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[01:33] <|treo|> gn8
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[03:55] <Mech422> hi all
[03:55] <Mech422> I have a real newbie question - I was trying to setup/build a rock linux instance, but I couldn't figure out how to get the menu to show a list of ALL available packages to pick what I wanted ?
[03:56] <fake> Mech: see misc/pkgsel/*.in
[03:56] <Mech422> I seemed like all I could do was 'customize' existing package lists (targets?)
[03:56] <Mech422> fake: ahh - this is done outside the menu system ?
[03:57] <fake> Mech422: it's also possible to do it inside, but it's done via regular expressions, that's a lot of work. just creating a 'package selection template' is easier and can be re-used more easily
[03:57] <Mech422> yeah - I just was farting around and wanted to see what I could do...
[03:58] <Mech422> I'd eventually want my own 'recipes' for building my common images - mail server, web server exactly (build targets ?)
[03:58] <fake> you can implement that as targets or just as distinct package selectin templated in one common target
[03:59] <Mech422> btw - is dietlibc support fully integrated now ?
[03:59] <fake> it's used to build some stuff in the bootdisk target
[03:59] <Mech422> hmm - I need to RTFM more to learn the diff between a real 'target' and the package templates
[03:59] <fake> namely iproute2, gawk, modutils, module-init-tools, the linuxrc, ...
[04:00] <Mech422> is dietlibc capable of building the entire system ?  I saw things that indicated it was, and things that indicated it wasnt...
[04:00] <fake> dietlibc will not build everything, no. how could it?
[04:00] <fake> the 'dietlibc' target is trying to build a lot of packages against dietlibc.
[04:01] <fake> but no X11 or such stuff
[04:01] <Mech422> umm - I don't know what limitations it has ... but ulibC builds most stuff - or can with some code tweaks...
[04:02] <Mech422> ahh - yeah, not interested in X11 stuff - let me rephrase, can the 'dietlibc' target produce a use able system including common utilities and maybe a few 'large' packages like Samba ?
[04:02] <fake> no idea about samba, but a useable system, yes.
[04:02] <Mech422> cool
[04:02] <fake> though the target is not actively maintained atm
[04:03] <fake> it might need a few fixes
[04:03] <Mech422> yeah :-(  I kinda got that impression from the project page 
[04:03] <fake> how that?
[04:03] <Mech422> I'd eventually like to create a busybox/dietlibc/Ulibc based 'target' for stuff
[04:04] <Mech422> oh - the dietlibc project page on rocklinux.org kinda sounded like it was a bit behind...
[04:04] <fake> yes - the Status is totally outdated, building packages in stages > 2 is no problem anymore, iirc
[04:05] <Mech422> yeah - I saw a blurb (on the main page? ) or someplace that seemed to inidicate dietlibc was a 'fully integrated' target now..
[04:05] <Mech422> so it was kinda confusing
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[04:35] <Mech422> hmm - is there any more documentation available for Rock then the stuff in the Docs dir, and the wiki linked from rocklinux.org ?
[04:35] <Mech422> that handbook seems to be what I need... but its no longer available :-(
[05:21] <fake> Mech422: the source - it's just a few shell scripts ;)
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[05:33] <Mech422> Hmm - the rock  iso fails to boot on my ICH5 motherboard...
[05:33] <Mech422> (latest stable)
[05:34] <Mech422> fails just after 'Host protected area'...
[05:34] <Mech422> anyone know the kernel option to turn off SATA support ?
[05:37] <esden> hi everyone
[05:37] <Mech422> hi :-)
[05:37] <esden> it is really cool that they have wlan on the airport here ;)
[05:37] <Mech422> that is pretty sweet :-)
[05:38] <esden> I could check the status of my rock crystal build ;) ... and realize that I started the build with the wrong configuration
[05:38] <esden> but now it is running with the right one
[05:38] <esden> by the time I am back from poland it ?should? be finished
[05:38] <Mech422> Is crystall the unstable tree ?
[05:38] <esden> yes ...
[05:39] <esden> in the stable tree you have pseudo crystal
[05:39] <esden> that is the generic build with package preselection that matches as good as possible the selection found in the real crystal target
[05:40] <esden> ok ... I have to go boarding ;)
[05:40] <esden> cu 
[05:40] <Mech422> bye!
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[13:09] <mnemoc> fake: openldap-2.2.19 was not flaged a "the most stable" as i expected and a 2.2.20 was released
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[13:29] <netrunner> moin
[13:30] <mnemoc> moin netrunner 
[13:31] Action: netrunner shaking th
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[13:49] <daja77> hi netrunner 
[13:49] <daja77> i met the guy who prevented you from scanning ^^ 
[14:05] <netrunner> :)
[14:05] <netrunner> what's wrong with scanning?
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[15:11] <blindcoder> moin
[15:33] <blindcoder> daja77: ping
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[15:35] <treo> sali
[15:35] <blindcoder> hi treo 
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[15:50] <madtux> hello.
[16:00] <blindcoder> moin madtux 
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[17:29] <mnemoc> blindcoder: thanks for the effort you are doing to document the event, it's great.
[17:29] Action: tfing nods
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[23:01] Action: netrunner whishes everybody (who has not yet had it) a happy new year :)
[23:02] Action: mnemoc still at the office :\ with 29C outside
[23:02] <mnemoc> happy new year to you netrunner 
[23:05] <tcr> netrunner, How is that supposed to make sense?
[23:06] <tcr> How could anyone have had the new year already? :)
[23:08] <mnemoc> the family of netrunner's girl?
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