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[00:07] <cutio> hey
[00:10] <daja77_> hi cutio 
[00:11] <cutio> i'm atm trying to upgrade glibc on my 2.1 rocklinux and im going berserk soon ;)
[00:11] <daja77_> why updating glibc? and to what?
[00:11] <cutio> i need something >2.3.2
[00:11] <cutio> i've 2.2.5
[00:12] <mnemoc> oh
[00:12] <daja77_> rock 2.1 doesn't ship with 2.2.5 ...
[00:12] <daja77_> even 2.0 does not have it
[00:12] <mnemoc> that will hurt
[00:13] <daja77_> I suggest to do a new install ...
[00:13] <cutio> rrr, the mirror was kinda outdated
[00:13] <cutio> http://ftp.sh.cvut.cz/MIRRORS/rock/ROCK-2.1 <-
[00:14] <mnemoc> did 2.1 ever had glibc 2.2??
[00:15] <mnemoc> uhm... yes
[00:17] <daja77_> mnemoc: huh?
[00:17] <daja77_> only optional
[00:17] <mnemoc> yes, i remembered
[00:29] <cutio> mm no matter which mirror i choose rocket emerge always wants to download libc 2.2.5 but if i abort that with ctrl+c it trys to download 2.3.3?
[00:29] <cutio> *glibc
[00:36] <cutio> k, updated and cleaned - works fine now ;] *sic* its too late
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[08:58] <mistik1> hello
[08:59] <mistik1> anyone awake?
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[09:15] <mistik1> hey [anders] 
[09:16] <[anders]> lo mistik1 
[09:16] <mistik1> do you have a rock based system running?
[09:16] <[anders]> mistik1: No, I am a Ubuntu/Debian shop :)
[09:17] <[anders]> I used to run ROCK but it was a few years ago
[09:17] <mistik1> maybe you can help me there too
[09:17] <[anders]> what is the problem?
[09:17] <mistik1> i need to know if rock has the rc0.d rc1.d etc dirs in /etc/
[09:18] <mistik1> for example suse has them in /etc/rc.d/
[09:18] <[anders]> if ROCK adheres to FHS - yes it does
[09:18] <mistik1> i need this info for debian and rock actually, I have most the other distro covered
[09:18] <mistik1> way to go rock linux
[09:19] <mistik1> how about debian, same conventions?
[09:19] <[anders]> debian/ubuntu has them in /etc directly
[09:20] <[anders]> afaik RedHat insists on breaking standards by not locating these dirs in /etc
[09:20] <mistik1> one more thing, can you tell me where the default apache.conf or equivalent is in rock/debian?
[09:21] <mistik1> rh actually kept the symlinks in /etc/
[09:21] <[anders]> no idea about ROCK, but for debian/ubuntu it is in /etc/apache (1.3) or /etc/apache2 (2.0)
[09:22] <mistik1> this is all for a script i'm working on that i want to be distro independent
[09:22] <daja77_> bash-2.05b# ls /etc/rc.d/
[09:22] <daja77_> init.d  rc  rc1.d  rc2.d  rc3.d  rc4.d  rc5.d  rcX.d
[09:22] <mistik1> ok
[09:22] <mistik1> great
[09:23] <mistik1> lemme change  that portion of code right away for debian
[09:23] <mistik1> hmm
[09:24] <mistik1> is that init.d a symlink
[09:24] <mistik1> or is there a symlink for it in /etc/ directly?
[09:25] <mistik1> I wish I had a copy of vmware to throw a bunch of distros on or a box
[09:25] <mistik1> Then i would be less a pest in asking all these questions ;-)
[09:26] <daja77_> /etc/rc.d is no symlink
[09:27] <mistik1> I mean /etc/rc.d/init.d
[09:27] <mistik1> there is no /etc/init.d dir or symlink?
[09:30] <daja77_> init.d is also no symlink
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[09:36] <mistik1> daja77_: this is rock, correct?
[09:36] <mistik1> i never even noticed that it was not [anders] who responded ;)
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[09:37] <daja77_> yes rock, what sort of script are you hacking?
[09:38] <mistik1> qmail with bells and whistles
[09:38] <daja77_> ic
[09:39] <mistik1> qmail+vpopmail+courier-imap+squirrellmail+simscan+SA++++
[09:39] <mistik1> all the web-based management tools like qmailadmin and such
[09:40] <mistik1> it should be ./script on any distro and in less than 10 minutes a full blown mail system completely ready for ISP level serving
[09:40] <mistik1> hence all the questions ;-)
[09:42] <daja77_> :)
[11:02] <clifford> moin
[11:30] <daja77_> moin clifford
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[12:06] <[raphael]> hi all
[12:07] <[raphael]> the GRUB issue was solved by installing LILO :)
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[12:48] <[raphael]> hi clifford!
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[12:59] <clifford> hi raphael!
[12:59] <clifford> may I ask you some questions regarding qt4 ?
[13:02] <[raphael]> clifford: go ahead, I'll tell you all I know :)
[13:03] <clifford> it seams like it is not that easy to install qt3 and qt4 on the same host (that's why we don't have a qt4 package yet)
[13:04] <[raphael]> uhm... yes, it depends on the file system layout
[13:04] <clifford> ..I haven't seen the problem myself - just repeting what fake told me..
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[13:05] <[raphael]> like, I have installed qt4 on two machines, if you keep qt4 in a separate directory (like the default /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt4 or sth) then you can just use it by adjusting paths and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables, etc...
[13:05] <[raphael]> but... honestly: I haven't used it much yet, just ran the demo, etc.
[13:05] <clifford> i.c.
[13:06] <clifford> I have been told (by fake) that programs build against qt3 may run with qt4, but it is not possible to build them with qt4 as they are.
[13:06] <[raphael]> maybe..... since my fifth ROCK installation happend to be on my second production machine, I'll be able to do some .... work on ROCK
[13:06] <clifford> so we need a strategy for a soft migration to qt4..
[13:07] <[raphael]> clifford: building with Qt4: there is a compatibility layer that you need to enable in the qmake project file
[13:07] <[raphael]> until KDE 4 is out we also need to provide Qt3 in some form
[13:08] <[raphael]> but I would certainly like to have Qt4 available
[13:11] <[raphael]> clifford: I have "not yet" compiled an application against Qt4 or migrated any project to it, so I don't have much experience with it yet, so I don't know how well the compatibility layer works and if some more source code tweaking is needed
[13:11] <clifford> ic
[13:15] <daja77_> hm interesting crystal build a qt4 package in stage 9, dunno what happens if someone installs that
[13:20] <[raphael]> :)
[13:21] Action: [raphael] is away: configuring a couple of more clients for Kolab2  (20 done, 20 still to do)
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[19:47] <cutio> aloha
[20:18] <cutio> does someone know how to fix this error will rocket emerging gstreamer: glib is not installed (in prefix usr) (glib is instaled according to mine -q)
[20:27] <mnemoc> installing glib? :)
[20:27] <mnemoc> uhm
[20:27] <mnemoc> sorry
[20:27] <cutio> mine -q glib
[20:27] <cutio> glib 2.6.3 0
[20:28] <mnemoc> mine -l glib 
[20:28] <cutio> lists many files
[20:29] <mnemoc> where is it installed?
[20:29] <cutio> glib: lib/glib-2.0
[20:32] <mnemoc> daja77_: is that ok?
[20:45] <mnemoc> i have my glib on gnome's prefix
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