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[05:38] <mistik1> or rather TMP=${HOME}/tmp bzip2 bleh
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[07:13] <netrunner> moin
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[07:23] <da_bon_bon> hi all
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[08:17] <blindcoder> moi
[08:18] <blindcoder> moin
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[09:52] <th> fake: ping
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[10:33] <fake> th: pong
[10:34] <th> fake: can you give me some details on the rocket work from c3?
[10:35] <fake> err... no - which rocket work?
[10:40] <th> hmmm
[10:41] <th> i thought rocket would support reading packages.db already?
[10:41] <th> and i thought it didn't before c3
[10:45] Action: netrunner slaps blindcoder with a large trout
[10:45] Action: blindcoder bitchslaps netrunner 
[10:47] <blindcoder> oh
[10:58] <fake> th: it did long before
[10:58] <th> hmm perhaps i should bring this into stable?
[10:59] <fake> ask the stable tree maintainer ;-)
[10:59] <th> we have one?
[10:59] <th> ;-p
[10:59] <fake> yeah, but he's a weirdo
[10:59] <fake> *g*
[10:59] <th> yea
[10:59] <th> so rocket can install gem's through http if given url to packages.db?
[11:00] <fake> to a directory containing packages.db, iirc
[11:02] <th> however.
[12:16] <netrunner> http://old.homeip.net/martin/ssh-https.html
[12:17] <fake> netrunner: sw33t
[12:17] <blindcoder> sweet
[12:17] <blindcoder> that's what I've been looking for for ages :)
[12:18] <blindcoder> (well, waiting to fall into my lap, not really looking=
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[12:26] Action: tfing thanks netrunner heartily too
[12:38] <netrunner> :)
[12:39] <netrunner> 2 channels, 2 opinions :) 
[12:46] <netrunner> works. (note: for our xinetd you don't need the tcpd)
[12:55] <SMP> "Zulassung zum Studiengang I T - R E C H T"
[12:55] <SMP> hehe. yeah!
[12:57] Action: netrunner offers SMP his DVD set "Barbara Salesch - complete"
[12:57] <fake> SMP: acquiring 31l l4wyr1ng sk1llz ?
[12:57] <fake> *3v1l
[12:58] <SMP> nah, it's a derivative of Wirtschaftsrecht and only at a Fachhochschule
[13:04] Action: netrunner fighting with apache ssl configuration.
[13:14] <netrunner> stupid thing is not encrypting
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[13:56] <treo> moin
[14:36] <owl> hi
[15:52] Action: netrunner hates doing rock builds. already a sm queue with 10 items
[15:53] <blindcoder> so many failed package?
[15:57] <blindcoder> hoeh?
[15:57] <blindcoder> can please someone verify this for me:
[15:57] <blindcoder> with stone -text (gui_text.sh) gui_yesno can _never_ return true?
[15:58] <fake> unlikely - gui_text works
[15:59] <blindcoder> fake: please have a look at gui_text's gui_yesno function
[15:59] <fake> in a few minutes
[16:00] <blindcoder> thanks
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[16:06] <netrunner> blindcoder: since I use mirror none I notice at least those projects who move away their old versions.
[16:08] <blindcoder> netrunner: I see :)
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[16:32] <fake> blindcoder: why? it returns 0 on 'yes' and 1 on 'no' ?
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[16:57] <blindcoder> fake:         [ "$input" = "[y]" ] && return 0
[16:57] <blindcoder> $input is either "y", "n" or ""
[16:57] <fake> no
[16:58] <fake> input is either [n] or [y]
[16:58] <blindcoder>                 elif [ "$input" = "y" ]; then y="[y]"; n=" n "
[16:58] <blindcoder> nope :)
[17:01] <fake> blindcoder: man bash -> SHELL BUILTINS -> 'local'
[17:03] <blindcoder> fake: yes, but I don't see any relation to the problem at hand other than input, y and n being local variable
[17:03] <blindcoder> s
[17:03] <blindcoder> also: . gui_text.sh gui_yesno test ; echo $? 
[17:03] <blindcoder> always gives 1
[17:05] <netrunner> gentoo wants to support solaris. we should hurry now :)
[17:05] <netrunner> (I mean as target)
[17:05] <blindcoder> netrunner: I say: let them have fun
[17:08] <fake> 'target' ? gentoo is a blown-up ports tree
[17:08] <blindcoder> at the end of the while loop, input is always ""
[17:08] Action: fake testing stone -text
[17:08] <blindcoder> thanks :)
[17:09] <fake> hehehe
[17:09] <fake> *rofl*
[17:09] <blindcoder> o_O
[17:09] Action: fake stone -text -> 2) Hardware settings -> ... hmmm
[17:09] <fake> wich one did i choose? 14) Use localtime... enter... BLIP
[17:09] <fake> all monitors go pich black
[17:10] <blindcoder> hoe?
[17:10] <blindcoder> clock skew?
[17:10] <fake> jep.
[17:10] <blindcoder> ouch
[17:10] <fake> hm, where is a yesno gui element?
[17:11] <blindcoder> network configuration, if you have one interface not configured
[17:12] <fake> nope
[17:12] <fake> all up
[17:12] <fake> and it should stay that way
[17:12] <blindcoder> :)
[17:12] <blindcoder> just source the .sh file and run a gui_yesno test ; echo $?
[17:13] <blindcoder> ? [y]    n 1
[17:13] <blindcoder> ?  y    [n]1
[17:13] <blindcoder> that's the result
[17:19] Action: blindcoder starting to transfer scavenger.homeip.net to a new server
[17:27] <fake> blindcoder: okay, you're right. i'm gonna confront clifford with it later ;)
[17:27] <fake> the plan is that we fix & commit the yournal tonight
[17:27] <fake> (after blade ]|[
[17:27] <fake> )
[17:30] <blindcoder> fake: thanks :)
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[17:59] <owl> hm. is the ./scripts/Check-PkgVersion thinge funktional?
[18:00] <fake> nope.
[18:00] <fake> fix it, please
[18:00] <owl> nope.
[18:01] <blindcoder> she'll just rant all evening about how it's broken :)
[18:01] <fake> blindcoder: i knew. i wanted to make it short... but i failed.
[18:02] <owl> blindcoder: aehm. yes. if it's a so called 'release'in a stable tree and it's broken then i'm wondering why it's called stable
[18:03] <blindcoder> owl: so that we can make a distinction between the "new features here" and the "go away, this is feature-complete" tree
[18:04] <owl> features-complete, but features-not-working-tree?
[18:04] <blindcoder> *shrug*
[18:06] <owl> *confused* you're destroying my world view. 
[18:07] tcr (~tcr@pD9EAB8CE.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[18:07] <blindcoder> owl: thanks, you just made my day :D
[18:07] <tcr> moin all.
[18:07] <fake> owl: will your ranting have any constructive results, or are you just trying to bitch around? ;-)
[18:08] <blindcoder> moin tcr 
[18:08] <owl> fake: well. it will. but not at rock... 
[18:08] <fake> so, the answer is no.
[18:08] <tcr> What's up to rocklinux.{net,org} ?
[18:08] <fake> okay, then bitch me
[18:08] <owl> fake: well. if i patch something or so, you might can take it and reimplement it or so
[18:09] Action: blindcoder bitchslaps fake 
[18:09] <fake> tcr: nuffin' ?
[18:09] <th> tcr: what's up with them?
[18:09] <blindcoder> muffin?
[18:09] <tcr> th: I cannot access either.
[18:09] Action: fake uses his superblindnes powers to overread owl
[18:10] <fake> they both work here - though i am sdsl-wise connected to the provider the server is at
[18:10] <th> tcr: you are right!
[18:10] <th> tcr: wow. i don't believe this
[18:10] <fake> what's up?
[18:10] <fake> everything's fine here ;)
[18:10] <th> tcr: aehm
[18:10] <th> no.
[18:10] <blindcoder> .org works
[18:11] <th> pardon me
[18:11] <blindcoder> .net doesn't resolve
[18:11] <blindcoder> hmm
[18:11] <tcr> tcr@GNUlot:~$ ping rocklinux.org
[18:11] <tcr> ping: unknown host rocklinux.org
[18:11] <th> what exactly does not resolve?
[18:11] <blindcoder> .org is in my hosts
[18:11] <blindcoder> www.rocklinux.{net,org}
[18:12] <fake> try the nameserver: ns.inode.at
[18:12] <fake>
[18:12] <th>   NS.NEXTRA.AT (NSNEXTRA318)
[18:12] <th>   NS3.NEXTRA.AT (NSNEXTRA37)
[18:12] <th> answer: www.rocklinux.org 43200 CNAME www.clifford.at
[18:12] <th> looks fine to me
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[18:13] <SMP> th: I'm getting an NXDOMAIN flag _together_ with the CNAME
[18:13] <fake> hehe
[18:13] <th> dnsq cname www.rocklinux.org NS3.NEXTRA.AT
[18:13] <blindcoder> SMP: hoeh?
[18:14] <fake> Checked out revision 126391.
[18:14] <fake> UFF
[18:14] <blindcoder> haeh?
[18:14] <th> $ dnsq a www.rocklinux.org NS.NEXTRA.AT
[18:14] <th> 1 www.rocklinux.org:
[18:14] <th> 127 bytes, 1+1+1+0 records, response, authoritative, weird ra, nxdomain
[18:14] <fake> that's codehaus.org's subversion server
[18:15] <th> propably cause there is no a-record
[18:16] <tcr> th: For someone who doesn't speak DNSish?
[18:17] <th> tcr: not sure if it's ok to answer nxdomain if asked for a non-existent record.
[18:17] <SMP> no, the NXDOMAIN appears to concern www.clifford.at
[18:17] <th> it's all cnames only
[18:17] <th> ahh
[18:17] <th> exactly
[18:19] <SMP> my guess is that the Nextra nameservers have a forgotten clifford.at zone configured
[18:19] <th> SMP: nono
[18:19] <th> SMP: clifford.at is at linbit
[18:19] <th> and ns.linbit.com is ok
[18:19] <SMP> I know
[18:20] <th> ahh
[18:20] <th> sorry misread
[18:21] <th> SMP: the difference between ns3.nextra.at to ns.nextra.at is interesting when querying clifford.at SOA
[18:21] <th> seems glued at ns3
[18:22] <th> hmm IPs are ok...
[18:27] <th> but there is some mess going on for clifford.at
[18:30] <blindcoder> didn't clifford say something about shouting at the people for control over the domains?
[18:35] <SMP> in-ter-es-ting
[18:35] <th> just called nextra/eunet again. no one with DNS-clue available at the moment.
[18:43] Nick change: BoS -> BoS^afk
[18:47] <th> so rocklinux just died in the net...
[18:47] <daja77> O_O
[18:47] <SerWou> Hello guys
[19:24] <fake> hehe
[19:25] <fake> clifford just called, asking me for a credit card *g*
[19:25] <th> for doing what?
[19:28] <fake> paying the registrar fees ...
[19:29] <th> clifford.at was due?
[19:29] <fake> ack.
[19:31] <th> and i thought there was some relation to the rl.{net,org,com} activities.
[19:32] <fake> :(
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[21:13] <netrunner> f*k
[21:14] <netrunner> just noticed I have exams in 2 weeks
[21:15] <owl> better having exams than having an 'eiterpfropfen' which is not as removeble then normally... and hearing nothing with this ear... but: luck anyways
[21:15] <owl> good luck i mean
[21:15] <blindcoder> even better than having your kitchen trying to kill you
[21:16] <owl> huch?
[21:16] <blindcoder> yeah
[21:16] <blindcoder> the "schrank" over the refridgerator collapsed today
[21:17] <owl> urgs. autsch. 
[21:17] <blindcoder> after the "dunstabzugshaube" this is now the second piece
[21:17] <owl> hopefully it didn't contain breakable stuff?
[21:17] <blindcoder> I've dismounted all hanging things in the kitchen and noticed that the rest was also accidents waiting to happen
[21:18] <owl> O_o blindy-daily-fearing-mode: on
[21:18] <netrunner> owl: I have tools to remove pfropfen ... work real good. wanna try?
[21:18] <owl> netrunner: nah. thx. HNO-doc tried it today. didn't work :(
[21:21] <netrunner> blindcoder: was it you who mounted them?
[21:21] <blindcoder> netrunner: no
[21:21] <blindcoder> "vormieterin"
[21:22] <blindcoder> netrunner: I don't use "duebel" that are 4 numbers too small
[21:22] <blindcoder> so that they break when you insert the screw
[21:23] <owl> O_o even more ouch. 
[21:23] Action: netrunner hands blindy a link to dict.leo.org
[21:23] <th> netrunner: thanks.
[21:24] <netrunner> th: you're welcome :)
[21:25] Action: netrunner writing application for scholarship
[21:26] <blindcoder> too lazy to open a browser
[21:26] <th> blindcoder: so stop closing it.
[21:27] <blindcoder> th: shift-q is easily used :)
[21:42] Action: netrunner hands blindy http://andreas.anvame.net/static/EasyAskLeo.html
[21:45] <blindcoder> haeh?
[21:47] <netrunner> blindcoder: for those who are to lazy to open a browser :)
[21:48] <blindcoder> netrunner: I'd need a plugin for irssi to do something like <leo>meep</leo> that gets automatically substituted
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[21:58] praenti (~praenti@ joined #rocklinux.
[21:59] <praenti> argl. mythtv is crap. i get no channels in there. and the documenation does give any information... *grml*
[22:00] <netcrow> praenti: tv makes you stupid ;-)
[22:01] <praenti> netcrow: i know. especially when you try every bad trick to get some channels in.
[22:02] <praenti> no i added one manually and now i get an error - cannot read channel info...
[22:02] <blindcoder> praenti: you're addicted
[22:02] <blindcoder> addictions are bod
[22:02] ojh (~omer@209-181-55-115.eugn.qwest.net) joined #rocklinux.
[22:02] <blindcoder> bad
[22:02] <blindcoder> drop the tv and have a beer :)
[22:03] <praenti> blindcoder: good idea. taking a beer :-)
[22:07] Nick change: jsaw -> j|
[22:07] Nick change: j| -> j|g
[22:08] Nick change: j|g -> jsaw
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[22:14] <praenti> cu and gn8
[22:16] tcr (~tcr@pD9EAB8CE.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[22:17] <netrunner> http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/trurl_pagecontent?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.taz.de%2Fpt%2F2004%2F12%2F18%2Fa0077.nf%2Ftext&lp=de_en
[22:17] <blindcoder> haeh?
[22:17] <netrunner> blindcoder: you are repeating yourself :)
[22:18] <blindcoder> haeh?
[22:18] <netrunner> the original is http://www.taz.de/pt/2004/12/18/a0077.nf/text
[22:18] <netrunner> I didn't want to paste a german page :)
[22:19] <blindcoder> ah thanks
[22:20] <owl> O_o
[22:20] <netrunner> maybe it gets cheaper :)
[22:20] <netrunner> at least a good aspect of that reform :)
[22:21] <blindcoder> right :D
[22:21] <blindcoder> not taht I ever paid for sex
[22:22] <netrunner> blindcoder: good that you clarified that. 
[22:23] <blindcoder> or got paid, for that matter :/
[22:23] <netrunner> your attitiude just changed 10 points towards 'good'
[22:24] <blindcoder>  /msg idlebot align chaotic
[22:24] <blindcoder> btw, I set up a nethack modified idlebot :-)
[22:25] <_Ragnar_> oh?
[22:26] <blindcoder> #nethack-idlerpg if you're interested :-)
[22:26] <blindcoder> botname is juiblex, website http://apollo.bingo-ev.de/nethackidle/
[22:29] <owl> gnarf. are they insane? *pointing at harz IV-article*
[22:30] <blindcoder> it's a job like any other
[22:30] <blindcoder> but i agree that that is somehow... bad
[22:30] <blindcoder> as in _really_ bad
[22:31] <owl> yes. heh, would our belove friend form berlin - called 'schroeder' fsck for being able to buy something to eat and drink?! might someone should ask him this question
[22:31] <netrunner> blindcoder: well, with the same justification you coud send men to similar jobs
[22:32] <blindcoder> netrunner: ack
[22:32] <blindcoder> netrunner: well, not that some men would not gain something by that... like losing their virginity :)
[22:41] treo (~xfman@Da0a5.d.pppool.de) left irc: "safe the Planet, kill yourself"
[23:00] <ojh> Hi, I have a question: what could make my loopback suddenly stop working? I start apache and can't get anything from What gives ?!?!?!?
[23:01] <ojh> The putput from ifconfig is odd too the address line: "inet6 addr: ::1/128 Scope:Host", I seem to have NO address for 'lo'
[23:02] <ojh> Yet X is still working fine . . . .
[23:04] <SMP> there isn't anything that's supposed to remove 127.1 from lo at any time. re-add the address and don't worry -- or can you reproduce this?
[23:05] <SMP> and you'll probably find that X clients use a UNIX socket, not TCP to connect to the X server on localhost
[23:07] <ojh> SMP: This weekend I had to completely recreate my network settings . . . . . my ISP changed something and I had a static IP config. I enabled dhcp, say the change and recreated the statis config (I must specify my own DNS servers becuse the ones at the ISP are almost useless)
[23:09] <ojh> SMP: I ifdown/ifup-ed lo and nothing changed :/
[23:09] <ojh> SMP: Does the lo need to be setup in /etc/network/config ?
[23:09] <SMP> lo isn't managed by rocknet
[23:10] <SMP> just "/sbin/ip addr add dev lo"
[23:11] <ojh> SMP: Will that 'stick' after a reboot or do I need to find the conf file I must have changed :/
[23:13] <ojh> SMP: OTOH it cold be a result of one of the reatarts of the network service I did earlyer. Should be normal after a reboot.
[23:13] <SMP> there is not config file. lo gets set up by the system init script, so unless you have willingly edited those lines, that can't be it
[23:13] <SMP> s,t ,,
[23:14] <ojh> SMP: THANKS! :)
[23:14] <SMP> np
[23:14] <netrunner> ojh: if you accidently started dhclient on lo, it might have taken the interface down.
[23:15] <ojh> netrunner: Yup, I was messing with dhclient this morning, that must be what did it.
[23:28] ojh (~omer@209-181-55-115.eugn.qwest.net) left #rocklinux.
[00:00] --- Wed Jan 26 2005