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[08:27] <blindcoder> moin
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[08:29] <blindcoder> th: any definition of "soon"?
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[10:05] <th> blindcoder: how soon would you like it?
[10:05] <blindcoder> th: so soon that I don't get irritated by the /topic :)
[10:29] <netrunner>  /topic  ROCK Linux 2.0.4 delayed by blindcoder
[10:29] <blindcoder> hehe :)
[10:29] <th> good idea
[10:30] <netrunner> damn, I am running out of time :(
[10:31] <th> you're leaking?
[10:31] <netrunner> no, I am male.
[10:32] <th> i thought of a time-leak
[10:32] <netrunner> oh :)
[10:32] <netrunner> seems so. but I think 5 tracks of activity are too much :)
[10:32] <th> do you have a low process-id-max?
[10:33] <netrunner> no, time consuming tasks :9
[10:33] <blindcoder> netrunner isn't multitasking capable :)
[10:33] <daja77> big idle task
[10:33] <netrunner> study/work/gf/rock/paperwork
[10:33] <th> yo
[10:33] <blindcoder> hi daja77 
[10:33] <netrunner> daja77: I whish I had one
[10:33] <netrunner> daja77: moin :)
[10:34] Action: netrunner hasn't read a book for years.
[10:34] <blindcoder> s/gf/idle/g
[10:34] <blindcoder> see, most of your time free()'d
[10:34] <blindcoder> besides, it is fg, foreground task :)
[10:35] <daja77> damn subversion-static
[10:35] <blindcoder> daja77: what's up with it?
[10:35] <daja77> i can't disable it, and it breaks delaying my livecd test with that
[10:36] <blindcoder> daja77: you can with the config option
[10:36] <daja77> no
[10:36] <blindcoder> you can't otherwise, though
[10:36] <blindcoder> hoe?
[10:36] <daja77> try it ;)
[10:36] <daja77> anyway it is a known problem anyway
[10:36] Action: netrunner now learning russian
[10:37] <daja77> hehe hf
[10:37] Action: daja77 did that
[10:37] <netrunner> stupid charset ;)
[10:37] <daja77> *gg*
[10:37] <daja77> <- off
[10:37] <netrunner> anybody knows why my laptop advances in time when suspended? I mean faster than me? 
[10:38] <blindcoder> bad rtc?
[10:38] <th> check the log what he was doing
[10:39] <netrunner> no errors besides kernel: MCE: The hardware reports a non fatal, correctable incid
[10:39] <netrunner> ent occurred on CPU 0.
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[11:27] <netrunner> hm. what font should I use includes kyrillic fonts? iirc redhat had sth like latarcyrheb to catch all ...
[12:01] <SMP> netrunner: are you having problems with cyrillic characters in specific situations? I use an UTF-8 locale and I was able to read and type cyrillic with all major unicode fonts
[12:04] <netrunner> SMP: I switched kde to kyrillic keyboard layout and got only ? in kterm and no input in xterm.
[12:06] <SMP> what locale are you using?
[12:08] <SMP> the best solution would be to switch to an UTF-8 locale. you can also launch just a specific terminal/application in that locale.
[12:08] <netrunner> hm. probably de_DE :)
[12:10] <SMP> try running from an xterm: LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 xterm -fn -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--14-130-75-75-c-70-iso10646-1
[12:17] <netrunner> ah nice :)
[12:17] <netrunner> SMP: thx :)
[12:18] <netrunner> works even without the fontname.
[12:18] <netrunner> didn't know about the utf-8 trick
[12:19] <daja77> perhaps rock should switch to utf8 anyway
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[13:01] <blindcoder> that would rock :)
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[14:38] <daja77> *sigh*
[14:39] <blindcod1r> daja77: hm?
[14:40] <daja77> there is a lot of work to do, to make the livecd target compelling to knoppix, i guess i don't have the time to do that before the event 
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[14:41] <blindcoder> WEE, I got one step closer to get my keepnick.pl script working
[14:41] <blindcoder> daja77: heh, at least you have motivation to do it
[14:41] <blindcoder> daja77: I'm currently in despair with getting mplayer to work with lvp
[14:41] <blindcoder> it just dies with SIGABRT the moment it tries to do X stuff
[14:42] <daja77> blindcoder: the exams i still have, are putting that mnotivation a bit low, but I shoudl at least setup a todo for me
[14:42] <blindcoder> :)
[14:43] <daja77> and pushing some of the changes i made
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[14:52] <owl> hi
[14:52] <blindcoder> boit om
[14:53] <blindcoder> moin owl 
[14:53] <blindcoder> this->right_hand->position--;
[14:53] <owl> hi blindcoder 
[14:54] <daja77> hm i should post that todo to ml so that ppl can bother me ...
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[15:27] Action: blindcoder waiting for daja77 todo list
[15:27] Action: daja77 writing atm ^^
[15:28] <blindcoder> must be a long list o_O
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[15:45] <daja77> sent ;)
[15:46] <daja77> so now i should do some shopping
[15:46] <daja77> cu
[15:46] <blindcoder> hf
[15:46] <blindcoder> gotta do some weekend shopping after work today, too
[15:47] <blindcoder> unimportant things like food, for example :)
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[16:54] <treo> hi
[17:13] <blindcoder> hi treo 
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[21:32] Action: fake at some strange place...
[21:33] <fake> very confusing. beer, geeks, network, but no real roof, some kind of muesum
[21:33] <fake> and a very 'natural' smell, as i just notice
[21:33] <blindcoder> hoeh?
[21:33] <owl> hi fake 
[21:34] <fake> hi owl, blindcoder 
[21:34] <blindcoder> "Andere Laender, keine Sitten" as usual :D
[21:34] <fake> mind talking to me a bit? kyrah took me here, but is now busy plaing bubble bobble on UAE
[21:34] <fake> and i don't know anyone and feel horribly left
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[21:34] <blindcoder> netrunner and me found that out when the devmeeting was at cliffords
[21:35] <blindcoder> heh, as if you ever had problems meeting new people
[21:35] <blindcoder> btw, who is kyrah?
[21:35] <fake> today was a bit too much
[21:35] <fake> kyrah.net
[21:36] <fake> the 'ubergeek girl'
[21:37] <fake> i was at oscon 05 today (www.oscon.at) from 8 - ~21 o'clock
[21:37] <blindcoder> i see
[21:37] <blindcoder> anything interesting there?
[21:38] <blindcoder> I was at work from 8 - 16 o'clock doing nothing
[21:38] <blindcoder> well, I was breathing but apartb from that
[21:39] <fake> blindcoder: information overflow regarding legal issues, technical under-challenge in the tech-track (tie people)
[21:39] <blindcoder> ouch
[21:39] <fake> hi.this is kyrah.
[21:39] <blindcoder> sound utterly painful
[21:39] <blindcoder> greetings from berlin
[21:39] <fake> i died in bubble bobble
[21:39] <fake> and now i will reclaim fake.
[21:40] <blindcoder> happens in the best families :D
[21:40] <_Ragnar_> anyone know why there's a --disable-shared in 0-gcc ?
[21:40] <fake> hi btw. 
[21:40] <blindcoder> hf :D
[21:40] <fake> hehe
[21:40] <fake> but it was only because my fellow player sucked ;)
[21:40] <fake> back to fake now
[21:40] <fake> _Ragnar_: because 0-gcc only installs headers
[21:40] <blindcoder> blame it on the other player, suuuuuure
[21:40] <fake> :PPPPP
[21:41] <fake> I RULE 
[21:41] <fake> I CHALLENGE YOU
[21:41] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[21:41] <blindcoder> not now, I'm drunk
[21:41] <fake> Q3DM9???
[21:41] <_Ragnar_> oh okay ;)
[21:41] <fake> any time
[21:41] <fake> now really gone... .
[21:41] <fake> blindcoder: so are we
[21:41] <_Ragnar_> ah thanks :)
[21:42] <blindcoder> half a bottle of rum in 20 minutes is no good
[21:42] <owl> hrmpf. blindy, gimme one, too, please. *just having punic there*
[21:43] <owl> pinica
[21:43] <blindcoder> but I need to train for my meeting with antimuse :D
[21:43] <owl> aeh, punica
[21:43] <blindcoder> owl: I guess you already had enough :D
[21:43] <owl> huh? why train for a meeting?
[21:43] <blindcoder> owl: didn't I ever tell you about my job interview?
[21:43] <owl> blindcoder: nah. i'm just having problems with my eyes (augenentzuendung) -> not seeing well and stuff.
[21:44] <_Ragnar_> rise alcohol resistance?:P
[21:44] <owl> blindcoder: nah!
[21:44] <_Ragnar_> raise*
[21:44] <blindcoder> _Ragnar_: ack :D
[21:44] <blindcoder> owl: I met with my boss-to-be (woman) in the worst clothes imaginable
[21:45] <blindcoder> megatokyo t-shirt with the big smilie, trousers with detachable foots etc.
[21:45] <blindcoder> so, we went out for lunch and she ordered a big beer and I some sake
[21:45] <blindcoder> after that we cleared the contract within a few minutes ;)
[21:46] <owl> guy, now i'm confused. very confused
[21:46] <blindcoder> why?
[21:46] <blindcoder> *strike* big success :D
[21:47] <owl> *g* see query :p
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[00:00] --- Sat Jan 22 2005