[00:03] <mnemoc> happy new year!!
[00:03] <mnemoc> .oO( i hope none of you is plugged now )o
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[06:29] <mistik1>  Happy New Year !!!!
[08:22] <owl> hi. happy new year
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[10:45] <kasc> Happy new year
[11:36] <netrunner> yup, happy new.
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[16:03] Action: netrunner wonders who this giftnuss guy is
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[16:04] <treo> oweeee D:
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[17:33] <netrunner> did anybody manage to download tar? 
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[19:27] <fake> a haaappy neew yeeeaaar....
[19:27] Action: fake headache
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[20:36] <th> yea - happy new.
[20:49] <daja77> hi fake
[20:51] <daja77> netrunner: a guy from leipzig, met him at dresden
[22:02] <tfing> hmm, syslinux does not build with stack protector ?
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