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[01:52] <owl> sigh. i'm getting old. 
[01:52] <owl> (or am i already old?!)
[01:52] <mnemoc> how owld are you?
[01:52] <owl> mnemoc: 20 years.
[01:52] <owl> (and i'm listening to oldies right now... -> "i am old") 
[01:53] Action: mnemoc has 27
[01:53] <owl> hehe. almost dead *scnr*
[01:54] <mnemoc> :p
[01:56] <owl> hrmpf. sleepless nights, having headache, darkness all arround and just 3 burned-out candles, 2 lava-lamps, two sleeping budgies and one hamster are not very well for not being depressed *thinking*
[01:57] <owl> and the feeling of being completely alone is extremely :(
[01:59] <owl> chocolate-cookies?
[02:01] <mnemoc> owl: you need a child ;)
[02:02] <owl> mnemoc: *kick* no! i don't want someone to have me as mother... that child would become a psycho ;p
[02:02] <mnemoc> like you? ;)
[02:02] <owl> yes, exactly :p
[02:02] <mnemoc> much funnier :)
[02:03] <owl> wuahrgs. no
[02:03] <mnemoc> do you imagine the fun of beeing your motheR? 
[02:04] <mnemoc> i have right now a little 4 years psyco throwing me a ball :\
[02:05] <mnemoc> but she is incredibly cute when is sleeping :)
[02:07] <owl> *lol* 
[02:07] <owl> fun of being my mother? -no. no fun, but horrible thoughts. 
[02:07] <owl> hehe. my bf is also sween when he 's sleeping... 
[02:08] <mnemoc> :)
[02:08] <owl> and: i guess caring of him is sometimes like to care for a 3-year old children. scnr
[02:08] <mnemoc> :)
[02:10] <owl> not funny... heh, today e.g. we had trouble because of e-mail-formats (rtf,html,plain)... this is - beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
[02:11] <mnemoc> who wanted html?
[02:11] <owl> <- wanted plain ;)
[02:12] <owl> heh, and yes! he now sends me plaintext with correct quoted conext again ;)))
[02:12] <mnemoc> hehe
[02:12] <mnemoc> women always win
[02:12] <owl> nope. women have better arguments [tm]
[02:13] <mnemoc> nope. men consider discussions senseless faster
[02:13] <mnemoc> get bored and surrender
[02:13] <owl> hehe. nah. at least not him :p
[02:14] <mnemoc> :)
[02:14] <owl> he'salmost as mulish as me... but the little bit i'm more mulish makes me win the fights :p 
[02:14] <mnemoc> do you really think you won because of your arguments?
[02:14] <mnemoc> =)
[02:15] <owl> yeah. his arguments where 'rtf is better to edit' 
[02:15] <owl> 'when do you need to edit it?' 
[02:15] <mnemoc> o_O
[02:15] <owl> 'aeh. i don't need to edit it, but it's better. so i use it'
[02:15] <owl> 'why do you need it then?'
[02:15] <owl> <- won in points. strike! ;)
[02:16] <mnemoc> is he out? ;)
[02:16] <owl> out? you mean - went out for a drink or something?
[02:17] <mnemoc> out of the game, after three strikes
[02:17] <owl> ah. yes. we're friends again. *ggg*
[02:18] <mnemoc> *g*
[02:18] <owl> not funny. i'm charming like dead fish, but he still loves/like me - don't know why, but - hm. ok ;)
[02:22] <mnemoc> that's love :) blind and dumb but strong
[02:23] <owl> yep. ;) and the good (or bad? *not sure*) thing is, that it's from both sides ;)
[02:24] <mnemoc> =)
[02:24] <owl> hm? 
[02:25] <mnemoc> to me that is an smile
[02:25] <owl> .oO( add to TODO: buying aspirin forte tomorrow. *head exploding* )
[02:25] <owl> k ;) 
[02:32] <owl> what are you doign, mnemoc ?
[02:32] <mnemoc> coding, and you?
[02:34] <owl> hm. sitting here. just sitting. existing. whatever
[02:37] <mnemoc> how are your lava-lamps and candles? birds? rat?
[02:37] <owl> hamster, not rat ;)
[02:38] <owl> alive. my birds are awake again. hasmter sleeping, lamps - still attached to power 
[02:39] <mnemoc> good :)
[02:39] <owl> hm. yeah
[02:56] <owl> hm. i'm going sleepign. wish me luck... thx. bye
[03:04] <mnemoc> gn8 owl 
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[07:44] <SerWou_sleep> Good Morning the Chan
[07:46] Nick change: SerWou_sleep -> SerWou
[08:01] <blindcoder> moin
[08:07] <SerWou> morning blindcoder
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[09:03] <fake> hm... something's wrong here
[09:04] <blindcoder> what?
[09:04] <fake> today isn't a holiday, is ist?
[09:04] <fake> *it
[09:04] <blindcoder> not in .de
[09:05] <fake> but in .at, maybe?
[09:05] <fake> it's 9 and i'm the first and only one at work
[09:05] <fake> kinda frightens me...
[09:05] <blindcoder> but in vienna there's a school holiday atm
[09:06] <fake> hm...
[09:07] <fake> ah, now i've got company
[09:08] <fake> but she's from berlin - she's not sure either ;)
[09:08] Action: blindcoder laughs
[09:08] <blindcoder> greetings from another Krapfen!
[09:09] <fake> blindcoder: greetz back
[09:10] <blindcoder> thx :)
[09:10] <fake> woot!
[09:11] <fake> qt will be gpl'ed for _all_ platforms!
[09:11] <blindcoder> yeah :)
[09:11] <fake> that's GREAT
[09:11] <daja77> moin
[09:11] <fake> daja77: moin!
[09:11] <blindcoder> well, doesn't affect me as a non-qt-dev
[09:11] <blindcoder> moin daja77 
[09:11] <daja77> hi fake ;)
[09:12] <fake> blindcoder: but as a cross-platform developer
[09:12] <blindcoder> fake: neither *shrug*
[09:12] <daja77> and moin blindy of course ;)
[09:12] <blindcoder> I doubt any of the programs I wrote work anywhere else than on my pc
[09:13] <daja77> fake: so you can use qt instead of wxwidgets ;)
[09:13] <fake> daja77: exactly!!
[10:02] <SMP>  . o O ( KDE for Windows )
[10:05] <mnemoc> bad thoughts
[10:06] <SMP> mnemoc: you're up early
[10:07] <mnemoc> i couldn' sleep, i guess i broke my left arm last night saving my laptop
[10:08] <mnemoc> i have to wait 4 extra hours to get regular fee at the hospital
[10:18] <blindcoder> bones mend again, but a laptop is broken forever :P
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[10:20] <mnemoc> blindcoder: that's the idea :)
[10:33] <fake> SMP: "SHELL=C:\\PROGRA~1\\KDE\\KONQUE~1.EXE"
[10:33] <fake> *g*
[10:34] <SMP> heh
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[11:23] <treo> moin
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[13:09] <blindcoder> meh, stupid linked lists :(
[13:09] <blindcoder> (list *)(item->next)->prev = item;
[13:09] <blindcoder> what's wrong with this :(
[13:10] <fake> huh?
[13:10] <fake> is next already allocated?
[13:10] Action: blindcoder prepares for getting beat up into a pulp
[13:10] <blindcoder> sure
[13:10] <fake> why do you need the cast?
[13:11] <blindcoder> because next is a void *
[13:12] <SMP> does the cast have a higher preference than a -> operator?
[13:12] <fake> ((list *)(item->next))->prev = item; ?
[13:12] <SMP> well, if it doesn't ...
[13:12] <blindcoder> fake: *hug*
[13:13] <fake> *eeek* ;-)
[13:13] <blindcoder> :)
[13:13] <fake> smp's idea.
[13:13] <blindcoder> it's my first try with two-directional linked lists
[13:13] <SMP> =)
[13:13] <blindcoder> up til now I only used next, which is IMO rather easy
[13:23] <owl> moin
[13:31] <tcr> Nothing in C is easy. :)
[13:45] <clifford> smp: http://www.lysator.liu.se/c/ANSI-C-grammar-y.html
[13:46] <clifford> the -> operator has a higher preference
[13:46] <clifford> (it's PTR_OP in the grammar)
[14:16] <blindcoder> as if I could read grammar files... :(
[14:21] <owl> .oO( windows must be female. yes means no and no means yes ? )
[14:22] <blindcoder> owl: no, it's neutered. If it was female then yes would mean no, no would mean no, probably would mean never, and We have to talk would mean that it got hijacked by a Botnet and is never going to do anything for you anymore.
[14:24] <mnemoc> :)
[14:24] <owl> *g*
[14:25] <owl> but why means 'disabling sounds' - not to disable them? - my windows's still beeping
[14:25] <blindcoder> beeps != sound
[14:25] <blindcoder> beeps is the pc_speaker
[14:26] <owl> hmm. it beeps if 'error accoured' in ms application shit?
[14:26] <blindcoder> maybe
[14:26] <owl> and: do you need admin-privileges when you wanna hear music withwinamp?
[14:26] <blindcoder> haven't used it in ages
[14:26] <owl> ouch.
[14:26] <owl> aeh. and when side reloaded... and stuff...
[14:37] <daja77> clifford: ?
[14:44] <blindcoder> OMG
[14:44] <blindcoder> HTML in a fax...
[14:45] <daja77> hehe
[14:45] <tcr> blindcoder, Better than a raw word document, I guess :)
[14:45] <blindcoder> that must be a new low in user intelligence...
[14:46] <blindcoder> tcr: don't jinx it, please...
[14:46] <blindcoder> well, at least it is the "Buchungsbestaetigung" for my hotel during CLT :)
[14:47] <daja77> ^^
[14:47] <tcr> blindcoder, Mind you that there isn't paper that understands <blink></blink> 
[14:47] <blindcoder> ARGH, MY EYES!
[14:48] <blindcoder> tcr: lucky you that I'm already blind or you'd have made me want to scratch out my eyes with my bare hands
[14:48] <clifford> daja77: ?
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[15:27] <feistel> hi
[15:27] <feistel> exists anything like javadoc o perlpod but for Shell Script?
[15:27] <owl> hi feistel 
[15:27] <feistel> hi
[15:33] <blindcoder> feistel: not that I know of
[16:35] <th> good morning folks
[16:35] <daja77> hi th
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[16:57] <blindcoder> moin th
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[17:23] <blindcoder> urgs
[17:24] <blindcoder> as easy as it is to call C from LUA as difficult it is to call LUA from C
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[17:45] <ojh> I have a question: what provides 'gdbm.h' used in Python 'Modules/gdbmmodule.c' ???
[17:46] <blindcoder> ojh: ROCK Sonar can tell you
[17:46] <blindcoder> search for the file on http://scavenger.homeip.net/ROCK/sonar/search.pl
[17:47] <ojh> Found it . . . . I should have ls'ed for it  . . . . DUH
[18:30] <fake> hah!
[18:30] <fake> this time the router didn't notice i was coming...
[18:30] <blindcoder> hehe
[18:30] <blindcoder> it's sleepy
[18:30] <blindcoder> don't shout
[18:31] <fake> aye
[18:31] <fake> i just hooked up the microwave
[18:31] <fake> *yummy*
[18:31] <fake> ojh: the package's name is : *fanfare* gdbm.
[18:31] <blindcoder> heh
[18:33] <ojh> fake: Like I said i should have done an 'ls' in te pkg dir to see of a 'gdbm' exists . . .
[18:34] <fake> ojh: ;)
[18:34] <fake> 2787 builds total, 1195 completed fine, 20 with errors.
[18:34] <fake> that's the reference build
[18:34] <fake> (with stage 9, for a change)
[18:35] <tfing> fake: mail on the ml to give a location for the .err ?
[18:36] <fake> tfing: please uncompress that for me mere mortal ;)
[18:40] <fake> tfing: do you want me to put the .err files online?
[18:42] <fake> mmmmhhh... microwave noodles with mushrooms... 
[18:46] <tfing> fake: yes, there are people who can't do ref builds
[18:46] <tfing> but who would be glad to debug
[18:47] <tfing> if they knew where there are problems
[18:49] <fake> tfing: good idea.
[18:50] <fake> tfing: i'll upload them when the build has finished
[18:50] <fake> but anyone with a computer could do reference builds ;)
[18:54] <tfing> anyone who does not mind having his cpu and harddrive running at full speed for 3-4 days long
[18:56] <fake> cpu's don't "wear off", you know ;-)
[19:03] <tfing> no but they heat
[19:03] <tfing> i don't like when my laptop heats
[19:03] <fake> i see ...
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[19:14] Action: netrunner jumps at mnemoc
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[19:26] <owl> re
[19:28] <ojh> Thought you might enjoy part of my photography collection. And yes, I do all my photographic projects using Linux software. http://www.caedes.net/Zephir.cgi?lib=Caedes::Gallery&author=harbenger&page=1
[19:30] <fake> ojh: cool
[19:35] <ojh> I have a question about the build process. If a package compiles to a fully functional state but produces an .err log will the build process still create a GEM file for the install ISO or do I need to track down all errors before I can create an ISO?
[19:37] <netrunner> hah, gotcha.
[20:03] <blindcoder> 
[20:04] <fake>  ?
[20:04] <fake> blindcoder: what's your skype name?
[20:04] <blindcoder> just some screen malfunction
[20:04] <blindcoder> fake: blindcdocer
[20:04] <fake> blindcoder: blindcdocer
[20:04] <fake> ?
[20:04] <blindcoder> ehh
[20:04] <blindcoder> blindcoder
[20:04] <blindcoder> that nick is almost unique so there's always a good chance that it's me :)
[20:05] <tfing> it's really hard to type when you're blind
[20:05] <blindcoder> not really
[20:05] <blindcoder> braille and dvorak helps :)
[20:06] <tfing> :)
[20:18] <mnemoc_> rehi :)
[20:18] <daja77> re
[20:18] <mnemoc_> re daja77
[20:19] <daja77> re broken mnemoc
[20:19] <mnemoc_> :(
[20:20] <daja77> i wanted to say, on the way back to normal mnemoc ;) 
[20:21] <mnemoc_> =)
[20:21] <mnemoc_> one month
[20:21] <daja77> oh
[20:22] <mnemoc_> it's very unconfortable to have only one hand
[20:23] <daja77> this is crazy, if you set your status to skype me, unknown people ringing you up
[20:23] <daja77> this is frightening
[20:24] <mnemoc_> welcome to the windows worl
[20:24] <mnemoc_> d
[20:24] <daja77> i mean anonymous chatting might be ok, but phoning
[20:26] <th> might be even better ;)
[20:26] <daja77> yeah but this was no girl ...
[20:26] <owl> *lol* 
[20:29] <netrunner> (gayvoice) hey danieeeel :)
[20:32] <daja77> a guy from .nl
[20:33] <daja77> ^^
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[21:17] <fake> oh, great, skype auto-closed itself
[21:18] <netrunner> fake: curse-sensor? :)
[21:18] <blindcoder> yeah
[21:18] <blindcoder> 1.0, as I said
[21:18] <fake> 1.0 means finished ;)
[21:19] <blindcoder> 1.0 means we sell it now and fix it later
[21:21] Action: netrunner thought skype is to be boykotted?
[21:26] <th> it is
[21:39] Action: netrunner glares at blindy, fake and daja77 
[21:39] Action: daja77 shoudl skype netrunner 
[21:39] Action: blindcoder glares back
[21:40] Action: daja77 finished rl call now ^^
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[21:41] <owl> hrmpf. re
[21:41] <daja77> haha!
[21:42] <owl> ?
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[22:02] <mnemoc_> tcr: ping
[22:03] <tcr> mnemoc_, Yes?
[22:03] <mnemoc_> tcr: hi :)
[22:04] <daja77> ^^
[22:04] <tcr> moin!
[22:04] <mnemoc_> tcr: moin! :p, what do you think i should pack tla-1.2.2 or 1.3?
[22:06] <tcr> I have no idea. I've paused keeping track of it since ~ oct 2004 and skimmed through my mailarchive yesterday and tomorrow.
[22:06] <tcr> s,tomorrow,today,
[22:06] <mnemoc_> oh
[22:07] <tcr> I'm going to evaluate baz when I have the time for it..
[22:07] <mnemoc_> ic
[22:08] <tcr> I want to reset up my system this week first :)
[22:09] <mnemoc_> :)
[22:10] <mnemoc_> what will you install? 
[22:10] <tcr> I feel like testing some new things again... I think I'll test out CRUX first.
[22:13] <mnemoc_> :)
[22:14] <mnemoc_> tcr: do you have url for reviews of crux?
[22:15] <tcr> mnemoc_, http://crux.nu/links.html
[22:15] <mnemoc_> :)
[22:15] <tcr> It looks pretty much like ROCK < 1.7.
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[23:06] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
[23:06] <madtux> hello
[23:06] <owl> hi madtux . how are you?
[23:07] <madtux> owlita doing great and you?
[23:08] <owl> madtux: ill... thx. :/ 
[23:09] <madtux> oh sorry to hear 
[23:10] <owl> np. i'm ill since about - 3 (?) weeks... lalala. crappy life
[23:10] Action: madtux hughs eule
[23:10] <madtux> hugs even*
[23:11] <owl> thx. ;)
[23:13] <owl> madtux: today i tried to build a ladder for my  handicapped budgie... well... now i've got a injured finger. :( 
[23:14] <madtux> oh
[23:14] <owl> yes. very big oh ;)
[23:14] <owl> <- has two left hands
[23:14] <madtux> owl: maybe u want to borrow one to mnemoc_ he broke his
[23:14] Action: daja77 looking at owl's  stolen right hand
[23:16] <owl> madtux: hehehehehe. well. i even wasn't able to make the first piece of wood shorter... then there was the left hand crashing onto the desk and was injured. damn it :( hopefully my budgie will not fall out of the cage tonight
[23:16] <owl> daja77: huh?
[23:16] <mnemoc_> :(
[23:17] <madtux> daja77: u have owl's right hand ? mmm.... what do u use it for?
[23:17] <mnemoc_> *G*
[23:17] <madtux> mnemoc_: me encanta como nos entendemos :)
[23:17] <mnemoc_> :)
[23:17] <owl> .oO( hm. defitiv not for playing guitar *smile* )
[23:18] <daja77> madtux: no idea it is rotting here
[23:18] <madtux> daja77: don't lie
[23:27] <owl> hmm... my hamsti is alive :)
[23:27] <daja77> madtux: me? never? ;) 
[23:51] madtux (~mike@ left irc: "leaving"
[00:00] --- Wed Feb  9 2005