[00:00] <mnemoc> i did yesterday :(
[00:00] <mnemoc> 8.8G lost
[00:00] <daja77> yeah stupid me, forgot about it completely ... my svn was fscked up ...
[00:00] <daja77> damn, no copy?
[00:00] <mnemoc> on another machine...
[00:00] <madtux> 0_o
[00:00] <daja77> good ;)
[00:00] <madtux> You guys are sick!
[00:00] <daja77> hm?
[00:00] <mnemoc> yes, i took a day but i recover it :)
[00:01] <daja77> hope this won't last a day ... don't think so
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[02:06] <madtux> re
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[09:54] <craig> Hey
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[10:57] <blindcoder> moin
[10:57] <daja77> hi blindy
[10:57] <blindcoder> okay, finally got my Visum for Turkmenistan
[10:59] <daja77> cool, so when yxou'll have to go?
[11:00] <blindcoder> My flight is Sunday, 16:30
[11:01] <daja77> how long is that flight? guess you'll switch the timezone
[11:01] <blindcoder> yes, they're GMT+5
[11:01] <blindcoder> I'll arrive at 05:15 local time, so minus three hours that makes for an 8 hour trip
[11:02] <daja77> wow
[11:02] <daja77> what exactly are you doing there?
[11:02] <blindcoder> add a few hours for being early at the airport (2h) and checking out at Ashgabat, travelling to the hotel
[11:02] <blindcoder> repairing a broken SunFire 240
[11:03] <daja77> so they need everytime that thing is broken someone from .de to repair it?
[11:03] <blindcoder> well, they had a Sunny there already, but he was *cough* not able to repair it
[11:04] <blindcoder> so they are now dissatisfied with Sun technicians
[11:04] <daja77> ic
[11:04] <blindcoder> you need someone with AIP-500 certification
[11:04] <daja77> why do you think, you'll manage that?
[11:04] <blindcoder> because only then you know how to handle a screwdriver in a Sun machine
[11:04] <daja77> hehe
[11:04] <blindcoder> </sarcasm>
[11:05] <blindcoder> well, if all else fails I'll just take out the hdd from the defective machine and put in a new one
[11:05] <daja77> *gg*
[11:05] <blindcoder> otherwise it's just switching parts of the machine for new parts and trying
[11:05] <daja77> you you take new parts with you ;)
[11:05] <blindcoder> judging from the error messages and the fact that the hdd are working I'd say the backplane is fubar
[11:05] <blindcoder> that means new system board
[11:06] <blindcoder> no, they're already there
[11:06] <th> better take a screwdriver with you ;)
[11:06] <daja77> a certified one
[11:06] <th> with ESD ribbon
[11:06] <blindcoder> hehe
[11:06] <blindcoder> yeah, all packed up
[11:07] <th> jeans and tshirt?
[11:07] <blindcoder> a set of screwdrivers including torcs(?), esd mat and ribbon
[11:07] <th> how much is the flight?
[11:07] <th> $$
[11:07] <blindcoder> 800 Euro
[11:07] <th> i can get to the states for less
[11:07] <th> and back ;)
[11:07] <blindcoder> I don't want to get to the states
[11:07] <th> neither do i
[11:07] <blindcoder> yeah, well, Lusthansa would take 2700
[11:07] <th> only short term booking
[11:07] <th> or?
[11:07] <th> no?
[11:08] <blindcoder> no
[11:08] <th> interesting
[11:08] <th> my flight to PGH was lufthansa and cheap
[11:08] <th> only short term is expensive
[11:08] <th> like $3k
[11:09] <daja77> so which airline did you choose?
[11:09] <blindcoder> PGH?
[11:09] <th> pittsburgh
[11:09] <blindcoder> TK, turkish airlines
[11:09] <blindcoder> ah
[11:09] <daja77> ah interesting
[11:09] <th> pittsburgh,PA
[11:10] <th> there was broadband on board
[11:10] <blindcoder> heh, nice
[11:10] <th> like 5MBit
[11:10] <th> or was it 1.5MBit
[11:10] <th> but no less
[11:11] <blindcoder> I'll be happy to have a 2 kbyte/sec connection in .tm
[11:11] <daja77> .tm hehe
[11:11] <th> trademark-country
[11:11] <blindcoder> nyarr
[11:11] <th> i prefer to do as much as i can with my remote hands in PGH
[11:12] <th> cause direct flights are seldom - and the food is YUCK
[11:12] <daja77> so you mind control someone there and use his hands?
[11:12] <th> exactly
[11:12] <daja77> *gg*
[11:12] <th> it's a MIND-IRC-MIND link
[11:13] <daja77> .oO (if /ignore th would save me)
[11:14] <th> it's going directly via dcc into your implant.
[11:14] <th> the neurological implants are the priceyest part of it all
[11:15] <th> for the remote hand guys
[11:16] <daja77> that would be interesting for blogging ... th made me to surf for pr0n
[11:16] <blindcoder> o_O
[11:16] <th> i'd packet filter that
[11:16] <th> content-based-firewalling
[11:16] <daja77> you control my hands ...
[11:17] <th> indirectly only
[11:17] <th> 1st of all i control your mind
[11:17] <th> which i use to control your hands
[11:17] <th> not yours tho
[11:17] <daja77> I am screwed
[11:20] <daja77> can you please stop scratching my back
[11:20] <th> oh sorry
[11:20] <daja77> :D
[11:31] <daja77> I really don't know what it is, but there is sth rsync does to an ext2/ext3 partition which screws it severely
[11:32] <blindcoder> hoeh?
[11:33] <daja77> it is messed up, many broken inodes on two completely different devices, different machines, both running a 2.6.12 kernel
[11:34] <blindcoder> ouch
[11:36] <daja77> one device was an external usb drive, so I thought the usb driver might be the problem, but now it happened to an internal device too
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[11:38] <daja77> EXT3-fs error (device hda8) in ext3_reserve_inode_write: Journal has aborted
[11:42] <blindcoder> so, either the filesystem implementation is broken
[11:42] <blindcoder> or rsync does stuff it shouldn't
[11:42] <blindcoder> whcih the filesystem implementation should catch
[11:42] <blindcoder> ergo: the fs implementation is broken
[11:43] <daja77> yes I'll try if scp on the same amount of data does sth similar
[12:13] <blindcoder> #- Anyone truly familiar with formal locking may wish to have a barf 
[12:13] <blindcoder> #bag handy while reading this.
[12:13] <blindcoder> hehe
[12:18] <daja77> where you got this from?
[12:19] <blindcoder> http://www.stearns.org/locktest/locktest
[12:19] <blindcoder> filelocking in bash
[12:19] <daja77> ^^
[12:28] <blindcoder> okay, so now I have exclusive locks
[12:28] <blindcoder> now I need shared locks, too
[12:30] <blindcoder> ah, no
[12:30] <blindcoder> too lazy
[12:31] <daja77> *gg*
[12:32] <daja77> blindcoder: well no problem I can have a look at the forums too
[12:32] <blindcoder> daja77: that would be good, because as I said: no publicity is better than bad publicity
[12:33] <daja77> we'll see
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