[00:04] <daja77> dialog 0.9b-20030308
[00:04] <daja77> hm
[00:04] <daja77> mom
[00:05] <daja77> ah ok, it is outdated
[00:05] <daja77> just wondering how this version made it into that build
[00:07] <mnemoc> dialog 1.0-20050206 :)
[00:08] <daja77> have a 2004 version now, but I'll send an update patch ...
[00:09] <daja77> GEM MINE v0.22 :D
[00:09] <daja77> thx
[00:19] <daja77> sent
[00:19] <mnemoc> :)
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[01:02] <nookie> daja77: 1!!
[01:02] <nookie> I need your help
[01:02] <nookie> with russian
[01:02] <nookie> :)
[01:02] <mnemoc> hehe
[01:02] <nookie> please
[01:02] <nookie> [01:02:29] < SweetDevchenka> nookie ti puza v sasi its too big i cant fit in lol
[01:02] <nookie> what does that mean?
[01:03] <daja77> erh no idea
[01:03] Action: mnemoc points his horny-detector to nookie 
[01:03] <daja77> is she bugging you?
[01:03] <daja77> yeah sounds like that
[01:03] <nookie> bugging?
[01:04] <nookie> I don't know
[01:04] <nookie> lol
[01:04] <nookie> i#m a bit drunk
[01:04] <nookie> they are talking shit about me
[01:04] <nookie> lol
[01:04] <nookie> or so
[01:04] <daja77> klingt als würde sie dich anbaggern oder sowas
[01:04] <nookie> maybe she says my cock is to big for her
[01:04] <nookie> lol
[01:04] <daja77> omg
[01:04] <mnemoc> o.o
[01:04] <mnemoc> a bit drunk?
[01:04] <daja77> wtf are you doing there?
[01:04] <nookie> ya
[01:05] <nookie> where
[01:05] <daja77> in the chan where that chick is in (if it isn't a guy who plays a chick)
[01:05] <nookie> maybe I ask her if she is male or shemale
[01:05] <nookie> lllol
[01:06] <nookie> they are funny people there
[01:06] <daja77> where?
[01:06] <nookie> lol
[01:06] <nookie> at netruss
[01:06] <nookie> cause nice girls
[01:06] <nookie> www.netruss.org
[01:07] <daja77> webchat?
[01:07] <nookie> nah
[01:07] <nookie> irc.netruss.org
[01:07] <nookie> or so
[01:07] <nookie> i forgot
[01:07] <nookie> wait it check
[01:07] <nookie> i
[01:08] <nookie> jo
[01:08] <nookie> irc.netruss.org
[01:08] <nookie> you have to come my friend
[01:08] <daja77> but I am not drunk ...
[01:08] <nookie> me neither
[01:08] <nookie> just a litle bit
[01:09] <daja77> I even missed the little bit for today ...
[01:11] <nookie> before i forgot root password
[01:11] <nookie> but i remembered then
[01:12] <daja77> you are never drunk enough to forget your root password ...
[01:12] <nookie> haha
[01:12] <nookie> llol
[01:12] <nookie> me is
[01:12] <nookie> :)
[01:13] <nookie> were
[01:13] <nookie> i where
[01:13] <nookie> or were
[01:13] <daja77> you lucky guy ...
[01:13] <nookie> what is correct
[01:13] <daja77> the latter
[01:13] <daja77> were
[01:13] <nookie> latter matter weather
[01:14] <daja77> .oO (only a bit ic ...)
[01:14] <mnemoc> :)
[01:14] <daja77> mnemoc: have I told you about the chilean wine I tried recently?
[01:15] <mnemoc> nope
[01:15] <mnemoc> tell me :)
[01:15] <nookie> ahh
[01:15] <nookie> i lost my bread
[01:15] <daja77> mnemoc: I got some at the local supermarket, it was great, still have one bottle
[01:16] <daja77> nookie reminded me indirectly to this 
[01:16] <mnemoc> what was it?
[01:16] <mnemoc> hehe
[01:16] <daja77> cabernet-sauvignon
[01:16] <nookie> 99999bottle of what?
[01:16] <mnemoc> :)
[01:16] <daja77> nookie: chilean wine
[01:16] <mnemoc> cabernet-sauvignon is nice
[01:17] <daja77> I agree
[01:17] <mnemoc> have your tried carmenere?
[01:17] <nookie> 9i like anything with alcoohol
[01:17] <daja77> the only had that one brand ...
[01:17] <mnemoc> :(
[01:17] <daja77> I'll watch out ;)
[01:18] <nookie> drinking is very healthy
[01:18] <nookie> it kills all virus in body
[01:18] <daja77> not only the virus ...
[01:18] <mnemoc> ack
[01:19] <daja77> I actually hit that bottle over my head last week ...
[01:19] <mnemoc> o_O
[01:19] <nookie> doesn't that hurt?
[01:20] <daja77> it did
[01:20] <nookie> lol
[01:20] <nookie> why did you?
[01:20] <daja77> it came down the cupboard and it hit my head, at least that saved the bottle ...
[01:20] <mnemoc> :D
[01:21] <nookie> you have tu drink it my friend
[01:21] <nookie> to
[01:21] <nookie> np: Lacuna - Celerbrate the Summer (Cascada vs. Tune Up Mix Edit)
[01:21] <daja77> nah not now, I'll have to work a bit tomorrow
[01:21] <nookie> celebrate the summer
[01:21] <nookie> back into the see
[01:21] <nookie> celebrate the feeling
[01:21] <nookie> you and me
[01:21] <nookie> lol
[01:21] <daja77> you mean that damn cold weather here?
[01:21] <nookie> weather is cool here
[01:22] <nookie> today I was swimming
[01:22] <nookie> we played schnick schnack schnuck
[01:22] <nookie> very cool game
[01:22] <daja77> yeah cool but not hot as it is supposed to be in summer
[01:22] <nookie> the winner can shoot a football the far he can shoot
[01:22] <nookie> and the loser has to bring back ball
[01:22] <nookie> i was 2 weeks in turkey
[01:22] <nookie> till 1 week ago
[01:22] <daja77> can't you get a dog for that
[01:22] <nookie> it was fucking awesome
[01:22] <nookie> omg
[01:22] <nookie> the girls
[01:22] <nookie> the sun
[01:22] <nookie> the beach
[01:22] <nookie> fucking awesome
[01:22] <nookie> I wish to be back there
[01:23] <daja77> I think nookie confusing the episode of baywatch he is watching with reallife
[01:23] Action: daja77 hides
[01:23] <nookie> no
[01:23] <daja77> just kidding
[01:23] <nookie> u don't see 16 year old chicks sunbathing topless on beach anywhere
[01:23] <nookie> lol
[01:23] <nookie> just in turkey
[01:24] <nookie> that rocks
[01:24] <nookie> if i wasnt drunk all the time i would ran around with stiff legged pe.
[01:24] <nookie> ..
[01:25] <nookie> daja77: what does iyas mean
[01:27] <nookie> yjas
[01:27] <nookie> i mean
[01:27] <daja77> I am not familiar with sexual subjects in russian ...
[01:28] <nookie> it's not sexual
[01:29] <nookie> I think
[01:30] <mnemoc> http://www.notam02.no/~hcholm/altlang/ht/Russian.html :)
[01:33] <nookie>  pizd'uk  ~ pizd'uk  (noun, male)  \u2021  bastard
[01:33] <nookie> lol
[01:34] <daja77> now you got your answer hehe
[01:34] <mnemoc> :D
[01:38] <daja77> http://www.greenpeace.org/international/news/monsanto-pig-patent-111 ...
[01:39] <daja77> and I thought sw patents are weird
[01:39] <mnemoc> o.o
[01:40] <nookie> mnemoc: no
[01:40] <daja77> I should patent dogs and cats ... $_$
[01:40] <nookie> yjas is not there
[01:40] <nookie> but pizd'uk is cool
[01:41] <daja77> perhaps that spelling is not the one used in that dictionary
[01:44] Nick change: nookie -> jack_jackoff
[01:44] <jack_jackoff> jo
[01:44] <mnemoc> :D
[01:44] <jack_jackoff> mnemoc: you must change nick to willy wanker
[01:45] <jack_jackoff> and daja is max masturb
[01:45] <mnemoc> hehe
[01:45] <daja77> .oO (never change a nick when playing idle games)
[01:46] <mnemoc> ack
[01:46] Nick change: jack_jackoff -> hack_jerkoff
[01:46] Nick change: hack_jerkoff -> jack_jerkoff
[01:58] Nick change: jack_jerkoff -> nookie
[01:59] <nookie> boring people here
[01:59] <daja77> hm?
[01:59] <daja77> well I am off to bed now ...
[01:59] <nookie> sleep well daja
[01:59] <nookie> my friend
[02:00] <daja77> n8
[02:00] <nookie> nice dreams
[02:39] <nookie> one fish 2 fish red fish blue fish black fish blue fish old fish new fish
[02:39] <nookie> dis one s a lil star
[02:39] <nookie> dis one has a lil care
[02:39] <nookie> lol
[02:40] <nookie> say what alot of fish their r yes some r red and some r blue some r old and some r new
[02:40] <nookie> lol
[02:41] <nookie> when I was young
[02:41] <nookie> it was the only book I know how to read
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[04:49] <_youngcoder> nookie?
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[17:01] <daja77_> what a freaky log today
[17:07] <[raphael]> hehe
[17:08] <daja77_> [raphael]: you can update mine and test the new rocket features ;)
[17:08] <nookie> I just got up
[17:08] <daja77_> hrhr
[17:08] <[raphael]> daja77_, I could even
[17:08] <daja77_> if you like ;)
[17:08] <[raphael]> I have two ROCK installations now (three to be precise)
[17:09] <[raphael]> one is on an OLD 133 MHz Laptop (IBM Thinkpad), no network connection
[17:09] <[raphael]> the other is installed on crippled hardware
[17:09] <[raphael]> and the third didn't install correctly (mine got out of memory while installing all those pkgs)
[17:09] <[raphael]> so... hmm...
[17:10] <daja77_> erh and with that hw you are working?
[17:10] <[raphael]> I'll actually do a fourth installation today ;)
[17:10] <daja77_> ah ;)
[17:10] <[raphael]> no, actually, the crippled hardware is not even my hardware
[17:11] <[raphael]> working: I'm working with my FreeBSD Laptop and NetBSD/amd64 desktop systems
[17:11] <daja77_> what do you mean by crippled?
[17:11] <[raphael]> ROCK Linux is not ready to be worked with for my needs - ./scripts/Update-System needs to work
[17:11] <[raphael]> USB does not work well
[17:11] <[raphael]> i.e. kernel panics when connecting/disconnecting devices
[17:12] <[raphael]> and other strange things like network cards stopping to work
[17:12] <daja77_> hm Update-System as rocket wrapper ...
[17:12] <[raphael]> what is rocket used for?
[17:13] <[raphael]> is it not just network configuration?
[17:13] <daja77_> no that's rocknet
[17:13] <[raphael]> oh
[17:13] <[raphael]> ok, tell me about rocket
[17:13] <daja77_> rocket is an apt like application for managing packages
[17:13] <[raphael]> for binary packages?
[17:14] <daja77_> binary and source
[17:14] <[raphael]> aha, that's nice
[17:14] Action: daja77_ currently building a sample repository
[17:14] <[raphael]> the fourth installation will be done on a semi-production system today
[17:15] <[raphael]> I have a scanner that has a binary-only driver for Linux
[17:15] <[raphael]> so I need to get some linux up and running somewhere actually
[17:15] <[raphael]> and ROCK Linux is the only one I touch for personal (production) use :)
[17:16] <[raphael]> who is currently taking care of the KDE packages?
[17:17] <daja77_> fake and me iirc ;)
[17:19] <[raphael]> are you getting along with them well?
[17:19] <[raphael]> what version is currently available?
[17:20] <daja77_> latest is 3.4.2
[17:20] <daja77_> latest in rock trunk is 3.4.1
[17:20] <daja77_> but there is an update patch in submaster
[17:26] <[raphael]> ah, good
[17:47] <[raphael]> time to go home and do another rock install.......
[17:47] [raphael] (n=raphael@ left irc: "using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12"
[17:48] <daja77_> ;)
[20:42] [raphael] (n=raphael@host-84-235-196-162.satlynx.net) joined #rocklinux.
[20:42] <[raphael]> hi again :)
[20:42] <daja77_> wb
[20:42] <[raphael]> this time I need sth...
[20:42] <[raphael]> a rescue system with a specific network kernel module
[20:43] <[raphael]> in particular the tulip family (all options turned on)
[20:43] <daja77_> is this driver in the kernel tree=
[20:43] <[raphael]> yes, it is, but ROCK default has disabled ist
[20:44] <daja77_> mom
[20:44] <[raphael]> so it's not on the rescue I have
[20:44] <[raphael]> meanwhile I'm just installing fedora - for the fun of it ;)
[20:45] <daja77_> try ro apply 2005080715372314473 before building the rescue system
[20:45] <[raphael]> daja77_, I can't build anything here
[20:45] <daja77_> to*
[20:46] <[raphael]> I have no working ROCK system right now
[20:46] <daja77_> you could try on fedora
[20:46] <[raphael]> oh... and... my old 133 MHz laptop is not suitable (it runs a full blown ROCK with KDE desktop though)
[20:46] <[raphael]> hehe, fedora: good idea
[20:46] kasc_ (n=kasc@dsl-082-083-138-034.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
[20:47] <daja77_> well if it does not work, please tell us your problems, we don't do build tests on other distros that often
[20:47] <[raphael]> but, ... does not anyone have any rescue available? Or can provide me with a cd?
[20:47] <daja77_> I built rock on rh8 some time ago
[20:47] <[raphael]> to my experience building ROCK on a non-ROCK is ... well, ... hell
[20:47] <[raphael]> uhm...
[20:47] <daja77_> you tried the latest rescue isos?
[20:47] <[raphael]> which ones?
[20:48] <[raphael]> I have one from ... let me see
[20:48] <[raphael]> rock-rescue-20041020.iso
[20:48] <daja77_> ah that one
[20:48] <th> you cant build on rescue
[20:49] <th> but you can extract a bbs-package set
[20:49] <daja77_> th: well he needs a rescue, not necessarily build on that
[20:49] <daja77_> hi th btw
[20:50] <th> yea hi daja77_ 
[20:50] <th> i propably read to few backlog - disregard that please :)
[20:50] <[raphael]> oh... do you have a functional full install-ISO ??
[20:50] <daja77_> [raphael]: would a crystal iso do?
[20:50] <[raphael]> that would do as well - it includes the kernel source, so I can build the tulip and access the network then
[20:51] <[raphael]> crystal is good :)
[20:51] <[raphael]> whatever works
[20:51] <[raphael]> and it should run on an Athlon
[20:51] <[raphael]> (K7)
[20:51] <th> daja77_: 2005080715372314473 should be a no-op for the rescue target
[20:51] <th> cause it does not build your kernel
[20:52] nookie_ (n=nookie@M483P020.adsl.highway.telekom.at) joined #rocklinux.
[20:52] <daja77_> [raphael]: ftp://iso.rocklinux.de/unofficial/daja/crystal/crystal-2005-03-21_cd1.iso you could try that one, have no newer ones online
[20:53] <[raphael]> oh what fun... thx, will take a look
[20:53] <daja77_> th: you should tell you build problems with that patch to the ml or clifford
[20:53] kasc (n=kasc@dsl-082-083-144-096.arcor-ip.net) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[20:53] Nick change: kasc_ -> kasc
[20:53] <[raphael]> does it work actually?
[20:53] <[raphael]> at least I need to be able to boot the installation and build a custom kernel...
[20:53] <th> daja77_: i have no problem with it. you suggested to apply that patch before building rescue. which is useless cause it's a no-op
[20:54] <daja77_> th: I currently run a crystal build, iso + additional packages, do you think it would be good hosting that so that one could try the new rocket features?
[20:54] <daja77_> ah ok now I got it, sry dunno much about rescue target
[20:55] <th> daja77_: rescue only builds userspace (as a tar) and provides a script to use that tar and ANY kernel to create a bootable iso
[20:55] <th> daja77_: yes i think so (hosting)
[20:55] <daja77_> good
[20:55] <daja77_> will take a while to finish
[20:59] blindcod1r (n=blindcod@dsl-082-082-096-063.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
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[20:59] <daja77_> would be too good if it would be blindy
[21:03] nookie (n=nookie@M339P001.adsl.highway.telekom.at) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[22:24] <[raphael]> daja77_: half of the crystal image downloaded
[22:25] <[raphael]> btw: the fc2 installation was quite nice, but the installed grub produces an error
[22:25] <daja77_> fc2? why not fc4?
[22:25] <[raphael]> so... it's not usable :) at least I won't fiddle around with it and wait for the crystal
[22:25] <[raphael]> well, I would need to download fc4 first
[22:26] <daja77_> ic
[22:26] <[raphael]> and the only thing that needs to actually work is the scanner
[22:26] <[raphael]> (well, and the TV card, and the network... and... maybe the input devices and the monitor as well)
[22:27] <daja77_> ^^
[22:27] <[raphael]> time to get some sleep I guess, I'll just pick up the iso tomorrow morning and install it
[22:28] <[raphael]> good n8 everyone :)
[22:28] Action: [raphael] is away: sleep
[22:31] <daja77_> n8
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