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[08:12] <blindcoder> moin
[08:18] <netrunner> moin
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[10:13] <th> svn.rocklinux.org starts to become available in dns.
[10:16] <blindcoder> nice :)
[10:18] <fake> hi
[10:18] <fake> th: ack!!
[10:18] <fake> great!
[10:18] <fake> Tech Name:Tobias Hintze
[10:43] <th> hey thats me.
[10:46] <daja77> oh really ^^
[10:48] <th> so now we can do the craziest things with that domain ;)
[10:49] <daja77> :D
[10:50] <blindcoder> hmm
[10:50] <blindcoder> I suggested a few subdomains already
[10:51] <blindcoder> th: please send that information to the mailing list
[10:51] <blindcoder> so I can include it in the next newsletter
[10:56] <th> done
[11:04] <blindcoder> thanks :)
[11:13] <netrunner> yes. got accepted for the seminar in st.petersburg
[11:14] <blindcoder> what seminar?
[11:14] <daja77> how to deal with german visa
[11:14] <th> "how to fraternize with russian women."
[11:14] <netrunner> http://wwwmayr.informatik.tu-muenchen.de/konferenzen/Jass05/
[11:15] <daja77> th: he already knows that ^^
[11:15] <th> yea
[11:15] <th> i tend to prefer seminars about topics i already know
[11:15] <blindcoder> daja77: that's why he's holding that seminar :)
[11:16] <daja77> :D
[11:16] <blindcoder> netrunner: sounds interesting. grats on the permission :)
[11:16] Action: blindcoder watching his nethack bot play
[12:01] <netrunner> eating now patented http://www.danamania.com/gl/article.php?story=20050214215454591
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[13:40] <owl> moin
[13:40] <blindcoder> moin moin
[13:40] <owl> hi blindy
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[15:24] <netrunner> rene writing about hotplug-ng in golem.de: http://www.golem.de/0502/36318.html
[15:25] <netrunner> here is the hotplug-ng announcement: http://www.ussg.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/0502.1/0627.html
[15:38] <owl> hi netrunner. got your nick back?
[15:41] <blindcoder> netrunner: sounds nice
[15:44] <netrunner> owl: jup. and registered now :)
[15:51] <owl> netrunner: hehe. congrats ;)
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[16:11] <treo> hi @ all ^^
[16:13] <daja77> blindcoder: ?
[16:13] <blindcoder> daja77: !
[16:13] <daja77> are you going to the anit sw patents demonstrations in berlin today?
[16:14] <netrunner> blindcoder: your keepnick.pl is a spam-script?  $server->send_message("ChanServ", "INVITE #gametome.staff", 1);
[16:15] <blindcoder> sadly, no, we have a company meeting today
[16:15] <blindcoder> netrunner: I added that once for chanserv to invite me to that invite-only channel
[16:15] <blindcoder> netrunner: you can remove it :-)
[16:16] <daja77> ok, i was just asked to ask you ;)
[16:16] <blindcoder> daja77: by whom?
[16:16] <daja77> valentin
[16:17] <blindcoder> he could have asked me himself, or doesn't he want to talk to me anymore?
[16:18] <daja77> nothing like that, just happened some minutes ago, it was actually me who was replying to the request for other ppl in vberlin by mentioning you
[16:18] <daja77> so don't take that personally
[16:18] <daja77> no need for that
[16:19] <daja77> <- off now
[16:19] <blindcoder> ah okay
[16:19] <blindcoder> :)
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[18:05] <ojh> Hello. Anyine on who can answer some build-error questions?
[18:07] <ojh> I'm getting some nasty compile errors from core packages :/
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[20:08] <ojh> Hello. Anyone on who can answer some build-error questions?
[20:09] <th> trunk or stable?
[20:09] <ojh> Stable 2.0.3
[20:09] <th> so go on
[20:10] <ojh> The package 'util-linux' fails to compile with 'blockdev.c:70: syntax error before '[' token'. Not good.
[20:10] <th> ojh: what is your build host?
[20:11] <ojh> th: Rock 2.0.0
[20:11] <th> where did you get the 2.0.3 source from?
[20:11] <th> what did you do with that source?
[20:11] <th> (step by step please)
[20:13] <ojh> th: The offical tar ball. I modified the minimal-desktop template, removed KDE and most applications. Added Zero Install and packages required to build ZI. That is all. I have made no changes otherwise to this build tree.
[20:14] <th> can you send me a diff to the vanilla version?
[20:14] <ojh> th: Yes. I have a completely unmodified tree to dif against.
[20:15] <ojh> th: Ummmm . . . . How can I make diff ignore the 'build' and 'download' directories?
[20:15] <SerWou> hello guys
[20:16] <th>        -x PAT  --exclude=PAT
[20:16] <th>               Exclude files that match PAT.
[20:16] <ojh> th: THX :)
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[20:22] <treo> re
[20:24] <th> ojh: diff -Naur dir1 dir2
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[20:28] <th> ojh: i don't want to. please make it available per http or something.
[20:28] <th> ojh: okok i have it
[20:32] <th> are you sure that your "#" commenting works inside the sed string?
[20:33] <ojh> th: Something wrong with my selection template file?
[20:34] <th> ojh: i'm just not sure whether the comments work
[20:34] <th> ojh: cause you are inside a long quoted string
[20:34] <ojh> th: IC
[20:35] <th> ojh: is util-linux the first failing package?
[20:35] <th> ojh: can you put the .err online?
[20:35] <ojh> th: comments are used in the unmodified file just fine.
[20:36] <th> ok
[20:37] <ojh> th: 'e2fsprogs' also giving an error at this point.
[20:38] <th> i wanted to know if util-linux is the _first_ failing package.
[20:38] <th> it's not possible that two packages fail at the same time
[20:38] <th> at least if you are not cluster building
[20:40] <ojh> th: Yes the util-linux failed first. No cluster. Both errors came durring compile as C parse errors.
[20:40] <th> ok so can you please put the .err file online?
[20:41] <th> you know where to find this?
[20:41] <ojh> th: I have no site at this time. Can I send the err files to you, as you already have the diff?
[20:41] <th> yea sure go on
[20:41] <th> *sigh*
[20:42] <owl> re
[20:46] <th> ojh: you are not out of disk-space, are you?
[20:47] <th> ojh: oh did you select i386?
[20:47] <ojh> th: the partition I am using for the build has 22 GB free . . . . unlikely to be the problem.
[20:47] <th> ojh: please check if the problem exists with 486
[20:47] <ojh> th: Let me start the config . . . .
[20:49] <ojh> th: Generic x86, no optimazations.
[20:49] <th> ojh: please try different settings there
[20:49] <th> ojh: and report some results to somewhere
[20:49] <th> (to the wiki perhaps)
[20:50] <th> i never do anything below 486
[20:53] <ojh> th: Where do I specify more specific then x86 32bit in Config?
[20:54] <th> (32)       Build 32 bit (normal x86)
[20:54] <th> (i486)     Optimised for Intel 486 
[20:55] <th> two different options
[20:55] <ojh> th: Nevermind, found the screen
[20:56] <ojh> th: Will basic Pentuium-MMX work good with an older Athalon CPU?
[20:56] <th> yes
[20:57] <th> grep ^flags /proc/cpuinfo 
[20:57] <th> if you have mmx there
[20:59] <ojh> th: OK, deleting te build and starting over . . . . Man I really to set up a build cluster one of these days :/
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[22:48] <netrunner> blindcoder: do I have to do something for this ghost support? I only got a screen full of messages that netrunne1 is not registered.
[22:58] <SerWou> i would like to upgrade from xfce4 to 4.2 but i'm on rocklinux 2.0.1, any advices ?
[23:01] <netrunner> SerWou: as I created the xfce4 package ... It _should_ work when you use a 2.1 trunk to build it into your system.
[23:01] <netrunner> SerWou: but uninstall everything from the old xfce4 repository before
[23:03] <SerWou> ok
[23:04] <SerWou> thanks
[23:13] <netrunner> SerWou: no warranty :)
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