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[08:09] <blindcoder> moin
[08:19] <daja77> moin
[08:53] <esden> moin
[08:58] <blindcoder> moin daja77, esden 
[09:13] <blindcoder> damn, I could go straight back to bed
[09:39] <blindcoder> okay, captcha system implemented in rockdoc
[09:57] <blindcoder> well, so much for that idea
[11:06] <madtux> yar
[11:06] <blindcoder> moin madtux 
[11:07] <blindcoder> madtux the pirate!
[11:07] <madtux> pirate??
[11:07] <blindcoder> yarr
[11:07] <madtux> :P
[11:09] <blindcoder> so, how's .cr?
[11:09] <blindcoder> been to a local coffee shop last saturday where they also had costa rican coffee
[11:09] <blindcoder> they said it's the lightest coffee in existence :P
[11:10] <madtux> what brand?
[11:11] <madtux> cr is doing... lots of rain in this days
[11:11] <blindcoder> hmm, don't remember, would have to check next time
[11:11] <blindcoder> heh, it's freaking hot here
[11:11] <madtux> bah
[11:11] <madtux> keep your warm weather..
[11:11] <blindcoder> I'm preparing to build an AC from a ventilator and copper
[11:11] <madtux> i am happy with my rain, darkness, fog, lightnings
[11:11] <madtux> :)
[11:12] <blindcoder> heh
[11:12] <madtux> interesting
[11:12] Action: blindcoder keeps all the warm weather
[11:12] <blindcoder> http://www.eng.uwaterloo.ca/~gmilburn/ac/
[11:12] <blindcoder> that one
[11:12] <madtux> u could come
[11:13] <madtux> pretty cool dude
[11:13] <blindcoder> as much as I'd love to, I have to prepare for a business travel to turkmenistan
[11:13] <blindcoder> at least, I hope to
[11:13] <blindcoder> because as of now, nothing about that is certain anymore
[11:13] <madtux> well keep in mind that you will always be welcome here.
[11:14] <madtux> listen i need to do something be back in a while
[11:14] <blindcoder> okay, see you
[12:44] IronRoses (~IronRoses@81-86-150-70.dsl.pipex.com) joined #rocklinux.
[12:44] <IronRoses> hi
[12:44] <IronRoses> just got rock linux through ythe post fropm uslinux.co.uk
[12:44] <IronRoses> which disc do I put in firstr, I have threew here
[12:45] <blindcoder> well, the first one, obviously :)
[12:45] <blindcoder> http://doc.rocklinux.org/wiki/InstallationUsingCD
[12:45] <IronRoses> which disc is which though, the morons have put hand writing onto it with no numbers
[12:46] <IronRoses> I have BBS insytall, emul install and rescue cd
[12:46] <blindcoder> emul install
[12:46] <blindcoder> BBS and rescue are different targets which you probably don't want :)
[12:47] <blindcoder> BBS is this: http://doc.rocklinux.org/wiki/BuildBootStrap
[12:47] <blindcoder> and rescue is this: http://doc.rocklinux.org/wiki/RescueSystem
[12:47] <blindcoder> neither of which is something you'll need
[12:48] <IronRoses> sorry, crystal Emy install, whats this?
[12:50] IronRoses (~IronRoses@81-86-150-70.dsl.pipex.com) left irc: "Leaving"
[12:51] <blindcoder> :P
[12:57] <esden> 2 minutes no response and then leaving
[12:57] <esden> how unpatient ... 
[12:57] <blindcoder> well, I don't care
[12:57] <blindcoder> it's his box :)
[12:57] <esden> ack
[12:57] <blindcoder> so, how are you?
[12:58] <blindcoder> I could fall asleep right now :(
[12:58] Action: esden too
[12:58] <esden> and in one hour I have an exam ... >_<
[12:58] <blindcoder> uwah
[12:58] <blindcoder> sleeping during exam
[12:58] <esden> I ate a pizza ... that makes so sleepy
[12:58] <blindcoder> must be nice :D
[12:59] <esden> till now the exams here were pretty easy ... in comparison to TUM
[12:59] <esden> that is a really nice relaxing feeling ;)
[13:00] <blindcoder> don't get lazy *kick*
[13:00] <esden> I really try hard not to get lazy ...
[13:00] <blindcoder> good boy *kiss on cheek*
[13:00] <daja77> O_O
[13:00] Action: esden rubbing his cheek
[13:00] <esden> thanks blindy
[13:00] <esden> hi daja77 
[13:01] <daja77> hi esden :)
[13:02] <esden> and beside the sleepyness how are you blindcoder 
[13:03] <blindcoder> well, if I somehow manage to forget yesterdays major fuckup, fine
[13:04] <esden> blindcoder: what did you fuck up? o_O
[13:04] <blindcoder> long story
[13:05] <blindcoder> had a bad day and then livi came and said some things which made me feel even angrier
[13:05] <esden> AFAIK she only wants to visit you on the weekend ... am I wrong?
[13:06] <blindcoder> no, you're right about that
[13:06] <esden> and that made you angry?
[13:06] <blindcoder> --> query
[15:09] <blindcoder> ouchouchouch
[15:09] <daja77> hm?
[15:10] <blindcoder> I was missing a "chomp" in the blacklist.pl script
[15:10] <blindcoder> blacklisted links were only recognized at the end of a line
[15:10] <blindcoder> not in the middle of a line
[15:10] <blindcoder> well, that should be some help now at least
[16:15] <esden> that are too many exams in such a short time >_<
[16:16] <esden> another 2 to go
[16:16] <blindcoder> today?
[16:17] <esden> no tomorrow and on friday
[16:18] <blindcoder> eww
[16:18] <blindcoder> I'll be building an AC on the weekend :D
[16:18] <esden> AC?
[16:18] <blindcoder> air condition
[16:18] <esden> Asherons Call
[16:18] <esden> ahh ok
[16:18] <esden> and how?
[16:18] <blindcoder> ventilator, copper tubes and a big bucket of cold water
[16:19] <esden> and when the water is warm?
[16:19] <blindcoder> throw away, get new
[16:19] <esden> how do you want to get the water cool
[16:19] <blindcoder> but by that time the room is cool enough to sleep in
[16:19] <esden> ice cubes?
[16:19] <blindcoder> for example :)
[16:19] <esden> hrm ... interesting
[16:20] <blindcoder> or 0.5 liter cola bottles filled with frozen water
[16:20] <esden> hrm ... 
[16:20] <blindcoder> they are then put into the water to keep it cool
[16:20] <esden> I am not shure if that is enough to get a room cool
[16:21] <blindcoder> it should be
[16:21] <blindcoder> might take 20 minutes
[16:21] <blindcoder> but it should work
[16:21] <esden> you may try to get your bed cool ... but the whole room? 
[16:21] <esden> take an old refrigarator ... and use its cooling agregat to build the AC
[16:22] <esden> that would probably work better
[16:22] <blindcoder> http://www.eng.uwaterloo.ca/%7Egmilburn/ac/
[16:23] <blindcoder> but wouldn't be as cool (no pun intended)
[16:30] <blindcoder> anyway, I'm going home now
[16:30] <esden> humm ... nice
[16:31] <esden> cu then
[16:31] <daja77> :)
[16:31] <esden> daja77: ?
[16:31] <daja77> oh nothing
[16:35] <esden> daja77: you should write more in your blog ;)
[16:36] <esden> I admit that I also do not write much at the moment because of my exams but I will change that ... 
[16:36] <esden> perhups already today
[16:37] <daja77> I am not much at home for writing, and I don't like it to do it at work
[16:38] <esden> writing something in blog are 10mins?
[16:51] <daja77> depends
[16:58] <esden> If you want to make it quick then these are 10mins ;)
[16:58] <esden> ok ... I do not want to push you ... I was only wondering ;)
[17:29] <blindcoder> re
[18:48] <esden> re
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[19:09] <blindcoder> esden: shoo
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[19:10] <esden> blindcoder: o_O?
[19:10] <blindcoder> just shoo :P
[19:11] <esden> blindcoder: -> #nethack-offtopic 
[19:59] <mnemoc> clifford: hi, there is a public svn/cvs for mdlbl?
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