[00:14] <mnemoc> anyone knows if python-xml is a real package of a part of something?
[03:05] <treo> gn8
[03:06] <mnemoc> gn8 treo 
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[03:53] <esden> hi ho everyone
[03:53] <esden> someone here?
[03:54] <_Lewellyn> no
[03:54] Action: _Lewellyn is about to head home
[03:56] <mnemoc> i see dead^Wgeek people
[03:58] <_Lewellyn> :)
[03:58] Action: _Lewellyn waves
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[03:59] <esden> humm ... ok ... 
[03:59] <esden> mnemoc: wanna see images of my vaporware?
[04:02] <mnemoc> esden: sure
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[04:04] <esden> www.esden.net/thc/gallery
[04:04] <esden> if you do not know what it is read www.esden.net/thc
[04:06] Action: mnemoc reading :p
[04:07] <esden> do it mnemoc 
[04:07] <esden> do it
[04:07] <mnemoc> :D
[04:07] <mnemoc> looks very cool
[04:08] <esden> thank you 
[04:09] <esden> what do you think of the idea?
[04:09] <esden> sadly I had no better camera
[04:09] <esden> only my cellphone :(
[04:09] <esden> I hope that till the end of week I will have better images
[04:10] <esden> and a nearly finished design
[04:10] <esden> we will see 
[04:11] <mnemoc> yes, better pictures and a link to them on main page would be great :p
[04:12] <mnemoc> the design seems very simple
[04:12] <esden> it is very simple
[04:12] <esden> it is the first time I make a design
[04:12] <esden> so ... 
[04:13] <esden> but I have a good menthor
[04:13] <mnemoc> :)
[04:13] <esden> I think the idea is also pretty nice ... a portable game console that is fully open source
[04:14] <esden> with an OLED display ... 
[04:14] <esden> that would be very nice I think
[04:14] <esden> I will update the webpage soon
[04:14] <esden> also with some mor information and links
[04:15] <mnemoc> good
[04:16] <mnemoc> more information an pictures means less vapor :)
[04:17] <esden> I know
[04:17] <esden> but I want to finish the first design before I put it online
[04:21] <mnemoc> sure
[05:02] <mnemoc> gn8 esden 
[05:02] <esden> gn8 mnemoc
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[08:52] <fake> goood morning!
[08:53] <dsoul> moin fake :)
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[09:24] <netrunner> moin *
[09:26] <netrunner> syslinux still fails :(
[09:26] <netrunner> I don't know if it is because we patch the kernel headers or because they are still broken
[09:27] <netrunner> ah, no. it's not syslinux, it's iproute2, sorry.
[09:27] <netrunner> and kiss
[09:27] <netrunner> (for bootdisk)
[09:29] <fake> netrunner: syslinux 3.01 is out
[09:30] <fake> http://pilot.org.ua/etcnet/
[09:39] <dsoul> moin netrunner :)
[09:53] Action: fake fixing up reference build
[09:53] <fake> prepare for apply woe today ;)
[10:02] <esden> good morning fake, netrunner, dsoul and others that may be awake too
[10:02] <esden> or still
[10:02] <esden> like me ;)
[10:05] <fake> esden: just out of pure interest, was there any comment from your employer?
[10:06] <esden> they are not here yet ... they will be back by tomorrow or so
[10:07] <esden> their first vacation since 5 years as I realized some days ago ;)
[10:12] <dsoul> moin esden :)
[10:17] <esden> brrrrrrr it is cold outside!
[10:20] <fake> ack
[10:28] <th> blindcoder: ping
[10:29] <th> blindcoder: is rl.org>Doc>Howto>submitting dynamically from the wiki?
[10:31] <fake> hi th
[10:31] <th> jo hi
[10:32] <th> fake: does trunk's ./scripts/Help contain documentation about Emerge-Pkg?
[10:32] <fake> th: nope
[10:33] <th> fake: do you think it would help if i file a bug at flyspray?
[10:34] <fake> th: i think a patch would be of much more help ;)
[10:35] <th> sure - without the slightest doubt.
[10:35] <th> but you known - that did not answer my question ;>
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[10:37] <fake> it does. of much 'more' help -> more help than just a bug in flyspray ;)
[10:37] <fake> but more of nothing would still be nothing...
[10:37] <fake> ;p
[10:37] <th> more than nothing is not nothing
[10:38] <th> "more" is additiv.
[10:39] <fake> if you get french fries without ketchup, you don't say 'i want more ketchup', you'd say 'i want ketchup'
[10:39] <th> no.
[10:39] <th> i'd say "thanks"
[10:39] <fake> grrr... ;(
[10:39] <fake> ;))
[10:39] <th> i like them plain.
[10:40] <fake> damn, wrong example
[10:40] <th> exactly
[10:41] <fake> th: is kde at 3.3.2 in stable?
[10:41] <th> [V] 3.2.3
[10:44] <fake> the security patch i sent this morning is also for 3.2.3
[10:45] <th> CAN-2004-1165 hmmm
[10:46] <th> does it apply to kdelibs-3.2.3?
[10:47] <fake> th: i have no way of testing that
[10:48] <th> ok
[10:48] <th> i'll take care of it.
[10:48] <th> i'd love to have a flag in submaster which marks patches relevant to stable
[10:48] <th> and if set mailed to me directly ;>
[10:49] <fake> th: and automatically test-built and applied? ;-)
[10:50] <th> ...and automatically release a bugfix release
[10:58] <th> fake: what openldap version would you like to have in stable?
[10:58] <th> current: [V] 2.1.27
[11:00] <fake> 2.2.17
[11:01] <fake> it's denoted stable on the openvpn page
[11:01] Action: th hands a "s,vpn,ldap," to fake.
[11:07] <fake> huh?
[11:07] <fake> oh, 2.0.0-rc6
[11:07] <fake> but that would be newer than trunk ;)
[11:10] <fake> though i didn't see a 'vpn' anywhere...
[11:10] <th> 11:00:38 < fake> it's denoted stable on the openvpn page
[11:11] <th> 11:00:38 < fake> it's denoted stable on the open>>>vpn<<< page
[11:13] <fake> argh
[11:13] <fake> nevermind
[11:13] <fake> i was just checking openvpn
[11:15] <th> but 2.2.17 is your answer to my openldap question?
[11:15] <fake> yes.
[11:17] <th> ok
[11:17] <th> scheduled for next refbuild
[11:19] <th> hmm is it possible to have a binary mirror via sf.net?
[11:22] <fake> th: no idea...
[11:22] <th> would be great
[11:23] <fake> i'm not so sure sf.net thinks about that the same way...
[11:24] <th> i guess the traffic would be tiny compared to what they have
[11:25] <fake> but mirroring _binary_ packages via _source_forge... ? ;-)
[11:27] <th> yea
[11:27] <th> ;>
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[11:57] <daja77> hi fake & th
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[13:11] <praenti> hi
[13:11] <praenti> fake: are you still here=
[13:11] <praenti> ?
[13:11] <praenti> fake: have you already sucessful build xorg on your G3?
[13:12] <fake> sure
[13:12] <fake> xorg currently fails
[13:12] <fake> wnat to debug it?
[13:12] <fake> it;s a freetype problem
[13:12] <praenti> interesting. the problem on my iBook is an illegal instruction which perhaps comes from freetype.
[13:13] <fake> exactly.
[13:13] <praenti> argl. so I must write some lines to both projects.
[13:13] <fake> praenti: you could try downgrading freetype
[13:14] <praenti> fake: thats an idea ;-)
[13:14] <praenti> but doesn't resolve the original problem...
[13:15] <fake> praenti: clifford and i investigated the problem a bit, but to no avail yet.
[13:15] <praenti> ok
[13:27] <th> hi praenti 
[13:28] <th> praenti: found your openmotif update patch in sm.
[13:28] <th> praenti: any additional information on that?
[13:29] <th> praenti: did it build? should i do a stable testbuild?
[13:35] <netrunner> hm. rxr still leading my irssistats :)
[13:36] <netrunner> oh, wrong year.
[13:36] <netrunner> hey, I am first :)
[13:36] <th> url?
[13:37] <th> fake: can we merge kaffeine to stable?
[13:38] <netrunner> http://andreas.anvame.net/content/rocklinux/irssistats/index.html
[13:38] <fake> th: no idea. it's not a big package, you could try and emerge it first
[13:38] <th> fake: ok. scheduled.
[13:38] <th> fake: what about (codecs)-dependencies for mplayer/xine in crystal? you only tagged mplayer and xine itself
[13:39] <fake> 687 Zeilen (0 Tage) verarbeitet in 0 Sekunden
[13:39] <fake> th: that's clifford's todo ;P
[13:40] <fake> a lot of codecs are already in crystal
[13:40] <th> ok
[13:40] <th> but i guess it was SMP's todo?
[13:41] <fake> yes
[13:41] <fake> right
[13:43] <netrunner> fake: I tried updating syslinux to 3.01 but it failed also. 
[13:43] <netrunner> s/also//
[13:43] <fake> :(
[13:44] <netrunner> I wonder more about iproute2 because it is needeed for the bootdisk
[13:44] <netrunner> fake: do you have a second to tell me what to do if I up you the iproute2.err?
[13:44] <fake> netrunner: wait a second...
[13:45] <fake> netrunner: gawk and ltrace failed for me, so, go ahead, what's the error?
[13:45] <netrunner> /usr/include/linux/byteorder/little_endian.h:69: error: parse error before "__cp
[13:45] <netrunner> u_to_le64p"
[13:46] <netrunner> /usr/include/linux/byteorder/little_endian.h: In function `__cpu_to_le64p':
[13:46] <netrunner> /usr/include/linux/byteorder/little_endian.h:71: error: `__le64' undeclared (fir
[13:46] <netrunner> st use in this function)
[13:46] <fake> well, it says what's wrong
[13:46] <netrunner> must be a kernel header problem. but I don't understand it. __le64 is declared in types.h, which is included before the line in question.
[13:47] <fake> have a look at package/base/linux/linux26/arch-ppc-asm_byteorder-ansi-c.patch
[13:47] <fake> iirc
[13:47] <fake> nah
[13:47] <praenti> th: a testbuild should be done first. i did not make it the standard selection at the moment because then it should move into the x11 repository
[13:48] <praenti> th: so for the moment you should include the package with the config.in mechanism
[13:48] <fake> netrunner: that's nonsense i told you
[13:48] <fake> netrunner: is this a linux 2.6.10 build?
[13:49] <netrunner> fake: yes. and I got the stf patch for types.h.
[13:50] <fake> netrunner: linux 2.6.10 will be the next thing i'll check.
[13:50] <fake> now that all the other stuff is applied
[13:50] <netrunner> fake: thx. maybe I'll do a sm recreate and rebuild the bootdisk.
[14:00] <fake> cool
[14:00] <tfing> what's the trick to make Build-Target rebuild the updated packages ? apart from removing the log files
[14:00] <fake> ./scripts/Create-ErrList -remove <package name>
[14:01] <netrunner> scripts/Create-ErrList -newdelete -cfg <foo>
[14:01] <tfing> nothing without providing the packages to remove ?
[14:01] <netrunner> should do it. last time I tried it it wanted to build everything. good that there is a -dry-run option.
[14:01] <fake> ... see netrunner's lkine
[14:02] <tfing> ok, thx
[14:02] <netrunner> tfing: use it with -dry-run first. 
[14:05] <tfing> it's been a long time since i hadn't done any build for a lack of hardware
[14:06] <daja77> fake: do you know how to flag a cpan package as core? 
[14:06] <fake> daja77: yes. like net::snmp does it
[14:06] <fake> oh wait
[14:06] <daja77> we need XML::Parser for gimp ...
[14:07] <fake> XML::Parser CORE
[14:07] <th> fake: kaffeine:
[14:07] <th> checking if UIC has KDE plugins available... no
[14:07] <fake> just write the flag behind the line in hosted_cpan.txt and re-run hosted_cpan.pl
[14:07] <th> configure: error: you need to install kdelibs first.
[14:07] <fake> daja77: really??
[14:08] <daja77> yep 2.2.1 failed due missing XML::Parser
[14:08] <fake> daja77: in the just-commited reference build, it worked without!
[14:08] <fake> err...
[14:08] <fake> forget what i just said.
[14:08] <fake> th: maybe it's no kaffeine in stable then...
[14:08] <th> fake: hmm. that's bad for crystal-emu
[14:09] <th> fake: i'd like to have it
[14:09] <daja77> only 3 errors in latest crystal build ;)
[14:09] <fake> th: then.. do... something?
[14:09] <daja77> update kde ...
[14:09] <fake> to have kaffeine?
[14:09] <th> args
[14:09] <th> fake: i guess he's joking
[14:09] <daja77> not only for that ...
[14:09] <th> i HOPE he's joking
[14:10] <daja77> .oO (everytime i tell the kde people that i use 3.2.3 i get laughed at)
[14:10] <th> hmmm
[14:11] <daja77> imap in kmail is severly broken e.g.
[14:11] <th> hmmm
[14:11] <daja77> erh disconnected imap that is
[14:11] <th> well - we even consider xorg for stable.
[14:11] <daja77> :D
[14:12] <th> kaffeine config.log is in my people dir
[14:12] <th> http://www.rocklinux.net/people/teha/config.log
[14:14] <th> if anyone has a clue...
[14:16] <daja77> hm writing CORE after the package did not work somehow 
[14:16] <fake> huh??
[14:16] <fake> it should
[14:17] <fake> did you re-run hosted cpan?
[14:17] <fake> grep for CORE in package/import/cpan
[14:17] <daja77> no match
[14:20] <daja77> guess i can only flag the whole cpan as core ..
[14:21] <fake> no!
[14:21] <fake> is your tree up to date?
[14:21] <th> fake: are there any guesses about timeline for 2.1 stable tree?
[14:21] <netrunner> daja77: can't you put the [F] CORE in the hosted_cpan.desc after the package?
[14:22] <fake> i *know* it's possible to flag single packages
[14:22] <fake> no!!
[14:22] <fake> that doesn't work
[14:23] <daja77> fake: sure i don'tw ant to flag the whole cpan as core, and yes i think it is up2date
[14:23] <fake> daja77: i just tried it
[14:23] <daja77> and it works?
[14:23] <fake> daja77: added "CORE" adter XML::Parser in hosted_cpan.txt, re-ran hosted_cpan.pl, and got:
[14:23] <fake> hosted_cpan.cfg:pkgfork cpan cpan-xml-parser status X priority 139.000 flag CORE
[14:24] <fake> instead of hosted_cpan.cfg:pkgfork cpan cpan-xml-parser status X priority 139.000
[14:24] <daja77> ah forgot that rerun part
[14:24] <fake> argh! ;-)
[14:25] <daja77> <- had no idea how import packages work ...
[14:33] <daja77> .oO (apart from the fact that i consider XML::Parser as crap)
[14:36] <blindcoder> moin
[14:36] <blindcoder> mb=
[14:36] <blindcoder> th: nope
[14:37] <th> blindcoder: could you quote me for that nope?
[14:37] <th> blindcoder: ahh that was the wiki vs. rl.org question?
[14:37] <blindcoder> 10:27 #rocklinux: < th> blindcoder: is rl.org>Doc>Howto>submitting dynamically from the wiki?
[14:38] Action: blindcoder currently encoding the bof video from dvd-quality to xvid
[14:38] <blindcoder> expected size: 650 MB
[14:38] <blindcoder> ETA: 70 min
[14:38] <th> directors cut?
[14:38] <blindcoder> no, not yet :)
[14:39] <blindcoder> that will be the super extended version where I manually reconstruct the missing pieces from /dev/random and a screwdriver
[14:39] <th> cool
[14:40] <daja77> add the scene where luke skywalker was made!
[14:40] <blindcoder> from a piece of clay?
[14:41] <daja77> hm
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[15:00] <blindcoder> clifford: maybe you should feed the mailinglists to the lurker _after_ a spam check :)
[15:01] <daja77> nice gimp built now
[15:02] <tfing> could someone with a typo3 account remove the 'height="90%"' on the webpages which makes a horrible layout ?
[15:03] <clifford> blindcoder: This "Viagra - #1 sex drug" mails are sent directly to lurker - not to the mailing list..
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[15:04] Nick change: kasc_ -> kasc
[15:04] <daja77> otherwise they would be blocked because the spammers are not subscribed ;-)
[15:06] <blindcoder> clifford: ah, I see
[15:07] <th> why is it possible to send mails directly to lurker?
[15:09] <netrunner> blindcoder: don't you know how to use a spam filter? I never saw one of these :)
[15:09] <netrunner> oh ... lurker is the archive ... forget what I said :)
[15:10] Action: netrunner running to the airport
[15:10] <blindcoder> netrunner: good boy. run :)
[15:14] <clifford> tfing: done. I think I'm blind now..
[15:15] Action: clifford was staring into typo3 too long.. ;-)
[15:15] <clifford> will need some time until the static pages are updated again by the cron job..
[15:16] <tfing> clifford: thanks, that's better
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[15:26] <treo> hi
[16:09] Freak ([U2FsdGVkX@helena.bawue.de) got netsplit.
[16:09] Freak ([U2FsdGVkX@helena.bawue.de) returned to #rocklinux.
[16:37] <praenti> blindcoder: whats wrong with your mobile phone?
[16:37] <praenti> i cannot reach you since monday
[16:37] <netrunner> praenti: you know, some phones can block incoming calls based on their calling number ...
[16:38] <praenti> netrunner: ;-)
[16:47] <praenti> argl. standard bootdisk oopses (2.6.9) also on my k6. same effect on my athlon tb
[16:47] <praenti> look like ide-part or shortly after. (it is too fast to see it...)
[16:47] <netrunner> I'll experience it tonight :)
[16:47] <daja77> only did that in qemu for me
[16:49] Action: praenti taking a shower to cool down
[16:55] <blindcoder> 744M Jan  5 16:54 bof_21c3.avi
[16:56] <th> blindcoder: cool. should we upload it to iso.rl.de?
[16:57] <mnemoc> blindcoder: how complete it is?
[16:58] <blindcoder> complete as in complete
[16:58] <blindcoder> th: either that or I'd have set up a torrent
[16:59] <blindcoder> no subtitles yet, though
[16:59] <th> blindcoder: guess you wouldn't find enough seeders again?
[16:59] <blindcoder> yes, but there's hope that more than one people would download it
[16:59] <blindcoder> well, I don't care either way
[17:00] <blindcoder> s/people/person/
[17:01] <tfing> the bof was held in german ?
[17:01] <blindcoder> yes
[17:01] <mnemoc> subtitles? :p
[17:01] <blindcoder> that's why I intend to subtitle it. the video is incomplete, also
[17:01] <blindcoder> mainly because I didn't have enough disk space available
[17:02] <blindcoder> and partly because I didn't know how to handle the cam
[17:02] <mnemoc> <blindcoder> complete as in complete <blindcoder> [..] the video is incomplete, also <--- conflict
[17:02] <tfing> mnemoc is about to segfault
[17:02] nzg (~nazgul@xchangecenter.de) left irc: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
[17:02] <blindcoder> mnemoc: complete as in completely encoded
[17:03] <blindcoder> mnemoc: incomplete as in not the whole bof was recorded
[17:03] <mnemoc> :\
[17:03] <daja77> the fights are cut out ;-)
[17:03] <mnemoc> ehehe
[17:03] <blindcoder> mnemoc: the raw dv data has ~20GB if that's what you want :)
[17:03] <mnemoc> no thanks
[17:04] <mnemoc> compression is a good thing
[17:06] <blindcoder> (dv data feels like the xpm of video...)
[17:07] <fake> tonight, 22:10 @rtl2: 24, season3 - watch it!
[17:07] <blindcoder> I still don't know what 24 is all about...
[17:08] <fake> just watch it.
[17:09] <blindcoder> guess I'll start subbing the video instead. or play FFIX, now that I finally reached CD 3
[17:09] <fake> you're missing the best series ever
[17:10] <blindcoder> that's a cross I'm willing to bear :)
[17:11] <blindcoder> okay, gotta go, buy a few things
[17:11] <blindcoder> bye
[17:11] <fake> cya
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[17:38] <link_> i search a free sms gateway software. can someone give me a hint?
[17:58] tcr (~tcr@pD9EAB45F.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
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[18:09] <blindcoder> back
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[21:10] <SerWou> hello the chan
[21:10] <SerWou> got a little problem
[21:10] <SerWou> Fatal server error:
[21:10] <SerWou> xf86OpenConsole: Server must be suid root
[21:42] <netrunner> SerWou: chmod +x `which X`
[21:43] <fake> chmod +s he means
[21:43] <netrunner> oh :) true.
[21:43] <daja77> .oO (!add daja-todo fix kdemultimedia tomorrow)
[21:44] <SerWou> ok thanks guys
[22:09] <netrunner> daja77: kdemultimedia built fine here ... with those patches.
[22:10] <netrunner> I would like to hear about iproute2 :/
[00:00] --- Thu Jan  6 2005