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[08:03] <blindcoder> moin
[08:04] <BoS_> moin
[09:01] <owl> moin
[09:01] <blindcoder> moin moin
[09:02] <owl> hi blindcoder 
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[10:28] <esdentem> moin
[10:28] <daja77> moin esden!
[10:28] <esdentem> hi daja77! ;)
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[10:36] <netrunner> hi esdentem 
[10:36] <netrunner> esdentem: why is it you appear here more regularly?
[10:37] <daja77> hm showing up since yesterday doesn't count as regularly
[10:41] <blindcoder> indeed :)
[10:59] <th> argh. busybox config kills me
[11:00] <th> ah process named "mconf" starts eating all system memory
[11:00] <th> and crashes at about 2.1G
[11:01] <netrunner> hm. will I loose much performance building inside an uml?
[11:01] <th> netrunner: try out and tell us.
[11:01] Action: netrunner planning his new server structure
[11:02] <netrunner> I want to put only core functionality in the main operating system and the other stuff in some virtuality.
[11:02] <netrunner> but I fear qemu degrades too much
[11:02] <th> propably
[11:02] <th> mnemoc_: need your help on this!
[11:02] <daja77> qemu stalls
[11:03] <netrunner> I even plan to remove the gcc from the low level os :)
[11:03] <daja77> oh no a new release two weeks ago ...
[11:04] <daja77> First release with support for the QEMU Accelerator. Full x86_64 and MMX/SSE/SSE2 emulation support.
[11:06] <th>             x="${c//\\*/[^ #]*}"
[11:06] <th>             x="^\(# \)\?\($x\)[= ].*\$"
[11:06] <th> love it
[11:06] <blindcoder> hoeh?
[11:07] <blindcoder> looks like one of cliffords hackmes :)
[11:07] <th> blindcoder: alessandro/busybox/functions.in 
[11:08] <blindcoder> okay... so... what's it do
[11:08] <th> good question
[11:09] <th> if i try to use it from target busybox config crashs
[11:10] <blindcoder> oh
[11:10] <th> a process "mconf" appears
[11:10] <th> and eats all RAM
[11:10] <daja77> hm alessandro != mnemoc_
[11:10] <blindcoder> nice
[11:11] <th> daja77: uh?
[11:11] <th> ahh true
[11:11] <daja77> mnemoc repo is named mnemoc ;)
[11:11] <th> [M] Alessandro Ferrari <famferr@tin.it>
[11:11] <th> [M] Alejandro Mery <amery@geeks.cl>
[11:11] <daja77> yes ...
[11:11] <th> better move busybox to his repo ;)
[11:12] <th> a good start in building busybox a better way is using make config instead of make menuconfig
[11:13] <th> or even make oldconfig
[11:13] <th> anyone ever felt like rewriting busybox config?
[11:14] <th> only talking of busybox.conf now
[11:15] <blindcoder> not even using bb
[11:15] <th> oh nothing wrong with that for me
[11:20] <th> seems like a run of "yes '' | make oldconfig" could fix it all.
[11:20] <th> .oO( One "make oldconfig" to fix them all... )
[11:22] <th> hmm no
[11:28] <th> var_append premake 1 'auto_config 2'          does not seem to get evaluated
[11:30] <netrunner> hook_add premake 1 'auto_config 2'
[11:31] <netrunner> var_append a b c =>  a := abc
[11:33] <th> oh
[11:33] <th> very true
[11:33] <th> that should be hook_add onl
[11:33] <th> y
[11:33] <th> strange
[11:33] <th> i was blindfolded
[11:34] <th> thats wrong in trunk too, right?
[11:34] <th> busybox.conf
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[11:36] <th> netrunner: can you confirm that?
[11:39] esdentem (~esdentem@apollo.bingo-ev.de) joined #rocklinux.
[11:40] <clifford> I can confirm it.
[11:40] <clifford> hi, btw.
[11:40] <th> clifford: thanks
[11:40] <th> hi cliff
[11:40] <esdentem> re hi all
[11:41] <clifford> strange: it's done right a few lines later:
[11:41] <clifford> hook_add postmake 9 'cp -v .config busybox.links $docdir'
[11:41] <th> yes
[11:41] <th> i added that
[11:41] <th> IIRC
[11:41] <th> or did something with it
[11:41] <th> perhaps i fixed that  - dunno
[11:41] <clifford> is it in your opinion save to fix that it trunk directly?  ;-)
[11:41] <th> yes
[11:42] <th> i'll do the same for stable
[11:43] <clifford> done in trunk.
[11:43] <clifford> for(var d,i=<>just</>,j=function(){d~=i~(defined(i=next[],i)?" ":""
[11:43] <clifford> );},just,another,SPL,hacker;defined i or({debug d;return 0;});j());
[11:43] <th> freak
[11:44] <clifford> no the perl people have to believe me that it is a real programming language..  ;-)
[11:44] <clifford> now
[11:44] <th> heh
[11:44] <th> fixed in stable
[11:45] <daja77> d'oh guess I messed that disable-broken.lst patch up
[11:45] <clifford> http://www.clifford.at/spl/manual.pdf (page 27) explains how the script is working..
[11:47] <daja77> clifford: should I send a fix patch or a new one?
[11:48] <clifford> I'd send a new one - but it doesn't make much of a difference.
[11:49] <daja77> ok
[11:58] <daja77> i thought smap could reverse apply patches
[11:59] <owl> wow. "arbeitsagentur" is a _very_ funny institution
[11:59] <daja77> ah ok, my fault ^^
[12:00] <blindcoder> sure is
[12:00] <blindcoder> they have a lot of fun on you
[12:00] <owl> blindcoder: nah. /me on them. had a talk with the net-admin which doesnt know who is the admin of the databases...
[12:00] <owl> well. heh, i
[12:00] <owl> m" reporter too :p
[12:01] <owl> (could make this story public)
[12:01] <owl> (and i am hating this keyboard)
[12:02] <owl> well - at least the net-admin didnt tell me that it's impossible to hack the DB... (which the people wanted to tell me yesterday)
[12:10] <blindcoder> hehe
[12:10] <owl> hm? 
[12:21] <daja77> damn, are the sf download urls broken again?
[13:06] <esdentem> puhh
[13:06] <esdentem> cu be back
[13:06] <owl> bye esdentem 
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[13:52] Action: clifford needs to hurt someone for this:
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[13:52] <clifford> http://www.clifford.at/priv/dependencies.ps
[13:52] blindcoder (~blindcode@dsl-082-082-097-196.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
[14:12] <daja77> omg
[14:13] <blindcoder> hm?
[14:13] <blindcoder> yes, my son?
[14:13] <clifford> https://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/smadm.cgi?i=2005051014114523639
[14:13] <clifford> .. and waiting fo the next ref build.  ;-)
[14:13] <daja77> dot generated image?
[14:14] <clifford> daja77: 2005030223111922149 .. whats about this one?
[14:14] <clifford> daja77: scripts/Check-Deps-2 generates then
[14:14] <clifford> .. yes: using dot. ;-)
[14:14] <daja77> I like dot, currently trying to draw parsetrees with that
[14:15] <daja77> hm I'll check for a new version, they are using fftw3 the yway we use it in svn for a while 
[14:16] <daja77> thing is that dl.sourceforge.net isn't working with the script anymore, at least it did not an hour ago
[14:18] <daja77> no new version ...
[14:19] <daja77> redirects are considered harmful
[14:19] <daja77> download/mirror/s/scummvm-0.7.1.tar.bz2.incomplete: HTML document text
[14:19] <clifford> yes - I know. a fix for that is very welcome..
[14:21] <daja77> hm curl -L might do the trick, I#ll try
[15:15] <netrunner> clifford: no problem, I wanted to redo them anyway :)
[15:15] <clifford> netrunner: good. I didn't want to offence anyone..
[15:18] <clifford> did anyone have a look already on "KQEMU" ;-)
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[15:21] <daja77> no
[15:21] Action: daja77 updating curl
[15:50] <clifford> fpt master is up2date now again.
[15:50] <clifford> ftp
[15:51] <clifford> th: there was a "grub" download missing in 2.0 ftp, I've downloaded that too..
[15:54] <daja77> *grmbl* they always redirect to mirror selection for manual mirror selection >_<
[15:55] <clifford> daja77: I'd also accept a patch which adds an hotfix especially for sourceforge downloads..
[15:57] <daja77> I think about one atm ...
[15:57] <mnemoc_> hi
[15:58] <mnemoc_> daja77, th: pong
[15:59] <daja77> mnemoc_: th confused you with allessandro ;)
[15:59] <mnemoc_> :D
[16:04] Nick change: mnemoc_ -> mnemoc
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[16:46] <esdentem> moin
[16:47] <mnemoc> hi esden
[17:06] <daja77> hm how can I make grep only to show the first match
[17:07] <mnemoc> grep | head -n 1
[17:07] <mnemoc> :)
[17:07] <daja77> ah d'oh ;)
[17:16] <esdentem> lol
[17:17] <esdentem> very nice online comic: http://underpower.non-essential.com/
[17:18] <netrunner> daja77: grep -m 1
[17:18] Action: netrunner trowing a rtfm in the channel
[17:18] <netrunner> :)
[17:18] <mnemoc> hi netrunner :)
[17:19] Action: netrunner going to russian course
[17:19] <mnemoc> can you read spanish? this comic is great: http://www.geeks.cl/~amery/Raulitio%20el%20Friki/
[17:19] <daja77> did not see -m one hm
[17:20] <mnemoc> "01 - ..." doesn't have spanish 
[17:24] <daja77> -m 1 doesn't work
[17:24] <daja77> anyway
[17:30] <esdentem> no my spanish is not good enough to read comics ;)
[17:30] <esdentem> sadly ...
[17:32] <th> daja77: no i did not
[17:32] <th> mnemoc: i know why that auto_conf for busybox did not work correctly
[17:32] <th> mnemoc: there was a /var_append/hook_add/ mixup
[17:34] <mnemoc> th: no idea the thing that was commited wasn't what i sent.... pre-submaster age, and busybox patch was depending on uclibc patch
[17:34] <mnemoc> th: uclibc was not commited and busybox 'fixed to work'
[17:35] <th> yea i remember
[17:35] <th> you never tried to get your changes in again?
[17:36] <mnemoc> i haven't got time to sync my tree with rock-trunk :(
[17:36] <mnemoc> it is on my todo but...
[17:36] <th> ok
[17:37] <mnemoc> i have lot of changes.... i have an xorg built against uclibc on a box here
[17:39] <th> i'd like to get xorg in stable
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[18:02] <mnemoc> th: you need a new stable for new stuff
[18:07] <daja77> bash is somehow annoying
[18:17] <clifford> daja77: why?
[18:20] <daja77> the error messages are not really helpful, working around that ;)
[18:24] Action: clifford away. (new ref. build running -> will write dep errors workaround when finished)
[18:24] <daja77> cu
[18:25] <daja77> that sf workaround will be ready soon I think
[18:26] <th> mnemoc: 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 and 2.0.6 it's all new stables
[18:26] <th> mnemoc: "old stable" will be
[18:26] <th> and
[18:26] <mnemoc> th: i dislike that, but that's your tree.
[18:26] <th> mnemoc: so we are free to stabilise step by step
[18:27] <th> mnemoc: we can even name it 2.2.0 if it's a big step
[18:27] <th> mnemoc: but we need more than one step to reach trunk-features
[18:28] <mnemoc> that's why trunk can't become 2.x
[18:28] <th> exactly
[18:34] <esdentem> cu guys
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[19:39] markuman (~markuman@p509272CB.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[19:39] <matto> hi there! i just installed rocklinux , used archlinux before, and i wonder how to allow a user to log in
[19:40] <mnemoc> useradd
[19:41] <matto> yes i did useradd -e 0 -f 0 -s /bin/bash -d /home/matto -g users matto
[19:42] <th> did you set a password?
[19:42] <th> and create the home directory?
[19:42] <mnemoc> did you create /home/matto ?
[19:42] <mnemoc> -m does that part
[19:43] <matto> yes i created /home/matto und did chown 
[19:43] <matto> ok
[19:44] <mnemoc> passwd ?
[19:44] <mnemoc> what problem do you have?
[19:45] <matto> i added -m but i still cant log in
[19:45] <matto> i also tried to add -p password
[19:45] <blindcoder> matto: which rock did you install?
[19:46] <mnemoc> matto: what error? what does the log say?
[19:46] <blindcoder> there's a bit of a pam problem in an older version
[19:47] <matto> oh i just downloaded a pair of "unofficial" cds from rocklinux.org i think it was crystal ROCK rev. 4641
[19:47] <blindcoder> ehm, yes
[19:47] <blindcoder> that one definately has it
[19:47] <matto> oh
[19:47] <blindcoder> you need to install cracklib manually
[19:47] <blindcoder> before you can set passwords
[19:47] <blindcoder> or you can just download the 5922 version :)
[19:47] <matto> it comes not with the cd?
[19:48] <blindcoder> no, that's a bug that has been fixed in the meantime
[19:48] <blindcoder> what system are you installing on?
[19:48] <matto> it was your build i think
[19:48] <blindcoder> yes, it was
[19:49] <blindcoder> but what hardware are you installing on?
[19:49] <matto> an old notebook k6-3 500 
[19:49] <blindcoder> hrm
[19:49] <blindcoder> can't install the 5922 build then
[19:49] <blindcoder> as it is done for pentium3
[19:49] <matto> yes
[19:49] <matto> this machine is 586
[19:49] <blindcoder> try installing cracklib
[19:49] <blindcoder> that should do the trick
[19:50] <matto> what exactly did i have to do? i have to switch network cable to go online with my notebook
[19:51] <th> cd /usr/src/rock-src
[19:51] <th> ./scripts/Update-Src
[19:51] <th> ./scripts/Emerge-Pkg cracklib
[19:51] <th> be sure to set up networking before
[19:53] <matto> mhh modprobe pcmcia_core failes (pcmcia network adapter) ... unresolved symbol memcmp
[19:54] <th> uhh
[19:54] <blindcoder> sounds ugly :/
[19:55] <matto> yes ill try to boot 2.6 kernel
[19:58] <matto> :-) startet vi with vi -y ... how to close it?
[19:59] <blindcoder> what's -y?
[19:59] <matto> easymode like evim
[19:59] <matto> modeless
[19:59] <blindcoder> oh
[19:59] <blindcoder> no idea
[20:00] <blindcoder> worst case: another terminal/: killall vim
[20:00] <matto> insert stand on the bottom 
[20:02] <th> markuman: with control-o
[20:02] <th> markuman: ^o then :q!
[20:03] <th> ^o put's you into command mode for exactly one command
[20:03] nick01 (~nick01@home-07031.b.astral.ro) joined #rocklinux.
[20:03] <nick01> hi
[20:03] <nick01> about the unofficial isos- do they have a installer ?
[20:03] <th> matto: i was talking to you. not to markuman 
[20:04] <th> nick01: yes
[20:04] <nick01> and the installer installs binaries ? :)
[20:04] <th> nick01: yes
[20:04] <nick01> and then it has some package management I can use to download and install source ?
[20:05] <th> yes if i do guess correctly what you mean
[20:05] <nick01> something like portage ?
[20:05] <th> sort of
[20:05] <nick01> emerge ?
[20:05] <nick01> how ?
[20:06] <blindcoder> nick01: http://doc.rocklinux.org/ tells you
[20:06] <blindcoder> hmm
[20:06] <blindcoder> oops
[20:06] <blindcoder> http://doc.rocklinux.org/wiki/
[20:06] <blindcoder> damn webserver
[20:06] <blindcoder> brb
[20:06] <nick01> kkk- where's the latest iso ? a athlon one maybe ?
[20:06] <th> nick01: do i look like a webbrowser?
[20:06] <th> nick01: go figure!
[20:07] <nick01> lol
[20:07] <nick01> I found some very recent ones but there were 3 cds
[20:07] <nick01> and for piii
[20:07] <blindcoder> the most recent one is for p3
[20:07] <blindcoder> with one cd
[20:07] <nick01> where ?
[20:07] <nick01> it will work on athlon right >
[20:07] <nick01> ?
[20:08] <blindcoder> ah, running again
[20:08] <blindcoder> no, won't work
[20:08] <blindcoder> you'll get SIGILL
[20:08] <nick01> :/
[20:08] <matto> editing woked, but kernel2.6.9 ends up with a kernel panic..... i think id better download a working pair of cds?
[20:08] <nick01> then which one should I get >?
[20:09] <blindcoder> there's a 2-cd set for pmmx which will work but has a bug wrt. pam that can be rectified by manually installing cracklib
[20:09] <th> there should be some recent crystal-emu sets
[20:09] <blindcoder> both of you might want to try this: http://iso.rocklinux.de/default.php?dir=/official/2.0-stable/2.0.3/crystal-emu/
[20:10] <th> or even the xmas preview
[20:10] <nick01> blindcoder: 2.0 ? I want the latest
[20:10] <blindcoder> that's the latest
[20:10] <daja77> hm no
[20:10] <blindcoder> the latest and greatest and buggiest is the 5922 
[20:10] <nick01> I mean unstable :P
[20:11] <blindcoder> well, then you'll have to build it from scratch by yourself
[20:11] <blindcoder> nick01: see http://doc.rocklinux.org/wiki/BuildingDistributions
[20:11] <blindcoder> for a HowTo
[20:11] <nick01> what about unofficial isos ?
[20:11] <blindcoder> as you can see, those are either broken or not for your processor
[20:11] <matto> how "old" ist 2.0.3 ?
[20:11] <daja77> a pity nookie did not report if my latest crystal worked for him
[20:12] <blindcoder> it's the recent -stable release
[20:12] <daja77> 2.0.3 half y year I guess
[20:12] <matto> ok thanks
[20:13] <matto> another question, how do i know if rocklinux is the right distribution?
[20:13] <matto> (for me)
[20:13] <blindcoder> a) by trying it
[20:13] <th> matto: the answer is no.
[20:13] <blindcoder> b) by defining what "the right distribution" is for you
[20:13] <nick01> blindcoder: your isos on the ftp- are they 2.0 or 2.1 ?
[20:13] <th> matto: cause it is NOT a distribution
[20:13] <blindcoder> c) by listening to th :)
[20:14] <blindcoder> nick01: TRUNK
[20:14] <blindcoder> nick01: 2.1 has been renamed
[20:14] <blindcoder> hmm
[20:14] <nick01> blindcoder: renamed TRUNK ? :d
[20:14] <blindcoder> should update doc
[20:14] <blindcoder> nick01: yes
[20:15] <blindcoder> nick01: see http://www.rocklinux.net/lurker/message/20050302.140013.c9f684a9.html
[20:16] <matto> i do not like debian and gentoo, and archlinux (on my other machine) is 686 up. i want a small system with few textfiles to configure it and a network tool to install software, like pacman and i thougt that rocket does the job?
[20:17] <daja77> it will do for crystal
[20:18] <th> matto: the point is that rock is not a distribution. it's a tool to build distributions on your own.
[20:19] <th> matto: and then there is crystal - a full featured reference distribution
[20:19] <matto> th: ok then i think i want crystal
[20:19] <blindcoder> th: any objection if I punch that into ROCKDoc for now?
[20:19] <th> blindcoder: you mean what i just said?
[20:20] <blindcoder> yeah
[20:20] <th> blindcoder: no objections at all.
[20:20] nick01_ (~nick01@home-07031.b.astral.ro) joined #rocklinux.
[20:20] <blindcoder> until I find time to write something real around it
[20:20] <th> blindcoder: it's propably a good idea - cause we are telling that over and over again
[20:21] <nick01_> k- so where do I get my trunk iso ?
[20:21] <th> nick01_: what do you think a trunk iso is?
[20:21] <nick01_> devel iso ?
[20:21] <th> nick01_: "trunk" is not a distribution
[20:21] <nick01_> I know
[20:21] <daja77> but there a still some isos to play with ...
[20:21] <nick01_> I want a iso
[20:21] <th> nick01_: "trunk" is a specification of a revision of the distribution build kit
[20:22] <th> nick01_: play with crystal
[20:22] <nick01_> so where do I find the latest iso ?
[20:22] <th> nick01_: at http://iso.rocklinux.de
[20:23] <nick01_> lol
[20:23] <nick01_> which one ?
[20:23] <th> which what?
[20:23] <nick01_> ISO !!!
[20:23] <th> the latest.
[20:23] <blindcoder> please, no shouting
[20:23] <matto> hi so is it worth to try crystal rev. 5370 from thomas "fake" jakobi 
[20:23] <blindcoder> we can read just fine in lowercase :)
[20:23] <nick01_> the latest is daja
[20:23] <blindcoder> that should be Mostly Bugfree(tm)
[20:23] <th> matto: "fake" only publishes high quality  ;-)
[20:24] <th> nick01_: then "daja"
[20:24] <nick01_> but there are more than one
[20:24] <th> nick01_: true
[20:24] <nick01_> a fake then ?
[20:25] <th> nick01_: i don't understand that question.
[20:25] <nick01_> from the fake dir :)
[20:25] <th> nick01_: these 4 words even contain no verb.
[20:25] <nick01_> lol
[20:25] <matto> th: ok! ;-) ill give that a try. 
[20:25] <matto> lol
[20:26] <nick01_> ftp://iso.rocklinux.de/unofficial/fake/
[20:26] <blindcoder> http://iso.rocklinux.de/default.php?dir=/unofficial/fake/crystal/x86/
[20:26] <th> nick01_: sorry - but it's hard for me to understand you if you dont use verbs.
[20:26] <blindcoder> only one crystal from fake
[20:26] <th> blindcoder: lost verbs too?
[20:26] <blindcoder> verbs for weaklings
[20:26] <blindcoder> real men everything! :)
[20:26] <th> oh i see
[20:26] <matto> is rocklinux a mostly german linux-build-kit whatever
[20:27] <nick01_> blindcoder: does it have KDE ? or gnome or what ?
[20:27] <th> verbs - bad things.
[20:27] <matto> lol
[20:27] <th> verbs - the enemy
[20:27] <blindcoder> nick01_: kde
[20:27] <th> no verbs anymore.
[20:27] <nick01_> blindcoder: what version ? the fake one I mean :P
[20:27] <blindcoder> crystal is a kde distribution if you want to say so
[20:27] <blindcoder> nick01_: 3.3.2 I think
[20:27] Action: nick01_ wants 3.4
[20:27] <blindcoder> then build your own
[20:27] <th> matto: it's roots are austrian.
[20:28] <th> matto: there is a developer gallery somewhere - you can do some statistics on the nationalities there ;-]
[20:28] <nick01_> isn't there a build with 3.4 ?
[20:28] <blindcoder> there is, for p3
[20:28] <nick01_> :(
[20:28] <matto> th: i am german ;)
[20:29] <th> matto: me too
[20:29] <blindcoder> nick01_: look at http://doc.rocklinux.org/wiki/BuildingDistributions
[20:29] <blindcoder> nick01_: to learn how to build your own
[20:29] <nick01_> :/
[20:29] <nick01_> that's too much
[20:29] <th> blindcoder: he propably has no computer.
[20:29] <th> blindcoder: so he cant build
[20:30] <blindcoder> livecd :)
[20:30] <nick01_> lol
[20:30] <daja77> blindcoder: and besides, rock should be usable without compiling ...
[20:30] <nick01_> I just don't wanna compile stuff like kde and x myself
[20:30] <blindcoder> daja77: it is
[20:31] <blindcoder> daja77: if you use the -stable releas and don't insist on bleeding-edge software
[20:31] <th> ...or are capable of working around some problems...
[20:31] Action: blindcoder nods sagely
[20:32] nick01_ (~nick01@home-07031.b.astral.ro) left irc: "Leaving"
[20:33] <matto> rocklinux has its own package format, does it? is there an "easy" to use building system (i mean setting up a directory and writing one ore two config files)
[20:33] <blindcoder> what do you mean witd building system?
[20:33] <th> there was a word missing
[20:33] <blindcoder> th: let me guess: a verb? :)
[20:34] <th> blindcoder: dont know. might be.
[20:35] <matto> blindcoder: archlinux has a so called building system. you have to make a directory and place a packagescript into it. then running makepkg makes a archlinux.pkg.tar.gz
[20:35] <th> ahhh
[20:35] <th> no
[20:35] <th> nothing missing
[20:35] <th> got it now
[20:36] <th> matto: yes there is an easy-to-use-building-system
[20:36] <th> matto: there is a generic build (486) build-bootstrap package selection
[20:36] <th> matto: you can easily extract it (tar) and build from within
[20:37] nick01 (~nick01@home-07031.b.astral.ro) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[20:37] <th> matto: only talking of 2.0-stable here.
[20:37] <th> dont know if there is a build-bootstrap-like distribution for trunk
[20:40] <blindcoder> livecd :)
[20:41] <blindcoder> there's also mkpkg and mine
[20:41] <th> is livecd finally capable of building a target?
[20:41] <blindcoder> yes
[20:41] <th> cool
[20:41] <blindcoder> at least to my knowledge
[20:43] <blindcoder> damn
[20:44] <blindcoder> don't you just hate that after reading/writing english for some time you start thinking in english?
[20:44] <daja77> hehe
[20:45] <matto> th: thanks
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