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[08:08] <blindcoder> moin
[08:08] <netrunner> moin, 2
[08:23] <netrunner> hm. serverbuild finished.
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[09:18] <netrunner> damn, forgot to put the car in the garage
[09:19] <blindcoder> snowed in?
[10:17] <netrunner> jup. ~20cm :)
[10:18] <blindcoder> ouch
[10:23] <netrunner> hm. bootdisk failed horribly
[10:23] <netrunner> 145 builds total, 40 completed fine, 105 with errors.
[10:23] <blindcoder> worked fine here recently
[10:23] <th> who needs bootdisk anyways? ;-)
[10:24] Action: netrunner did a server build
[10:24] <th> just a matter of time for being redesigned.
[10:24] <th> servers should run not _boot_
[10:24] <netrunner> th: how do you install them? pivot-root?
[10:24] <th> yes
[10:24] <netrunner> but how to replace the kernel?
[10:24] <th> everythign with rescue target
[10:25] <th> i don't need to
[10:25] <netrunner> th: but I have to boot for that :)
[10:25] <th> just choose the right kernel for the pre-system
[10:25] <netrunner> th: I mean I want to install a new system on the server.
[10:26] <blindcoder> th: why not just document your rescue system so that people actually understand it?
[10:27] <netrunner> oh, I think I see what's the problem
[10:27] <netrunner> blindcoder: I documented the pivot-root thing
[10:27] <th> blindcoder: because lack of time.
[10:27] <blindcoder> netrunner: where?
[10:27] <th> where it belongs
[10:27] Action: blindcoder looking
[10:28] <th> _blind_coder.
[10:28] <netrunner> bzip2 failed
[10:28] <netrunner> but why.
[10:28] <blindcoder> InstallationUsingTheRescueSystem? 
[10:28] <blindcoder> no page there :P
[10:28] <blindcoder> netrunner: the libbz2 thing, maybe?
[10:28] <netrunner> bzip2.c: In function `uncompressStream':
[10:28] <netrunner> bzip2.c:557: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasi
[10:28] <netrunner> but I finished the server build just this morning ...
[10:31] <netrunner> oh, that's not the error, this is it:
[10:31] <netrunner> libbz2.so.1.0.2: undefined reference to `__you_tried_to_link_a_dietlibc_object_a
[10:31] <netrunner> gainst_glibc'
[10:31] <netrunner> funny message
[10:33] <th> blindcoder: and to excuse my self a bit: it results in better documentation if it's not the author writing it but someone trying to understand it with asking him
[11:00] <owl> hi. someone wants virii?
[11:03] <tfing> hi.
[11:03] <tfing> netrunner: you looked at bootsplash after my mail ?
[11:08] <netrunner> tfing: now that you say it ... I dreamed of it last night. really ;)
[11:10] <netrunner> tfing: I am going to update it and test it. maybe it works in qemu.
[11:13] <th> clifford: ping
[11:16] <tfing> netrunner: you are very optimistic :)
[11:26] <clifford> th: pong
[11:30] <th> clifford: nextra called me again
[11:31] <th> clifford: i know how to get .org now i guess.
[11:32] <th> clifford: as i got access to the clifford@magnet.at address i could successfully confirm transfer of rocklinux.com and rocklinux.net
[11:33] <th> clifford: are you currently able to receive mails for clifford@clifford.at?
[11:33] <clifford> yes.
[11:33] Action: clifford forwarded th a mail he just got..
[11:33] <th> good.
[11:33] <th> very good.
[11:33] <th> that should be for uid/password reset for rocklinux.org
[11:33] <clifford> yup
[11:34] <th> that way we can wipe the "Status:CLIENT TRANSFER PROHIBITED"
[11:34] <th> and than i can transfer it.
[11:34] <clifford> .. and a 2nd one.
[11:35] <th> clifford: transfer of .net and .com will happen at "2005-02-01T02:08:41"
[11:35] <th> i'll bounce you two mails just for your information
[11:35] <th> just for your acknowledgement
[11:37] <th> yes! password reset
[11:42] <th> bbl
[11:43] <netrunner> tfing: works. 
[11:44] Action: netrunner hugs tfing
[11:44] <netrunner> (not in qemu, on my laptop :)
[11:44] <tfing> :)
[11:44] <tfing> what was missing ?
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[11:45] <netrunner> dunno. haven't tried for some time. updated the tool and patch, works fine.
[11:45] <netrunner> I don't know if it works for 2.4 though
[11:45] <tfing> ok
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[12:03] Action: netrunner rediffing 2.4 patch
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[12:33] <fake> moin
[12:34] <owl> hi fake 
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[13:16] <th> re
[13:17] <th> clifford: "Status:OK" for rocklinux.org i may now proceed with the transfer
[13:17] <th> clifford: looks all good now
[13:19] <fake> where is services-20041220.txt ??
[13:21] <th> what's that?
[13:22] <fake> graffiti.com: Timeout on Server
[13:22] <fake> argh
[13:22] <fake> that's /etc/services
[13:22] <th> ahh 
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[15:37] <fake> hm
[15:38] <daja77> hi fake
[15:38] <blindcoder> hmhm
[15:38] <fake> ah, cool
[15:38] Action: fake testing colloquy
[15:39] Action: daja77 happy that printing works in crystal now
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[15:42] <madtux> hello.
[15:42] <madtux> [anders]: awake?
[15:42] <fake> hi madtux!
[15:42] <madtux> good day fake :)
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[17:38] <madtux> re
[17:38] <daja77> wb
[17:38] <madtux> danke
[18:24] <netrunner> anybody took ip out of bootdisk?
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[18:37] Action: netrunner trying the updated ircII
[18:41] <netrunner> hm. the ip executable moved to /usr/sbin, any special reason for this?
[18:42] <tfing> are you trying ircii or iproute2 ?
[18:43] <netrunner> tfing: I am multitask-able.
[18:43] <netrunner> tfing: I just finished my bootdisk build and it complaint it could not find ip (from iproute2). I found it in /usr/sbin, the scripts expected it in /sbin
[18:44] <tfing> unfortunately, you have reached you submaster quota for today, so you can't submit it :)
[18:47] <netrunner> those patches were the outcome of a server build, with mirror=none.
[19:07] Action: netrunner installing the server build ... without :doc and :dev.
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[19:19] <netrunner> back to irssi, much more colorful :)
[19:20] <madtux> stop complaining and go back to code
[19:20] <netrunner> :P
[19:20] Action: madtux hides
[19:23] <daja77> madtux: any news?
[19:23] <tfing> news from behind the bush ?
[19:24] <netrunner> lol
[19:24] Action: netrunner now has a worldmap in his kitchen
[19:25] Action: fake has a kitchen in his world
[19:26] <daja77> big dictator?
[19:33] <netrunner> didn't know canada was that big
[19:33] <daja77> O_o
[19:44] <SMP> netrunner: /usr/sbin/ip? it shouldn't, and I verified that on my build
[19:45] Action: fake missing LVM 2.0 tarball
[19:45] <netrunner> -rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root       121208 Jan 27 12:52 build/bootdisk-new-2.1.0-DEV-x86-pentium-mmx-32-bootdisk-expert/usr/sbin/ip
[19:45] <fake> trunk version
[19:46] <netrunner> SMP: only my bootdisk build has that. the server target build I finished just before that has it in the usual place
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[19:47] <netrunner> oh, a build error without build abort in iproute2
[19:48] fake (~fake@rapidnetworks.de) joined #rocklinux.
[19:48] <netrunner> install -m 0755 -s ip rtmon ifcfg rtpr /usr/sbin
[19:50] <netrunner> seems there has been an update in iproute2
[19:50] <netrunner> (I did an sm sync between my two builds)
[19:55] <netrunner> blindcoder: could it be that loop-aes does not apply?
[20:05] <netrunner> hm. when I select build and install linux24 and linux26 kernel I get a shared file for system.map and initrd.img
[20:05] <netrunner> and mkinitrd.
[20:28] <netrunner> fascinating effects here ... "mount: none has wrong device number or fs type sysfs not supported"
[20:28] <netrunner> (hangs)
[20:31] <SMP> netrunner: hmm. you're right. setting SBINDIR=/sbin in $makeopt doesn't work as it should
[20:57] <netrunner> learned today: deselecting all :dev is not good
[21:08] <blindcoder> netrunner: if there has been a kernel update, yes
[21:09] <blindcoder> netrunner: I just see that loop-aes 3.0b is here. try updating, it should work then
[22:23] <netrunner> nice. I cannot reboot because there is no /dev/initctl
[22:27] <th> netrunner: use shutdown -n ?
[22:28] <SMP> kill -USR1 1
[22:43] <netrunner> ah :)
[22:46] <netrunner> still have problems with this sysfs. I commented it out in /etc/init.d/system, but still something tries to mount it
[22:46] <netrunner> (immediately after "INIT: Entering runlevel: 2"
[22:49] <tfing> oh, now you can add a description about yourself in submaster
[22:49] <netrunner> oh, just learned something new. never knew of /etc/initscript
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[22:50] <tfing> (maybe since ages)
[22:51] <SMP> netrunner: what problems?
[22:53] <netrunner> SMP: my kernel has no sysfs. the complaint was the first thing after init. and the last thing before it stopped.
[22:53] <netrunner> SMP: I am tired now, will debug this tomorrow.
[22:54] <SMP> 2.6 or 2.4 kernel?
[22:54] <netrunner> 2.4
[22:54] <netrunner> 2.4.29 to be exact
[22:54] <SMP> 2.4 isn't supposed to have one
[22:54] <netrunner> well, then something else that happens after the failing mount must freeze the boot.
[22:55] <netrunner> the same system boots fine in a 2.6.10 uml
[22:55] <netrunner> (me fixing all his abandoned projects ;)
[23:04] Action: daja77 now using submaster rss feed in kontact
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[23:56] <daja77> 20:06 < FSC_Cube> huh
[23:56] <daja77> 20:06 < FSC_Cube> der ban is weg ^^
[23:56] <daja77> 20:07 < FSC_Cube> moin @all
[23:56] <daja77> 20:07 <%tvpin> moin cube
[23:56] <daja77> 20:07 < FSC_Cube> hi tvpin, schon fast ne woche nicht mehr gesehen *g*
[23:56] <daja77> 20:07 <%tvpin> echt?? ich kann mich gar nich dran erinnern..
[23:56] <daja77> 20:08 <%tvpin> du redest immer etwas wenig FSC_Cube
[23:56] <daja77> 20:08 < FSC_Cube> seitdem wir ne grundsatzdiskussion über die menschenrechte hier hatten halt ich mich zurück
[23:56] <daja77> 20:09 <%tvpin> achso.. waren die anderen nicht deiner meinung?
[23:56] <daja77> 20:09 < FSC_Cube> lol
[23:56] <daja77> 20:09 < FSC_Cube> sagen wir mal so, es gab ein paar kleine disharmonien
[23:56] <daja77> 20:09 <%tvpin> aha.. disharmonien.. so heißt das heute also
[23:56] <daja77> 20:11  * tvpin fragt sich gerade, ob ich die menschenrechtsdiskussion mitgelesen habe
[23:56] <daja77> 20:11 < FSC_Cube> ich will ja gar nicht behaupten das jemand gebrüllt hat, aber wir waren nahe dran *g*
[23:56] <daja77> 20:13 <%tvpin> ouch.. über welche menschenrechte wurde denn philosophiert??
[23:56] <daja77> 20:16 < FSC_Cube> es ging eher um das recht auf leben in exlizitem zusammenhang mit straftätern und deren
[23:56] <daja77>                   verurteilung
[23:56] <daja77> damn
[23:56] #rocklinux: mode change '+o SMP' by ChanServ!ChanServ@services.
[23:56] <daja77> sorry
[23:57] <SMP> just in time ...
[23:57] #rocklinux: mode change '-o SMP' by SMP!~stefanp@vanessa.wronline.net
[23:57] <daja77> there is no more to come ...
[00:00] --- Fri Jan 28 2005