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[17:01] <veki> is it possible to install ock linux on RH 8.0?
[17:07] <daja77> on rh8?
[17:07] <fake> redhat 8
[17:08] <fake> though i have no idea about the deeper meaning of this question
[17:09] <veki> Are there any special dependency requirements on red Hat 8.0?
[17:10] <blindcoder> veki: you _do_ realize that ROCK Linux is more an alternative to RH8 than an application?
[17:10] <fake> depends. if he/she wants to build a distribution...
[17:10] <daja77> fake: yes I know rh8 just puzzled as you are
[17:10] <veki> I would liek to check Rock Linux on my Red Hat 8.0 machine and tolearn how to buid distro
[17:11] <veki> Ar there any installation issues?
[17:11] <daja77> I built rock linux on rh8 1.5 years ago, guess it would need a lot of tweaking
[17:12] <veki> What you recommend as easiest way, to install it cleanly n emoty HD or what?  please advise
[17:12] <daja77> install rock on a hd, and start building from there
[17:14] <fake> it is possible to build rock-based distributions on non-rock systems, though it should be considered an expert task.
[17:14] <veki> OK, if I understood you well you recommend me to  use blank HD at assuem that Rock is my favorited distro which I should use for buidling other distros.  Right? 
[17:14] <daja77> and rh8 is no good choice for that
[17:15] <daja77> veki: exactly
[17:15] <fake> non-rock systems tend to behave very undeterministic due to distributor patching.
[17:16] <veki> OK, I am in planning tsage and I plan to install Rock.  So I should use other machie and build it there in order to build other distros :-)
[17:16] <daja77> and think of old sed, mktemp and stuff
[17:16] <veki> May I expect help from you when it will come to that point?
[17:16] <fake> has any one of you ever had the 'joy' of administering a phion netfence system?
[17:16] Action: daja77 not
[17:17] <blindcoder> veki: yes, but you should have patience.
[17:17] <blindcoder> veki: people aren't here 24/7
[17:17] <daja77> veki: well if we can answer these questions 
[17:17] <fake> veki: from us, the mailing list, or the source code. though asking specific questions that show you tried yourself always make for better answers
[17:17] <blindcoder> veki: so answers can be time-dilated
[17:17] <veki> OK, no problem, I am accustomed to Linux and henceforth enormous patience:-)
[17:18] <blindcoder> :)
[17:18] <veki> :-)
[17:18] Action: fake is always astonished by how much patience is asked of you if you call companies for support...
[17:18] <blindcoder> fake: well, 8 business hours here :)
[17:19] <veki> I will let you know whet it will take place, I mean new adventure
[17:19] <fake> 8 hours, i can debug a lot in 8 hours ;)
[17:19] <blindcoder> fake: for a callback because Sun delivers b0rken hardware
[17:19] <blindcoder> fake: Solaris installer breaking with SIGILL on a Sun 440
[17:20] <blindcoder> fake: same CD-set working on two other 440s
[17:20] <blindcoder> oh, other CD-sets not working either
[17:21] <fake> phew
[17:21] <fake> silver support?
[17:21] <blindcoder> heh, support my ass
[17:22] <blindcoder> they couldn't even find the damn serial number in their support database
[17:22] <blindcoder> because the machine has only been delivered the very same day
[17:22] <fake> sunnies...
[17:22] <blindcoder> that means "warranty"-support
[17:22] <fake> yeah, like, they don't need to enter that number into the billing system
[17:23] <blindcoder> basically that means that they're treating a several-billion-euros-a-year-customer like the junk-dealer next door
[17:23] <blindcoder> well, but once the problem is found it is usually resolved quickly
[17:23] <fake> (which is almost 100% a completely different system, using a different database, that syncs with the support techies' system throught a cron-mysql-dump-and-copy script once a week..)
[17:23] <blindcoder> last time I got a spare systemboard within a few hours on the same day
[17:23] <blindcoder> that rocked :)
[17:24] <blindcoder> YGTBKM!
[17:24] <fake> i worked for sun.......
[17:24] <blindcoder> that's what scares me
[17:25] <fake> the different departments not always work close together. understandable, if you consider the size of the company
[17:25] <blindcoder> yeah
[17:25] <blindcoder> every company >500 people can burden itself with enough work that they can't deal with customers anymore
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[18:55] <blindcoder> Irq 19, nobody cared.
[18:55] <blindcoder> then suddenly network stopped working
[18:56] <blindcoder> and from there it went downhill :(
[19:21] <blindcoder> -su: ./scripts/Config: /bin/bash: bad interpreter: Permission denied
[19:21] <blindcoder> what the hell
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[22:00] <owl> moin
[22:09] <nookie_> hi owl 
[22:09] <owl> hi nookie_ 
[22:12] <nookie_> how are you?
[22:13] <owl> alive. thx. having "migraene" today :(
[22:13] <owl> and you?
[22:13] <nookie_> migraine :)
[22:13] <nookie_> I'm fine
[22:13] <owl> ah. thx ;)
[22:13] <nookie_> well, I'm lazy
[22:13] <owl> dito ;)
[22:14] <nookie_> I should learn for school. *g*
[22:14] <nookie_> should ;)
[22:14] <owl> and /me for final exams. 
[22:14] <owl> nah. not today ;)
[22:14] <nookie_> heh
[22:15] <owl> nookie_: yesterday my hamster died. and my new hamster is blind at one eye... but sweet ;)
[22:15] <nookie_> why is he blind?
[22:16] <nookie_> making food, brb
[22:16] <owl> nookie_: TA said "either she was injured once (with very deep wound) or it's from beginning"
[22:17] <owl> nookie_: guten hunger
[22:20] <nookie_> danke :)
[22:21] <nookie_> Magerquark with water
[22:21] <nookie_> yummy
[22:21] <owl> wuaeh. *puke*
[23:31] <owl> gn8
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[00:00] --- Mon Apr 18 2005