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[07:30] <madtux> yo
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[08:15] <blindcoder> moin
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[08:39] <daja77> moin blindy
[08:39] <daja77> and off
[08:49] <blindcoder> okay, mdadm 1.8.1 is buggy
[09:15] <[anders]> narf
[09:15] <[anders]> get madtux to come back online
[09:15] <fake> moin
[09:15] <blindcoder> exactly :)
[09:15] <[anders]> lo fake
[09:15] <blindcoder> moin [anders], fake 
[09:15] <fake> hi [anders], how's your fork?
[09:15] <[anders]> lo blindcoder 
[09:16] <[anders]> fake: he's fine, jaundice is going, and I'll change his nappy and feed him in a few minutes :)
[09:16] <[anders]> and to top it all off, after three months and a bit of searching for a job, I was offered one yesterday
[09:16] <[anders]> as it was a really nice job, I accepted it :)
[09:17] <[anders]> so, you are now talking to a senior QA engineer for McAfee
[09:17] <[anders]> or to put it less flowery, I'll be testing their webshield product :)
[09:17] <blindcoder> so I know who to bully if the virus scanner stinks :P
[09:18] <[anders]> blindcoder: depends which virus scanner :)
[09:18] <blindcoder> well, I don't use one, actually :)
[09:18] <[anders]> *lol*
[09:19] <blindcoder> or, to make it more precise: my virus scanner is a procmail recipe:
[09:19] <blindcoder> * ^Content.*name=.*\.(pif|exe|com|scr)\"
[09:19] <blindcoder> worms
[09:19] <blindcoder> :-)
[09:19] <fake> [anders] clamav ;)
[09:19] <[anders]> blindcoder: that is a good recipe.. :)
[09:19] <[anders]> fake: hehehe
[09:19] <fake> great news!
[09:20] <fake> woo, the box at work munches half of rock's packages in a night
[09:20] <blindcoder> fake: and now it's at kde, no? :)
[09:20] <[anders]> well, rather a hectic week, tuesday last week had first interview, wednesday at 00:03 baby was born, monday this week 2nd interview and job offered and accepted.
[09:20] <blindcoder> my box at home builds half of a crystal over night, too. then kde takes the next three days
[09:21] <fake> blindcoder: currently it's doing epiphany
[09:21] <blindcoder> [anders]: great way to start a new year I'd say
[09:21] <[anders]> blindcoder: aye.. looks like 2005 might be a good year :)
[09:21] <fake> kdelibs is already done...
[09:21] <fake> 2005 will be one hell of a year!
[09:21] <[anders]> anyways, I'll go feed and change the nappy on the little one.
[09:21] <[anders]> back laters. :)
[09:21] <blindcoder> have fun :)
[09:22] Action: fake generating positive energy
[09:22] Action: blindcoder eyes fake suspiciously
[09:22] <blindcoder> what has clifford put into your coffee?
[09:22] <fake> no, i'm straight!
[09:22] <fake> caffeine ;)
[09:23] <blindcoder> then it must have been in something else
[09:23] <fake> hey, i've got hot coffee, a few cigarettes, 3 monitors, a work place,a nd great music
[09:23] <fake> www.digitalgunfire.com
[09:23] <blindcoder> okay... I'll give in :/
[09:23] <blindcoder> I only have one monitor, three laptops, no coffee (atm) and no cigarettes
[09:24] <blindcoder> and a SunFire V4800 starting tomorrow :)
[09:28] <blindcoder> man, even with 350kB/sec getting the debian isos is taking ages :(
[09:29] <fake> SunFire V4800 ? 
[09:29] <fake> you mean V480 ?
[09:29] <blindcoder> no, I mean a SunFire 4800
[09:29] <fake> ...
[09:29] Action: fake expects reference build results
[09:30] <blindcoder> the big thing in a rack, three systemboards, two interface boards, yadda yadda
[09:30] <blindcoder> nah, have to install solaris on it
[09:30] Action: fake just extended rockdoc
[09:30] <blindcoder> cause I may not keep it for myself :(
[09:30] Action: blindcoder looking
[09:30] <fake> oh. why? ;-)
[09:31] <blindcoder> machine for a customer
[09:32] <blindcoder> usually takes around a week or two
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[10:48] Action: blindcoder stretches to fight sleepyness
[11:03] <fake> argh! bootsplash is base/ !
[11:03] <blindcoder> fake: X base :-)
[11:04] <fake> i mean the category...
[11:04] <blindcoder> oh
[11:05] <netrunner> well, seemed appropriate to me at that time :)
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[11:07] <fake> thing is, it gets installed if i select 'only minimalistic install' in gasgui, which selects only base/* category packages.
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[11:14] <netrunner> fake: yes I see that point and agree to moving it to somewhere else :)
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[12:00] <fake> postgresql / { p; d; }
[12:15] <blindcoder> yes, so?
[12:18] <fake> schnib didibb schnab schnubbel. *
[12:19] <blindcoder> schnappi schnappi schnapp schnappi schnappi schnapp schnapp
[12:19] <netrunner> schni schna schnappi?
[12:20] <blindcoder> no idea, just heard that a few days ago on the radio
[12:20] <netrunner> http://www.schnappi.tv/
[12:21] <blindcoder> no :)
[12:21] <netrunner> yes.
[12:21] <blindcoder> no I won't go there :)
[12:22] <netrunner> http://www.rtl.de/ratgeber/gesundheit_862805.php
[12:22] <netrunner> finally. *turningofflight*
[12:23] <blindcoder> hehe
[12:23] <fake> igh, php
[12:23] Action: blindcoder now seeing two monitors
[13:15] <owl> hi
[13:15] <fake> hi owl
[13:20] <blindcoder> moin owl 
[13:20] Action: blindcoder just released Cocktail Bar 2.0
[13:44] <fake> c'mon
[13:44] <fake> i don't believe this:
[13:44] <fake> You 
[13:44] <fake> acknowledge that Licensed Software is not designed or 
[13:44] <fake> intended for use in the design, construction, operation or 
[13:44] <fake> maintenance of any nuclear facility. Sun Microsystems, Inc. 
[13:44] <fake> disclaims any express or implied warranty of fitness for 
[13:45] <fake> such uses
[13:45] <fake> Freak
[13:45] <fake> that's from the Java Runtime Environment License
[13:52] <netrunner> fear the american law :)
[14:04] <owl> gnarf. incompetence got a new name ... *pointing at MDK-bitch*
[14:05] <blindcoder> md?
[14:05] <blindcoder> mdk?
[14:07] <blindcoder> DIE, XORG, DIE
[14:08] <blindcoder> why the hell do they _compile_ something during _make_ _install_ ?? WHY? WHY? WHY?
[14:08] <owl> MDK. medizinischer dienst der kassen oder something. 
[14:08] <mnemoc> o_O
[14:08] <owl> die, mdk-bitch, die!
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[14:37] <daja77> netrunner: !
[14:38] <netrunner> daja77: ?
[14:38] <daja77> tetex breaks due problems with listings.sty, iirc that was your patch ;)
[14:38] <netrunner> hrmpf. worked here :)
[14:38] <daja77> cp: cannot stat `/usr/share/texmf/source/latex/listing/listing.sty': No such file or directory
[14:39] <daja77> --- BUILD ERROR ---
[14:39] Action: netrunner wonders why he had the file.
[14:39] <netrunner> can only see in the evening.
[14:39] <netrunner> maybe I have to run the makefile in that directory first.
[14:58] <daja77> aaaaaaaah
[15:16] Action: daja77 calming down :)
[15:20] <netrunner> heh
[15:21] Action: blindcoder writing an rss feed for submaster
[15:29] <mnemoc> blindcoder: what about a CIA-notifier? ;)
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[15:45] <blindcoder> mnemoc: just floods the channel
[15:47] <mnemoc> no, it doesn't flood, it includes ROCK on cia.navi.cx which means PR (a field where ROCK sticks) and keep people aware of what is happening on submaster.
[15:47] <mnemoc> anyway, don't feel forced ;)
[16:00] <blindcoder> it needs a subversion hook, no?
[16:01] <blindcoder> okay, rss feed done
[16:01] <blindcoder> now I just need SubMaster mails :)
[16:03] <blindcoder> anyone with a rss reader handy care to try?
[16:04] <daja77> you could write one in perl ^^
[16:04] <mnemoc> blindcoder: it can be a submaster hook too, it's just an xmlmail 
[16:05] <blindcoder> mnemoc: well, I don't have control over either :)
[16:05] <blindcoder> daja77: just installing snownews
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[16:06] <treo> moin
[16:06] <blindcoder> moin treo 
[16:06] <mnemoc> blindcoder: submaster repo is as open as rock itself ;)
[16:06] Action: daja77 wrote a chat bot which reads rss
[16:06] <mnemoc> POE?
[16:09] <blindcoder> okay, snownews reads my feed
[16:09] <blindcoder> so I guess it qualifies as being okay :-)
[16:10] <daja77> mnemoc: ?
[16:10] <mnemoc> POE.perl.org
[16:11] <mnemoc> i'm writing a CIA 'clone' called KGB on it
[16:11] <mnemoc> CIA is python and it's very badly designed
[16:12] <daja77> :D
[16:14] <mnemoc> there lot of bots written on poe, that's why i asked
[16:14] <mnemoc> there are*
[16:15] <daja77> no mine is just a dumb script based on Net::IRC
[16:19] <daja77> d'oh i didn't sent my syslinux update :)
[16:19] <mnemoc> 3.0x?
[16:19] <daja77> 3.07
[16:19] <mnemoc> they stabilized??
[16:21] <daja77> no idea
[16:22] Action: daja77 updating imagemagick :D
[16:23] <blindcoder> again :)
[16:23] <daja77> yes, security fix ...
[16:25] <daja77> dload url changed too >_<
[16:27] <blindcoder> hah
[16:27] <blindcoder> very strange
[16:28] <daja77> it is already stated in rock svn that i hate it :)
[16:29] <blindcoder> if I pipe the message manually to the update script it works
[16:29] <blindcoder> if the mail comes from procmail it just copies the last message
[16:29] <blindcoder> (and yes, I _do_ initialise my variables)
[16:32] <blindcoder> strange, very strange
[16:33] <blindcoder> guess I'll have to wait for more submaster activity
[16:33] <blindcoder> bbl
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[16:43] <fake> blindcoder: write and submit the "logos for desktop files" patch ;)
[16:43] <fake> n
[16:43] <fake> iahhaha
[16:50] <mnemoc> there is any reason why fl_wrapper looks for libc.so.6 without path?
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[17:07] <blindcoder> back
[17:08] <blindcoder> fake: see my .plan, already partly done
[17:08] <daja77> *yes* it is out there http://www.wormux.org/en/
[17:08] <blindcoder> daja77: you didn't know that game?
[17:08] <daja77> not the clone
[17:09] Action: daja77 needs to package that
[17:09] <blindcoder>  hehe :)
[17:09] <blindcoder> fake: problem are all the package that simply don't have icons
[17:10] <fake> blindcoder: better a few with and most without then all without
[17:12] <blindcoder> fake: as I said, I'm working on it (actively, just not at the moment)
[17:13] <fake> then work! work on it now! N O W ! OR I'LL COME AND MAKE YOU WORK!
[17:13] <blindcoder> (I'm somewhere around the letter g)
[17:13] <fake> just kidding, i don't care about it
[17:13] <blindcoder> fake: I dare you to come here :D
[17:13] <fake> just read some mail on the t2 list that made me think i'm like that
[17:14] <blindcoder> no, it's just that rene interprets text to the letter rather than what the person actually _meant_ to say
[17:14] <fake> yes, he probably would have left the channel before i could have said 'this was a joke'
[17:15] <blindcoder> :)
[17:15] <fake> now stop chatting and get to work ;-)
[17:16] Nick change: BoS -> BoS^afk
[17:16] <blindcoder> yes yes, I'm already burning debian sarge isos^W^W^Wcreating a .desktop patch :)
[17:16] Action: fake is curious about cngw meeting tonight
[17:17] <daja77> :)
[17:17] Action: daja77 is curious to see the livecd booting
[17:17] <fake> www.cngw.org
[17:18] <daja77> hf
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[17:40] <fake> blindcoder: the newsfeed is cool, but can you parse mor then just 'added patch blabla' somehow? maybe the first line of the comment?
[17:40] <blindcoder> fake: that's in the content
[17:40] <blindcoder> getting the first line...
[17:40] <blindcoder> I'll try
[17:40] <fake> blindcoder: the kde newsticker only shows headlines...
[17:41] <fake> thanks!
[17:51] <fake> hm... category for a jre? extra/emulator... muahahah ;)
[18:05] Action: netrunner writing a scripts/Config.java
[18:05] <netrunner> ;)
[18:06] <fake> *g*
[18:28] <daja77> re
[18:36] <blindcoder> whoops
[18:36] <blindcoder> that was a nasty bug
[18:36] <blindcoder> note to self: when passing by reference, don't use and reuse global variable
[18:36] <blindcoder> s
[19:13] <fake> muahaha
[19:13] <fake> i am soooo evil
[19:14] <daja77> i know ...
[19:14] Action: fake off for cngw meeting
[19:14] <fake> cya
[19:14] <daja77> fake: 20 packages before the image is ready ;)
[19:14] <daja77> hf
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[20:16] <owl> re
[20:56] <th> i'm confused
[20:56] <th> i've a target/MYTARGET/config.in and after a simple package selection filter i have some config option lines
[20:57] <th> ROCKCFG_PKG_QT_STATIC='1'
[20:57] <th> but after selecting the target...
[20:58] <th> config/default/config has: export ROCKCFG_PKG_QT_STATIC='0'
[20:58] <th> ..
[20:59] <th> should i put ROCKCFGSET_PKG_QT_STATIC=1 in there instead?
[21:00] <th> gee
[21:00] <th> i'm so blindfolded...
[21:00] <th> thanks for help ;)
[21:05] <mnemoc> :)
[21:06] <mnemoc> a way to 'suggest' a default is:
[21:06] <mnemoc> [ -z "$ROCKCFG_PKG_QT_STATIC" ] && ROCKCFG_PKG_QT_STATIC=1
[21:06] <mnemoc> ROCKCFGSET_PKG_QT_STATIC=1 will force it
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[22:11] <ojh> I need help with building a target. When I try to build the boot target I'm getting 'chroot: bin/bash: No such file or directory' Any one know why?
[22:23] <treo> gn8
[22:23] <netrunner> ojh: some important package failed in the stages <5
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[22:24] <ojh> OK, I just deleted the build and am starting over, some packages failed to download. Not any extreamly important ones i think.
[22:25] <ojh> syslinux, LVM, and lilo failed to download. I should be able to buld a bootdisk without these, correct?
[22:29] <netrunner> ojh: no.
[22:29] <netrunner> ojh: the bootdisk scripts will fail in the end.
[22:30] <netrunner> ojh: better than deleting the whole would have been looking for the error.
[22:30] <ojh> I found the real problem, glibc failed to download correctly.
[22:30] <mnemoc> ojh: what mirror are you using?
[22:30] <ojh> Default.
[22:31] <ojh> What alt mirror do you recomend?
[22:32] <netrunner> mnemoc: what was the package I said was broken on the mirrors?
[22:33] <mnemoc> i don't remember :\
[22:33] <netrunner> maybe glibc.
[22:33] <netrunner> 2005-01-07.log:15:43 < netrunner> th: Cksum ERROR: download/base/glibc23/glibc-2.3.2.tar.bz2.cksum-err (1043282415)
[22:33] <ojh> DANG, all I got was a check sum error after glibc 
[22:33] <netrunner> th: ping
[22:34] <ojh> Yes, that error :/
[22:34] <netrunner> ojh: ok. do a   echo None > download/Mirror
[22:35] <ojh> netrunner: Done. Running the download script again . . . 
[22:36] <netrunner> ojh: you might need to remove src/Download-Errors
[22:36] <ojh> netrunner: I did already.
[22:36] <ojh> netrunner: And the failed download of glibc from download.
[22:37] <ojh> netrunner: Now it seems to be fetching libc from the Red Hat FTP server.
[22:42] <ojh> syslinux, LVM and lilo failed to download.
[22:47] <netrunner> ojh: are you using trunk or stable?
[22:47] <ojh> The tarball of 2.0.3.
[22:49] <netrunner> th: several downloads are broken in -stable.
[22:49] <netrunner> ojh: can you try to find the files it searches for manually?
[22:49] <ojh> I'm Googling for alternate downloads for the 3 packages that failed.
[22:50] <netrunner> ojh: ok. there are some providers that move their tarballs away when they update, which is not always nice :)
[22:54] <ojh> netrunner: This looks promising . . . 'http://ftp4.de.freesbie.org/pub/misc/rocklinux/ROCK-2.1/'
[22:56] <netrunner> ojh: if you don't find the files you need, tell me the filenames and I see if I have them.
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[23:04] <ojh> All packages downloaded :) . . . . Time to build . . .
[23:05] <netrunner> ojh: have fun :)
[23:06] <ojh> :D
[23:10] <th> netrunner: pong
[23:11] <th> mnemoc: i want to force it.
[23:11] <th> netrunner: i guess there are corrupted files on the mirror.
[23:11] <mnemoc> uhm?
[23:12] <th> mnemoc: scoll back.
[23:12] <mnemoc> how much?
[23:12] <th> 2 hours + 5 mins
[23:13] <mnemoc> outch
[23:14] <mnemoc> th: ok :)
[23:14] <th> netrunner: 305952084 is the glibc23 cksum as it is in the .desc file _and_ as it is on the primary source master
[23:14] <mnemoc> ROCKCFGSET :)
[23:14] <th> ack
[23:15] <th> mnemoc: sorry for letting you scroll - but i wont quote my own monologues ;)
[23:17] <mnemoc> th: no problem ;)
[23:18] <netrunner> th: which one is the primary? Me and this ojh guy downloaded it from a mirror and got a broken cksum
[23:18] <daja77> dumdidum
[23:18] <th> netrunner: www.rocklinux.net
[23:18] Action: netrunner whistls to daja77's beat
[23:24] <netrunner> th: bunzip2: Data integrity error when decompressing.
[23:24] <th> sounds like corrupted download
[23:25] <th> th@phoenix:/data/rsync/rock-2.0-ftp/base/glibc23$ bzip2 -dc glibc-2.3.2.tar.bz2 |cksum
[23:25] <netrunner> th: this is reproducable.
[23:25] <th> 305952084 88289280
[23:25] <netrunner> th: it's the same error I got before. what's your bzip version?
[23:25] <th> where do you get this file from?
[23:25] <netrunner> INFO: Using mirror <ftp://ftp.nluug.nl/pub/os/Linux/distr/ROCK/rocklinux/ROCK-2.0>.
[23:26] <netrunner> th: other mirrors have the same prob. as I quoted I mentioned this 1,5 weeks ago.
[23:26] <netrunner> th: and obviously I am not the only one experiencing this.
[23:27] <th> yes i guess it's wrong on the mirror.
[23:28] <th> but all i can do is to provide the correct file on the master
[23:28] <th> and this file has not been touched since august
[23:31] <netrunner> th: aren't all files rsynced? shouldn't his correct the problem?
[23:32] <th> cliff did not send me details about the syncing mechanism.
[23:32] <th> so i don't know
[23:32] <th> perhaps you could check some other mirrors so we have some deeper knowledge about this issue
[23:42] <netrunner> th: btw, what do you think about providing a crystal rootfs parallel to our install cds?
[23:43] <th> netrunner: thats almost like providing gems
[23:44] <netrunner> th: no, why?
[23:44] <th> extract all gems into one directory and you have your rootfs
[23:45] <netrunner> th: not really, you also have to create the imagefile, format it etc.
[23:45] <th> hmm perhaps better provide a little script doing that?
[23:45] <th> taking gems as input?
[23:45] <netrunner> th: rootfs files are used for uml, colinux and maybe more. I wished today at work I had a rootfs for download
[23:45] <th> hmmm
[23:45] <netrunner> th: there is a scripts/Create-UMLRootfs, which takes the build dir.
[23:46] <th> build dir is not available for download
[23:46] <netrunner> (I always wanted to rework it to extract the gems, but anyway)
[23:46] <netrunner> th: you use it after the build.
[23:47] <netrunner> ~
[23:49] <netrunner> hm. darmstadt downloads correct.
[23:54] <netrunner> gwdg also
[23:54] <netrunner> oh, deleted wrong file.
[23:55] <th> netrunner: could you give me complete url of the wrong one?
[00:00] --- Wed Jan 19 2005