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[08:17] <owl> moin...
[08:27] <clifford> moin.
[08:31] <owl> hi clifford 
[08:34] Action: clifford is 1.5 hours to early at work.. so tired..
[08:35] <owl> hehe. 
[08:35] <clifford> ..not.. ..funny..
[08:43] <owl> *g* it is :p
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[09:12] <netrunner> clifford: by accident?
[09:13] <owl> could be interesting for you, rock-devs: http://code.google.com
[09:48] <blindcoder> moin
[09:50] <owl> hi blindcoder 
[09:53] <blindcoder> moin moin owl
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[15:38] <netrunner> how do I prevent a package from being built while still staying active so pkg_foo_post.conf will be evaluated?
[15:39] <tfing> add a void main() function in the pkg_foo_post.conf ?
[15:41] <netrunner> what I want to do: package/avm/moznx ... a mozilla plugin for nx.
[15:41] <netrunner> it should have pkg_{mozilla,firefox}_post.conf that build and install the plugin when the respective browser is built.
[15:42] <netrunner> but it is useless to have moznx in the pkgloop, since it only adds itself to the other package
[15:42] <netrunner> an empty custmain would do, but I don't like the solution.
[15:45] <blindcoder> netrunner: see package/blindcoder/mozilla_searchplugins
[15:45] <blindcoder> netrunner: the plugins should be seperate from mozilla/FF
[15:45] <blindcoder> at least that's what I thought last time
[15:54] <netrunner> blindcoder: but you only extract stuff. I need to compile within the mozilla tree.
[15:54] <netrunner> and more: within a compiled mozilla tree.
[15:54] <blindcoder> I see
[15:54] <netrunner> no doubt I could recompile mozilla, but that would another hour to the build time :)
[15:54] <blindcoder> what is this moznx?
[15:55] <netrunner> a nx client
[15:55] <netrunner> I also added freenx, a free nx server.
[15:56] <blindcoder> this vnc-replacement?
[15:56] <blindcoder> not the no-execute-fluff?
[15:56] <netrunner> nomachine x protocol compression
[15:56] <blindcoder> okay, the vnc-replacement
[15:57] <netrunner> not really. helps you start remote applications and transport them to your local display. vnc captures the screen and forwards your input.
[15:57] <blindcoder> well, it does the same on the user-level
[15:58] <netrunner> no. vnc does not forward single applications, but the whole screen.
[15:59] <blindcoder> okay, then it's a DISPLAY=foo:0.0 replacement
[15:59] <netrunner> almost :)  s/replacement/compression addon/
[15:59] <blindcoder> ssh -CX
[16:00] <netrunner> faster.
[16:00] <blindcoder> on a 1.8 GHz machine :)
[16:00] <netrunner> think about using a kde application over gprs :)
[16:00] <netrunner> blindcoder: that has nothing to do with computation speed but with line speed.
[16:00] <netrunner> blindcoder: with nx compression, you can even _use_ complex ui's over low bandwith connections.
[16:00] <blindcoder> oh
[16:01] <blindcoder> okay :)
[16:01] <netrunner> I saw a presentation last year on linuxtag. halfway during the presentation, he mentioned the presentation would be coming over gprs with his handy from a server in italy :)
[16:01] <netrunner> _that_ was impressive :)
[16:02] <blindcoder> heh
[16:04] <netrunner> blindcoder: do you use any SIP gateway provider?
[16:05] <blindcoder> no
[16:05] <blindcoder> due to lack of an installed client
[17:05] <netrunner> ok, idea: use a mozilla/plugin-moznx.conf sourced from mozilla.conf. can be extended for more plugins. plugin can be split out. and mozilla.conf is used by firefox also.
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[17:35] <treo> hi
[17:37] <netrunner> [pid  5302] open("/opt/*/lib/libglib-2.0.so.0", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or
[17:37] <netrunner>  directory)
[17:37] <netrunner> /opt/gnome26/lib/libglib-2.0.so.0
[17:37] <netrunner> how can that be?
[17:39] <netrunner> the opt/* must be from /etc/ld.so.cache ...
[17:40] <netrunner> yes. it makes ld stumble. 
[17:42] <netrunner> bbl
[17:43] <netrunner> for discussion: solution was to add /opt/gnome2/lib to /etc/ld.so.conf, what about it?
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