewellyn> in the us
[00:54] <tcr> Brrp, I misparsed your last sentence
[00:55] <_Lewellyn> we're in san francisco. :)
[00:57] <tcr> Uh well, the website has a line / buzzword ratio of 0.2, just like most business websites. :)
[00:58] <tcr> But then I'm probably not the kind of publicum you target.
[01:04] <_Lewellyn> not at all. we aim at the marketing people.
[01:04] <_Lewellyn> my interview was a lot of me trying to figure out wtf they did.
[01:04] <_Lewellyn> :)
[01:04] <_Lewellyn> let me just say that it's really cool :)
[01:16] <daja77> re
[01:21] <treo> gn8
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[02:59] <fake> hi
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[12:14] <treo> moin
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[17:10] <madtux> hello
[17:11] <mnemoc> hi madtux 
[17:12] <madtux> lo.
[17:12] <mnemoc> :)
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[21:32] <daja77> re
[21:32] <madtux> wb daja77 
[21:33] <daja77> thx
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