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[08:24] <blindcoder> moin
[09:07] <owl> moin
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[09:18] <blindcoder> moin owl
[09:22] <owl> hi blindy
[09:57] <th> how can i get information about a mounted filesystem?
[09:57] <th> like what fs it has?
[09:57] <th> size and usage?
[09:57] <blindcoder> mount and df
[09:57] <th> df reads mtab only
[09:57] <th> mtab is generated from /proc/mounts only
[09:57] <blindcoder> ehm, so?
[09:57] <th> which only has rootfs / rootfs rw 0 0
[09:57] <th> which only has "rootfs / rootfs rw 0 0"
[09:58] <blindcoder> hmm
[09:58] <th> mount only shows /proc
[09:58] <blindcoder> blindcoder@ceres:~$ mount
[09:58] <blindcoder> /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part3 on / type reiserfs (rw)
[09:58] <blindcoder> you're doing something wrong :)
[09:58] <th> no - i'm only in an early booting stage
[09:58] <blindcoder> ah
[09:58] <th> want to have confirmation for some things
[09:58] <blindcoder> well, why don't you just tell me what you want to do? :)
[09:59] <th> like that it's really the initramfs
[09:59] <th> and i want to know the size and stuff
[09:59] <blindcoder> ah
[09:59] <blindcoder> well, you can get the fstype with disktypre
[09:59] <th> just confirmations
[09:59] <blindcoder> well, you can get the fstype with disktypee
[09:59] <th> no real problem
[09:59] <blindcoder> disktype
[09:59] <th> disktype.
[09:59] <th> would need this one
[09:59] <th> but i can dd some bytes and run disktype off-site
[09:59] <blindcoder> --- /dev/discs/disc0/part3
[09:59] <blindcoder> Block device, size 18.49 GiB (19855245312 bytes)
[09:59] <blindcoder> ReiserFS file system (new 3.6 format, standard journal, starts at 64 KiB)
[09:59] <blindcoder>   UUID E82ABC06-1261-40FF-B65B-31797B771EAA (DCE, v4)
[09:59] <blindcoder>   Volume size 18.49 GiB (19855245312 bytes, 4847472 blocks of 4 KiB)
[09:59] <th> yea that's an idea
[10:00] <th> haha need the root-device tho
[10:00] <blindcoder> that way you also get the size of the fs
[10:00] <th> which i dont have
[10:00] <th> creating /dev/root was a job devfs did
[10:00] <th> kernel-side
[10:00] <blindcoder> I've never actually used /dev/root
[10:01] <th> well that here is no /dev/discs/ anything
[10:01] <blindcoder> then use /dev/ide/foo or /dev/hda
[10:03] <th> it's in ram!
[10:03] <th> no ide
[10:03] <th> no scsi
[10:03] <th> i've even no /dev populated.
[10:03] <blindcoder> ah
[10:03] <blindcoder> put udevstart onto the initrd :P
[10:03] <th> i thought something in /proc could come to my help
[10:04] <th> it's no initrd ;)
[10:04] <blindcoder> o_O
[10:04] <blindcoder> okay
[10:04] <blindcoder> so
[10:04] <th> if it was.. it would be a ramdev
[10:04] <blindcoder> what
[10:04] <blindcoder> have
[10:04] <blindcoder> you
[10:04] <th> initramfs
[10:04] <blindcoder> done?
[10:04] <th> should be ramdev
[10:04] <th> passed a cpio to the kernel 
[10:04] <th> as initial ramfs
[10:04] <th> it's all related to my question in $topic ;)
[10:05] <blindcoder> you know
[10:05] <blindcoder> you could just have a look at the mkinitrdnew.sh I submitted to TRUNK
[10:05] <blindcoder> and soon there will be a patch making that one the default mkinitrd
[10:05] <th> initrd is somewhat obsolete
[10:06] <blindcoder> o_O
[10:06] <blindcoder> that's the first time I hear that
[10:08] <th> but you propably saw the config option in kernel-conf for source of initramfs cpio
[10:08] <blindcoder> hmm
[10:08] <blindcoder> don't think so
[10:08] <blindcoder> let me get out my laptop
[10:09] <th> sorry to scare you with all this ;)
[10:09] <blindcoder> I mean, isn't cpio in itself a bit obsolete?
[10:10] <th> hehe
[10:10] <th> it's only the archive
[10:10] <th> i bet it suited better than tar... dont know why
[10:12] <blindcoder> I see the initramfl source file(s) option
[10:12] <blindcoder> but nothing indicating it superseding initrd
[10:13] <th> it's not really superseding
[10:15] <th> http://www.redhat.com/archives/dm-devel/2004-September/msg00008.html
[10:15] <th> last <p>
[10:16] <blindcoder> sooo
[10:17] <blindcoder> they want to do more crap like moving devfs into userspace?
[10:17] <th> yepp
[10:17] <blindcoder> why do I suddenly feel that linux is doomed?
[10:17] <th> i cant second that POV
[10:18] <th> there is some stuff in kernel that should be userspace
[10:18] <th> you're even more flexible then
[10:19] <blindcoder> if they do it as good as udev, then it is
[10:19] <th> ;>
[10:19] <th> could i smell some irony here?
[10:20] <blindcoder> unless your sense of smell is totally gone, you ca
[10:20] <blindcoder> n
[10:22] <th> you like bloated kernel?
[10:22] <blindcoder> I like stuff that works
[10:22] <blindcoder> and I'm not sure if I can say that about udev
[10:22] <th> i bet you can
[10:23] <th> how many distros are on udev only by now?
[10:23] <blindcoder> does it finally give anything else but exit(0); on error?
[10:24] <th> you are free to use anything else in userspace for what udev does.
[10:25] <blindcoder> heh, where's the alternative?
[10:25] <th> it's up to you
[10:25] <th> you can extract a .tar on your /dev
[10:25] <th> or use bash to do everything
[10:26] <blindcoder> don't tempt me :)
[10:26] <th> hehe
[10:26] <blindcoder> http://shellscripts.org/
[10:26] <th> udev-068:
[10:26] <blindcoder> 'nuff said
[10:26] <th> ccdv.c: exit(96);
[10:26] <th> ccdv.c:         exit(97);
[10:26] <th> ccdv.c:         exit(98);
[10:26] <th> ccdv.c:         exit(99);
[10:26] <th> ccdv.c: exit(gExitStatus);
[10:26] <blindcoder> wow
[10:26] <th> udev.c:                 exit(1);
[10:26] <th> udev.c:                 exit(20 + signum);
[10:26] <th> udev_utils_run.c:               _exit(1);
[10:26] <th> udevcontrol.c:                  exit(0);
[10:27] <th> lot's of exit's with != 0
[10:27] <blindcoder> I feel delighted
[10:27] <blindcoder> does it exit != 0 when no sysfs is mounted?
[10:27] <th> lemme see
[10:28] <th> talking of udevd or udevstart?
[10:28] <blindcoder> both
[10:28] <blindcoder> well
[10:28] <blindcoder> yeah, both
[10:29] <blindcoder> udevd should at least log a message that no sysfs was found
[10:29] <blindcoder> it took me the better part of an hour to figure that out
[10:29] <netrunner> tomorrow at that time I'll descend to mailand
[10:29] <th>         dbg("sysfs_open_class_device_path failed");
[10:30] <blindcoder> th: wow. I believe it not!
[10:32] <th> there is some code that WAITs for some stuff in /sys to appear
[10:32] <th>         devices_dev = wait_devices_device_open(path);
[10:32] <th>         if (!devices_dev) {
[10:32] <th>             dbg("devices device unavailable (probably remove has beaten us)");
[10:33] <th>             return 0;
[10:33] <th>         }
[10:33] <blindcoder> guess I should update udev
[10:33] <blindcoder> I'm running 63 here
[10:33] <th> well i'm only flying over the code...
[10:34] <th> perhaps you still need to set some debug level somewhere
[10:35] <blindcoder> well, I did in the config file IIRC
[10:36] <esden> hi ho *dying*
[10:36] <th> hi dying esden
[10:36] <netrunner> oh, 050 here :)
[10:36] <blindcoder> moin esden 
[10:36] <esden> ok ... still another lesson to go :D
[10:37] <esden> my legs are very good for steaks now ;)
[10:37] <netrunner> there's already 68
[10:38] <esden> I have a question ... how much does fuel cost at the moment in germany?
[10:38] <esden> I mean hear normal fuel
[10:39] <th> it just dropped like 10ct few days ago
[10:39] <th> it was at 1.49EUR for me
[10:39] <th> today i saw 1.37 for super
[10:39] <th> aral
[10:39] <esden> so normal about 1.30?
[10:41] <esden> ok ... 1.329 at jet in berlin
[10:41] <blindcoder> 132 I think
[10:41] <esden> nice site: http://www.clever-tanken.de
[10:41] <blindcoder> hehe
[10:41] <blindcoder> though I personally use diesel :)
[10:43] <owl> sigh. super :(
[10:43] <esden> I know
[10:43] <esden> I should also have a disel car ... with this amount of km I am making a year...
[10:46] <blindcoder> yeah
[10:50] <daja77_> <- got one ^^
[11:06] <netrunner> normal here is 1.38
[11:54] <owl> ARGH. someone wants roasted hamster? 
[11:56] <owl> hamster includes owl's breakfast :(
[11:57] <th> yepp
[11:57] <th> me
[11:57] <th> i'm hungry
[11:58] <th> could you fedex it?
[11:58] <th> express please
[11:59] <owl> hrm :) "amerikaner" too? but - parts of it are missing. eaten by this pseudo-rat
[11:59] <th> yea would be cool
[12:00] <owl> hehe. enjoy it ;)
[12:24] <esden> humm ... what are you doing with your hamster?
[12:24] <esden> plugging it into the wall or what?
[12:24] Action: esden getting hungry too
[12:24] <esden> but first a shower is needed
[12:26] <blindcoder> heh
[12:27] <blindcoder> or they won't let you into the fast food house? :D
[12:28] <owl> esden: nah. she stole/ate parts of my breakfast... ;)
[12:40] <blindcoder> hmm
[12:40] <blindcoder> I think I'm going to take a day off tomorrow
[12:54] <esden> blindcoder: nice ;)
[12:54] <esden> so I will see you directly when I arrive
[12:54] <esden> I want to leave here about 9 or 10 am
[12:58] <blindcoder> okay
[12:58] <blindcoder> so then you'll arrive when? approximately?
[13:11] <owl> .oO( hoellenhunde. satans hoellenhunde. ... )
[13:15] <blindcoder> hoeh?
[13:15] <blindcoder> where?
[13:16] <owl> @satan... you know this shop... 
[13:16] <owl> <- tried about 2 hours to reach the hoellenhunde... 
[13:16] <blindcoder> aaah
[13:17] <owl> either the line was busy or nobody replied to the telephone
[13:17] <blindcoder> heh
[13:17] <blindcoder> they saw your number in the display
[13:18] <owl> well. i 've two phones... the one with *2 the other with *0 ;)
[13:18] <blindcoder> too obvious
[13:19] <owl> :)
[14:14] <esden> re
[14:14] <esden> hehe ... /me using his new glasses the first time ... humm
[14:14] <esden> will see how it feels over time
[14:15] <esden> currently I have to admit it feels strange ;)
[14:16] <daja77_> [x] send pics
[14:17] <blindcoder> esden with glasses o_O
[14:17] <blindcoder> since when do you wear glasses?
[14:17] <esden> since some minutes ago
[14:17] <esden> only for computer work
[14:17] <blindcoder> okay...
[14:17] <blindcoder> ah
[14:17] <esden> +0.5 and +0.75
[14:17] <daja77_> I still want to see pics :p
[14:17] <esden> so very small ones
[14:18] Action: esden downloading pics from his camera
[14:22] <owl> O_O 
[14:22] <daja77_> no O-O
[14:23] <daja77_> :D
[14:23] <owl> *g* 
[14:23] <esden> http://www.esden.net/gallery/me_unsorted/Glasses_1 <- here you are
[14:24] <daja77_> hehe
[14:25] <esden> daja77_: :P
[14:25] Action: esden get's older ;)
[14:26] <daja77_> yes we all can see this now ^^
[14:26] <esden> :P
[14:26] <esden> 8P
[14:26] <owl> .oO( some people, same thoughts )
[14:27] <blindcoder> now you really look like a student :D
[14:27] <esden> lol ... 
[14:27] <esden> computer science geek student
[14:27] <esden> you wanted to say
[14:29] <blindcoder> whatever :)
[14:29] <daja77_> damnit
[14:29] <daja77_> fire alert, I hate it
[14:29] <esden> ROFL
[14:29] <esden> have fun!
[14:29] <esden> run for your life
[14:30] <blindcoder> esden: actually, you look like a medicine studentt
[14:30] <esden> YUCK!!! my holy god!!!
[14:30] Action: esden taking off his glasses and running to give them back!
[14:30] <daja77_> it really sucks to have the chemistry department next door sometimes
[14:32] <owl> hehe. contact-lenses? ;)
[14:37] <esden> owl: no fire alarms
[14:38] <owl> esden: i mean instead of glasses 
[14:39] <daja77_> that damn sirene is finally off
[14:42] <esden> owl: what for? ... I need them only when I am sitting in front of the computer
[14:43] <daja77_> conclusion: you need them always
[14:43] <esden> daja77_: :P
[14:43] <esden> I love you too
[14:43] <daja77_> *gg*
[14:44] <owl> hm. k. well. they're quite usable normally... btw, not also while driving? 
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[15:11] <esden> owl: nope
[15:11] <esden> I do see good ... 
[15:11] <esden> I only want to spare them
[15:12] <owl> O_O
[16:12] <daja77_> damn freenode
[16:12] <blindcoder> why this time?
[16:12] <daja77_> same thing
[16:13] <daja77_> haven't noticed the nick change
[16:13] Nick change: daja77_ -> daja77
[16:13] <blindcoder> so?
[16:14] <daja77> so i could'nt send a private message again
[16:15] <blindcoder> heh
[16:16] <blindcoder> yay, commit storm
[16:16] <blindcoder> and I just finished the build for my laptop :/
[16:17] <daja77> hehe
[16:17] <daja77> so clifford is alive
[16:17] <blindcoder> for varying definitions of alive :)
[16:17] <blindcoder> AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH
[16:18] <blindcoder> this is an outrage!
[16:18] <daja77> ?
[16:18] <blindcoder> FSCKING STUPID "TOP" MANAGERS
[16:18] <blindcoder> here they are
[16:18] <blindcoder> sending an invitation around to ALL COM EMPLOYEES
[16:18] <blindcoder> for a repeating event
[16:18] <blindcoder> and because reaction to some former events were negative
[16:19] <blindcoder> they ask for feedback on four things
[16:19] <blindcoder> they mention these four things in the mail
[16:19] <blindcoder> and only this point!
[16:20] <blindcoder> four maps in one file with around 10 words each!
[16:20] <blindcoder> "for better feedback"
[16:20] <owl> hahahaha
[16:20] <daja77> LOL
[16:20] <blindcoder> oh, and they don't just esnd it once but TWICE
[16:21] <blindcoder> once on tuesday and then again today!
[16:21] <owl> blindy, you see - we feel with you *smile*
[16:21] <blindcoder> yeah
[16:21] <daja77> doppelt hält besser :D
[16:21] <owl> :) 
[16:21] <blindcoder> luckily, I can ignore it since I'm not an employee of COM 
[16:21] Action: blindcoder makes three crosses
[16:22] <owl> *g*
[16:24] <blindcoder> It's not bad enough that our team assistant sends a mail each day when the "Fruehstuecks Catering Scheis^WService" is here
[16:25] <blindcoder> well, a short filter rule and everything is fine :)
[16:25] <blindcoder> If (From: Team Assistant) Then (Delete);
[16:25] <blindcoder> :D
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[16:27] <blindcoder> okay, I'll be off to kendo
[16:27] <blindcoder> bye
[16:27] <daja77> cu
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[17:47] <mnemoc> blindcoder: do you get "Keepnick: Couldn't determine chatnet (now )" messages ?
[18:52] <owl> aeh. mnemoc youre confusing me
[19:16] <owl> gargh. gargh. gargh. someone wants to be shot. i will build a "schiessstand"
[19:22] <mnemoc> :)
[20:43] <blindcoder> mnemoc: are you in multiple chatnets besides freenode?
[20:43] <mnemoc> yes
[20:43] <mnemoc> i get that message on bitblee
[20:43] <mnemoc> no problem on gimpnet or oftc
[20:44] <mnemoc> can i disable keepnick on that 'network'?
[20:45] <blindcoder> no, just define a chatnet for it in ~/.irssi/config
[20:55] <mnemoc> oh
[20:55] <mnemoc> but /server say:
[20:55] <mnemoc> [14:56:58] im.everdot.org       6667  BitlBee    autoconnect
[20:55] <mnemoc> so it has a chatnet, or not?
[20:57] <blindcoder> hmm
[20:57] <blindcoder> actually, it should
[20:58] <blindcoder> but I get those messages sometimes and they've been harmless but annoying so far
[20:59] <mnemoc> very annoying some times :(
[20:59] <blindcoder> you can just comment that line in the source
[21:00] <blindcoder> it doesn't really mean anything
[21:00] <mnemoc> good idea :)
[21:01] <blindcoder> Use the source, luke!
[21:04] <mnemoc> should i reload the 'plugin'?
[21:04] <blindcoder> yes
[21:06] <mnemoc> let see :)
[21:38] treo (n=xfman@D9014.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[21:39] <treo> hi :D
[21:42] reinaldo (n=reinaldo@pc-105-24-104-200.cm.vtr.net) joined #rocklinux.
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[23:34] <esden> moep
[23:36] <daja77> hi esden
[23:54] <SMP> Foresightlinux is a great example that not only Rock can ship a crappy distribution
[00:00] --- Fri Sep  9 2005