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[08:08] <madtux> hello
[08:25] <blindcoder> moin
[08:26] <blindcoder> madtux: *hug*
[08:27] <madtux> hello blindy!
[08:28] <blindcoder> madtux: what are you up to these days?
[08:28] <madtux> nothing much.... girl-trouble is keeping me a bit down
[08:29] <madtux> how about u ?
[08:29] <blindcoder> heh, seems to be the season, same here
[08:29] <blindcoder> other than that: http://shellscripts.org :)
[08:30] <madtux> <click>
[08:32] <madtux> hej [anders] ! Hur mår ni?
[08:32] <blindcoder> okay, gotta go to work
[08:33] <blindcoder> okay, not yet
[08:33] <blindcoder> later :)
[08:33] <madtux> ;)
[08:34] <blindcoder> hm, should I or should I not take a Solaris X training
[08:35] <madtux> should not.
[08:35] <madtux> but tell them they can buy you cool sun hardware and sponsor your "research" to run rock on it.
[08:36] <blindcoder> heh
[08:36] <madtux> ;)
[08:36] <blindcoder> I've been trying to get it running on a sunblade 150
[08:36] <blindcoder> it compiled fine without the x11 part
[08:36] <madtux> last blade i touched was a blade 100
[08:36] <blindcoder> but I can't get it to boot the kernel
[08:37] <blindcoder> a 32 bit kernel won't boot and a 64 bit kernel won't compile
[08:38] <madtux> any possible explanation?
[08:39] <blindcoder> well, it _is_ a gentoo livecd I'm compiling on...
[08:40] <blindcoder> but really, no. I haven't had much time to look into it anymore since the project I did it for got scrapped
[08:42] <blindcoder> I just remember that I got tons of unresolved symbols
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[09:47] <netrunner> wonderful. now with static ip I get even more scans.
[09:51] <madtux> hello netty
[09:51] <netrunner> hi maddy
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[10:01] Action: netrunner considers copying the / of another pc into build/ to be able to build packages for him.
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[11:58] <netrunner> phew. seems the mail to support helped :)
[12:25] <blindcoder> reverse lookup?
[12:28] <netrunner> what, me? yes, one of the features they offer :)
[12:30] <blindcoder> well, all providers worth their salt do :P
[12:30] <blindcoder> the others should be avoided
[12:54] <clifford> blindcoder: svn blame http://www.rocklinux.net/svn/rock-linux/trunk/scripts/Build-Pkg
[12:55] <clifford> (http://www.clifford.at/priv/fixauthor.spl.txt)
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[13:01] <blindcoder> clifford: if rew > 3000 ?
[13:01] <blindcoder> rev*
[13:05] <clifford> before that are the 'dark ages'. we do what we can do but don't report errors..  ;-)
[13:06] <blindcoder> ah, okay :)
[13:06] <blindcoder> dark ages... *laughs*
[13:07] <blindcoder> had a look at fisheye already?
[13:07] <clifford> no.
[13:09] <blindcoder> :(
[13:37] <daja77> linux standards base 3.0 was released today
[13:38] <blindcoder> yeah, and already critisized yesterday :)
[13:38] <daja77> oh
[13:38] <daja77> by whom?
[13:39] <blindcoder> http://www.livejournal.com/users/udrepper/8511.html
[13:39] <blindcoder> Ulrich Drepper
[13:39] <daja77> hm do I care about his opinion? ...
[13:41] <blindcoder> no idea, but it looks reasonable
[13:43] <blindcoder> okay, gotta go again
[13:43] <blindcoder> bbl
[13:55] Action: daja77 wondering if it would be possible to package the new free opera again
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[17:26] <blindcoder> *sigh*
[17:26] <daja77> ?
[17:26] <blindcoder> why does each and every music player suck so much?
[17:26] <daja77> no idea
[17:26] <blindcoder> xmms just stops playing randomly
[17:27] <blindcoder> kaffeeine loses its configuration each reboot
[17:27] <cutio> every music player sucks, some more some less
[17:27] <blindcoder> cutio: that was MUAs
[17:27] <cutio> and os
[17:29] <blindcoder>  3808 blindcod  25   0 54672  39m 7108 R 84.6  8.1   3:34.26 artsd
[17:29] <blindcoder> WHAT THE FUCK?
[17:31] <daja77> artsd is from hell
[17:31] <blindcoder> indeed
[17:31] <blindcoder> eating away my CPU while NOTHING is making any noise
[17:55] <cutio> processing silence isnt easy!
[17:56] <blindcoder> :P
[19:19] <fake> hi
[19:19] <fake> just stumbled over this:
[19:19] <fake> https://www2.t2-project.org/logo.png
[19:19] <fake> Devolopment *rofl*
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[19:21] <mnemoc> *g*
[19:21] <blindcoder> so, with T2 you develop and with ROCK you actually build :D
[19:23] <daja77> d'oh it is my own patch that breaks the wine updated
[19:23] <blindcoder> tsktsktsk
[19:23] <blindcoder> SHAME ON YOU! :)
[19:24] <daja77> *sigh*
[19:36] fake (n=fake@rapidnetworks.de) joined #rocklinux.
[19:36] <fake> hrmpf.
[19:36] <blindcoder> wb fake :)
[19:36] <fake> wb :)
[19:37] <fake> = weird bitchx
[19:37] <daja77> hi fake 
[19:37] Action: blindcoder hands fake a beer
[19:38] <fake> aw, beer
[19:38] <blindcoder> yeah :D
[19:38] <blindcoder> bavarian beer :D
[19:38] <fake> *pfft* *sluurrrrrp*
[19:38] <fake> where'd you get that?
[19:39] <blindcoder> imported from Ingolstadt when I had visitors :)
[19:41] Action: blindcoder looking forward to company-sponsored visit of the Oktoberfest :D
[19:41] Action: fake rolls eyes
[19:42] <blindcoder> do I smell envy from over there?
[19:42] <fake> i'm so glad i don't work in munich anymore regarding the oktoberfest
[19:42] <blindcoder> hehe, true
[19:42] <fake> i never went there, i hate it
[19:42] <fake> bavarian culture sucks big time
[19:42] <blindcoder> I've been there once with Siemens
[19:43] <blindcoder> but then I had to pay for myself
[19:43] <blindcoder> which sucked
[19:43] <fake> agreed.
[19:43] <blindcoder> but company sponsored on a Saturday morning
[19:43] <blindcoder> I think that'll be fun :)
[19:43] <blindcoder> considering who my boss is and how much she can drink :D
[19:45] <fake> in the morning?
[19:45] <blindcoder> yeah
[19:45] <blindcoder> 9 am
[19:45] <fake> *urks*
[19:46] <blindcoder> breakfast time :D
[19:46] <fake> so you have all day to get drunk? ;-)
[19:46] <blindcoder> hehe, yeah :D
[19:46] <fake> whe had our companie's 10-year-party lately
[19:46] <fake> boy...
[19:47] <blindcoder> hehe
[19:47] <fake> i was ill, and had to play it slow, but tow project leaders were so drunk, they didn't let them into a club after the party
[19:47] <blindcoder> MUAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAA
[19:47] <blindcoder> great :D
[19:48] <fake> *two
[19:49] <fake> yes, it was fun, indeed.
[19:49] <fake> the woman formerly known as kawaii smsed me last night
[19:49] <blindcoder> o_O
[19:49] <blindcoder> well, she sent me a sms to my b'day
[19:49] <blindcoder> I don't even remember her birthday ;)
[19:50] <fake> she's finished her final exams
[19:50] <cutio> at least you know her name.. you do, no?
[19:50] <blindcoder> nice :)
[19:50] <blindcoder> cutio: sure
[19:50] <blindcoder> cutio: I've been with her for 10 months :P
[19:50] <cutio> so what? :>
[19:50] <blindcoder> hehe
[19:50] <blindcoder> true :)
[19:50] <fake> or so... anyways, they'll travel to vienna with the whole class for celebration
[19:51] <blindcoder> quoth my best friend: Men are so inquisitive. Sleep with them two times and hey already want to know your name.
[19:51] <blindcoder> fake: oh, I feel sorry for you
[19:52] <fake> we'll see
[19:52] <fake> finally a reason to clean up my flat again ;-)
[19:53] <daja77> hehe
[19:53] <blindcoder> well, I'm looking forward to seeing my current girlfriend this weekend
[19:53] <daja77> a well known motivation
[19:53] <blindcoder> that's more important :D
[19:53] <fake> current girlfriend?
[19:53] Action: fake cries: pictureeees!
[19:53] <blindcoder> fake: jupp
[19:53] <blindcoder> fake: got a gf for three months now
[19:53] <blindcoder> let's see, I think I got one somewhere...
[19:53] <daja77> and still no pictures ...
[19:54] <fake> blindcoder: not the kinky ones... ;-)
[19:54] <blindcoder> http://scavenger.homeip.net/~blindcoder/Projekt1.png
[19:54] <fake> project>
[19:54] <blindcoder> even though she looks like she just got up on that pic
[19:54] <blindcoder> :P
[19:54] <blindcoder> that'd have to be Projekt3 then
[19:55] <fake> sw33t!
[19:55] <blindcoder> :)
[19:56] <blindcoder> well, esden already said that my good taste in women has been proven again
[19:56] <fake> she has the same glasses my (*tadaaa!*) gf has ;)
[19:56] <blindcoder> even though I didn't inquire further...
[19:56] <blindcoder> as long as she doesn't look like your gf :)
[19:56] <daja77> pictures?
[19:57] <fake> somewhere, w8
[19:57] <fake> (my house, my boat, my girlfriend...)
[19:57] <daja77> everybody has a gf, what the hell happened?
[19:57] <fake> daja77: spring
[19:57] <blindcoder> hehe, true ;)
[19:57] <blindcoder> besides, she found me :)
[19:57] <daja77> perhaps I should go to vienna too
[19:58] <blindcoder> hell, when she was visiting me she suddenly leaned over and kissed me right out of the blue!
[19:59] <blindcoder> well, of course I was trying to stop her with all my might...
[19:59] <daja77> yeah ^^
[19:59] <daja77> .oO (my gf, my mac, my amd64)
[19:59] <fake> http://f4k3.net/~fake/johanna-and-me.jpg
[19:59] <blindcoder> MUAHAHAHA
[19:59] <blindcoder> fake: your... your...
[19:59] <blindcoder> your BEARD
[20:00] <fake> my HAIR!
[20:00] <blindcoder> yeah, that, too
[20:00] <fake> look at my cutsie couches!
[20:00] <daja77> that explains why fake was offline that long
[20:00] <fake> real dead animal skin
[20:00] <blindcoder> hehe
[20:00] <blindcoder> yow
[20:00] <blindcoder> fake must have struck gold or something
[20:00] <blindcoder> well, all my money went into my beamer
[20:01] Action: fake waiting for led beamers
[20:01] <blindcoder> heh
[20:01] <blindcoder> well, 700 euro for a dlp beamer was expensive enough
[20:01] <fake> in austria, everyone gets a 13th payment in august, and a 14th in december
[20:01] <blindcoder> o_O
[20:02] <fake> that couches are my 13th ;-)
[20:02] <blindcoder> I see
[20:02] <blindcoder> well, I'll be getting my "Lohnsteuerrueckzahlung" within the next month
[20:02] <blindcoder> 2700 EUR last time
[20:02] <fake> woo!
[20:03] <blindcoder> yeah :)
[20:03] <blindcoder> still no clue what to do with it
[20:03] <blindcoder> maybe get a 7.1 surround system
[20:03] <fake> i'd help you out...
[20:03] <fake> i want a ceiling-mountable plasma-tv for my bed
[20:03] <blindcoder> WOO
[20:03] Action: blindcoder covets
[20:03] <blindcoder> well, what would I do with a TV, anyway
[20:04] <blindcoder> haven't had an own TV in years
[20:04] <fake> 2,7k should be almost enough ;)
[20:04] <blindcoder> never missed it once
[20:04] <daja77> plugging the psp into it ^^
[20:04] <blindcoder> I don't own a PSP
[20:04] <fake> the psp has no tv out
[20:04] <blindcoder> but I just might get a revolution
[20:04] <daja77> hm
[20:04] <blindcoder> the gp2x also looks nice
[20:05] <fake> gp2x ?
[20:05] <cutio> buy a powerbook
[20:05] <cutio> scnr:)
[20:05] <blindcoder> also a nice idea
[20:05] <blindcoder> I wanted one for some time now
[20:05] <fake> powerbook uses a deprecated processor architecture *muahaha*
[20:05] <cutio> yeh, you'll have much fun hacking linux programs..
[20:05] <daja77> *shrug*
[20:06] <blindcoder> http://www.gbax.com/
[20:06] <blindcoder> fake: true, as does thee xbox 360
[20:07] <fake> Two 200mhz CPU
[20:07] <fake> what CPUs ??
[20:07] <blindcoder> sadly, that's not there
[20:08] <fake> i bet it's strongarm
[20:08] <fake> you could port symbian to it ;-)
[20:08] <blindcoder> hehe
[20:09] <blindcoder> well, my laptop is only done this year
[20:09] <blindcoder> so it has to stay in use for at least one more year
[20:10] <fake> sadly, the thing i need most i can't buy - holidays
[20:10] <blindcoder> even though it's on its third hard disk by now
[20:10] <blindcoder> heh
[20:11] <blindcoder> haven't had any since I've been to Cres with Animus and Watergirl
[20:11] <fake> i didn't mean vacation...
[20:11] <blindcoder> three years ago...
[20:11] <blindcoder> oh
[20:11] <fake> staying at home for 2 or 3 weeks would suffice
[20:11] <blindcoder> what else?
[20:11] <blindcoder> hmm
[20:11] Action: fake stressed a little
[20:12] <blindcoder> I've been to turkmenistan for a week (nice hotel, pool and everything)
[20:12] <blindcoder> and then two weeks at my parents with Livia
[20:12] <blindcoder> quite relaxing
[20:12] <fake> i only used up 2 or 3 days of my yearly holidays
[20:12] <blindcoder> o_O
[20:12] <fake> maybe i skip december alltogether ;)
[20:12] <blindcoder> too much work I assume?
[20:13] <fake> right... from one project to the next, we could hire 5 ppl instantly
[20:13] <blindcoder> well, I still have 5 days at my disposal
[20:13] <fake> anyone looking for a job in vienna? ;)
[20:13] <blindcoder> and holidays starting at the 21st of December
[20:13] <blindcoder> heh, not right now
[20:14] <blindcoder> not after I've finally managed to be able to get to the @vantage product line
[20:14] <blindcoder> where I'll finally be able to get travels abroad
[20:14] <fake> honestly, if you're ever interested, tell me
[20:14] <fake> @vantage?
[20:14] <blindcoder> spoken: at vantage
[20:14] <blindcoder> or advantage
[20:14] <blindcoder> HLRI and stuff like that
[20:15] <blindcoder> GSM/UMTS infrastructure
[20:15] <blindcoder> with everything around it
[20:15] <fake> scho kloar
[20:15] <blindcoder> from connection to billing
[20:15] <fake> so, a wireless telco backoffice system?
[20:16] <blindcoder> depends what you think of the backoffice
[20:16] <blindcoder> it's the whole damn infrastructure
[20:16] <fake> yes, all the stuff you don't get to see as a visitor ;)
[20:16] <blindcoder> right up to the antennae
[20:16] <blindcoder> ack, that's it :)
[20:16] <blindcoder> well
[20:16] <blindcoder> you might get to see the racks and some cables to the antennae
[20:17] <blindcoder> but the rest... no :)
[20:17] <fake> hm...
[20:17] <blindcoder> not a job I'd like to retire from
[20:17] <blindcoder> but secured for a year or two
[20:18] <fake> i'm currently building up quite some symbian/generic mobile handset knowledge
[20:18] <blindcoder> haven't had a chance to get a hold on symbian yet
[20:18] <fake> maybe we can spin off some time ;)
[20:18] <blindcoder> but I might get a treo 650 from $company :)
[20:19] <fake> palmos, ne?
[20:19] <blindcoder> yeah
[20:19] <blindcoder> since I've already done some palmos programming
[20:19] <blindcoder> it's actually quite nice to code for
[20:19] <blindcoder> once you get that whole event-based stuff
[20:19] <fake> a boss of mine has one, he's disappointed
[20:19] <fake> the accumulator doesn't even last through a day...
[20:19] <blindcoder> well, I'm thinking practically
[20:20] <blindcoder> having two mobiles and a palm is a pain to keep in sync
[20:20] Action: fake a blackberry victim
[20:20] <blindcoder> hmm
[20:20] <blindcoder> haven't looked too deep into blackberry, to be honest
[20:20] <fake> blackberry hardware sucks, but the nokias with blackberry connect... sweet.
[20:21] <fake> never sync anything anymore, it's all done automagically
[20:21] <fake> but it's not interesting for private use
[20:21] <blindcoder> why not?
[20:21] <fake> you need a lotus notes or ms exchange server in the background, and one hell of an expensive 'blackberry enterprise server' for the sync
[20:21] <blindcoder> urgs
[20:22] <fake> the gprs traffic is astronomic, if it's not covered in a special contract... etc, etc.
[20:22] <blindcoder> I still remember my 400+ euro GPRS bill for 12MB
[20:22] <fake> O_o
[20:22] <fake> hoi...
[20:22] <blindcoder> yeah...
[20:23] <blindcoder> they still had me under some strange 3 year old contract
[20:23] <fake> ouch, that sucks
[20:23] <blindcoder> charging some 27 euro per mb
[20:23] <blindcoder> it was a year ago, after I moved to berlin
[20:23] <blindcoder> no internet at home, boring weekend
[20:24] <fake> thats 27648 EUR / GIG!
[20:24] <blindcoder> yeah...
[20:24] <fake> they are making nothing to gold! they are alchimists!
[20:24] <blindcoder> Capitalism bless T-Mobile
[20:24] <blindcoder> no, actually alchemists make shit to gold
[20:24] <blindcoder> they are magicians :)
[20:24] <fake> they are GOD!
[20:24] <daja77> turning shit into marmelade, that's communism
[20:25] <fake> *lol*
[20:25] <blindcoder> MUAHAHA
[20:25] <fake> hey, i have to leave now, meeting my i/o @ starbucks
[20:25] <blindcoder> SUZOE!
[20:25] <daja77> have fun
[20:25] <blindcoder> Soviet Unterzoegersdorf!
[20:25] <cutio> remember: sms prices are/used to be even higher
[20:25] <fake> that rocks!
[20:25] <blindcoder> fake: have fun :)
[20:25] <blindcoder> cutio: with three sms per month I don't care :)
[20:25] <fake> blindcoder: that's a mono//chrom project
[20:25] <blindcoder> fake: no idea, who's that?
[20:26] <blindcoder> haven't played it much
[20:26] <fake> http://www.monochrom.at/
[20:26] <fake> cya!
[20:26] <blindcoder> bye
[20:26] <cutio> blindcoder: heh, yep, a call is in many cases cheaper than a sms
[20:26] <daja77> .oO (I hate it)
[20:28] <blindcoder> cutio: blog.crash-override.net
[20:29] <blindcoder> 'nuff said
[20:30] <blindcoder> daja77: what do you hate?
[20:31] <daja77> updating wine
[20:31] <blindcoder> ah :)
[20:33] <blindcoder> Tell me who is wrong
[20:33] <blindcoder> ehm
[20:33] <blindcoder> Tell me who is right
[20:34] <blindcoder> Tell me if I'm wrong
[20:34] <blindcoder> Tell me I'm the Cute before I'm gone
[20:34] <blindcoder> *sing*
[20:34] <daja77> it doesn't compile, I mean a release could have been testd at least for that
[20:36] <blindcoder> http://www.lyrix.at/de/text_show/d8486f7172b97febf04f69657e619aa8
[20:36] <blindcoder> :D
[20:36] <blindcoder> this song so rocks :D
[20:37] <daja77> :)
[20:48] <blindcoder> damn, what's with the beer glasses on this longitudes?
[20:48] <blindcoder> it just keeps disappearing faster than I'm used to it :(
[20:52] <daja77> hehe
[20:53] <daja77> oh I guess sth
[20:53] <daja77> will have a look at that tomorrow
[20:54] <blindcoder> hehe
[21:22] <markuman> hm have someone of you a sign gpgkey an live in germany?
[21:23] <blindcoder> heh?
[21:23] <blindcoder> my parser fails that sentence...
[21:35] <blindcoder> markuman: well, I can sign gpg keys and live in germany
[21:35] <blindcoder> if that's what you mean
[21:39] <markuman> blindcoder, yes. but where are you living in germany? somewhere in nrw?
[21:39] <blindcoder> markuman: Berlin
[21:39] <markuman> uh....thats is not realy near to me *g*
[21:40] <blindcoder> hardly :)
[21:40] <blindcoder> but if you come to 22C3 we can do something
[21:40] <markuman> oh. i don´t know at the moment what you mean with 22c3
[21:40] <blindcoder> the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress
[21:40] <markuman> something from ccc
[21:40] <markuman> ah
[21:41] <markuman> hm
[21:42] <markuman> it is in december...thats a long time....i´ll try to find someone in dortmund 
[21:42] <blindcoder> :)
[21:42] <blindcoder> Well, ROCK will be there again at least
[21:43] <markuman> ok ;-)
[21:48] <blindcoder> anyway, bedtime
[21:48] <blindcoder> gn8
[22:09] kasc_ (n=kasc@dsl-082-083-059-018.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
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[22:10] Nick change: kasc_ -> kasc
[22:31] <daja77> aaaaah I knew it
[22:31] <daja77> wine added ldap support and fails when openldap is missing, yeah that could have been a job for configure ...
[22:32] markuman (n=markuman@p50927BFC.dip.t-dialin.net) left #rocklinux.
[00:00] --- Wed Sep 21 2005