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[05:13] Action: [raphael] is back
[05:33] <[raphael]> daja77_: I actually did ask for a working disc... the kernel comes up with a kernel panic
[06:02] <[raphael]> grmlgrml... time to just put some other nic into the machine and use my old rescue disc...
[06:28] <[raphael]> daja77_: you actually did say that you don't have a problem with it, and that's basically all one can say :)
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[15:20] <daja77_> clifford: have you noticed that rl.net is down?
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[15:22] <clifford> ok. everything is up ad running again..
[15:22] <daja77_> clifford: i currently run the stage 9 part of a crystal build, I can upload an iso and the repo to one of th's server, so there can be some real testing going on
[15:23] <clifford> http://www.rocklinux.net/lurker/message/20050811.131624.86adcbf8.html
[15:23] <clifford> .. new submaster (now using svm)
[15:23] <daja77_> nice
[15:24] <daja77_> have to send liggering patches before doing that ;)
[15:25] <clifford> you can also push them to the WIP arachive and the re-import them..
[15:26] <daja77_> well as long as rl.net is down, I can just wait as well ;)
[15:26] <clifford> it is not down.
[15:26] <th> aehm
[15:26] <daja77_> ok it is up and unreachable
[15:27] <clifford> what do you thing is the host in which rockbot is running?
[15:27] <th> daja77_: "to one of th's server" i thought we could use iso.rocklinux.de
[15:27] <daja77_> th: that would be fine
[15:27] <daja77_> th: it is one of yours, no?
[15:27] <th> no
[15:28] <th> it's in sweden IIRC
[15:28] <daja77_> O_o
[15:28] <th> alex saers sponsors it through his university i think
[15:28] <daja77_> ok I thought it was yours
[15:28] <th> nope
[15:28] <daja77_> :)
[15:29] <daja77_> then we still try this one
[15:29] <[raphael]> uhm... I would like to try this new crystal build :)
[15:29] <[raphael]> will it be uploaded this afternoon?
[15:30] <daja77_> [raphael]: I installed my build machine with the iso you tried, on which hw you had that panic?
[15:31] <daja77_> if the build finishes in time I could upload tomorrow, otherwise on monday ...
[15:35] <clifford> hmm.. ok. now rl.net is unreachable again..
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[17:23] <clifford> ok. rl.net is in the old VLAN again. there are some problems with linux bridging + ha-bonding ..
[17:26] Action: clifford just started jet another ref build... (just fyi)
[17:27] <daja77_> cool
[17:27] <daja77_> could you add that xpdf security patch perhaps?
[17:37] <clifford> done (and the gaim update too)
[17:37] <daja77_> thx
[17:49] Action: SMP thinks, there are 100% too many broken lame opensource PDF readers
[17:50] <SMP> most of them actually with horribly pathetic functionality
[18:01] <daja77_> hm kpdf worked quite well for the documents I have to read
[18:01] <daja77_> kpdf in kde > 3.4
[18:04] <SMP> kpdf in kde 3.3 is a piece of shit
[18:04] <daja77_> ack
[18:05] <SMP> but kghostview works - except when it doesn't work
[18:05] <daja77_> :)
[18:06] <daja77_> in 3.4 you can copy& paste text from pdfs quite easily
[18:06] <daja77_> and it has a preview panel for the pages like that macos reader has
[18:08] <SMP> it sometimes misdetects the orientation as portrait when it should be landscape -- and when I manually switch to landscape mode, it cuts off the content on the page at the width of a portrait page, i.e. one third of the landscape page stays blank
[18:08] <SMP> it's so retarded
[18:10] <SMP> so either you miss 1/3 of the content or you almost get mad trying to read pages rotated 90 degress clockwise ...
[18:11] <SMP> so there's Acrobad reader 7 for Linux, which is great, except it sometimes randomly garbles whole pages when you print
[18:12] <SMP> and it eats all your memory. no matter how much you have
[18:19] <daja77_> have you a sample pdf for me to try in the newer kpdf
[18:20] <daja77_> what i disliked most in acrobat, that it doesn't have a realod dokument feature and the memory issue of course
[18:22] <[raphael]> daja77_: I did install my system by putting another nic in, which works with my rescue system, and then I installed packages dated 2005/04, so that's fine, but grub still refuses to boot or even load itself (error 17), I'll go home now and continue on that end
[18:22] <[raphael]> SMP: did you actually try kpdf of KDE 3.4?
[18:22] <[raphael]> that's a nice piece of software
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[18:23] <SMP> ...
[18:23] <daja77_> well the gui is ok, but I'd like to see if it still has that rendering problems that were described here
[18:24] <SMP> don't have one handy. I'll see if can turn something up
[18:24] <daja77_> ok
[18:25] <SMP> I'm stuck with kde 3.3 ATM
[18:25] <daja77_> me at home too
[18:26] <SMP> and it'b easier if my /opt and /usr weren't readonly because of unreadable sectors ...
[18:26] <daja77_> ouch
[18:27] <SMP> it's just a crappy 2.5" laptop drive, you know ...
[18:27] <daja77_> that reminds me to repeat my case where I can easily screw up ext2/3 by simply using rsync on it
[18:28] <SMP> but I'll have an USB2 enclosure soon, replacement 3.5" HD already sitting on my desk
[18:28] <daja77_> ;)
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[20:50] <mistik1> hey guys
[20:51] <mistik1> does rock make use of the /etc/rc{num}.d directory structure for init?
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[20:51] <Cheapy> Hey esden, are you there?
[20:52] <mistik1> hi Cheapy 
[20:52] <Cheapy> Heya
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[20:52] <mistik1> You run a rock based distro I assume?
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[20:52] <Cheapy> mistik1, actually no...we're just here for esden.
[20:53] <mistik1> ok
[20:53] <Cheapy> blindcoder has told us about rocklinux though
[20:53] <mistik1> I'm just after how the rc system is layed out
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[20:53] <mistik1> I'm writing a script and would like to be distro independent ;)
[20:54] <markos_64> esden: ping?
[20:54] <Cheapy> that's always a nice thing.
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[20:54] <Cheapy> What's it do?
[20:55] <mistik1> install qmail with bells and whistles ;-)
[20:55] <mistik1> I'm working on the distro checking function now
[20:57] <mistik1> Its based on  Bill Shupp's work with his Toaster tutorial
[20:57] <Cheapy> You lost me at the Bill Shup's part
[20:57] <mistik1> He's well known in qmail circles
[20:57] <mistik1> ;-)
[20:58] <Cheapy> Ah
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