[00:05] <netrunner> <http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/children/kidtalk.mspx
[00:05] <blindcoder> netrunner pastes dubious links again
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[00:06] <netrunner> blindcoder: new addictive game for you: tetris 1 d http://www.tetris1d.org/
[00:07] Action: daja77 currently playing warcraft III on rock
[00:07] <blindcoder> daja77: nice :)
[00:07] <fake> sylvester photos...
[00:08] Action: netrunner thinks about buying wow
[00:08] <blindcoder> netrunner: ehm...
[00:09] <blindcoder> netrunner: who the hell comes up with stuff like that?
[00:09] <daja77> but that cedega time trial is annoying 
[00:10] <daja77> fake: ?
[00:10] <daja77> what fotos
[00:10] <blindcoder> daja77: I find cedega to be completely annoying
[00:10] <daja77> it is
[00:10] <blindcoder> even though I once bought it :/
[00:10] <daja77> but i have no recent win dlls atm for wine
[00:11] <blindcoder> I'm proud to have no windows installation in my whole flat :-)
[00:11] <daja77> ok back to playing
[00:11] <daja77> blindcoder: me too, that's the problem atm ^^
[00:11] <blindcoder> haven't played much besides nethack recently
[00:11] <blindcoder> and ascended twice in three weeks :D
[00:12] <daja77> ah cool game is still running, so i can sitch back to kde, not like when playing america's army
[00:12] <daja77> anyway
[00:21] <fake> http://f4k3.net/pics/parties/sylvester-2004-2005/
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[03:05] <ojh> Does anyone have any advice on learning how to write new 'stone' modules. And yes I am doing the "Use the Source Luke" thing . . .  :)
[03:07] <ojh> Or at least some resourses for advanced bash programming . . .
[03:10] <mnemoc> the 'advanced guide' of bash is kind of mandatory :)
[03:11] <mnemoc> http://www.tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/
[03:11] <ojh> :D
[03:11] <mnemoc> but any doubt about bash, just ask :)
[03:11] <ojh> THX
[03:14] <mnemoc> yw
[03:42] <ojh> Question: I just installed GCC 3.3.3 along side 3.2.3 on my build system, how do I tell Configure to use the newer GCC when building a target?
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[03:59] <mnemoc> only on stage0 we use host cc
[04:00] <ojh> So I need to enable 3.3.3 in te target package list?
[04:01] <mnemoc> no
[04:01] <mnemoc> you do nothing about
[04:02] <mnemoc> enabling gcc33 means you want your target to have that version of gcc installed
[04:03] <ojh> I'm still trying to crack why a number of essential programs die at compile with C syntax errors. The errors seemed connected to complex macros so I thought it might be not using the latest GCC.
[04:03] <mnemoc> # gcc --version
[04:03] <mnemoc> gcc (GCC) 3.4.3
[04:05] <ojh> So based on the 2.0.3 three, the build after stage 0 would be using 3.4 correct?
[04:06] <ojh> ** SIGH ** I had the same errors at both 0 and 1 . . . .
[04:07] <mnemoc> iirc gcc 3.2.3 is the default gcc on 2.0-stable
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[04:08] <ojh> Yes, that is what I see in Configure.
[04:08] <ojh> I have no other choices.
[04:08] <mnemoc> gcc33
[04:09] <mnemoc> using pkgsel you can disable gcc3 and enable gcc33
[04:09] <ojh> In the 'Selecting Compiler' screen I only have 3.2.3 in the menus.
[04:10] <mnemoc> pkgsel
[04:10] <mnemoc> expert -> package selection
[04:10] <mnemoc> - gcc3
[04:10] <mnemoc> X gcc33
[04:11] <mnemoc> or just X gcc33 if you want both
[04:11] <ojh> IC
[04:13] <ojh> Is there any advantage to having both enabled?
[04:13] <mnemoc> i see none
[04:13] <ojh> OK
[04:16] <ojh> All my 'Select Compiler' options changed from gcc 3.2.3 to 'Standard . . . Compiler'. Is that good?
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[08:53] <SerWou> Hello the Chan
[09:53] <blindcoder> moin
[09:59] <daja77> moin
[09:59] <blindcoder> moin daja77 
[09:59] <daja77> moin blindy
[10:02] <blindcoder> heard about the "tollwut" case?
[10:03] <blindcoder> should one now be afraid when getting a transplantant?
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[11:34] <netrunner> moin
[11:34] <netrunner> anybody willing to give me a hint with automake and stuff?
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[11:43] <netrunner> configure.in:43: version mismatch.  This is Automake 1.9.3,
[11:43] <netrunner> configure.in:43: but the definition used by this AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
[11:43] <netrunner> configure.in:43: comes from Automake 1.9.1.  You should recreate
[11:43] <netrunner> configure.in:43: aclocal.m4 with aclocal and run automake again.
[11:55] <blindcoder> netrunner: try setting autogen=1
[12:13] <netrunner> blindcoder: I get no Makefile in that subdir. when I add AC_CONFIG_FILES([ foo/bar/baz ]) to the toplevel configure.in, does autogen do the neccessary stuff?
[12:16] <blindcoder> netrunner: should do, yes
[12:24] <netrunner> ah, does :)
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[12:49] <netrunner> argl. now another part of that beast has problems :(
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[13:01] <netrunner> argl, typo :)
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[16:43] <blindcoder> fake: folloming my footsteps on bingo? :-)
[16:46] <netrunner> fake: ping
[16:55] <netrunner> cowgirl: http://vipx.telepolis.com/agrada/fotos8/pinta06.jpg
[17:14] <netrunner> linux introduction http://www.collegesexadvice.com/sex.shtml
[17:44] <SerWou> lol netrunner
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[19:31] Action: netrunner dancing in a circle http://projects.drzeus.cx/wbsd/
[19:55] <mnemoc> is that your card?
[20:12] <netrunner> mnemoc: what card? it supports the card reader :)
[20:16] <mnemoc> oh
[20:31] <daja77> re
[20:36] Action: blindcoder crawls out of the bathtub and welcomes #rocklinux 
[20:36] <daja77> get some clothes first!
[20:37] Action: blindcoder does the penguin back to his den^Wsleeping room and gets dressed
[20:37] <blindcoder> done
[20:38] <blindcoder> th: did clifford say anything wrt. the subdomains?
[20:38] <th> no
[20:38] <blindcoder> :(
[20:41] <blindcoder> little over one mail per day on the list
[20:42] <daja77> i should spam some more ^^
[20:42] Action: blindcoder nods sagely
[20:46] <blindcoder> daja77: clifford'll be at CLT, no?
[20:47] <daja77> think so
[20:47] <blindcoder> maybe we can coax him into being a bit more responsive
[20:48] <daja77> .oO (no bof during the night) 
[20:48] <blindcoder> _great_ idea!
[20:48] <blindcoder> Maybe I can then even properly remember what was said ;)
[20:50] <blindcoder> that reminds me
[20:50] <blindcoder> I still haven't plotted that posters
[20:50] <blindcoder> anyone got an idea how to unlock an EC card after three wrong PIN entries without going to your home bank?
[20:51] <daja77> going to your home bank ...
[20:51] <blindcoder> which is roughly 600 km away 
[20:52] <daja77> phone them
[20:52] <blindcoder> already did. "Please send the card via Einschreiben and we'll unlock it and send it back."
[20:52] <daja77> ic
[20:53] <blindcoder> Just that that was a voice unknown to me and I know most voices in that "filiale"
[20:53] <blindcoder> well, all really
[20:53] <blindcoder> so I thought it might be a new one not knowing what she's saying
[20:53] <blindcoder> I just don't reach my friend there :(
[20:53] <daja77> why it can't be unlocked at berlin
[20:54] <blindcoder> according to that voice the banks can only read their own cards. some hardware limitation in the card readers.
[20:54] <daja77> O_O
[20:54] <blindcoder> but I guess I'll try at monday at a local sparkasse and then we'll see
[20:54] <daja77> yep
[22:22] <treo> gn8
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