[00:51] <daja77> what version is in stable?
[00:51] <th> tested with 1.0.6
[00:51] <th> might not be committed
[00:52] <th> either it's a dependency or the .conf
[00:52] <th> but the .conf is the same
[00:52] <daja77> 1.0.7 is a scurity fix release should be no difference in the features
[00:52] <th> daja77: do you have gmail account?
[00:52] <daja77> no
[00:52] <th> binary version of 1.0.6 works fine with gmail
[00:52] <th> so does my firefox on macOS
[00:53] <daja77> does our version send a different id string?
[00:54] <th> i'll sniff on that
[00:55] <th> User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.0.6) Gecko/20050919 Firefox/1.0.6
[00:55] <th> sounds sane to me
[00:56] <th> thats stable
[00:56] <daja77> yes
[00:57] <th> User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.7.10) Gecko/20050716 Firefox/1.0.6
[00:58] <th> that's binary
[00:58] <th> rv
[00:58] <th> that's different
[00:59] <daja77> 1.7.10 is the mozilla version number ...
[00:59] <th> it is
[00:59] <th> so is there a build-time-correlation?
[00:59] <th> does it depend on the mozilla version i had when building firefox?
[01:00] <daja77> this would be really sick
[01:01] <th> moz_implant_version()
[01:01] <th> perhaps this one?
[01:01] <th>     # replace the 00... build-id with s.th. useful
[01:01] <th>     sed -i "s,0000000000,ROCK Linux - $rockver," xpfe/global/build.dtd.in
[01:03] <daja77> sounds like this is not really needed but rene thought it is better 
[01:04] <daja77> you could invite me to test gmail ^^
[01:05] <th> what's your email-address?
[01:05] <daja77> daja@rock...
[01:05] <th> Invite sent to daja.
[01:08] <daja77> I am in
[01:10] <daja77> Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.0.7) Gecko/20050921 Firefox/1.0.7
[01:10] <th> do you have a bar on the top like "For a better Google Mail experience, use a fully supported browser."
[01:10] <th> ?
[01:10] <daja77> oh now that you mention it
[01:12] <th> yes or no?
[01:12] <daja77> I can't believe that this version makes the difference, that makes no sense
[01:12] <daja77> i git that bar
[01:13] <th> but this seems to be the case
[01:13] <th> this shows how small our userbase is...
[01:13] <th> no one uses gmail ;)
[01:14] <daja77> this only shows that their browser check is broken
[01:14] <th> i bet it's our "implant version"
[01:15] Action: daja77 too
[01:15] <daja77> I could rebuild without it and test it tomorrow
[01:16] <daja77> just doin it
[01:16] <daja77> gn8
[01:16] <th> n8
[02:38] <th> so it's not the implant_version
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[09:24] <daja77> th: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=8835&query=firefox&topic=0&type=f&ctx=en:search
[09:29] <th> daja77: the rv:-version is created from $MOZILLA_VERSION somehow. and i think it should be set to ./config/milestone.txt
[09:29] <th> but adding an export MOZILLA_VERSION="1.7.10" (generated from milestone.txt) does not help
[09:33] <daja77> They know this since june and still haven't figured out ... strange thing is for google earth this browser works
[09:33] <th> we somehow need to figure out how to set the correct rv-version
[09:34] <daja77> yes
[09:34] <daja77> my build failed btw
[09:34] <th> mine did not
[09:34] <th> i tested it with removing the implant
[09:34] <th> no effect
[09:34] <th> and it ested exporting MOZILLA_VERSION with no effect
[09:34] <daja77> damn
[09:35] <daja77> perhaps it is sth different than that string
[09:35] <th> i really doubt that
[09:36] <daja77> well let's see if the opera fake does work, or konquerors
[09:37] <th>     mMisc = NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("rv:" MOZILLA_VERSION);
[09:37] <th> ./netwerk/protocol/http/src/nsHttpHandler.cpp
[09:37] <th> ./build/unix/Makefile.in:       -e "s|%MOZILLA_VERSION%|$(MOZ_APP_VERSION)|" \
[09:38] <th> hmm
[09:39] <daja77> if it is only the string opera should work, but it doesn't
[09:39] <th> ./configure:MOZILLA_VERSION=`$PERL $srcdir/config/milestone.pl -topsrcdir $srcdir`
[09:39] <th> you sniffed http to get the opera string?
[09:40] <daja77> I could try
[09:41] <th> ./configure:#define MOZILLA_VERSION "$MOZILLA_VERSION"
[09:41] <th> that seems totally sane to me
[09:42] <th> that should make exporting this var in .mozconfig totally unnecessary
[09:43] <th> cat >> confdefs.h <<EOF
[09:43] <th> EOF
[09:45] <th> do we yet have the contrary to "[ ]    Always clean up src dirs (even on pkg fail)" ?
[09:46] <daja77> User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; U) Opera 7.54  [en] <- haha ok
[09:47] <daja77> always cleanup is off as defualt
[09:48] <th> the contrary would be "[ ]   Always keep the src dirs (even on success)"
[09:48] <th> ah
[09:48] <th> perhaps configure is not used
[09:49] <th> mozilla-config.h holds "#define MOZILLA_VERSION "1.0.6""  in our build
[09:49] <th> (in our build only / not in vanilla src)
[09:54] <daja77> interesting when I fake ie6 win with konqueror I get an error that I disabled cookies ^^
[09:54] <th> perhaps you did
[09:55] <th> config.status:s%@MOZ_DEFINES@%-DMOZILLA_VERSION=\"1.0.6\" 
[09:56] <daja77> no I just enabled it
[09:56] <daja77> oh so we need one more configure flag?
[09:57] <th> it might be our $ver
[09:58] <th> i try to unset t
[09:59] <daja77> yes perhaps
[11:28] <th> 4.8G -rw-r--r--    1 root     root         4.8G Oct  1 10:19 /var/adm/logs/9-firefox.err
[11:28] <th> what did i do?
[11:29] <th> Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at config//Moz/Milestone.pm line 57, <FILE> line 14.
[11:29] <th> tons of this
[11:29] <th> i did unset $ver
[11:29] <th> which was rock's firefox version
[11:29] <th> so i try to set it to milestone.txt-version
[11:53] <th> that seems to be the trick
[11:55] <daja77> nice :)
[12:13] <daja77> could you send a patch if that works?
[12:14] <th> if that build finished
[12:14] <th> i just noticed the change in the responsible config header in the src
[12:14] <th> how do i underline some a headline in subwiki?
[12:15] <th> there is no link to syntax...
[12:15] <daja77> so do you consider this as a firefox bug?
[12:15] <th> blindcoder: help please
[12:15] <daja77> think he is off for octoberfest
[12:15] <th> if i understand it correctly firefox is still build from the overall mozilla src-project
[12:16] <th> sort of a spin-off
[12:16] <th> so defining the mozilla-version in something like milestone.txt makes senes
[12:16] <th> totally
[12:16] <th> but
[12:17] <th> it's a bug that firefox build process respects $ver
[12:17] <th> it should clean the environment before if it allows global environment to influence the build
[12:17] <th> that's my 0.02
[12:19] <daja77> th: the syntax is:# Headline
[12:19] <daja77> if you want to know the syntax just click on edit for a page that contains that style ;)
[12:20] <daja77> guess the underlining is done automatically if there is a link preset
[12:20] <th> # headline   does not seem to work
[12:20] <th> i get "# headline" as rendered output then
[12:21] <SMP> try Headline or HeadLine -- Wikis LOVE studly caps ;-p
[12:22] <daja77> the philosophy link is underlined
[12:22] <th> daja77: yea - the rv-version is fixed now.
[12:22] <daja77> and google mail works?
[12:22] <th> yes it does
[12:23] <daja77> cool
[12:23] <daja77> send a patch ;)
[12:23] <th> wil do
[12:23] <th> daja77: the link is underlined cause it's a wikiword
[12:23] <daja77> yes
[12:24] <th> and headlines are introduced by putting a single or double '=' before and after the line
[12:25] <daja77> ah
[12:26] <th> http://doc.rocklinux.org/wiki/RockPhilosophy
[12:27] <th> i want a clear statement about when we do patch a package and when not.
[12:27] <daja77> ah ok i got you completely wrong, sry
[12:27] <th> e.g. i dont like our patch to bash profile which makes fonts red when we are root
[12:27] <th> i want the packages to be as the authors made them
[12:27] <th> no adaptions
[12:28] <daja77> th: that is only in stable
[12:28] <th> only when necessary to fix a bug
[12:28] <th> daja77: it's finally removed from trunk?
[12:28] <daja77> and only in dektop rock iirc
[12:28] <daja77> th: no trunk system I installed has this behaviour
[12:29] <th> and i even dont like patching our web-browsers to have some rock-url as default homepage
[12:29] <th> i want to be rock-solid-strict about this
[12:29] <daja77> hm in the latest build it was not iirc
[12:29] <th> i think it's still in trunk
[12:29] <th> lemme look
[12:29] <daja77> well for crystal i would do this
[12:31] <th> hmmm
[12:31] <th> well what is crystal again?
[12:31] <th> a reference distro?
[12:31] <daja77> no
[12:31] <daja77> our default distro for end users
[12:31] <th> so if you say it's necessary for a dsistribution to modify a webbrowser to point to the distributions home...\
[12:31] <th> then i agree
[12:31] <th> but it should not point to the rock portal then
[12:31] <th> but to some crystal homepage
[12:32] <daja77> good point
[12:32] <th> "our default distro" somehow implies that our mission is to provide plenty of distros
[12:32] <th> which is not true
[12:33] <th> i think our mission is the DBK - and crystal is our reference that it works
[12:33] <th> sort of POC
[12:33] <th> it's only targeted at end users to attract them
[12:33] <th> to reach them
[12:33] <th> to get more devs
[12:34] <daja77> default distro means that we supply binaries for it
[12:35] <th> no that's what "distro" alone means
[12:36] <daja77> but we didn't so far ;)
[12:36] <th> that doesn't matter ;-)
[12:36] <daja77> :P
[12:38] <th> you're right with the bash thing. that only applied to desktop target
[12:39] <th> ROCK-dev/package/x11/mozilla/home-bookmarks.patch
[12:39] <th> have a look
[12:40] <th> another thing
[12:40] <th> sshd
[12:40] <th> enable_x11_fwd.patch
[12:40] <daja77> erh you give access to your hd? ^^
[12:40] <th> ROCK-dev is my checkout of trunk
[12:40] <th> it's HEAD
[12:40] <th> you can look it up on your HD
[12:41] <daja77> *sigh*
[12:45] <daja77> do I get this right, that patch in teh mozilla package fixes the firefox build?
[12:45] <th> which patch?
[12:46] <daja77> ah ok you were talking about bookmarks, I thought of that id string patch
[12:47] <th> no correlation between these two things :-)
[12:47] <daja77> you are confusing me >_<
[12:48] <th> i was discussion to completely different things at the same time
[12:48] <th> sorry for this
[12:49] <daja77> at least i got it now, a bit sleepy ...
[12:53] <th> cleaning up the firefox patch....
[12:53] <th> interesting when i just unset ver...
[12:53] <th> i get endless:
[12:53] <th> Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at config//Moz/Milestone.pm line 57, <FILE> line 14.
[12:54] <th> filling up until no space left on device
[12:54] <th> so i really have to set the mozilla-milestone version in this ver var
[12:54] <daja77> O_o
[12:57] <th> that's sick.
[12:57] <th> we can call it "hotfix" for now.
[13:01] <daja77> :)
[13:13] ruddur (i=ruddur@ruddur.net) joined #rocklinux.
[13:14] <ruddur> hi anybody have a link to iso of rocklinux for sparc32
[13:18] <daja77> dunno if iso.rocklinux.de has one
[13:19] <ruddur> thanks
[13:26] <ruddur> nothing on iso.rocklinux.de
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[13:57] <owl> hi :(
[13:57] <owl> might i have to kill my poor budgie :((((((((((
[14:02] <th> you always bitched about it anyways...
[14:03] <th> did you? mixed i things up?
[14:04] <th> or did you only bitch about your rodent...
[14:06] <owl> nah. rodent with tumor (rodent already dead)
[14:06] <owl> now my bird ... *puke*
[14:18] <th> your hamster is dead?
[14:19] <th> daja77: 2005100114182507617
[14:20] <owl> th: yeah, those two: http://gallery.karnaya.de/v/tiere/hamster/zarathustra/ <- hamster with tumor, http://gallery.karnaya.de/v/tiere/hamster/mephisto/ <- hamster with old age
[14:25] <owl> i have to go now... bye
[14:25] <th> cya
[14:45] <th> Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.7.12) Gecko/20051001 Firefox/1.0.7
[14:45] <th> yes.
[14:46] <th> that's how it should look like
[14:50] <th> daja77: could you add a patch to your firefox update changing [S] to stable for firefox?
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[17:52] <daja77> th: perhaps we should escalate this to google and firefox ...
[18:05] <th> daja77: good idea - dont hesitate ;)
[18:06] <daja77> ok
[18:07] <th> i feel that blaming google is wrong. but they said they were searching for a solution...
[18:08] <daja77> i donÄt want to blame, i want to explain that problem to them so they can easily fix it
[18:08] <th> yes
[18:08] <daja77> when my google compatible firefox is finished ;)
[18:08] <th> i did not imply that you want to blame
[18:09] <daja77> google could adjust their check, that would be the easiest way
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[18:40] <th> daja77: yea - i agree
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[19:21] <feistel> is incremental streaming for DVD-R supported? I need burn a multi session DVD-R and k3b say: 
[19:21] <feistel> Your writer (XXX) does not support Incremental Streaming with DVD-R media. Multisession will not be possible. Continue anyway?
[19:21] <daja77> that depends o n the backend you are using i guess
[19:23] <daja77> mozilla/config/nsinstall: cannot create /opt/firefox
[19:23] <daja77> /lib/firefox-1.0.7/firefox-bin: Text file busy
[19:23] <daja77> wtf?
[19:23] <daja77> perhaps because I am running it
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[19:47] <daja77> ok I sent a report to google, we'll see of they respond
[20:23] <owl> 97 % people are insane. my biological mother is one person of this 97 %!
[20:24] <cutio> i'm insane, too!
[20:25] <owl> cutio: do you tell two people, who have bought about 2 or 3 weeks ago something eatable (total cost: 15 EUR) - that they won't get money, because it costs too much and there is still something available from MY birthday?!
[20:26] <cutio> no idea, i normallya buy everything with my own money
[20:27] <owl> yeah. you're not unemploeyed i guess and have less money than half of the poverty line
[20:27] <cutio> i'm student;)
[20:27] <cutio> dont even get bafoeg, brr
[20:28] <owl> hmm. ok. well but normally your parents give you money for the fscking food, don't they?
[20:29] <cutio> that isnt worth mentioning
[20:29] <owl> ok O_O and how do you life, then?
[20:29] <cutio> parttime jobs mostly
[20:30] <owl> well. then you're not unemployed
[20:30] <cutio> well uhh.. thats right
[20:31] <owl> yeah. you see. 
[20:31] <cutio> but depending on parents always suck because you've to explain them what you're going to do with the money sometimes and that kinda sucks
[20:31] <owl> and: my parents are "unterhaltspflichtig" -> means also to give me food!
[20:31] <cutio> so i know your problem
[20:32] <owl> well. and: they complain about that i have to buy "nahrungsergaenzungsmittel" because i have "vitaminmangel" - because i don't get fres/good food!!!
[20:33] <owl> my mum also sells often "matschgurken" or "abgelaufene produkte" - cuz they're 5 cent cheap than other products!!!
[20:34] <cutio> my grandpa acts similiar, hrhr. greedy weirdos
[20:35] <owl> ack.:(
[20:36] <cutio> do they also tell you the usual line: "you dont know how hard it is, to earn money!!"
[20:36] <owl> my grandpa (my mum's father) is not acting as insane like my mum... and my grandpa is a bit "senil"........
[20:36] <owl> yeah. sometimes. but more often my mum. 
[20:38] <owl> i could kill her!
[20:38] <cutio> what about getting a little job?
[20:39] <owl> there is no job... and 400-euro-jobs you can forget, cuz then you're not "krankenversichert"...and part-time or full-time-jobs are n/a
[20:41] <cutio> mm
[20:42] <owl> hm?
[20:42] <cutio> no idea then
[20:43] <owl> yeah :(
[20:43] <owl> killing my mum is imho a good possibillity
[20:43] <cutio> well you could try working as aushilfe or something but you wont earn more vthan 100-200/month
[20:43] <owl> nah, then iam not "krankenversichert"
[20:43] <cutio> so what?
[20:43] <owl> and i need this "krankenversicherung"
[20:44] <cutio> why?
[20:44] <owl> because i need often docs. even my therapy costs 66 EUR / session... and this weekly...
[20:45] <cutio> then you probably have to bear with the situation
[20:45] <owl> never
[20:45] <cutio> afk dvd + girlfriend waiting
[20:46] <owl> enjoy it. 
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