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[05:53] <madtux> hello.
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[09:47] <fake> yay!
[09:47] <fake> i have internet!!
[09:47] <daja77> yeah
[09:47] <fake> blindcoder: sonar data coming up!
[09:49] <netrunner> hi fake 
[09:54] <fake> sonar data sent.
[09:54] Action: fake heading to work ;)
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[10:13] <Skrizi> Has somebody built a minimal Image for 486 CPU and max. 96MB HDD?
[10:13] <Skrizi> I need it for an embedded PC system.
[10:14] <netrunner> Skrizi: such a small system could be built in a few hours :)
[10:15] <Skrizi> I have allready built one, but there were a few errors in some packages
[10:21] <blindcoder> fake: great :)
[10:27] <blindcoder> fake: I've enetered revision 5748 as revision number. Is this correct?
[10:41] <fake> blindcoder: i don't know - it was before the last commit
[10:41] <fake> blindcoder: it was from an rsync tree, so i wasn't sure, either...
[10:42] <fake> Skrizi: which errors in which packages?
[10:44] <Skrizi> I'm trying it again, ...
[10:45] <Skrizi> I'll ask later if there are further problems
[10:50] <fake> Skrizi: try now
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[11:36] <fake> aaaargh
[11:36] <fake> this gnome stuff sucks so badly
[11:53] <netrunner> :)
[12:00] Action: netrunner has many dirs like crystal.swp4618 in his config/ ... is that intended?
[12:08] <netrunner> how comes that one can select ghostscript-fonts as default printing system?
[12:37] <netrunner> could it be that I cannot simply dd a dvd and burn it, and then expect the burned to be also bootable?
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[13:49] <blindcoder> fake: any educated guess?
[14:06] <fake> blindcoder: hum?
[14:34] Action: daja77 back
[14:43] <netrunner> backebackekuchen...
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[14:44] <hannes__> rehi
[14:50] <fake> hi hannes__!
[14:50] <fake> hannes__: i have internet @home now! *jumpsaround*
[14:50] <fake> hannes__: can i call you later?
[14:51] <daja77> hi hannes
[14:51] <th> later: do you listen?
[14:51] <th> fake: i tried calling him later too, but he did not respond.
[14:52] <fake> th: ... the... pain...
[14:52] <th> what pain?
[14:53] <fake> the pain caused by bad jokes ;)
[14:53] Action: fake off to home
[14:53] <fake> cya - in 10 minutes - yay!
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[15:00] <DLCool> Hi All :)
[15:02] <daja77> hi DLCool 
[15:03] <netrunner> hi DLCool 
[15:09] <hannes__> fake: i already tried to call you!
[15:09] <netrunner> we should set up the rocklinux voip network :)
[15:10] <hannes__> netrunner: yeah ;)
[15:10] <netrunner> hannes__: I had a call to moldova yesterday. wonderful quality, only laarge delay.
[15:10] <netrunner> hannes__: quality was far better than telephone :)
[15:11] <hannes__> netrunner: cool!
[15:11] <hannes__> netrunner: and very cheaper ;)
[15:12] <netrunner> hannes__: sure :)
[15:12] <netrunner> hannes__: you know fwdout.net?
[15:12] <hannes__> netrunner: jap, i'm also registered there
[15:13] <hannes__> i only tried reaching the echo-service there ;)
[15:13] <hannes__> normally i call over the iax-links from my asterisk
[15:15] <hannes__> someone in hh?
[15:15] Action: netrunner skipped hh
[15:16] <hannes__> me too. i don't have enough money
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[15:35] Action: daja77 doing easterhegg at home ...
[15:55] Action: netrunner doing some sports (to justify using the sauna area afterwards ;)
[16:02] <daja77> ah clifford is active too ;)
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[16:24] <raphael> hello,
[16:24] <raphael> are there any bootdisks available for ROCK Linux?
[16:24] <raphael> (floppy disks)
[16:26] <daja77> iirc floppy images are created along with the bootdisk target
[16:26] <raphael> aha.. ok
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[16:56] <DLCool> bye All
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[17:07] <fake> http://johanna.sowa.ath.cx/~hannes/gallery/vienna01/acn
[17:07] <fake> hehehe
[17:09] <hannes__> ;)
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[17:43] <hannes__> yieeph! 2gb new ebooks
[17:46] <daja77> nice pics
[17:48] <hannes__> daja77: you mean the chair-action in vienna?
[17:48] <daja77> hehe
[17:48] <daja77> yes
[17:49] <hannes__> yeah, vienna rocks!
[17:50] <hannes__> my computer is nearly unusable while indexing all the ebooks :(
[17:51] <daja77> ^^
[17:51] <daja77> <- watching toy story
[17:51] <hannes__> <- cannot play mp3 because of swapping
[17:52] <fake> blindcoder: ping
[17:52] <fake> daja77: so am i
[17:53] <hannes__> toy story?
[17:53] <fake> ack
[17:53] <hannes__> is it currently in television?
[17:53] <fake> on RTL
[17:54] <fake> is there a rc-script for the ez-ipupdate stone module?
[17:57] <th> fake: what brand is that rack on pic 49?
[17:57] <th> fake: i'm searching one for my new home
[17:57] <fake> th: no idea
[17:57] <fake> th: it's nothing special i guess
[17:58] <fake> hannes__: i will get offers for voip-modules for that telephone system
[17:58] <hannes__> fake: what telephone system?
[17:59] <hannes__> and what voip-modules?
[17:59] <fake> hannes__ the auerswald rackmount system
[18:00] <hannes__> fake: ahh that neat white box in the rack
[18:01] <fake> exactly
[18:01] <fake> i got an analogue phone at my desk now
[18:02] <hannes__> fake: so i can write a script which checks if you are still in work?
[18:14] <daja77> damn commercial
[18:45] <daja77> hey that rocks, one of the game authors I contaced wrote a mail, wanting help to make his sw ready for packaging ;)
[18:59] Action: fake reachable via sip again
[19:01] <daja77> oh guess i have to try that somehow ...
[19:33] <netrunner> re
[19:36] <fake> netrunner: if you want to try your asterisk config again, my sip phone is now connected
[19:39] Action: netrunner relaxing his firewall rules a bit ...
[19:39] Action: daja77 wondering if fake is blogging again with the new inet connection
[19:40] Action: netrunner wonders why suddenly people in #rl start blogging years after the hype
[19:41] <netrunner> fascinating. kphone froze.
[19:41] <fake> netrunner: i heard nothing
[19:42] <fake> netrunner: you could give the new gnomemeeting a try.. it supports SIP
[19:42] <netrunner> fake: I heard something for a part of a second, then my kphone froze.
[19:42] <daja77> netrunner: i don't care about hypes ^^
[19:43] <netrunner> oh
[19:43] <netrunner> Mar 25 19:43:07 WARNING[114696]: chan_sip.c:2299 sip_alloc: Unable to create RTP session: Address already in use
[19:43] <netrunner> Mar 25 19:43:12 WARNING[114696]: rtp.c:860 ast_rtp_new_with_bindaddr: No RTP ports remaining
[19:43] <fake> o_O
[19:43] <fake> rtp ports are opened dynamically
[19:44] <netrunner> I gave him five. 
[19:44] <netrunner> ok, now I give him all 10k
[19:45] <netrunner> this dirty kphone crashed again. fake is sending evil vibes.
[19:45] <fake> no
[19:45] <fake> kphone sucks
[19:45] <fake> try sjphone
[19:45] <fake> or anything else
[19:46] <netrunner> hm.
[19:46] <fake> netrunner: trying it more often won't change the situation ;)
[19:46] <netrunner> heard an initial sound.
[19:46] <netrunner> fake: just tried with minisip
[19:46] <netrunner> ah stupid me
[19:46] <netrunner> Mar 25 19:45:45 NOTICE[1179666]: rtp.c:1120 ast_rtp_raw_write: RTP Transmission error to Operation not permitted
[19:48] <fake> nothing
[19:48] <fake> hey
[19:48] Action: netrunner grmls a bit
[19:48] <fake> this time, you hung up ;)
[19:49] <netrunner> it's using a weird port ... 32795 ...
[19:49] <fake> the port for rtp is dynamic
[19:50] <netrunner> yes, but in the range I specify, which is currently 10k-20k
[19:50] <fake> you may have to restart asterisk
[19:51] <fake> not just reload
[19:51] <netrunner> ah, maybe.
[19:51] <fake> nuescht
[19:51] Action: netrunner stomps on the floor.
[19:51] <fake> netrunner: i could try calling you
[19:52] <netrunner> oh. never tried that way ... (besides iax2
[19:53] <fake> hm, you should have a valid [generic] context= entry 
[19:53] <fake> in your sip.conf
[19:53] <fake> and the context should call you depending on extension in extensions.conf
[19:56] <fake> i hear you
[19:56] <fake> yes
[19:57] <fake> hm...
[19:57] <fake> weird
[19:57] <fake> :P
[19:57] <fake> can you call me again?
[19:57] <fake> i have the asterisk mointor open now
[19:57] <netrunner> ok. tcpdump shows many udp packets to you and none from you.
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[19:58] <fake> exactly
[19:58] <fake> can you call me once more?
[19:58] <fake> i think i'm onto something
[19:58] <fake> no firewall problem
[19:58] <fake> thx
[19:59] <fake>  is gsm
[19:59] <fake> can you change that to g726 ?
[19:59] <fake> change it in sip.conf disallow=all allow=g726
[19:59] <fake> it's the best tradeoff between bandwidth and quality
[20:01] <netrunner> hm. I have here disallowa=all and allow=ulaw
[20:01] <netrunner> no gsm.
[20:02] <fake> oh
[20:02] <fake> that's interesting
[20:02] <fake> it shouldn't use gsm then, anyways
[20:02] <fake> i mean in the global config
[20:02] <fake> not in the client-specific config
[20:02] <fake> you want ulaw between your local phone and asterisk, and g726 to and from the world
[20:02] <netrunner> Mar 25 20:02:37 WARNING[114695]: chan_sip.c:2772 process_sdp: No compatible codecs!
[20:03] <fake> ouch.
[20:03] <netrunner> allow=g726
[20:03] <fake> let me see...
[20:03] <fake> try now
[20:04] <netrunner> same setting=
[20:04] <netrunner> ?
[20:04] <fake> yes
[20:04] <fake> error on my side
[20:04] <fake> now i can't hear you anymore.
[20:04] <netrunner> ah. error duplicated? :)
[20:05] <fake> hm?
[20:05] <fake> this is weird.
[20:05] <fake> let me take a look at my firewall...
[20:06] <fake> uh
[20:06] <fake> i don't even have iptables installed, so that shouldn't be the problem
[20:06] <fake> and from the internet open host f4k3.net i send iax2 to my home box, which is open
[20:06] <fake> so i'm puzzled
[20:07] <netrunner> hm.
[20:07] <netrunner> fake: the last problem could have been at my side.
[20:08] <fake> well then, go go go
[20:08] <fake> .oO( maybe we should query... )
[20:24] <hannes__> re
[20:27] <netrunner> hiha
[20:28] <hannes__> fake: i have some really cool new music ;)
[20:28] <fake> hannes__: omg...
[20:29] <netrunner> positive with being single: you have the whole pack of toffifee for yourself :)
[20:34] <hannes__> netrunner: you are now single, too
[20:34] <hannes__> why currently a bad time for couples
[20:34] <hannes__> :(
[20:34] <hannes__> next to me is a very fresh single, too :(
[20:34] <netrunner> hannes__: fortunately only temporarly
[20:35] <netrunner> hannes__: I sent my lady 3 weeks to malta to learn english so she can irc here with us :)
[20:35] <hannes__> but sill bind()?
[20:36] <netrunner> yeah. 
[20:36] <netrunner> hannes__: you're alone?
[20:36] <hannes__> netrunner: jo
[20:36] <netrunner> hm. has good aspects and bad aspects.
[20:37] <hannes__> only had 1 gf and thats one year ago
[20:39] <netrunner> to me it's currently similar to being seperated. we lived together almost 3 years now, and now we don't see eachother 1month.
[20:41] <hannes__> but you are not a single, though
[20:41] <netrunner> true.
[20:41] <th> 1 month... thats hard
[20:41] <hannes__> i will now kiff my brain out of my heads
[20:42] <hannes__> :D
[20:42] <hannes__> bye!
[20:42] <netrunner> hannes__: come here and share :)
[20:42] <th> hannes__: that's been logged.
[20:42] <netrunner> hannes__: but it doesn't help.
[20:42] <hannes__> netrunner: just come to karlsruhe, no prob ;)
[20:42] <netrunner> th: well, maybe not to couples that see eachother once a week or so.
[20:43] <th> netrunner: no. but i live together with my gf for a long time now.
[20:43] <daja77> hm karlsruhe, that reminds me
[20:43] <hannes__> th: but i will not imagine what will happen, when they see each other again
[20:43] <th> netrunner: and two weeks was too much for me
[20:44] <netrunner> hannes__: *plonk*
[20:44] <netrunner> :)
[20:45] <netrunner> hm, 3h to drive ..
[20:45] <th> hey - there has to be some reimbursement for waiting so long
[20:45] <netrunner> th: *nodnod*
[20:49] <hannes__> netrunner: you could get a hotel-room near the airport ;)
[20:49] <hannes__> enough for today. bye!
[20:51] <netrunner> hannes__: hf
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[21:06] <netrunner> http://www.seamful.com/
[21:07] Action: netrunner downloading all to runn a full build.
[00:00] --- Sat Mar 26 2005