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[02:30] <mnemoc> daja77: no, i haven't seen him in almost a month
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[08:40] <blindcoder> th: sounds nice
[08:41] <blindcoder> moin
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[14:23] <treo> hi
[14:48] <treo> brb...
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[15:14] <koalaboy> I need create a /dev filesystem for myselft, but MAKEDEV say: don't space left on device, what is wrong?
[15:15] <th> koalaboy: you don't need to create a filesystem.
[15:15] <koalaboy> yes
[15:15] <koalaboy> I just have a linux running
[15:15] <koalaboy> but I need allocate /dev in another partition
[15:15] <th> "allocate /dev in another partition"?
[15:15] <koalaboy> yes
[15:16] <koalaboy> put /dev/ in another partition
[15:16] <th> can you please give me the output of "df /dev"?
[15:16] <th> better "df -T /dev"
[15:17] <koalaboy> I just have /dev/ and this work fine, but I need move /dev/ to another partition and 'cp' dont work
[15:17] <th> why do you think you need to move /dev/ ?
[15:17] <koalaboy> because I need set / read-only and /dev/ read-write
[15:18] <th> please give me the output of "df -T /dev"
[15:18] <koalaboy> ok
[15:23] <koalaboy> say filesystem and type  : --
[15:23] <koalaboy> but it is mounted and have files
[15:23] <koalaboy> th, 
[15:24] <th> type --?
[15:24] <koalaboy> yes 
[15:24] <koalaboy> -
[15:24] <koalaboy> nothing
[15:24] <th> can you please lookup /dev in /proc/mounts?
[15:24] <th> and show me that line
[15:25] <koalaboy> yes
[15:25] <koalaboy> /dev/hda11 /dev ext3 rw,nosuid,nouser 0 0
[15:26] <th> oh wow.
[15:26] <koalaboy> sorry
[15:26] <koalaboy> /dev/hda11 /dev ext3 rw,nosuid,noexec 0 0
[15:26] <th> your /dev already is a partition on your own
[15:26] <th> and it is mounted rw
[15:26] <koalaboy> yes
[15:26] <th> so what was your problem again in first place?
[15:26] <koalaboy> one moment
[15:31] <koalaboy> I run MAKEDEV generic
[15:31] <koalaboy> and dont create all devices
[15:31] <koalaboy> maybe my number of inodes is full
[15:32] <koalaboy> h,
[15:32] <th> i dont understand why you want to have /dev on a non-virtual filesystem anyways
[15:33] <koalaboy> th, I need root-filesystem to be read-only
[15:33] <koalaboy> and some applications need /dev/ write access 
[15:33] <th> yea i understood that
[15:33] <th> i still dont understand why you want to have /dev on a non-virtual filesystem
[15:33] <koalaboy> so?
[15:34] <th> non-virtual as in "filesystem on a real physical disk|
[15:34] <koalaboy> what other option I have?
[15:34] <th> a ramfs
[15:34] <th> or a virtual filesystem like devfs
[15:35] <koalaboy> ok, 
[15:35] <koalaboy> I need then create a devfs in my dev partition
[15:35] <koalaboy> ?
[15:35] <koalaboy> no a ext3 fs
[15:35] <th> you dont need to create devfs. you only need to mount it
[15:36] <th> it's filled by kernel like some magic
[15:36] <koalaboy> a ok
[15:37] <koalaboy> another question
[15:37] <th> the better idea might be to use tmpfs and create the devices on boot time
[15:38] <th> (propably by letting udevd do that)
[15:40] <koalaboy> why?
[15:40] <th> why tha last idea is better than the devfs thing, or why both ideas are better than using ext3?
[15:41] <koalaboy> why tmpfs is better than devfs
[15:42] <th> Persistent naming for devices when they move around the device tree.
[15:42] <th> Notification of external systems of device changes.
[15:42] <th> A flexible device naming scheme.
[15:42] <th> Allow the kernel to use dynamic major and minor numbers
[15:42] <th> Move all naming policy out of the kernel.
[15:43] <koalaboy> humm... my devices are basics 
[15:43] <koalaboy> another question, I need replicate a directory tree to another, 
[15:43] <koalaboy> cp -ar ?
[15:44] <th> better use tar
[15:44] <koalaboy> ok
[15:44] <koalaboy> I try then, thanks
[15:44] <th> (cd /src ; tar c ) | (cd /trg ; tar xvsp )
[15:46] <koalaboy> ok
[15:49] <koalaboy> i am to compile my kernel 2.6 for devfs
[15:49] <koalaboy> but say OBSOLETE by udev 
[15:50] <koalaboy> udev is a extra path to 2.6?
[15:51] <koalaboy> th,
[15:53] <th> aehm
[15:53] <th> udev is the tmpfs thing i was talking about
[15:54] <th> the difference between them is who create (and names) the devices
[15:55] <th> for devfs it's the kernel
[15:55] <th> for udev it's the userland
[15:55] <koalaboy> a deamon?
[15:55] <th> yes
[15:55] <koalaboy> ok I try with devfs
[15:55] <th> and you have a daemon in both cases (devfs and udev)
[15:55] <koalaboy> but in devfs is optional
[15:55] <th> might be
[15:56] <th> do you exactly know the devices you need/have?
[15:56] <koalaboy> yes
[15:56] <th> perhaps you can go without any daemon
[15:56] <koalaboy> the basic
[15:56] <th> just create a tmpfs for /dev
[15:56] <th> and fill it at boot time
[15:56] <th> perhaps with tar
[15:56] <th> without udevd
[15:57] <koalaboy> I need basic componentes a server
[15:57] <koalaboy> no usb
[16:02] <koalaboy> th, devfs dont work, only a few devices are created, no harddisk devices
[16:02] <th> koalaboy: i doubt that
[16:02] <th> koalaboy: you propably only expect them in the "wrong" place
[16:03] <koalaboy> /dev/hda dont exists
[16:03] <th> koalaboy: exactly
[16:03] <koalaboy> then?
[16:03] <th> /dev/hda is /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc with devfs
[16:03] <th> you can let devfsd create compatibility links
[16:03] <th> so you get your /dev/hd[abc]
[16:04] <koalaboy> ok, I install devfsd then
[16:08] <blindcoder> hi
[16:10] Action: blindcoder now with encrypted swap, too :)
[16:10] <mnemoc> o_O
[16:10] <blindcoder> mnemoc: yes
[16:10] <mnemoc> why do you want that?
[16:10] <blindcoder> mnemoc: swap is encrypted with a random key at startup
[16:11] <[anders-mcafee]> blindcoder: and how does that work with swsusp?
[16:11] <blindcoder> mnemoc: easy: the login passwords are stored in clea in RAM. now, if those get swapped, they are in clear on the HD. If the laptop then gets stolen it is more or less trivial to read it
[16:11] <blindcoder> [anders-mcafee]: I have never used swsusp yet
[16:12] <blindcoder> [anders-mcafee]: but it should work fine since swapspace is simply on /dev/loop/1 instead of /dev/discs/disc0/part2
[16:12] <blindcoder> [anders-mcafee]: how does swsusp work?
[16:12] <koalaboy> th, I need a special block device en /dev a drbd0
[16:14] <th> koalaboy: you can just create it. but perhaps you find it somewhere in /dev
[16:15] <[anders-mcafee]> blindcoder: swsusp dumps some data onto the swap when closing the system down, and loads it all back in when you power on
[16:17] <blindcoder> [anders-mcafee]: which data? cat /dev/mem > /dev/swap?
[16:17] <koalaboy> [anders-mcafee], I have problems with swsusp over 2.6.10
[16:20] <blindcoder> [anders-mcafee]: that can probably only be checked by trying. anyway, I got to go back to work
[16:20] <blindcoder> bbl
[16:21] <[anders-mcafee]> blindcoder: only some data apparently.. not all.
[16:22] <[anders-mcafee]> koalaboy: it's only with 2.6.10 that it started working properly for me
[16:23] <koalaboy> when I run hibernate, kernel crush 
[16:23] <koalaboy> crash
[16:25] <th> i never had much luck with suspending in any form on my thinkpad
[16:25] <th> graphics is weird when coming back
[16:25] <th> even when i was in text-mode only.
[16:26] <[anders-mcafee]> th: the updated acpi scripts in debian works very well now.
[16:26] <th> what's in that script?
[16:26] <th> just something like echo 3 > /proc/acpi/something?
[16:28] <[anders-mcafee]> it isn't fool-proof, but works quite well
[16:28] <[anders-mcafee]> th: one moment
[16:29] <[anders-mcafee]> th: can you receive dcc ?
[16:29] <th> [anders-mcafee]: can you mail it to th@rocklinux?
[16:29] <th> .org
[16:29] <[anders-mcafee]> th: ok..
[16:29] <th> [anders-mcafee]: thanks a lot
[16:30] <th> how long does the hiber/de-hiber take?
[16:31] <th> and can i use WoL to get a system back?
[16:31] <th> yea sure 
[16:31] <[anders-mcafee]> th: uhm.. doesn't take that long, couple minutes to hibernate, max.
[16:33] <[anders-mcafee]> th: did you get it?
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[16:40] <th> [anders-mcafee]: yea thanks
[16:41] <th> ahh they screenblank before
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[16:42] <th> [anders-mcafee]: can you show me the prepare thing too? or gimme some url or package or something
[16:56] <[anders-mcafee]> th: prepare? 
[16:56] <th> [anders-mcafee]: . /etc/acpi/prepare.sh
[16:57] <[anders-mcafee]> th: tell you what, I'll tar up that dir. :)
[16:57] <th> [anders-mcafee]: thanks man
[16:57] <th> [anders-mcafee]: add /usr/share/acpi-support if it's not big
[17:00] <[anders-mcafee]> th: ok, on the way, let me know when it arrives
[17:19] <th> [anders-mcafee]: thanks. it arrived just two seconds after "< [anders-mcafee]> th: ok, on the way, let me know when it arrives"
[17:24] <[anders-mcafee]> hehe
[17:24] <[anders-mcafee]> it should contain almost everything you'd need. there is probably bits I have missed, just mail me with what you need and I'll send it
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[20:33] <blindcoder> GAH
[20:34] <blindcoder> forgot my power cable at work
[20:42] <mnemoc_> i forgot mine this morning at home :)
[20:43] <mnemoc_> but now i'm fully powered again 
[20:45] <blindcoder> well, I'm still at 88%
[20:46] <blindcoder> so I think I'll have power for up to two hours all in all
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