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[00:58] <netrunner> hm. I just built openssh 3.8p1, but sshd -h still reports the old version? :(
[01:06] <netrunner> hm. stupid update mode. now I know why my updates never work.
[01:12] <daja77> why?
[02:17] <treo> gn8
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[09:31] <SerWou> Hello the Chan
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[13:47] <treo> oweee
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[14:39] <nookie> hmm
[14:40] <nookie> damn
[14:42] <nookie> does any body see those mICQ-Messages above?
[14:42] <nookie> or is it just me? o_O
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[16:35] <blindcoder> moin
[16:36] <blindcoder> fake: It doesn't seem to be a version problem. I only see wxPython in the wx{widgets,python} packages, but no wx{GTK,Motif}
[17:40] <netrunner> hi
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[20:07] <esden> hi ho everyone
[20:07] Action: esden finally back at home/office ;)
[20:14] <daja77> hi esden 
[20:14] <esden> hi daja
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[20:41] <esden_> humm
[20:42] <esden_> argl
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[20:55] <praenti> hi
[20:55] <praenti> argl. i had a typo in my mail. not if but even this is evil...
[20:55] <praenti> *grml*
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[22:17] <esden> praenti: you are too fast ... 
[22:17] <esden> praenti: you should have read what blindcoder wrote!!!
[22:17] <esden> for example ... I am sure that fetchmail will land in base ...
[22:18] <esden> you should wait with the whishlist you want to maintain till clifford moves alle importaint packages to base ... and to his repository
[22:18] <esden> after that you can choose packages that remain
[22:18] Action: netrunner trying to merge svn_sm.patch into subversion 1.1.2
[22:19] <esden> praenti: you have been on the bof ... iirc ... *sigh*
[22:19] <mnemoc> can't sm be improved to not need to hack subversion?
[22:19] <netrunner> parts of it seem to be in subversion ...
[22:20] <netrunner> for example the field duplicate is there, but they don't check it ...
[22:20] <esden> has someone tried to clean up the svn_sm.patch ... and send it to the subversion people?
[22:22] <owl> huhu.
[22:22] <owl> guys. please kill me. i bought a new notebook ;)
[22:24] <mnemoc> :D
[22:25] <owl> but it's quite sweet... .oO(well, also said it, when i bouthg my asus one... *sigh*)
[22:36] <esden> lol
[22:36] <esden> owl: what crap have you bought this time? *VBEG*
[22:36] <owl> esden: a samsung. p35 xvm 1600 III
[22:37] <owl> well. at least i 've an "schutzvertrag"and so for repairing....
[22:37] <esden> samsung? are they producing laptops? I thought they stopped at in the age when coulour television was the newest technology on the world ;)
[22:38] <owl> nah, they are producing nice laptops
[22:38] <owl> http://notebook.samsung.de/article.asp?artid=99ABE215-73EC-4E0C-82D8-99306D7D9EDB << this is mine now
[22:42] <esden> nice for you owl that you have a new laptop ... hopefully it will work better then the old one
[22:45] <owl> thx. i'm really hoping it, too. just need the old one back from being repaired. (or is it better, if my notebook won't be returned because of 'being lost' during transport between asus and $computershop...?) 
[22:49] <tcr> If you have right to compensation, of course.
[22:51] <tcr> Uh, for that money you could have got a Power Mac G5.. :)
[22:54] <owl> hm. dunno. i've got it for 1449 EUR @ saturn. 
[22:55] <tcr> Ah, yeah today you don't have to pay any VAT there, do you?
[22:56] <owl> at saturn i did. at mediamarkt i wouldn't have to pay for it... but there was just one notebook there - and this was the "ausstellungsobjekt"
[22:56] <tcr> Anyway, just recognized that the Power Mac isn't a notebook.. :)
[22:57] <owl> hmm. and macs are normally costing too much
[22:57] <tcr> owl: Uh? Sure, I watched advertisement about it in TV (and I'm fairly sure that it was Saturn)
[22:58] <tcr> I think they did it today, the third, as well as tomorrow, the fourth jan
[22:59] <owl> tcr: at saturn they sold (and are still selling - at least tomorrow) the stuff - ... - you needed to pay the "einkaufspreis"... fordvd/cds/... 
[22:59] <owl> and mediamarkt: today: no "mehrwehrtsteuer"
[23:00] <tcr> Ok, whatever. Just know that there wasn't a free parking place in front of our Media Markt.
[23:01] <tcr> I think this action day brings them lot of profit.
[23:01] <owl> hehe. ack. the 'durchschnitts-an-kasse-steh-zeit' was about 2 hours at MM in IN. 
[23:01] <tcr> brought
[23:02] <owl> ack. well, much of the stuff was more expensive than before this actions... *cough*
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[23:51] <owl> someone knows a good wlan-howto (for ad-hoc-mode-wlan)?
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[23:58] Action: daja77 happily running a crystal build
[00:00] --- Tue Jan  4 2005