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[08:10] <blindcoder> moin
[08:12] [raphael] (n=raphael@host-84-235-196-162.satlynx.net) joined #rocklinux.
[08:52] <owl> moin
[09:00] <blindcoder> moin moin
[09:05] <owl> hi blindy
[09:07] Action: owl waiting impatiently *hibbel* for satan closing its doors
[09:07] blindcod1r (n=blindcod@dslb-084-059-045-095.pools.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
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[09:07] <owl> 22 minutes remaining 
[09:07] Nick change: blindcod1r -> blindcoder
[09:29] <blindcoder> owl: until?
[09:29] <owl> blindcoder: until i can call my special friends from satan
[09:29] <blindcoder> ah
[09:29] <blindcoder> so, now?
[09:29] <owl> and annoy them *har*
[09:30] <owl> yes. but now iam still unable to move
[09:30] <owl> sigh. it's not normal if your bird sits in a 90-winkel-position on the "stange", i guess?
[09:31] <blindcoder> hardly
[09:31] <owl> shit :(
[09:31] <blindcoder> been to antkowiak?
[09:31] <owl> well. have TA-"date" at 1045
[09:32] <blindcoder> http://branchenbuch.opusforum.org/branchen/2QQMuenchenQQBayernQQ85QQIngolstadtQQ61499976
[09:32] <owl> nah. still at my "normal" TA... first want to wait if he says that "einschlaefern" would be recommeneded... and if he doesn't say so, then i won't visit another doc
[09:32] <owl> thx. do you know if he's a "vogelspezialist"?
[09:32] <owl> argh. shit. crap. damn. voltage in my wrist again
[09:34] <blindcoder> no idea about that
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[09:41] <blindcoder> okay, time for remote kernel patching...
[09:44] <owl> gnaaaaaaaaaaaarf.
[09:45] <owl> iam watzing till 4 minutes in the "samsung-notebook-hotline" 
[09:46] <blindcoder> hehe
[09:46] <blindcoder> welcome to queue hell
[09:49] <owl> yes
[09:49] <owl> this fscking satanistenpack!!!!!
[09:49] <blindcoder> hm?
[09:49] <owl> samsung still has no "zubehoer"!!!! i brouight it to satan on 22.09.!!!!
[09:50] <blindcoder> ?
[09:50] <owl> second... still at phone
[09:50] <owl> *biting my siemens phone*
[09:51] <blindcoder> hehe
[09:51] <owl> currently i have very, very self-destructive tendencies 
[09:51] <esden_> moin everyone
[09:51] Nick change: esden_ -> esden
[09:51] <blindcoder> moin moin esden 
[09:52] <blindcoder> esden: you watn to do a remote kernel update on pallas?
[09:53] <esden> ???
[09:53] <owl> burning satan *HAR*
[09:53] <esden> I did nothing .. I only recompiled php ... I also wrote the corresponding email to you
[09:53] <esden> did you get it?
[09:54] <blindcoder> yeah, I got it
[09:54] <esden> good
[09:54] <blindcoder> but mutt doesn't auto decode it
[09:55] <esden> yes I know .. mutt sadly only supports one system of the two common coding systems ... I know that problem of mutt
[09:56] <esden> I really do not understand why they do that :/
[09:56] <blindcoder> well, |gpg -d works
[09:56] <esden> that is good
[09:56] <blindcoder> esden: anyway, I need to patch the kernel (currently trying at home) so that I can do iptables -A INPUT -m owner 
[09:57] <blindcoder> owner match on incoming traffic
[09:57] <th> why do you need this for INPUT?
[09:57] <esden> you should order lara before you do the update
[09:59] <blindcoder> th: so I can account incoming traffic?
[10:00] <th> blindcoder: owner is always for locally originated traffic, right?
[10:00] <blindcoder> th: wget http://blah/bigfile would otherwise result in only a few kB traffic for one user
[10:00] <th> blindcoder: does that traffic walk through the output as well>
[10:00] <blindcoder> th: and there's a patch doing the same for incoming traffic :)
[10:01] <th> ahh
[10:01] <th> yea true
[10:01] <owl> blindcoder: well. i brought my laptop-equipment to satan on 22.09. because i was told to do this. satan sent the equ. to teleplan ("vertragswerkstatt von satan") on 23.09. - about 10 minutes ago i directly called samsung-hotline, who told me, that i will get a "gutschrift" ASAP as the equ. will be there. the samsung-member talked to teleplan-member who told samsung, that there is sitll no equ. at teleplan. now satan sends the "sendebestaetigung" to samsung & tele
[10:02] <th> blindcoder: well let the user in the UML machine only - then you can do real counting without owner match
[10:02] <owl> just some words i have on my mind now: "BURN IN HELL!"
[10:02] <blindcoder> too bad the most recent patch is for 2.6.11 :(
[10:02] <owl> *eating laptop cables* *mjam*
[10:03] <blindcoder> th: esden and me tried uml some time back, and it was... well... not very performant
[10:04] <owl> and: yes, you're allowed to scream
[10:04] <esden> blindcoder: ack
[10:04] <owl> have to go to the doc with my bird... bbl
[10:13] <th> blindcoder: hmm i see
[12:34] <blindcoder> hrmpf
[12:34] <blindcoder> extern struct sock *udp_v4_lookup(u32 saddr, u16 sport, u32 daddr, u16 dport, int dif);
[12:34] <blindcoder> static __inline__ struct sock *udp_v4_lookup(u32 saddr, u16 sport, u32 daddr, u16 dport, int dif)
[12:35] <blindcoder> now, why do I get undefined references to udp_v4_lookup?
[12:51] <daja77> moin blindy
[12:57] <blindcoder> moin daja77 
[13:00] menomc (n=amery@ joined #rocklinux.
[13:01] mnemoc (n=amery@ left irc: Nick collision from services.
[13:04] Nick change: menomc -> mnemoc
[13:07] Action: blindcoder hates C
[13:07] Action: blindcoder hates the Linux kernel
[13:07] Action: blindcoder hates patching the Linux kernel to do stuff that makes sense
[13:11] Action: daja77 gives a cookie to blindcoder 
[13:12] Action: blindcoder eats the cookie
[13:12] <blindcoder> This cookie has a piece of paper in it. Read it? [yn] y
[13:13] <blindcoder> The paper reads: Blame the guy who most recently celebrated his birthday.
[13:13] Action: blindcoder looks fiercely at daja77 
[13:14] <daja77> hehe
[13:15] <daja77> I invited you :p
[13:15] <netrunner> moin.
[13:17] <daja77> moin netrunner 
[13:18] <clifford> daja77: happy birthday (one day late)
[13:18] <netrunner> oh, /me throwing a tart at daja77
[13:19] <daja77> :)
[13:21] <blindcoder> daja77: I know you did, that's why I hugged you :P
[13:22] <daja77> ah :)
[13:22] <daja77> we can celebrate at dresden :D
[13:25] <blindcoder> *nod* *nod*
[13:25] <blindcoder> you bring the girls, I bring the booze :D
[13:25] <daja77> erh girls ...
[13:25] <blindcoder> sure, no partying without the women :D
[13:27] <daja77> :)
[13:28] <daja77> hm wienux for download
[13:28] <blindcoder> also, I don't know whether I'll be able to bring mine along
[13:36] <blindcoder> anyone knows if the hacktivity program is to be downloaded somewhere?
[13:36] <blindcoder> I need it to prove something
[13:56] <esden> bopp
[13:56] <blindcoder> plopp
[13:57] <daja77> esden is here ^^
[13:57] <blindcoder> can't test the patch at home :(
[13:57] <blindcoder> need to decrypt the harddisk first
[13:57] <blindcoder> which means I need to umount /home
[13:57] <blindcoder> which means I need to stop most everything
[13:57] <blindcoder> which means I'll do it somewhen else
[13:57] Action: daja77 points and laughs @ blindcoder 
[13:58] <esden> daja77: yes I am here. *jumparound* <- see?
[13:59] <blindcoder> brb
[13:59] <esden> blindcoder: you do not have another test machine? ... a 386 or so only for rock testing?
[13:59] <daja77> yeah
[13:59] <esden> strange ;)
[13:59] Action: daja77 pokes esden 
[13:59] <daja77> will you be at dresden on 29th?
[13:59] <esden> autsch
[13:59] <esden> sorry no money
[14:04] <owl> re. 
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[14:34] netrunner (n=andreas@anvame.net) joined #rocklinux.
[14:35] <blindcoder> re
[14:36] <netrunner> re, 2
[14:36] <blindcoder> esden: nope, nothing like that
[14:36] <blindcoder> I am too optimistic that my stuff works :)
[14:36] <esden> rofl
[14:37] <esden> another darvin award attendee ;)
[14:37] <daja77> who?
[14:37] <esden> blindcoder
[14:37] <daja77> hehe
[14:42] <blindcoder> pff
[14:42] <blindcoder> my code doesn't kill
[14:42] <blindcoder> at least it was never proven that the neighbors cat died from my code!
[14:45] <esden> blindcoder: the cat was in a box ... right? ... you were experimenting with quantum mechanics? 
[14:46] <netrunner> are the library links created automatically?
[14:46] <esden> ahh sweet ... I love my window ... I see nice things from here
[14:46] <esden> if only these creatures would not go so fast ... I could take a picture ;)
[14:47] <blindcoder> esden: I wanted to...^W^W^W^W^W
[14:47] <blindcoder> nothing
[14:47] <blindcoder> netrunner: library links?
[14:50] <netrunner> blindcoder: never mind.
[14:52] <owl> sigh. sigh. sigh. 
[14:52] <owl> re
[14:53] <netrunner> interesting to see that noone uses nx-X11 :)
[14:54] <owl> nx-x11?
[14:54] <blindcoder> netrunner: well, I'm happy with a local xorg
[14:54] <blindcoder> owl: how's your birdie?
[14:54] <netrunner> http://chardonbertrand.free.fr/NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!.jpg
[14:54] <owl> blindcoder: bad :( "herzfehler" -> "kreislaufschwachche" -> "enteritis" -> "schaden des zentralnervensystems"
[14:55] <blindcoder> urgs
[14:55] <owl> -> no hope -> globuli: last chance -> "einschlaefern" is near
[14:55] <owl> yes :(
[14:56] <daja77> hehe the suse ml informs about the defacement
[14:56] youngcoder (n=codemast@016M30.oasis.mediatti.net) left #rocklinux ("Leaving").
[14:56] <owl> hoeh?
[14:57] <owl> sigh. my gando sits near sephi's place... that's unusual.... :((((
[14:57] <owl> -> another fact that it will end soon :(
[15:01] <netrunner> daja77: suse defacement?
[15:03] <daja77> http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/64512
[15:03] <blindcoder> http://scavenger.homeip.net/~blindcoder/www.opensuse.org/
[15:04] <daja77> :)
[15:23] [raphael] (n=raphael@host-84-235-196-162.satlynx.net) joined #rocklinux.
[15:32] <netrunner> blindcoder: what was the ship you recommended in privateer?
[15:36] <[raphael]> netrunner: privateer I or II ?
[15:38] <netrunner> [raphael]: privateer remake
[15:52] <[raphael]> netrunner: oh, I had no idea this exists...
[15:52] <[raphael]> uh, yeah, screenshots look like the original one, wow, awesome :)
[15:55] Action: netrunner likes it. 
[16:26] BoS (n=bodo@dslb-084-059-237-075.pools.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
[16:29] <blindcoder> netrunner: daemon
[16:29] <blindcoder> demon
[16:29] <blindcoder> whatever
[16:37] <netrunner> blindcoder: hm. where did you get that? I think about getting something better than my refurbished taurus
[16:37] <netrunner> blindcoder: is it possible to own more than one ship? what I read sounds like that, but I haven't seen a function for that...
[16:37] <blindcoder> yes
[16:37] <blindcoder> you can then switch between them
[16:38] <blindcoder> no idea where I bought it
[16:38] <blindcoder> new constaninoble or new detroit
[16:38] BoS___ (n=bodo@dslb-084-059-233-129.pools.arcor-ip.net) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[16:40] <netrunner> blindcoder: oh. have to read that ugly heavy pdf manual then :)
[16:40] <blindcoder> hehe
[16:41] <netrunner> just downloaded privateer 1.2
[16:52] <clifford> any GRUB experst here?
[16:53] <clifford> not so many! one after each other!
[16:53] <clifford> ;-)
[16:53] <blindcoder> what's the problem
[16:53] <clifford> I have swaped the hdd in my laptop and now I can install grub on the new hdd.
[16:54] <clifford> its always printing "GRUB" in an endless loop when booting
[16:57] <blindcoder> hmm
[16:57] <blindcoder> http://doc.rocklinux.org/wiki/InstallationProblems :)
[17:05] <clifford> hmm.. my bios doesn't allow me to configure the harddisks.
[17:06] Action: clifford trying to install LILO now.
[17:10] <th> clifford: how did you do the grub install?
[17:10] <th> clifford: sounds like a trivial task for grub
[17:11] <th> clifford: swap your discs as you like, boot into grub from cd/floppy, root(x,y);setup(hd0)
[17:14] <clifford> hmm.. with lilo: L 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 ....
[17:15] <clifford> th: its a subnotebook. I can only boot from local harddisk and with PXE.
[17:16] <clifford> can I boot grub from pxelinux?
[17:17] <th> yes
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[17:46] <clifford> hmmm...
[17:51] <clifford> I have now created a floppy disk with grub on it.
[17:52] <clifford> I can boot the kernel on the hd from this floppy.
[17:52] <clifford> But wehn I try to install grub on the hd from the floppy i get the same problem as described before..
[17:52] <clifford> (the floppy drive is a USB floppy drive, btw)
[17:58] SteffenP (i=steffen@p54996D7B.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[18:04] <th> clifford: 
[18:04] <th> well
[18:05] <th> clifford: copy the stage files on the disk you are trying to boot from
[18:05] <th> sorry for the latency
[18:05] <th> but you did not highlight ;)
[18:15] <clifford> th: I'm doing the network rock install (booted from floppy) now, will continue the grub nightmare later ..
[18:25] <clifford> th: when the install has finished I will try installing grub with the 'd' option passed to the grub 'install' command..
[18:44] reinaldo (n=reinaldo@pc-14-24-104-200.cm.vtr.net) joined #rocklinux.
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[18:58] <clifford> nope. doesn't work.
[20:37] <owl> http://weblog.karnaya.de/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=20&blogId=1 <- update of "geiz is nicht geil"
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