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[01:59] <valentin> moin. maybe i am not the first one to ask that question, but what happened to the rocklinux domains ?
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[07:59] <blindcoder> moin
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[10:52] <clifford> clifford.at (and the rocklinux dns records) will be up and running by 13:00 CET..
[10:52] <blindcoder> great :)
[10:52] Action: clifford just had a longer phone call with the nic.at people.
[10:52] <th> hi cliff
[10:52] <blindcoder> yeah, hi, btw :)
[10:53] <blindcoder> so, you're now in full control of the domains?
[10:53] <th> clifford: and i'm on phone with nextra again
[10:53] <th> currently
[11:36] <owl> hi
[12:01] <fake> digitalgunfire.com
[12:04] <blindcoder> hi owl 
[12:06] <owl> hi blindcoder 
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[13:54] <th> clifford: finally i have access to your old-email address clifford@magnet.at!
[13:55] <th> clifford: i try to fetch .net and .com now.
[13:57] <blindcoder> access as in "I read your E-Mail"?
[14:01] <th> yes
[14:01] <th> which is necessary for transferring these domains
[14:02] <blindcoder> ah, I see
[14:04] <th> i just gave cliffords "ack" to the domain-transfer
[14:04] <blindcoder> :)
[14:04] <th> at least for .net and .com
[14:04] <th> .org as some more problems.
[14:15] <fake> th: kuhl
[14:17] <fake> clifford.at is up again
[14:18] <th> fake: is clifford available?
[14:18] <fake> th: he's @ work
[14:18] <fake> no idea...
[14:19] <th> fake: can you ask him later what cnames i should create in the rl.{net,com} zones?
[14:19] <fake> his last query messages were abut a broken fileserver, so i guess he's busy
[14:19] <fake> aye
[14:19] <fake> i'll try to remember
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[15:31] <clifford> th: still here?
[15:34] <netrunner> fake: how do you add patches to submaster if I cannot resolve the domain?
[15:35] <fake> netrunner: /etc/hosts ?
[15:40] <th> clifford: ack
[15:41] <netrunner> fake: would you like to share an excerpt of the file you mentioned?
[15:43] <th> netrunner: make the names point to
[15:44] <blindcoder> th: will we then finally get a dns record for "rocklinux.org"?
[15:45] <th> blindcoder: when the transfer succeeds - yes.
[15:45] <blindcoder> sweet
[15:45] <clifford> th: you wanted to know where the cnames should point to?
[15:46] <blindcoder> because my sendmail rejected mails because of "dns lookup failed" until I entered a line to the hosts file
[15:46] <th> clifford: i guess they should point to clifford.at i want to know what cnames you want. only www?
[15:46] <clifford> what about creating a wildcard record?
[15:46] <th> should work
[15:47] <netrunner> hm. #        www.rocklinux.net
[15:47] <netrunner> had an old entry :)
[16:03] <netrunner> yes, xfce 4.2 relesed :)
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[19:17] <netrunner> wow, only 1 conflict in sm sync
[19:19] <daja77> O_o
[19:21] Action: [anders] is tired
[19:22] <[anders]> has madtux been on here recently?
[19:23] <daja77> query hi, he is on freeonde atm.
[19:23] <daja77> him
[19:24] <[anders]> daja77: thanks :)
[19:24] <daja77> ups sorry
[19:24] <daja77> just saw his quit msg
[19:24] <[anders]> daja77: hmm.. no such nick :)
[19:24] <[anders]> daja77: tell him when you see him that I am looking for him :)
[19:24] <daja77> yeah i talked to him today
[19:24] <daja77> ok
[19:25] <[anders]> daja77: cheers :)
[19:25] <daja77> :)
[19:25] Action: [anders] can't stop looking at my little boy.. been two weeks today, and I can still not quite believe it
[19:26] <daja77> ^^
[19:27] <[anders]> looks like he'll end up with light strawberry blonde hair.. can guess what school kids will call him..
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[19:28] <tcr> [anders], That's not sure. Hair color can and will change during childhood.
[19:29] <[anders]> tcr: aye, but I think this haircolour is there to stay.. :)
[19:29] <tcr> (Well, depends on the hair color of his father and mother)
[19:29] <[anders]> red is in the family.. my beard is red-ish in colour
[19:30] <[anders]> as you say though, time will tell
[19:30] <tcr> For instance my mother's one is blond, my father had black hair. I had pretty blonde hairs until three or four years ago, now I'm getting darker and darker each year.
[19:30] <[anders]> tcr: yeah, give it five years and you'll start to go lighter again
[19:30] <tcr> Well, that's the svenska blood!
[19:31] Action: [anders] is already going grey, been going grey for the last three years something.
[19:31] <tcr> [anders], the Barbarossa... :)
[19:31] <[anders]> tcr: *lol*
[19:31] <[anders]> hmm.. bit of piracy now would not be wrong.. I could do with the momey
[19:31] <[anders]> money even
[19:31] <[anders]> four months without work is a killer
[19:32] <[anders]> I did get the job with McAfee though..
[19:32] <[anders]> starting on monday :)
[19:32] <tcr> Still nothing in prospect?
[19:32] <tcr> Ah.
[19:33] <tcr> Where's McAfee located?
[19:33] <tcr> brb.
[19:33] <[anders]> Aylesbury, so a 51 mile treck up the country.
[19:35] <[anders]> lesse, 51 miles, 83km.. bit of a journey.. so 166km per day travel
[19:38] <tcr> Uh, that's gonna be a strech :)
[19:38] <tcr> stretch
[19:39] <[anders]> tcr: aye, quite.. will take me about three hours a day in travel
[19:39] <[anders]> so moving will be high on the list of priorities
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[19:40] <tcr> Maybe after you finished the initial working time rather well, you can arrange to do some work at home and drive only once or twice a week.
[19:42] <tcr> [anders], Do you already know what will be your job?
[19:42] <tcr> (only if you may talk about it, of course)
[19:47] <owl> re
[19:48] <owl> someone wants 'rabbit'?
[19:49] <[anders]> tcr: soz, was doing some banking.
[19:49] <[anders]> tcr: I will be a WebShield QA Engineer
[19:49] <[anders]> tcr: as a tester, little work can be done from home. :-/
[19:50] <[anders]> if I was a developer, it would be more feasible to work from home
[19:50] <[anders]> owl: rabbit?
[19:50] <owl> [anders]: suicidial rabbit. running in front of car. now dead rabbit
[19:50] <[anders]> owl: not interested in what 'toys' you have.. ;-)
[19:50] <owl> not mine. 
[19:51] <[anders]> owl: seen rabbits do that often.. usually when I've been driving.. doesn't help them that my aim is good
[19:51] <netrunner> mine -r rabbit
[19:51] <tcr> owl: Roast it, rabbit smells funny but not bad.
[19:51] <tcr> s,smells,tastes,
[19:51] <owl> [anders]: O_o 
[19:52] <owl> tcr: yeah, i know. well. there is just not much back from it... 
[19:54] <[anders]> owl: ^_^ driving is fun.. wide tyres are good, catch more with them
[19:54] <tcr> [anders], Is there snow over there in Great  Britain, too?
[19:54] <[anders]> tcr: in scotland and north england perhaps, not down here in the south though
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[19:55] <tcr> Here it isn't really fun to drive atm.
[19:55] <[anders]> /where tcr
[19:56] <owl> [anders]: huh? 
[19:56] <tcr> Uh, pretty much all west and south Germany was affected.
[19:56] <[anders]> tcr: ouch.. much snow?
[19:57] <[anders]> owl: the wider the tyre, the flatter the rabbit (and less chance of them getting away)
[19:57] <owl> O_O
[19:58] Action: [anders] is good at taking out pigeons with the car as well
[19:58] <[anders]> record journey was three or four rabbits, and three pigeons - in 170 miles.
[19:58] <[anders]> not sure about the last rabbit.. he may have gotten away
[19:58] <owl> [anders]: you're fearing me with your skills
[19:59] <tcr> [anders] Well, dependent on the region. I don't live all that high, so it snowed moderately (and most is already gone), but the more dangerous factor was the ice.
[19:59] <[anders]> owl: indeed. ph34r my 1337 dr1v1n9 5k1ll5
[19:59] <tcr> Though was kind of fun for someone who doesn't drive like me... :) 
[20:00] <tcr> (Ok, that phrase is endlessly ambigious)
[20:00] <[anders]> tcr: driving on snow with summer tyres is "an experience" shall we say
[20:00] <tcr> I can't speak from experience.
[20:01] <[anders]> had the unfortunate need to do so a few years back.
[20:01] <[anders]> not doing that again I can tell you
[20:02] <tcr> Though my mother could, she experienced the worst weather on autobahn while driving home. 
[20:02] <[anders]> aye, if snowing or raining, max safe speed is something like 70km/h, unless you have *very* good tyres
[20:02] <tcr> She now gets a neurosis whenever she hears in radio that there could possibly be ice or snow.
[20:03] <[anders]> on ice, 40km/h could be to fast..
[20:04] <tcr> Yeah, she experienced things like heavy thonder-storms with sturmy winds (she were lucky having two weighty cementbags in the trunk of her car)
[20:05] <tcr> I can imagine it how tremendous it must be when your car gets shifted off with every gust.
[20:06] <tcr> Back to work now, though.
[20:06] <[anders]> aye
[20:06] Action: [anders] is off
[20:07] <owl> bye [anders] 
[20:09] <netrunner> daja77: ping
[20:09] <daja77> pong
[20:09] <netrunner> daja77: you have ypbind in your repo which seems to be replaced by ypbind-mt. what do you plan to do?
[20:10] <daja77> in fact i planned nothing
[20:10] <netrunner> daja77: I noticed it because the original download failed.
[20:11] <daja77> ic
[20:11] <daja77> i remember of ypbind and ypbin-mt
[20:11] <netrunner> the latter seems a multithreaded replacement.
[20:11] <netrunner> I don't even know what they do :)
[20:27] <netrunner> ahua http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,338665,00.html (ger)
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[22:39] <owl> hi shutdown-h-now , rolla 
[22:40] <shutdown-h-now> hi
[22:40] <owl> aeh, _Ragnar__ 
[22:43] <shutdown-h-now> i am first time here, just because i have red the topic of this channel. Wat is ROCK Linux? Where can i read about it? Usually I use ASP Linux...
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[22:44] <owl> shutdown-h-now: rocklinux is a linux-distribution-build-kit.... reading: http://www.rocklinux.org/ or something
[22:46] <shutdown-h-now> owl: thanks, i'm leaving for there...
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