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[04:32] <madtux> hey there
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[05:35] <k9mateo> quien fue, me pegaron en la nuca...
[05:35] <k9mateo> epa
[05:36] <menomc> english here please
[05:36] <k9mateo> VIVA george bush
[05:36] <k9mateo> ok
[05:36] <k9mateo> : )
[05:36] <k9mateo> dead Ben laden
[05:36] <menomc> tony blair anyway ;)
[05:37] <k9mateo> genocidas
[05:37] <menomc> k9mateo: no political bashing please
[05:38] <k9mateo> ok
[05:38] <k9mateo> of which they speak then.
[05:41] <k9mateo> tony blair........................cerebro quemado
[05:41] <k9mateo> bye
[05:42] <menomc> bye k9mateo 
[05:43] <k9mateo> mery alejandro de donde sos?
[05:45] <k9mateo> mery alejandro ...where are you from?
[05:47] <menomc> chile, and you?
[05:48] <k9mateo> jajjaj........soy tu padre ...hijo mio...ARGENTINA
[05:52] <menomc> i have lot of .ar friends
[05:53] <k9mateo> o sudacas.cl......tambien
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[06:52] <madtux> re
[06:53] <mnemoc> hi codetux
[06:54] <madtux> hiho
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[07:42] <owl> moin
[07:43] <madtux> good day owlita
[07:43] <owl> hi madtux 
[07:43] <madtux> :)
[07:43] <owl> how are you?
[07:43] <madtux> i'm great... and yourself?
[07:44] <owl> dead. thx 
[07:47] <mnemoc> owl people doesn't type
[07:47] <mnemoc> s/owl/dead/ :D
[07:47] <mnemoc> .oO( what a freak typo =o
[07:47] <mnemoc> )o
[07:48] <owl> *lol*
[07:48] <owl> well. might i will not beable to type later this day...#
[07:51] <mnemoc> neither do i
[07:51] <owl> why?
[07:52] <mnemoc> i'm able to sleep 3 days on a round considering how tired i am
[07:52] <mnemoc> and you?
[07:52] <mnemoc> how is your new rat?
[07:53] <owl> oh yes. sleeping 3 days would be great ;)
[07:53] <owl> hamster :p she
[07:53] <owl> s currently lseeping
[07:54] <owl> ok. i called the devil. she 's runninw now
[07:54] <mnemoc> hehe
[07:54] <mnemoc> hide your fingers
[07:56] <owl> *g* behind gypsum? - well. maybe able to do so in some hours :(
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[07:58] <mnemoc> i guess i'll go to sleep a bit... i have to wake up in 2 hours
[07:58] <madtux> doesn't make sence to go tobed then
[07:59] <madtux> just stay up and code 
[07:59] <owl> nah, go to bed :p
[07:59] <mnemoc> in the last 8 days i have sleep two
[07:59] <madtux> okgo then
[08:00] <owl> O_O
[08:00] <mnemoc> i wonder if this 2 hours will count as a 'third day'
[08:00] <mnemoc> gn8 ;)
[08:00] <madtux> brb
[08:00] <madtux> night
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[08:00] <owl> gn8 mnemoc 
[08:01] <mnemoc> n8 owlinette
[08:05] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
[08:07] <owl> wb mnemoc 
[08:07] <owl> aeh. madtux 
[08:07] <madtux> danke eule.
[08:08] <owl> de nada
[08:09] <blindcoder> moin
[08:09] <madtux> master blindy
[08:09] <madtux> :)
[08:09] <blindcoder> heh
[08:09] <blindcoder> moin madtux 
[08:09] <madtux> howdy?
[08:09] <blindcoder> howwhat?
[08:10] <madtux> how are u
[08:10] <blindcoder> oh
[08:10] <owl> moin blindcoder 
[08:10] <blindcoder> fine, lost 8 kilo in the last two months
[08:10] <blindcoder> moin owl 
[08:10] <madtux> congratz
[08:10] <blindcoder> thanks
[08:12] <blindcoder> *zzz*
[08:12] <blindcoder> I could go straight back to bed :/
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[09:35] <ija> good morning
[09:38] <owl> hi ija .
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[10:04] <daja77> hi madtux 
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[10:14] <esden_> hi ho everyone
[10:14] <daja77> moin esden
[10:34] <blindcoder> moin esden_ 
[10:35] <netrunner> alt.binaries.e-books.german
[10:36] <netrunner> for those who want to read sueddeutsche as pdf :)
[10:36] <blindcoder> is the munich local part in there?
[10:39] <netrunner> jup
[10:39] <blindcoder> then I might be interested :)
[10:42] <netrunner> hm, at least according to the index.
[10:43] <netrunner> yes, it is. I recommend acrobat reader, xpdf rendering is slow with this beast of a pdf
[10:44] <blindcoder> I rarely use anything else than acroread :)
[10:45] <netrunner> oh, xpdf is really cool.
[10:45] <netrunner> it's e-book btw, without s.
[10:45] <blindcoder> I see
[10:46] <blindcoder> well, can only check once I'm home anywa
[10:46] <blindcoder> y
[10:47] <owl> .oO( where is an public newsserver... ?)
[10:49] <netrunner> biggulp.readfreenews.net
[10:49] <owl> thx ;)
[10:49] <netrunner> just found it last week. interesting all those binary newsgroups.
[10:49] <owl> .oO( strange hostname )
[10:49] <netrunner> owl: be careful, only 2 simultaneous connects, or you get banned :)
[10:50] <owl> netrunner: oh. nice. :( 
[10:50] <owl> simultaneous in what way?
[10:50] <netrunner> parallel
[10:50] <owl> ahso. well. ok ;)
[10:50] <owl> i can live with that
[10:51] <owl> hm. guess i will try it after visiting the "chirurg"... might he will remove my finger. guess it
[10:51] <owl> s not as painful as tiping without tape on finger
[10:52] <owl> bye, bye. whish me luck, please. thx
[10:53] <netrunner> bye
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[12:33] <_hannes> re
[12:35] <esden> huhu hannes
[12:37] <esden> ok ... once more off
[12:37] <esden> cu
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[13:16] <owl> re
[13:19] <blindcoder> wb
[13:19] <owl> thx
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[14:14] <clifford> daja77: ping!
[14:14] <daja77> clifford: pong
[14:14] <clifford> if [[ $url = *sourceforge* ]]; then
[14:15] <clifford> .. does that really apply to all  *sourceforge* URLs ?
[14:15] <netrunner> no
[14:15] <netrunner> some are .sf.net
[14:15] <daja77> huh? may I ask why ...
[14:15] <clifford> I ment: should the hack be used for everything that matches *sourceforge* ?
[14:16] <clifford> .. or just dl. and download. ?
[14:16] <daja77> should it match sourceforge.net instead?
[14:17] <daja77> you mean so it doesn't match sf cvs urls?
[14:17] <clifford> E.g.: http://bluez.sourceforge.net/download/bluez-utils-2.15.tar.gz
[14:18] <netrunner> daja77: I guess clifford just found a hack somewhere and wonders what it is supposed to do
[14:18] <clifford> .. just works as it is entered in the .desc file
[14:19] <daja77> ah nice, the dl urls we used are not working hm
[14:19] <netrunner> download urls will not be fixed as you are supposed to download from the mirror ;)
[14:20] <clifford> but I (or you as package maintainer) need to be able to download it in the first place.
[14:20] <daja77> lemme try this for scummvm
[14:21] <daja77> seems to be special to bluez ... strange
[14:22] <netrunner> maybe they but the files in their homepage dir instead of the download system.
[14:22] <daja77> I guess so
[14:22] <clifford> yes. that's what I ment.
[14:22] <daja77> crap
[14:23] <clifford> that's why I wondered if [[ $url = *sourceforge* ]] is a wise decision..
[14:23] <daja77> didn't know about projects not using that mirrors
[14:24] <daja77> s/sourceforge/dl.sourceforge.net/ then?
[14:24] <clifford> what is the difference between download. and dl. ?
[14:25] <daja77> erh download is no virtual host but a directory
[14:25] <daja77> that url is bluez.sf.net <- normal project address
[14:27] <clifford> E.g.: http://download.sourceforge.net/corewars/corewars-0.9.13.tar.gz
[14:27] <clifford> (refered in package/kasc/corewars/corewars.desc)
[14:28] <daja77> 404 Not Found
[14:29] <clifford> I did just download the file.
[14:29] <clifford> For me it looks like dl. is showing you the menue and download. does an automatic redirection..
[14:30] <daja77> hm downlaod shows me the menu in mozilla
[14:30] <daja77> so I guess dl and download is the same, well I thought we once cleared all sf addresses to one scheme ...
[14:31] <daja77> ah no you are right
[14:32] <daja77> download does automatically select a mirror, just that the mirror it selected is currently down
[14:32] <daja77> ^^
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[14:44] <clifford> http://snipurl.com/et1w
[14:44] <clifford> .. looks like SPL is in violation of this US patent. ;-)
[14:44] <mnemoc> moin
[14:45] <blindcoder> wouldn't bashs 'trap' command violate it, too?
[14:46] <daja77> hi mnemoc 
[14:46] <mnemoc> hi daja77 
[14:47] <clifford> no - i don't think so. they discribe a very specific way of doing exception handling.
[14:47] <blindcoder> I see
[14:48] <clifford> how special sections must be added to the stack to document which exceptions are catched where, etc.
[14:48] <clifford> And it looks like the SPL VM implementation is close enough to what they did.
[14:48] <daja77> :/
[14:51] <esden> cu
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[15:05] <daja77> using stack memory is not that new ...
[15:23] <netrunner> hm. does -l need to be before the .o that needs it in a g++ call?
[15:36] <clifford> no. after it.
[15:36] <netrunner> thx. I darkly remembered something about the order being of importance ..
[15:37] <daja77> clifford: any suggestions, ideas for that sf problem
[15:37] <daja77> ?
[15:37] <netrunner> but the error was more that wxwidgets was not built statically
[15:37] <clifford> but my test only makes a difference between two -l and not -l and .o .. strange.
[15:39] Action: netrunner falling asleep in cryptoanalysis ...
[15:39] <daja77> not good ...
[15:48] <clifford> daja77: are you sure that .download does exactly what we want?
[15:48] <daja77> no
[15:49] <daja77> no as in, I am not sure
[15:49] <clifford> ok. I was afraid that you would say that..
[15:49] Action: netrunner just used dl.sourceforge.net again and it worked fine.
[15:50] <netrunner> maybe they have one mirror freaking out.
[15:50] <daja77> ok downlaod now worked with mozilla, but not with curl
[15:50] <clifford> no. I almost ever get to mirror selection pages using my webbrowser and can't remember when ./scripts/Download has sucsessfully download one this this files here..
[15:50] <netrunner> do you have a different curl version?
[15:51] Action: clifford back in a few minutes..
[15:51] <netrunner> clifford: yes, you get there if you append a ?download to the url of the file.
[15:51] <netrunner> and use the first part that is not download but something I dont remember right now.
[15:51] <daja77> hm wrong again download worked with curl now
[15:52] <daja77> damn
[15:52] <daja77> netrunner: we did not append downlaod to that url ...
[15:53] <daja77> dl now worked too
[15:53] <daja77> this annoys me somehow
[16:00] <netrunner> damn, 27 patches in my queue :/
[16:01] <daja77> <- flashing the queue more often ^^
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[18:08] <daja77> th: I am trying to download stuff for a 2.0 build, but quite a lot of the packages can't be downloaded, shouldn't that stuff be on the mirror?
[18:09] <th> yes
[18:09] <th> what package?
[18:09] <daja77> XFree, pkgconfig, bin86, cups ...
[18:09] <th> what mirror then?
[18:10] <th> nothing changed on these urls.
[18:10] <th> something broken on your side
[18:10] <th> ?
[18:10] <daja77> oh interesting
[18:10] <daja77> INFO: Testing <Czech - ftp.sh.cvut.cz (HTTP)> ... ok 0,000
[18:10] <daja77> scripts/Download: line 249: [: 0,000: integer expression expected
[18:10] <daja77> INFO: No Mirror Found!
[18:10] <daja77> that would explain ...
[18:12] <daja77> haven't noticed on the last run
[18:25] Action: netrunner testing his new usv ... 12 minutes on battery and the battery indicator didn't move ...
[18:25] <madtux> re
[18:26] <netrunner> hi maddy
[18:26] <madtux> nety!! so nice to see you
[18:28] <daja77> hi madtux 
[18:28] <_hannes> re
[18:29] <daja77> wb
[18:29] Action: netrunner suspecting the usv will hold >30 minutes
[18:29] <madtux> danke.
[18:29] <netrunner> which is cool
[18:30] <_hannes> hehe, terror-warning in washington
[18:30] <netrunner> _hannes: source?
[18:31] <_hannes> tagesthemen.de
[18:35] <daja77> hm does laura telling stories about george w. again?
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[18:57] <madtux> re
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[20:53] <owl> re
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[21:23] <blindcoder> g'evening
[21:36] <th> how to convert a putty-public/private key pair to openssh format?
[21:37] <blindcoder> no idea
[21:53] <th> ahh puttygen can do that nativly
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[23:21] <matto> hi! booting crystal rev 5370 x86-pentium-mmx cd ends with kernel panic on a notebook with k6-3 500mhz
[23:53] <matto> w.alinux.org
[00:00] --- Thu May 12 2005