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[05:37] <westl> hi
[05:48] <westl> im attempting to build a bootdisk from 2.0.3 with default options but i get an error almost immediately
[05:51] <westl> i have pasted the errors here if anyone thinks they can give me their advice
[05:51] <westl> http://authors.aspalliance.com/aylar/ViewPasteCode.aspx?PasteCodeID=4677
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[09:28] <blindcoder> moin
[09:42] <netrunner> moin, 2
[09:42] <netrunner> well, noon here :)
[09:43] <netrunner> any samba browser recommendable?
[09:43] <blindcoder> bah
[09:43] <blindcoder> hm
[09:43] <blindcoder> konquerer
[09:43] <blindcoder> ?
[09:47] <netrunner> our konqueror doesn't support the smb protocol as I mentioned yesterday.
[09:47] <netrunner> (at least mine in latest full build does not)
[09:48] <blindcoder> so fix it :)
[09:48] <clifford> netrunner: anything we can do to change that (passing an additional configure option, etc) ?
[09:48] <netrunner> clifford: if my build server would be running, I'd start do find that out. but I cannot reach it for the 2tkm distance :)
[09:48] <netrunner> clifford: but I guess it's something in that direction.
[09:49] <clifford> ok. I guess you will look into it an send a patch then..
[09:49] <blindcoder> :)
[09:49] <netrunner> there is /opt/kde3/share/services/smb.protocol missing, as well as /opt/kde3/lib/kde3/kio_smb.{la,so}
[09:50] Action: clifford turned on his SEP filters. ;-)
[09:50] <blindcoder> *laughs*
[09:50] <netrunner> clifford: yes, when I get home ... in january 
[09:51] <blindcoder> clifford: can you send me the sonar data from your last refbuild?
[09:52] <clifford> yes. but I can tell you for what this data is because after applying the smap journal I have tested the e17 update and some other stuff with it.
[09:52] <clifford> so it is a zero-errors build now.
[09:52] <clifford> .. which does neigther reflect current trunk nor my current journal.
[09:52] <blindcoder> ah, okay, then next time :)
[09:53] <clifford> it is running already.
[09:53] Action: blindcoder dl'ing kdebase meanwhile
[09:53] <blindcoder> okay, fine with me :)
[10:01] <netrunner> hm, what could be wrong if a pc continuously requests ip addresses via dhcp, but does not accept the offers? cable?
[10:01] <blindcoder> okay, kdebase's configure doesn't find libsmbclient.h in /opt/samba/include
[10:03] Action: blindcoder re-running configure
[10:04] <netrunner> clifford: what's the guys name that invented pascal?
[10:05] <clifford> wirth? (not sure if the spelling is correct)
[10:05] <netrunner> ah. was not sure if I understood him correctly yesterday.
[10:05] <clifford> http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal_(Programmiersprache)
[10:06] <netrunner> impressive person. but a bit old nowadays :)
[10:06] <clifford> he wrote an interesting paper about programming languages which allow you to declare your own syntax constructs.
[10:07] <clifford> .. so you first declare your kind-of own language in your porgram prologue and then the programm in this language.
[10:08] <clifford> .. but he statet that this would not make much sense because anyone else had to learn you language before they can understand your code.
[10:08] <clifford> this was long time before C++ and templates.  *g*
[10:09] <netrunner> yesterday he said, a language should be constructed for a given parser, not vice versa.
[10:10] <blindcoder> hmm
[10:10] <blindcoder> _why_ are the samba libraries in /opt/samba/lib/samba/ ?
[10:13] <blindcoder> netrunner: add --with-extra-includes=/opt/samba/include --with-extra-libs=/opt/samba/lib/samba/ to kdebase
[10:13] <blindcoder> then it should work
[10:14] <blindcoder> clifford: should the samba libraries stay in /opt/samba/lib/samba/ or be moved to a sane place?
[10:14] <netrunner> blindcoder: I won't rebuild kdebase on my laptop. do I look like a gentoo user?
[10:14] <blindcoder> netrunner: *laughs* okay
[10:14] <blindcoder> netrunner: what laptop? pentium-m with kde 3.4.2?
[10:15] <netrunner> pentium mobile, yes.
[10:15] <blindcoder> and kde-3.4.2?
[10:15] <netrunner> blindcoder: could you give me the 2 files I mentioned? that could suffice ...
[10:16] <blindcoder> netrunner: no, it won't because there's some code and stuff in kdebase that needs linking against libsmbclient
[10:16] <netrunner> blindcoder: yes, I think that is only the kio_smb.so
[10:16] <clifford> blindcoder: var/adm/parse-config/samba defines $pkg_samba_prefix
[10:16] <blindcoder> clifford: yes, but not that insane lib/samba/
[10:17] <blindcoder> clifford: that won't even be found by ldconfig
[10:18] <clifford> hmm.. seams like samba is broken here (the original thing, not our samba package)
[10:18] <blindcoder> yes :)
[10:18] <clifford> hard to tell..
[10:19] <netrunner> damn, I removed too many packages from my laptop. cannot build smbc because I am missing some liblber and libldap :/
[10:19] <netrunner> stupid full build all against all dependencies.
[10:20] <netrunner> can't we invent a library loading mechanism that loads libs only when they are really needed?
[10:20] <blindcoder> clifford: personally I'd like the samba libs in $prefix/lib
[10:20] <blindcoder> netrunner: that exists. It's called dload IIRC and in glibc for ages
[10:21] <blindcoder> netrunner: it's just that no-one uses it
[10:22] <clifford> blindcoder: how do you think does SPL load its modules?
[10:23] <blindcoder> clifford: okay, almost noone :)
[10:23] <blindcoder> gpsdrive uses dload, too
[10:23] <blindcoder> hmm
[10:23] <blindcoder> both are made in .at
[10:23] <blindcoder> I see a trend there :)
[10:26] <netrunner> austrians don't like bindings, they are only for short relations :)
[10:27] <blindcoder> *laughs*
[10:30] <netrunner> oh, a new kphone, maybe that reduces my 7 seconds delay a bit
[10:33] <blindcoder> hmm
[10:33] <blindcoder> lib/samba seems to be fhs
[10:35] <blindcoder> so either we add /opt/*/lib/* and /usr/lib/*/. to /etc/ld.so.conf
[10:35] <blindcoder> or we break fhs
[10:36] <blindcoder> /opt/*/lib/*. rather
[10:36] <blindcoder> /opt/*/lib/*/. rather
[10:36] <blindcoder> that way :)
[10:36] <blindcoder> clifford: ?
[10:36] <clifford> huch?
[10:36] <clifford> I'm on the phone right now... 
[10:36] <blindcoder> clifford: ah, okay :)
[10:56] <netrunner> blindcoder: could you send be kio_smb.* and smb.protocol of your new kdebase if you have time?
[10:56] Action: netrunner -> dinner
[10:58] <clifford> blindcoder: this definitely is not FHS.
[11:02] <blindcoder> clifford: then samba fscks up fhs
[11:03] <blindcoder> okay, so I'll make samba install to $prefix/lib
[11:03] <blindcoder> and not $prefix/lib/samba/
[11:04] <clifford> ok.
[11:04] <blindcoder> and make kdebase find it there :)
[11:18] Action: blindcoder re-emerging kdebase
[11:42] <blindcoder> patches submitted
[11:53] <daja77> speaking of kde ...
[12:00] <blindcoder> yeah, the devil :)
[12:00] <daja77> no
[12:00] <daja77> I'd suggest to compile the libs needed by kmail to support encryption in core ... because that's the standard mailer we ship
[12:01] <blindcoder> which libs are those?
[12:01] <daja77> mom
[12:03] <daja77> libksba, libassuan, pth, gnupg2, gpg-error
[12:03] <daja77> iirc
[12:03] <blindcoder> flag them as CORE and send the patch :)
[12:04] <clifford> daja77: yep. sounds like a good idea.
[12:04] <daja77> ok
[12:06] <blindcoder> clifford: btw, your TODO specifies enhancements to Emerge-Pkg and Update-System
[12:06] <blindcoder> clifford: can you elaborate on those two?
[12:07] <daja77> d'oh gcc4 build aborted die cksum error in gcc
[12:14] <blindcoder> hmm
[12:15] <blindcoder> why does kdebase always take ages to compile :(
[12:17] <daja77> because g++ is slow
[12:18] <blindcoder> heh, okay :)
[12:27] <blindcoder> ah, done
[12:29] <blindcoder> and smb:// is there :)
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[13:40] <netrunner> blindcoder: could you send be kio_smb.* and smb.protocol of your new kdebase if you have time?
[13:43] <blindcoder> where should they be?
[13:45] <netrunner> there is /opt/kde3/share/services/smb.protocol, as well as /opt/kde3/lib/kde3/kio_smb.{la,so}
[13:45] <netrunner> maybe throwing them in suffices.
[13:45] <blindcoder> http://scavenger.homeip.net/~blindcoder/netrunnet.tbz2
[13:46] <netrunner> received. thx
[13:46] <netrunner> btw, netrunneR
[13:46] <blindcoder> yeah, whatever :)
[13:47] <blindcoder> I blame it on the phase of the moon :)
[13:47] <blindcoder> I mean, 96% full
[13:47] <blindcoder> that's a full moon in nethack!
[13:47] <netrunner> why is that kio_smb.so linked against libstdc++.so.{5,6} ?
[13:48] <netrunner> wouldn't one suffice?
[13:48] <blindcoder> probably because I have both gcc-32 and -34 here on the system
[13:48] <netrunner> aha.
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[15:02] Action: clifford likes k3b.
[15:02] Action: netrunner too.
[15:24] <blindcoder> why?
[15:37] <daja77> if it works it is ok :)
[15:38] <blindcoder> I have cdrecord for that job :P
[15:39] <daja77> yeah me too but for image creation it is quite ok
[15:42] Action: netrunner just made 400MB traffic in 2h phone call
[15:43] <blindcoder> daja77: that's what I have an alias to mkisofs for :)
[15:44] <daja77> called scripts/Create-ISO :D
[15:51] <blindcoder> pff
[15:51] <blindcoder> nah
[15:51] <blindcoder> cd_on_the_fly ()
[15:51] <blindcoder> {
[15:51] <blindcoder>     cdblocks=`mkisofs -print-size -quiet -R -J -l -allow-lowercase "$@"`;
[15:51] <blindcoder>     mkisofs -v -R -J -l -allow-lowercase "$@" | cdrecord dev=ATAPI:0,0,0 speed=48 fs=8192000 driveropts=burnproof -force -vv tsize=${cdblocks}s -
[15:51] <blindcoder> }
[15:58] <daja77> gcc4 build enters stage 1 now the fun starts
[15:59] <blindcoder> daja77: trying a gcc4 only build?
[15:59] <daja77> yes
[15:59] <blindcoder> heh
[15:59] <blindcoder> good luck
[15:59] <daja77> :)
[16:00] <blindcoder> guess I'll do a normal build of crystal so that there's a recent iso again
[16:00] <daja77> yes that would be great
[16:01] <blindcoder> daja77: had a look at fisheye?
[16:01] <daja77> a glance
[16:01] <blindcoder> what do you think about it?
[16:01] <daja77> hm haven't found the superior features yet ;)
[16:02] <blindcoder> superior?
[16:02] <blindcoder> to what?
[16:02] <blindcoder> it's true that it's somewhat slow :(
[16:03] <daja77> to the plain svn view
[16:03] <daja77> or to say viewcvs
[16:04] <blindcoder> I like the age annotation and rss feeds, personally
[16:04] <daja77> ah rss feeds, yes that's good
[16:04] <daja77> as I said only a quick glance so far
[16:04] <blindcoder> you can have rss feeds for any directory or file you like including or excluding subdirs
[16:04] <blindcoder> okay :)
[16:07] Action: daja77 preparing some updates to the crypto tools
[16:07] <blindcoder> cryptotools?
[16:08] <daja77> the ones I mentioned above
[16:08] <daja77> I thought before flagging them as core, updating would be nice
[16:08] <blindcoder> ah
[16:10] <blindcoder> pentium-mmx or pentium-3?
[16:10] <daja77> the gcc4 build?
[16:11] <blindcoder> the crystal build here :)
[16:11] <daja77> ah, erh perhaps pentium-mmx according to the c3 bof session *sigh*
[16:11] <blindcoder> ok
[16:12] <daja77> argh!
[16:12] <blindcoder> hm?
[16:14] <daja77> the libksba version 0.9.12 is not available at the gun site 404 but needed by newest gnupg2 version
[16:14] <daja77> gnu*
[16:14] <blindcoder> hmpf :(
[16:14] <daja77> hehe but spelling gnu as gun might have been intentionell
[16:17] <daja77> ah found it on a different location
[16:17] <blindcoder> :)
[16:41] owl (n=owl@karnaya.de) joined #rocklinux.
[16:41] <owl> hi
[16:42] <blindcoder> moin owl 
[16:46] <owl> hi blindy
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[17:04] <daja77> so patches are out
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[17:11] <daja77> *sigh*
[17:12] <blindcoder> hm?
[17:12] <blindcoder> you're sighing and cursing an awful lot today
[17:15] <daja77> http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=21704 ...
[17:15] <daja77> ok trying the patch and being off now
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