[00:28] <SMP> Gnome is so retarded, even the their automagic bug-reporting tool segfaults
[00:34] <daja77_> O_o
[00:38] <SMP> and debugging nautilus is SO not fun
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[00:38] <daja77_> nautilus, haven't used it for ages
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[00:39] <SMP> you can't avoid it on the Gnome desktop
[00:40] <daja77_> yes I know
[00:40] <daja77_> <- watching south park
[01:11] <daja77_> hehe somebody reported that the picture I created with dot is big enough to crash his internet explorer while zooming in
[01:12] <menomc> what image? packages?
[01:14] <daja77_> menomc: http://www-user.tu-chemnitz.de/~jahre/visual_parse_tree.png that one
[01:15] <menomc> it doesn't even download here :(
[01:16] <menomc> donwloaded..
[01:16] <daja77_> oh why?
[01:16] <menomc> poor bw :)
[01:17] <menomc> firefox tells me it's "damaged"
[01:17] <daja77_> interesting
[01:18] Action: menomc trying to open it on 'display'
[01:19] <menomc> yes, it's damaged :\
[01:21] <menomc> daja77_: 8bf66ed16526255424054719552ab229  visual_parse_tree.png  ?
[01:21] <daja77_> yes got the same cksum, firefox tells me it is damaged but I can see it in gqview locally
[01:22] <menomc> daja77_: what about 'display'?
[01:24] <daja77_> still loading ^^
[01:24] <menomc> i guess firefox has the more elegant problem :)
[01:25] <daja77_> it is really large, so I guess firefox can't handle it
[01:25] <menomc> what about pdf instead of png?
[01:32] <daja77_> hehe that splits up the pic about 140 pages
[01:33] <daja77_> erh 104
[01:33] <menomc> oh
[01:34] <daja77_> my fault, I've set a page size
[01:38] <daja77_> yes pdf works better
[01:38] <menomc> :)
[01:39] <daja77_> you can download it now
[01:40] <menomc> let see your monster...
[01:41] <menomc> what the NULL means?
[01:41] <menomc> NULL pointing to things doesn't make much sense to  me :)
[01:42] <daja77_> NULL are nonsense nodes, in fact this is more the start of a subtree than a node, a result of that strange format ...
[01:42] <menomc> acutally your graph doesn't make much sense to me :p
[01:42] <daja77_> have to change that somehow
[01:43] <daja77_> just think of the NULL node as the the beginning of a subgraph belonging to the node above
[01:48] <daja77_> trying to change it to display subgraphs tomorrow
[01:51] <menomc> :)
[01:53] <daja77_> it is the first time the skript produced a correct output (apart from the NULL nodes) ^^
[01:55] <menomc> :)
[01:58] <daja77_> n8
[01:58] <menomc> sleep well daja77_ 
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[14:09] <owl> one question - how is it possible that a NEW HDD (52 hours running) - does "klack, klack, klack" and has errors (smartctl) with "read sectors"?! 
[14:09] <cutio> head crash?
[14:09] <esden> bopp
[14:10] <owl> cutio: thx. and why is it the 3rd time? (this is my 3rd new HDD within a 3/4 year)
[14:10] <esden> owl: too hot ... or you are throwing it too often against the wall ;)
[14:10] <cutio> owl: do you kick against your case or something? or transport your pc via car?
[14:10] <owl> and - the first headcrash occured 1/4 year after buying this NB, the 2nd after about one month and the 3rd after about 2 weeks. 
[14:10] <esden> cutio: probably the first option ;)
[14:11] <esden> afaik owl ;)
[14:11] <owl> nah. it's standing here - on a small table, it's a pentium m throttled down to 600 mhz (slowest possible cpu-speed), and it's about 38 - 42 C "hot"
[14:11] <owl> esden: not really... that is why i am SOOO angry
[14:12] <esden> humm ... strange ... you are buying low quality hardware ... prehups that is the problem?
[14:13] <owl> esden: well... i've bought a samsung... and _normally_ it should have better quality... (at least in my workstation/server which is powered-on 24 hours/day it works without any problem)
[14:13] <cutio> owl: where all hdds by the same manufacturer?
[14:13] <cutio> yeeh, 2samsung hdds died here too
[14:13] <owl> and in my BFs notebook the HDD (from the same manufacturer) works without any problems, too. 
[14:13] <cutio> both head crashone caused by me the other one unknown
[14:13] <owl> cutio: yeah, all the same model, same manufacturerer... 
[14:14] <cutio> and both replaced by samsung for free
[14:14] <owl> cutio: oeha! whichmodels?
[14:14] <cutio> owl: sv1203?
[14:14] <owl> ok, unknown here ;)
[14:14] <owl> i've got an SAMSUNG MP0804H
[14:15] <cutio> did you call samsung already?
[14:15] <owl> well - i've bought the NB on 03. january 2005 or 04. jan. or so... 
[14:15] <owl> no, i will try to bring the NB to satan (aeh - saturn (the shop i bought it at)) and want to get my money back
[14:16] <owl> the "joke" is, that you have to give the whole NB to the shop and you're about 3 weeks without your NB... :(
[14:16] <owl> and i am really annoyed right now - have no time for those games dumb shops and even more dumb manufactureres are playing
[14:17] <cutio> thats the problem if you buy expensive  stuff in cheap stores like media markt, saturn, aldi... :)
[14:17] <owl> cutio: :p had almost the same problem with my ex-NB 
[14:18] <owl> (not only with the HDD...) - but with the shop
[14:18] <cutio> i prefer apple stores that're apple service points too
[14:18] <cutio> they changed the logic board of my old ibook in 1week
[14:18] <daja77_> cutio: do you still have that jpeg lib problem?
[14:19] <owl> hmm. i don't want apple-comp ... (because i need ix86-arch...)
[14:20] <cutio> daja77_: nah, i solved it by  compiling libjpeg myself 
[14:20] <th> owl: apple switched to ix86 arch
[14:20] <owl> th: but still quite expensive, isn't it?
[14:20] <th> expensive is always relative
[14:20] <cutio> daja77_: allthough the tars of both, the rocksrc and the other lib had the same md5sum
[14:21] <cutio> owl: you get an ibook for 10000euro, that isnt expensive for sub-notebooks
[14:21] <cutio> 1000 sorry :)
[14:21] <th> true - i have one of those
[14:21] <owl> hmm. sub-notebooks... 
[14:22] <cutio> last month i sold my 3year old ibook g3 800 for 500euro @ ebay, they dont become trash like ix86 nbs after some years
[14:23] <owl> hmm. ok. well - but as said above - i need ix86 :( 
[14:23] <daja77_> cutio: could it be that you installed libjpeg over an already existing one, that would perhaps explain the error you had
[14:23] <th> owl: i think you can get ix86-apple in 2006
[14:24] <cutio> daja77_: mm probably
[14:24] <owl> th: yes, 2006 - but it's a long period of time till then... 
[14:25] <cutio> daja77_: anyway, i got another not working package: e_utils (belongs to enlightenment) this doesnt seem to compile according to the packages db
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[14:26] <th> owl: well - if you hardware is very important to you - you better stop buying them in discounters
[14:27] <daja77> ^^
[14:27] <owl> th: yeah... :( but samsung normally isn't that bad, is it? :(
[14:28] <th> never tried.
[14:28] <th> but it's not only the WHAT you buy but also the WHERE you buy it.
[14:29] <owl> th: why? 
[14:29] <cutio> btw in most cases those discounters are more expensive than other stores
[14:29] <owl> (btw, what about ibm thinkpads? )
[14:29] <th> because of the 3weeks waiting
[14:29] <cutio> owl: lenovo, not ibm *scnr* :)
[14:30] <th> owl: ibm's are still great. propably best intel hardware you can buy
[14:30] <th> owl: i've one of those t41p's
[14:30] <owl> th: well. waited also 3 weeks in an local computer-shp... 
[14:30] <th> owl: perhaps it's because they all have to ship the stuff to the manufacturer
[14:30] <owl> th: sounds well then - but - my special luck... well... if it'll be alive in 2 years, than it is "owl-approved" sigh
[14:31] <th> owl: if you buy - let's say: dell notebooks... you can have a technican at your door next business day
[14:31] <th> with replacement parts
[14:31] <th> no shipping
[14:31] <owl> hrmpf. pah :( 
[14:31] <th> i can't tell about IBM support services - that's cause i've had never trouble with IBM hardware
[14:32] <th> of cause you should not buy the inspirons...
[14:32] <th> but the long-time-designed latitudes
[14:33] <owl> hmm. ok ;) will have a look at dell.de,too. thx :)
[14:33] <cutio> or wait for intel powered ibooks/powerbooks
[14:33] <owl> well - need a pc - thats another problem
[14:34] <daja77> latidude, inspiron, sounds like dell to me
[14:35] <daja77> ah ok
[14:35] <daja77> should read more
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[20:16] <cutio> does someone use e17 in here? got a problem with entangle
[20:16] <tfing> i do
[20:17] <cutio> if i run entangle -theme <pathtomytheme> it says: Unable to locate theme. any idea?
[20:17] <tfing> i use the default theme
[20:18] <cutio> how do you run entangle then?
[20:18] <tfing> where did you get aditionnal themes ?
[20:18] <tfing> just run entangle
[20:19] <cutio> http://www.get-e.org/Themes/E17/index.html
[20:19] <tfing> these are themes for the window manager, not for entangle
[20:19] <cutio> uhh
[20:19] <cutio> just typing entangle gives the same error
[20:20] <tfing> do you have the following file : /opt/e17/share/e_utils/data/entangle/default.edj
[20:20] <tfing>  ?
[20:21] <cutio> its in /usr/local/share/(..)
[20:21] <cutio> ah
[20:22] <cutio> still doesnt work, even if i say entangle -theme /usr/local/share/e_utils/data/entangle/default.edj 
[20:23] <tfing> hmm
[20:26] <cutio> tfing: do you use the rock-e_utils or the cvs version?
[20:26] <tfing> i know it works with the current rock version since i did the patch :)
[20:27] <cutio> 2.1?
[20:27] <tfing> but i only tested with an install in /opt
[20:27] <tfing> the trunk version
[20:27] <cutio> mm
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[00:00] --- Mon Aug 22 2005