[00:16] <daja77> hah nice 
[00:16] <daja77> == 05/19/05 23:56:48 =[1]=> Finished building package linux26.
[00:16] <daja77> worked in 2.0 now ^^
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[07:26] <netrunner> 2983 builds total, 1153 completed fine, 20 with errors.
[07:26] <netrunner> and build ended.
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[08:21] <blindcoder> moin
[08:44] <netrunner> moin blindy
[08:44] <blindcoder> moin moin
[09:08] <owl> moin
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[09:19] <netrunner> interesting. I find build .errs via google on rl.net dated today :)
[09:19] <blindcoder> heh
[09:49] <clifford> moin
[09:49] <blindcoder> moin clifford 
[09:49] <daja77> moin clifford 
[09:50] <owl> moin netrunner , clifford , daja77 , blindcoder ;)
[09:54] <netrunner> moin wol, clifford
[09:54] Action: netrunner fighting with wxpython
[09:58] <owl> netrunner: wol? *grummel*
[09:58] Action: daja77 ran into 2.6 kernel header trouble as th expected :)
[10:00] <netrunner> http://www.golem.de/0505/38129.html
[10:15] <th> daja77: should be a matter of merging the right patches from trunk, hmm?
[10:16] <th> daja77: i'd like to take this step
[10:16] <th> daja77: if you need help - tell me.
[10:22] <daja77>  [1] 1080 base/util-linux                [1] 1080 base/net-tools
[10:22] <daja77>  [3] 1080 base/util-linux                [3]   0 base/lvm
[10:22] <daja77>  [3]   1 base/sysklogd                   [5]   0 base/xfsprogs
[10:22] <daja77>  [5]   0 base/mtools                     [5]   0 base/ifplugd
[10:22] <daja77> stopped at this
[10:24] <th> i'd be interested in err files for lvm and xfsprogs
[10:24] <th> daja77
[10:25] <daja77> th: I could mail them along with the patch for the kernel updates?
[10:25] <th> does the patch apply correctyl on 2.0-stable head?
[10:26] <daja77> well I'll svn diff it from 2.0 head, so it should
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[10:26] <th> k - cool then.
[10:26] <th> send me
[10:26] <praenti> moin.
[10:26] <th> moin praenti 
[10:26] <owl> hi praenti 
[10:26] <praenti> blindcoder: are you available at the moment?
[10:27] <blindcoder> praenti: a bit, yes
[10:29] <daja77> oh have to clean it up ...
[10:33] <th> daja77: what target are you doing your builds with?
[10:34] <th> daja77: you can send me the changeset as one big patch too - i'd fire my own build with it then
[10:37] <daja77> generic - minimal package selection
[10:37] <daja77> mom pls still fiddling with the kernel patches 
[10:37] <th> did not use this pkgsel for a long time. did everything with bbs only
[10:39] <daja77> might be more minimal than minimal itself
[10:39] <th> in fact bbs is just a rewrite of minimal
[10:54] <clifford> phew.. I get the impression that Create-DepDB takes even longer than the reference build.. ;-)
[10:55] <daja77> hehe
[10:55] <daja77> how long for now?
[10:56] <clifford> just a few minutes. but I'm actively waiting for it to finish..
[10:58] <daja77> *gg*
[11:57] <netrunner> damn, it is really annoying when packages are not in the dep_db :(
[11:57] <netrunner> clifford: do you update the dep_db after each refbuild?
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[11:58] <netrunner> or would it be feasible to create it myself?
[12:00] <netrunner> on the other hand, it speeds up my build dramatically if the whole gnome fails because gnome-menus would be built at the end of the stage
[12:02] <clifford> netrunner: I'm doing that right now.
[12:02] <clifford> (see my message above)
[12:03] <daja77> ^^
[12:11] Action: netrunner hopes to be able to merge related sm patches after this build
[12:13] <netrunner> sm queue | grep "^r" | wc -l
[12:13] <netrunner>      65
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[15:33] <daja77> hi rolla 
[15:50] <owl> moin rolla 
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[17:08] <clifford> hmm.. 'mine' is segfaulting massively here..
[17:12] <daja77> new version?
[17:12] <clifford> root@murphy:/# mine -rfs control-center
[17:12] <clifford> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
[17:13] <clifford> .. this is not good.
[17:13] <daja77> no ...
[17:13] <clifford> yea - we had some changes lately. (for postinstall scripts)
[17:13] <daja77> .oO (util-linux is annoying)
[17:18] <clifford> have to look into the mine problem later..
[17:19] <clifford> if anyone can reproduce the problem.. feel free to debug.. ;-)
[17:22] <daja77> does anyone remember such an error happening in the past?
[17:22] <daja77> i586-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc-3 -s getopt.o -o getopt
[17:22] <daja77> /lib/libc.so.6: undefined reference to `__libc_stack_end@GLIBC_2.1'
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[19:25] <netrunner> build state 42%
[20:15] <netrunner> http://gamefiles.blueyonder.co.uk/blueyondergames/trailers/ROFL.STARWARS.NERDS.wmv
[20:16] <netrunner> *rofl*
[20:21] <blindcoder> netrunner: I always wonder how you come up with that stuff again and again :D
[20:21] <netrunner> link lists, other channels ...
[20:22] <blindcoder> still I don't like it when minorities are being made fun of
[20:22] <blindcoder> deserving as it may be :)
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[21:13] <owl> denglish
[21:14] <blindcoder> where?
[21:14] <blindcoder> I prefer Engrish, though
[21:14] <owl> blindcoder: here:  ["Konversation terminated!"]
[21:14] <owl> engrish?
[21:14] <blindcoder> ah
[21:14] <blindcoder> www.engrish.com
[21:15] <owl> grunz. i'm on a new system. no browser yet
[21:15] <blindcoder> telnet :D
[21:15] <owl> telnet - haha
[21:15] <owl> nah, but links ;)
[21:15] <blindcoder> :D
[21:16] <owl> eeeeeeeeeeks. skype website promising wrong things
[21:16] <blindcoder> hm?
[21:16] <owl> wtf ist a libdbus-1.so.0-library? O_o
[21:17] <blindcoder> it's part of freedesktop.org
[21:17] <owl> sigh. 
[21:17] <owl> thx
[21:17] <blindcoder> it's an IPC library
[21:17] <owl> ipc?
[21:17] <blindcoder> interprocesscommunication
[21:17] <blindcoder> are you the FIAE or am I? :)
[21:18] <owl> you. never heard of it. but doesnt matter. i learned nothing, and really nothing... (at company and school)
[21:19] <blindcoder> heh, just like my FISI education :)
[21:19] <owl> wonderful. now we can jump in front of the next available train. ;)
[21:19] <blindcoder> nah
[21:20] <blindcoder> another day, not today
[21:20] <owl> damnit. today is one of those very seldom days i'm in the mood to jump
[21:22] <owl> bwauergs! it needs python. python. python!!!!arg. damn. shit!!! *pukes*
[21:26] <owl> and error 2. grunz
[21:28] Nick change: SMP_ -> SMP
[21:29] <owl> hi SMP 
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[23:49] <daja77> hi esden 
[23:53] <esden> hi daja77 
[00:00] --- Sat May 21 2005