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[01:37] <owl> http://www.w-ol.de/index.php isdn-flat... btw
[01:38] <Freak> "*mit Werbung"
[01:39] <owl> huh?
[01:39] <owl> ah. there.
[01:40] <owl> well... no need here, anymore... dsl (light) available.. but... interesting, ... ;)
[01:41] <Freak> :)
[01:41] <owl> (hmm. totango.de - the same concept... was never launched... )
[01:42] <Freak> tota...what?
[01:44] <owl> totango.de - some years ago (dunno. 2000?) they said 'we will offer isdn/analog-flatrates' - and nobody got one...
[01:58] <Freak> ic
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[02:55] <owl> i'm going to sleep. gn8
[03:08] <mnemoc> hi none
[03:08] <mnemoc> err
[03:09] <mnemoc> wrong channel
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[08:40] <blindcoder> moin
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[08:49] <netrunner> moin.
[10:18] <owl> moin
[12:16] <fake> moin
[12:20] <owl> hi fake 
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[12:20] <owl> hi daja77 
[12:21] <daja77> hi
[12:21] <owl> voip is not free of charge, is it? 
[12:21] <blindcoder> hardly ever
[12:21] <blindcoder> but some proviers let you talk for free within their own networks
[12:21] <owl> <- is a bit confused because of this strange iphone-stuff... 
[12:22] <owl> blindcoder: ah. well.. so. iphone<-iphone would be free. and to "partner-netztwerke", too... 
[12:22] <owl> aeh. <->
[12:23] <blindcoder> owl: maybe
[12:23] <blindcoder> owl: not all providers do so
[12:24] <fake> voip doesn't cost a thing
[12:25] <fake> anyone who charges for it is playing a drity game
[12:25] <blindcoder> fake: so just about any voip provider?
[12:25] <fake> of course, gatewaying into the POTS is not free of charge
[12:26] <owl> blindcoder: yes, but at least freenet says so...
[12:26] <fake> but who wants to use the POTS anyways?
[12:26] <fake> waah! freenet!
[12:26] <owl> POTS?
[12:26] <fake> www.freeworlddialup.com
[12:26] <fake> Plain Old Telephone System
[12:26] <blindcoder> fake: indeed, who wants to...
[12:26] <owl> ah. 
[12:26] <owl> well. who wants to phone? :p /me not really. 
[12:27] <owl> what's wrong with freenet?
[12:27] <fake> blindcoder: iaxtel, iptel.org, pulver.com, ... they all are free
[12:27] <fake> owl: freenet sucks big time.
[12:27] <owl> fake: but why?
[12:28] <blindcoder> fake: the only voip-like thing I'm using is skype
[12:28] <blindcoder> and I hardly even use that...
[12:28] <netrunner> fake: fwdout.net
[12:28] <netrunner> fake: know that? 
[12:31] <owl> anyways. i'm going to buy a new 'multivitamine-juice' for my hamster now... (and hopefully it will not fall down again... ) bbl
[12:32] <fake> netrunner: sure
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[12:46] <fake> slashdot is still borken
[12:57] <daja77> hi fake 
[12:59] <fake> hi daja!
[13:01] Action: daja77 trying to get awake ;)
[13:03] Action: fake hands daja some coffee
[13:03] <daja77> thx
[13:07] <SerWou> Hello the Chan
[13:08] <daja77> moin SerWou 
[13:08] <SerWou> what's up daja77
[13:09] Action: daja77 will continue the fight against linux games soon
[13:10] <SerWou> what is the game ?
[13:10] <SerWou> have you ever test Enemy Territory ?
[13:10] <daja77> no but i read it should work
[13:10] <daja77> but i look for free games i can package
[13:10] <SerWou> it works on Rocklinux
[13:10] <SerWou> and this game rocks
[13:11] <daja77> i tried america's army ...
[13:14] <fake> i really like rock linux.
[13:14] <SerWou> why fake ? ;)
[13:14] <daja77> it rocks ;)
[13:14] <fake> just wanted to mention it ;)
[13:15] <daja77> and hotplug sucks sometimes ...
[13:17] <SerWou> i'm on rocklinux 2.0.1
[13:18] <SerWou> it's a pain to update GTK+ to make gimp2.2 works
[13:18] <SerWou> working
[13:18] <daja77> oh i believe that
[13:23] <SerWou> see you guys
[13:23] <SerWou> bbl
[13:35] Action: netrunner likes rockplug and doesn't see what's wrong with it.
[13:39] <fake> netrunner: missing udev support, missing firmware hotplug loading support, missing firewire support... shall i continue?
[13:40] <fake> netrunner: did you try hotplud?
[13:40] <fake> *hotplug?
[13:40] <netrunner> fake: I added firmware hotplug myself to rockplug.
[13:40] <netrunner> fake: patch was on rlml like 1,5 years ago
[13:40] <fake> is it compatible with 'how everyone else does it' ?
[13:41] <netrunner> fake: sure. I bumped it twice, nobody cared. rene applied it right after his fork.
[13:41] <fake> netrunner: though still, there is no udev support. and that's the reason we switched.
[13:41] <netrunner> fake: other way round. hotplug apparently forces udev. at least it starts udevd without being asked for.
[13:42] <netrunner> (explicitly)
[13:42] Action: SerWou is watching ;)
[13:42] <fake> netrunner: so? rockplug checks for macio even if there is none. big deal.
[13:42] <fake> besides, rockplug is horribly slow
[13:42] <netrunner> fake: no. not with it's caching mechanism.
[13:43] <owl> re
[13:43] <mnemoc> i had to patch it to refresh cache after depmod
[13:44] <daja77> netrunner: the problem I had yesterday, is the some fpr hotplug and rockplug, and i don't know how to fix that properly
[13:45] <netrunner> daja77: what problem? *scrolling*
[13:46] <daja77> it iterates over the devices according to their numbers, unfortunately the tv tuner card has a lower number than the soundcard, so that module gets loaded first, making it the first sound device, but it has no mixer, so sound is broken for kde e.g.
[13:46] <daja77> atm I blacklisted that module and loading it manually afterwards ... 
[13:49] <netrunner> daja77: rockplug has a /etc/conf/pci where you can specify modules to be loaded first.
[13:50] <daja77> you mean that static module list?
[13:50] <netrunner> yes
[13:50] <daja77> ic
[13:51] <daja77> that'd be a long list ... 
[13:52] <netrunner> daja77: you only need it for modules you want to have laded explicitly before the others.
[13:52] <daja77> ah ok then the description is a bit confusing
[15:04] <fake> hm
[15:05] <fake> isn't there a standard for user id's for system services like there is for port numbers?
[15:05] <blindcoder> I don't think so
[15:05] feistel (~feistel@ joined #rocklinux.
[15:05] <feistel> I need mirroring a filesystem to a backup server for HA, but DRBD is testing in Debian, 
[15:05] <blindcoder> some distributions start at UID 500 for users, others at 1000
[15:05] <feistel> How I can use ?
[15:07] <blindcoder> you know, this is _not_ #debian
[15:07] <feistel> yes
[15:07] <blindcoder> what is DRBD, even?
[15:07] <blindcoder> for filesystem mirroring I'd use mdadm
[15:07] <feistel> DRBD is a soft which mirroring a filesystem in a lower level
[15:07] <fake> dual redundant block device
[15:08] <fake> it's a product of the firm clifford works at
[15:08] <fake> it's open source, so product may be misleading
[15:08] <feistel> fake, you use DRBD?
[15:08] <blindcoder> fake: is it as cryptic as cliffords code?
[15:08] <fake> feistel, no
[15:08] <fake> blindcoder: it's not written by clifford
[15:08] <blindcoder> fake: that was not my question :)
[15:09] <fake> blindcoder: i haven't seen the code yet.
[15:09] <blindcoder> fake: but it gives me hope :)
[15:09] <fake> feistel: go and build drbd yourself, you don't want to be stuck with debian packages, do you?
[15:10] <feistel> fake, but I need for a production server
[15:10] <feistel> not for fun
[15:11] <feistel> I only use stable packages on my debians
[15:11] <blindcoder> then you want to use debian packages even less
[15:11] <fake> feistel: so, what am i supposed to do? go and torture your favourite debian package maintainer, that'd be of more help!
[15:11] <feistel> no only need advice about another mirroring software
[15:12] <blindcoder> feistel: mdadm
[15:12] <feistel> ok 
[15:12] <feistel> thanks
[15:12] <fake> a mirroring software where there is a stable debian package for?
[15:12] <blindcoder> feistel: but debian stable wight still use raidtools...
[15:12] <fake> or a working, performant mirroring solution?
[15:12] <fake> blindcoder: drbd = over network
[15:12] <blindcoder> fake: ah, okay
[15:12] <blindcoder> feistel: dd + netcat
[15:12] <blindcoder> + cron
[15:12] <fake> *rofl*
[15:12] <feistel> blindcoder, yes I need a RAID LAN
[15:13] <feistel> rsync?
[15:13] <blindcoder> hmm
[15:13] <feistel> over ssh?
[15:13] <blindcoder> network block device?
[15:13] <fake> if one nodes goes down, you'll be fscked.
[15:13] <fake> *node
[15:13] <fake> believe me, you want drbd.
[15:13] <blindcoder> anyway, gotta go back to work
[15:13] <feistel> yes, DRBD is the best, but is testing
[15:16] <fake> drbd is not testing, kid
[15:16] <fake> debian is junk and slow
[15:16] <fake> drbd is used in many, many ha-clusters 
[15:17] <fake> (debian is slow = their release cycle is slow)
[15:17] <feistel> ok
[15:17] <fake> feistel: you could talk to clifford about this...
[15:17] <fake> he has a word or two about debian..
[15:17] <fake> and the drbd package
[15:18] <feistel> clifford, talk to me about debian and drbd
[15:19] <fake> feistel: it may be a while until he shows up
[15:19] <fake> feistel: he's holding a talk about spl today
[15:19] <feistel> where?
[15:27] <fake> eisenstadt
[15:27] <fake> austria
[15:28] <daja77> rofl
[15:28] <daja77> i should quote
[15:28] <daja77> that
[15:28] <daja77> .oO (clifford please talk to me about debian)
[15:51] <owl> .oO( thx for the evil word said. irssi understands regexp and could replace the word 'debian' into 'evil word', no? ;)
[15:51] <mnemoc> yep
[15:53] <owl> wonderful
[16:57] <fake> dadida
[17:12] <netrunner> didit
[17:12] <fake> dow
[17:13] <mnemoc> row row row your boat
[17:13] <mnemoc> gently down the stream
[17:14] <mnemoc> merrily merrily merrily merrily
[17:14] <mnemoc> life is but a dream
[17:14] <fake> if you see a crocodile
[17:14] <fake> don't forget to scream
[17:14] <mnemoc> :D
[17:14] <fake> ;-)
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[17:21] <netrunner> better show a gentoo flag, it will run away horrified ;)
[17:22] <fake> huh?
[17:24] <netrunner> the crocodile
[17:25] <daja77> better show their fb console
[17:26] <fake> every l337 h4x0r has kewl k-lored fr4mbuff0rz
[17:27] <mnemoc> OT: is /etc/profile always loaded?
[17:27] <daja77> hm i have a gentoo dvd here ...
[17:27] <netrunner> mnemoc: nope.
[17:28] <netrunner> mnemoc: I have a .bashrc that sources /etc/profile because of this.
[17:28] <netrunner> mnemoc: I think, it is only sourced for login shells.
[17:29] <fake> jep.
[17:29] <mnemoc> ic
[17:29] <fake> su -> no sourcing, so - -> sourcing
[17:29] <fake> *su
[17:30] <mnemoc> will it be auto-sourced even if i have a .profile or .bash_profile ?
[17:31] <fake> not sure
[17:33] <netrunner> mnemoc: after reading /etc/profile,  it looks for ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bash_login, and ~/.profile, in  that order, and reads and executes commands from the first one that exists and is readable.
[17:33] <netrunner> (from man bash)
[17:34] <mnemoc> thanks :)  /me lazy
[17:35] <fake> so am i.
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[17:39] <treo> hi
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[19:28] Action: treo is away: AFK
[19:53] Action: treo is back (gone 00:25:22)
[21:21] <blindcoder> fake: make questions in the LiveCDFAQ for you
[21:21] <blindcoder> guess I should add a message to send questions to the ML instead of adding them to the wiki
[21:57] <fake> blindcoder: hum?
[22:00] <blindcoder> fake: http://scavenger.homeip.net/rockdoc/.diff/LiveCDFAQ?revold=203&revnew=204
[22:05] <fake> blindcoder: hard to answer ;)
[22:08] <blindcoder> yeah, thought so
[22:09] <blindcoder> that's why I think adding something like "Send questions you want answers within a week to <ML-Address>. Anything that can wait a month or two may be asked here." :)
[22:15] <treo> gn8
[22:17] <blindcoder> that's the best idea I've heard all minute!
[22:17] Action: blindcoder ->start_sleep_cycle(8*60*60);
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[22:51] Action: netrunner just watched the sophie scholl movie.
[22:52] <daja77> how is it?
[22:53] Action: netrunner liked it. 
[22:56] <netrunner> no action there.
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[23:39] <mnemoc> how can i add spaces on a var_append space delimited?
[23:39] <mnemoc> var_append makeopt ' ' "foo=-DFOO -DBAR"  fails
[23:39] <mnemoc> var_append makeopt ' ' "foo='-DFOO -DBAR'"  fails
[23:39] <mnemoc> same with \' and \"
[00:00] --- Fri Feb 25 2005