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[09:06] <blindcoder> moin
[09:06] <blindcoder> esden_: send me the mail please!
[09:45] <esden_> blindcoder: which mail?
[09:45] Nick change: esden_ -> esden
[09:46] <esden> blindcoder: ping
[09:46] Last message repeated 8 time(s).
[09:46] <esden> ping timeout
[09:48] <blindcoder> pong
[09:48] <blindcoder> esden: pong
[09:49] <blindcoder> esden: the one from pixelpost
[09:49] <blindcoder> esden: seems like you got a reply, no?
[09:51] <esden> erm ... not really ... the girl posted in the forum of pixelpost
[09:51] <blindcoder> ah, okay
[09:51] <blindcoder> I already read that one :)
[09:51] <esden> sadly the thread is blocked now ...
[09:51] <blindcoder> bah
[09:51] <blindcoder> whiners :P
[09:51] <esden> there is a second one
[09:52] <blindcoder> where?
[09:56] <esden> in Pixelpost 0.4.x bugreports 
[09:57] <esden> iirc
[09:59] <blindcoder> can't find it theer :(
[10:01] <blindcoder> esden: dragon has racked up 250000 database entries in 4 days
[10:01] <blindcoder> guess I need to do some "compressing" there
[10:01] <esden> yes you need it ;)
[10:03] <blindcoder> hmm
[10:03] <blindcoder> daily cron job
[10:03] <blindcoder> keeping the detailed entries for the last month
[10:03] <blindcoder> compressing everything that's older into hourly totals
[10:03] <blindcoder> compressing everything older than 3 months into monthly totals
[10:10] <esden> 6 months
[10:10] <esden> because of the statistics
[10:10] <blindcoder> configurable :)
[10:11] <esden> kk
[10:11] <esden> a graph would be nice
[10:11] <blindcoder> true
[10:11] <blindcoder> http://slashem.crash-override.net/stats.php
[10:11] <blindcoder> something like this?
[10:11] <esden> when you have a full graph you can store only the images and purge the data from the database
[10:11] <esden> then you do not need to compress anything
[10:12] <esden> and the page contents obviously
[10:12] <esden> they should be stored too ;)
[10:12] <blindcoder> *nod*
[10:12] <blindcoder> but that's for later
[10:12] <blindcoder> guess I'll polish a few things and push out 0.1 today
[10:12] <esden> kk
[10:12] <blindcoder> since today is my kendo-free day :)
[10:13] <esden> hehe
[10:15] <blindcoder> first time at advanced training yesterday
[10:15] <esden> and how was it?
[10:15] <blindcoder> horrible >_<
[10:15] <daja77> you lost?
[10:15] <blindcoder> I'm still not used to wearing the Men
[10:16] <blindcoder> daja77: yeah, to a 14 year old girl
[10:16] <daja77> haha!
[10:16] <daja77> scnr
[10:16] <blindcoder> not funny >_<
[10:16] <blindcoder> all evening I just wanted to get out of hte Men (the helmet)
[10:17] <blindcoder> I think it'll take some weeks to lose this feeling
[10:17] <daja77> you'll get better ...
[10:17] <blindcoder> sure
[10:17] <blindcoder> tomorrow is the next training session
[10:17] <blindcoder> then "beginners" training at thursday
[10:17] <daja77> so don't worry
[10:18] <blindcoder> and kata training at friday
[10:22] <esden> humm ... I can imagine that Men is not very confortable ;)
[10:23] <blindcoder> it isn't
[10:23] <blindcoder> it is heavy, there's not much room in it and nearly zero ventilation
[10:23] <blindcoder> so it is also damn hot
[10:25] <esden> urgh
[10:25] <esden> you are a bit masochistig are you?
[10:27] <blindcoder> hehe, hardly
[10:27] <blindcoder> I've been told that it needs a lot of getting used to
[10:27] <daja77> you m,ean because he gets defeated by little girls?
[10:27] <daja77> he just let her win ^^
[10:29] <blindcoder> no, she's been in fighting training for a month already
[10:29] Action: blindcoder .oO(nothing like a good excuse)
[10:29] <daja77> hehe
[10:32] <owl> moin
[10:39] <blindcoder> moin owl
[10:48] <owl> hi blindy
[11:32] <blindcoder> lunchtime
[12:09] <blindcoder> back
[12:11] <blindcoder> hmm
[12:11] <blindcoder> gcc 4.0.2
[12:21] <owl> hrhrhrhrhr. reaction from computerbild *g*
[12:28] kasal (i=kasal@ka23.karlin.mff.cuni.cz) joined #rocklinux.
[12:29] <kasal> blindcoder: ping?
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[12:32] <blindcoder> kasal: pong
[12:44] <kasal> pung, sorry for the delay.
[12:44] <kasal> Yesterday I told you about my problems with pkgfork.
[12:44] <blindcoder> no problem
[12:44] <blindcoder> yeah I remember
[12:45] <kasal> I promised to write up a proposal; I think I'll get to it tomorrow.
[12:45] <blindcoder> that would be great!
[12:45] <kasal> Is there anything we want to discuss on irc before that?
[12:46] <blindcoder> nothing off the top of my head right now
[12:46] <kasal> OK, so we'll meet on rock-devel tomorrow.
[12:46] <kasal> See you.
[12:47] <blindcoder> okay, bye
[13:09] <kasal> A question came to my mind: why is scripts/xfind.sh non-executable file?
[13:10] <kasal> I could imagine that it would be a function in scripts/functions.
[13:11] <kasal> OTOH, I find myself using xfind.sh from the command-line, so it might be good idea to have it in a separate file.
[13:11] <kasal> But why this file is not executable?
[13:12] <kasal> Or perhaps xfind.sh could contain a definition of one function, xfind().
[13:12] <kasal> sources/functions would include it, and I could include it from my cmdline, too.
[13:12] <kasal> Wdyt?
[13:17] <blindcoder> hmm
[13:17] <blindcoder> i remember there was a general reason why it is not +x
[13:17] <blindcoder> let me just search for it
[13:18] <kasal> Thank you in advance.
[13:19] <kasal> Something completely different:
[13:19] <blindcoder> seems to be lost in last years accidental rm -rf ~/ :(
[13:19] <blindcoder> IIRC it was because xfind was not intended to be used by distribution develoers
[13:20] <blindcoder> that's also why the parasim* files are -x
[13:20] <blindcoder> but you can of course just make it +x or copy it to /bin or somewhere within your $PATH
[13:20] <kasal> but xfind is extremely useful: on cmdline, I often use "grep -r",
[13:21] <kasal> but bash xfind.sh|xargs grep is much quicker in svn tree.
[13:21] <blindcoder> sure, because of all the .svn directories
[13:21] <kasal> Sure, I can do anything, it's free software.  ;-)
[13:22] <blindcoder> I think if you just +x it and copy it to /bin it will be the easiest for it :)
[13:22] <blindcoder> s/for it/for you/
[13:22] <kasal> But perhaps I could submit a patch which would make it a function.
[13:23] <kasal> And now for something completely different:
[13:23] <kasal> Yesterday you told me to use   pkgfiletr awk -f $base/target/my_target/pkgsel.awk
[13:24] <blindcoder> yes
[13:24] <kasal> But you were wrong, that line is in config.in, and $base is not defined.
[13:24] <kasal> (Modulo the fact that I use a checkout which is 1 month old.)
[13:24] <blindcoder> oh
[13:24] <blindcoder> hmm
[13:25] <blindcoder> oh
[13:25] <blindcoder> $base is defined in scripts/functions
[13:25] <blindcoder> which is noch sourced by scripts/Config
[13:26] <blindcoder> sorry about that
[13:26] Action: blindcoder should really do better research in the future :(
[13:26] <kasal> Nothing to be sorry about.
[13:27] <kasal> I told you the info to make you even m,ore wise then you are now.
[13:27] <kasal> By that I meant to pay back for the help you gave me.  ;-)
[13:27] <kasal> Actually, is there a reason why scripts/Config doesn't source scripts/functions?
[13:27] <blindcoder> hehe, thank you very much *bows humbly*
[13:28] Action: kasal stands up and bows, too
[13:28] <kasal> (Blindcoder, did you actually physically stand up?)
[13:28] <blindcoder> at worst the reason is that it isn't needed. but I haven't looked into the Config code so much. I use the package and target code mostly for what I do
[13:29] <kasal> s/...stand up/bowed/
[13:29] <kasal> ?
[13:29] <blindcoder> kasal: that'd give me a lot of weird looks from my co-workers :)
[13:29] <kasal> yeah, I'm alone here.
[13:29] Action: daja77 is alone and happy
[13:30] <blindcoder> I've got a visitor from china over as well as two regular coworkers
[13:30] <kasal> Reminded me about the moment when Frodo met Gloin at Imladris.
[13:30] <blindcoder> hmm
[13:30] <blindcoder> damn
[13:30] <blindcoder> I actually need to stand up
[13:30] <blindcoder> and shutdown a SunFire 4900
[13:30] <blindcoder> brb
[13:35] <netrunner> moin
[13:39] <blindcoder> back
[13:39] <blindcoder> I hate having to walk to a system
[13:40] <daja77> urgs moving ^^
[13:40] <blindcoder> indeed :)
[13:40] <blindcoder> YAY
[13:40] <blindcoder> UTA Dragon is on the freshmeat frontpage :D
[13:43] <blindcoder> not that it's difficult to get there ;)
[13:43] Action: daja77 passed his last exam today
[13:43] <netrunner> blindcoder: what about forwarded traffic?
[13:44] <netrunner> daja77: now youve finished studies?
[13:44] <daja77> netrunner: need to write the diploma, but started already
[13:44] <blindcoder> netrunner: will not be accounted since it can't be adjusted to a user or program
[13:45] <blindcoder> netrunner: you need to run the daemon on every machine
[13:45] <netrunner> blindcoder: is it intelligent enough so I can have the daemons on other machines write into a single db?
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[13:47] <blindcod1r> looks like a freenode server busted
[13:47] Nick change: blindcod1r -> blindcoder
[13:48] <blindcoder> netrunner: when did the mplayer release come out?
[13:49] kasal (i=kasal@ka23.karlin.mff.cuni.cz) left irc: "Leaving"
[13:49] <netrunner> daja77: topic?
[13:50] <daja77> using instrumentation for performance preditiction
[13:52] <netrunner> blindcoder: 20050826. it's a fix for some heap overflow 
[13:52] <blindcoder> ah, no feature stuff?
[13:56] <netrunner> blindcoder: you can call it feature to close possible security risks :)
[13:56] <blindcoder> hehe, okay :)
[13:57] <blindcoder> it's just that I just a few days ago released LVP 0.5.0 which makes extensive use of mplayer
[13:57] <daja77> release 0.5.5 until dresden :)
[13:57] kasal (i=kasal@ka23.karlin.mff.cuni.cz) joined #rocklinux.
[13:57] <blindcoder> 0.5.5 o_O
[13:57] <blindcoder> no idea what I should pack into a 0.5.5 release
[13:57] <blindcoder> maybe package updates 0.5.1 but .5 ...
[13:58] <daja77> html based menu navigation ^^
[13:58] <blindcoder> O_O
[13:58] Action: blindcoder whacks daja with a wet herring
[13:58] <daja77> .oO (I knew I could shock him)
[13:59] <daja77> hey you asked for work ^^
[13:59] <blindcoder> I did?
[13:59] <blindcoder> when?
[13:59] <blindcoder> I already ponder some improvements to the menu system, though
[14:00] <blindcoder> like submenus and even *shudder* animations
[14:00] <daja77> :D
[14:06] Action: netrunner just got a presentation for proofreading. 
[14:06] <netrunner> latex ... in the end, the makefile called pdf2swf ...
[14:06] <blindcoder> AARRGGHH
[14:07] <netrunner> why not pdf2javaapplet?
[14:07] <daja77> wtf?
[14:07] <blindcoder> sorry, that was the /swf/ trigger :)
[14:07] <blindcoder> pdf2ajax!
[14:07] <netrunner> pdf2bloatme
[14:07] <blindcoder> whatever ajax may be, but it seems to be the newest buzzword
[14:08] <blindcoder> hmm
[14:08] <blindcoder> coffee time
[14:08] <blindcoder> brb
[14:13] <th> you dont know what ajax is?
[14:14] <daja77> greek hero
[14:22] <owl> i am hating them. *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* 
[14:31] <blindcoder> re
[14:31] <blindcoder> th: no, no idea
[14:31] <owl> aaaaaaaaaaaargh. the lawyer i called is the satan-lawyer *headshot*
[14:31] <blindcoder> I know what it stands for but that doesn't make me any brighter
[14:32] <blindcoder> owl: MUAHAHAHA
[14:32] <owl> blindcoder: no!
[14:32] <blindcoder> owl: --verbose?
[14:34] <owl> blindcoder: well... vertragswerkstatt wants to search for the laptop-equipment - person said "could take another some weeks" after that, if nothing will be found, the DPD-paketservice will be contacted and it will be searched here. and after that, and nothing is found, then it will take another 4 weeks to say "yeah, you get xxx EUR back"
[14:35] <owl> blindcoder: and: 1,5 month are - per gesetz - not acceptable. -> want to go to a lawyer and do a "fristsetzung" - normally 3 days, till the money must be here. otherwirse you can normally say "vertragsbruch->money back"
[14:35] <owl> and the lawyer i called right now is saturns lawayer -> so they told me, that i have to search for another lawyer
[14:36] <owl> .oO( the world is small, the world ist small, the world is small and bad *mumbles* )
[14:36] <blindcoder> hehe
[14:36] <blindcoder> well, he can hardly represent both parties
[14:37] <owl> yeah. btw, it's a kanzlei... but - that is shi. it's the only "edv-recht"-specialised kanzlei in IN
[14:37] <owl> do you know what is funny, too?
[14:38] <owl> i've burned parts on my hand. it's from the voltage in the laptop-case!
[14:38] <owl> the laptop satan "borrowed" me... 
[14:39] <blindcoder> o_O
[14:39] <blindcoder> I advise you to attach an externel keyboard, mouse and monitor
[14:39] <blindcoder> or contact the EFF ;)
[14:40] <owl> nah, not possible - ps/2-anschluss is defect. already tried it, buuuuut - all keyboards failed (external, interal)
[14:40] <owl> EFF?
[14:41] <blindcoder> eff.org ;)
[14:42] <owl> http://owl.karnaya.de/public/satan/pic_0051.jpg <- the "notebook" (notduerftig "geflickt")... 
[14:42] <owl> blindcoder: the "deutscher tierschutzbund" would help more ;)
[14:48] <blindcoder> you think that owls are an endangered species?
[14:49] <blindcoder> heh
[14:49] <blindcoder> there's no problem that can't be fixed with duct tape or solved in sulfur acid
[14:49] <owl> yes. 
[14:50] <owl> well. i saw a flash over keyboard yesterday... and i guess i should be able to type somehow... and the "stomanschluss" should be free from tape, too... and the akku, too. and so on.
[14:51] <owl> and: there are already two fat tape-stipes over the laptop - as you can see. but it's obviously not enough. at least my wrist says so
[14:51] <owl> but - maybe i will get "schemerzensgeld"
[14:52] <owl> and arbeitszeitausfall, verzugszinsen etc. 
[14:52] <owl> -> this could possible ;)
[14:54] <owl> bwuah. this lawyer needs a webdesigner: http://www.ra-k-boehm.de/
[14:54] <blindcoder> WUAH
[14:54] <owl> red on touquise 
[14:54] <blindcoder> MY EYES!
[14:55] <owl> *g*
[14:55] Action: blindcoder applies bleach to his eyes
[14:55] <blindcoder> http://www.oswd.org
[14:55] <owl> http://www.ra-k-boehm.de/html/stadtplan.html
[14:55] <owl> *being blind now*
[14:56] <owl> hihi
[14:56] Action: blindcoder bashes owl with a blunt knife
[14:57] <owl> thx *smile*
[14:57] <owl> .oO( at least i will not feel the damned pneumonia anymore... )
[14:59] <blindcoder> pneumonia?
[14:59] <owl> blindcoder: lungenentzuendung
[15:00] <owl> http://www.kanzlei-angermayr.de/ <- hmmmm. frontpage? *guessing*
[15:00] <blindcoder> yes, fp
[15:00] <owl> wonderful.
[15:05] <netrunner> owl starting botnet attack? :)
[15:06] <th> blindcoder: ajax... it means that client side js code makes requests for only parts of the html and replaces only these parts in the browsert
[15:06] <th> blindcoder: which means a drastical improvement in latency for webaps
[15:08] <owl> netrunner: hoeh? 
[15:08] <blindcoder> I see
[15:08] Action: netrunner now punishing the 4mb-funny-mpeg-mailer with 4mb-funny-randomnumbers sending.
[15:08] <daja77> hehe
[15:10] <blindcoder> o_O
[15:10] <netrunner> hm, does the 1GB nullzip still work?
[15:10] <blindcoder> http://www.fefe.de/antivirus/42.zip
[15:10] <blindcoder> that's what you're searching for :)
[15:12] <owl> sigh. have to go to the vet.
[15:14] <owl> bye
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[15:38] <netrunner> blindcoder: how does your scripts handle the firewall reset after dialup reconnect?
[15:38] <netrunner> (if=)
[15:38] Action: netrunner off
[15:39] <blindcoder> netrunner: firewall reset?
[15:50] <esden> blindcoder: I posted an english version of my mail to the forum of pixel it is bit updated and changed though ... I am very eager to see how they will comment that ...
[15:50] <blindcoder> esden: yeah, this will be interesting
[15:50] <daja77> hi esden 
[15:50] <blindcoder> they'll probably flame you to hell and back :D
[15:50] <daja77> show me your foto blog
[15:50] <esden> hehe ... I expect that ;)
[15:50] <esden> http://www.esden.net/photoblog
[15:51] <blindcoder> okay, I'll be leaving early today
[15:51] <blindcoder> bbl
[15:51] <esden> cu blindcoder 
[15:51] <daja77> esden: i passed the last test today
[15:52] <daja77> so i have a bit more time ;)
[15:58] <daja77> nice ;)
[16:06] <esden> huh ... tests in the beginning of a semester?
[16:06] <esden> ok ... congrats that you did it ;)
[16:06] <daja77> had to redo it ...
[16:07] <daja77> esden: your site is down
[16:09] <esden> huh?
[16:09] <esden> cant be ... I am on the server now ...
[16:09] Action: esden checking
[16:09] <daja77> it was for a moment
[16:09] <esden> it works for me
[16:10] <esden> ahh good
[16:20] <esden> blubb
[16:21] <daja77> how is the game console working? ;)
[16:28] <esden> as I already said ... it has to wait till I have my practics semester
[16:28] <esden> then I have the environment to do that
[16:28] <daja77> haven't read that ;)
[16:29] <daja77> when is that?
[16:29] <esden> next semester
[16:30] <esden> the guys from ninja are not advancing very fast anyway ;)
[16:30] <daja77> so I'll play with the zaurus meanwhile ^^
[16:30] <esden> hehe
[16:33] blindcoder (n=blindcod@dslb-084-059-046-133.pools.arcor-ip.net) left irc: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
[16:34] blindcoder (n=blindcod@dslb-084-059-131-042.pools.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
[16:34] <owl> shit. its possible that we are all infected by a virus
[16:39] Action: esden is not infected
[16:41] Action: daja77 neither
[16:55] <clifford> *argwl*
[16:55] <clifford> dict.leo.org is down.
[16:56] <daja77> try dict.tu-chemnitz.de
[16:57] <daja77> hi clifford btw :)
[16:57] <blindcoder> re
[16:59] <clifford> hi, btw.
[17:11] <blindcoder> o_O
[17:11] <blindcoder> tim pritloves blog is strange
[17:11] <blindcoder> in a comment you can't use the string "info" and in the mail not the string "homeip.net"
[17:14] <esden> what crap are you using, blindcoder?
[17:15] <blindcoder> esden: not me, tim
[17:17] <esden> tim? o_O?
[17:18] <blindcoder> tim pritlove
[17:18] <blindcoder> the guy from the CCC orga, I'm sure you've heard of him
[17:19] <esden> ahh him! sure
[17:22] <blindcoder> see
[17:22] <blindcoder> and his blog software has a thing against me
[17:23] <blindcoder> argued with me that the string "info" was "questionable" as well as "homeip.net"
[17:23] <blindcoder> so I ended up writing "I n f o r m a t i o n" and "heimeipi.net"
[17:23] <daja77> or just not comment at all
[17:24] <daja77> some ppl seem to want that
[17:24] <blindcoder> true
[17:25] <daja77> it would be easier to switch off comments, but that's just a thought
[17:26] <blindcoder> naah, too obvious
[17:27] <daja77> :D
[17:29] <esden> blindcoder: anti spam stuff ;)
[17:31] <blindcoder> aka crappy software :P
[17:40] <kasal> clifford: ping?
[17:41] <clifford> kasal: pong.
[17:42] <kasal> clifford: I'll mail you answer to aclocal question in a minute.  We can discuss it, if you please.
[17:42] <kasal> Here or #kasal.
[17:43] <daja77> everybody should have a chan of his own ;)
[17:43] <clifford> wherever you want. just give me a few minutes to finishe the release of csync2-1.23 ..
[17:46] <kasal> I'm afraid it would be OT on #rocklinux.
[17:49] <clifford> ok.
[17:49] <clifford> so I am all yours.  ;-)
[17:49] <clifford> -> #kasal
[17:51] <daja77> .oO (your own, personal ... clifford *sing*)
[17:53] <owl> gah. i am hating "spritzen"
[17:58] <blindcoder> who doesn't?
[18:00] gaupe (i=rmo@slogen.sunnmore.net) left #rocklinux.
[18:04] <owl> blindcoder: dunno. i'm regulary "away from reality" while "blutentnahme"
[18:04] <blindcoder> th: can you please test 2005101118044314975
[18:05] <blindcoder> I see
[18:05] <th> let's see if it applies
[18:05] <th> blindcoder: any dependencies which are not yet in trunk?
[18:06] <blindcoder> no
[18:06] <blindcoder> ehm
[18:06] <blindcoder> wait
[18:06] <blindcoder> I think I forgot something...
[18:08] <blindcoder> 2005101118075620739
[18:08] <blindcoder> that one
[18:10] <th> so both?
[18:10] <blindcoder> yes
[18:10] <th> 2005101118075620739 this one only patches blindcoder/rockinitrd/initrd_base.txt
[18:10] <blindcoder> correct
[18:10] <th> that's void for udev alone
[18:11] <blindcoder> ah, okay
[18:11] <blindcoder> well, trunk needs it :)
[18:11] <th> k so the 1st one only
[18:11] <blindcoder> at least if you use the rockinitrd package
[18:11] <th> let's see how it works on non-bash base-system
[18:11] kasal (i=kasal@ka23.karlin.mff.cuni.cz) left #rocklinux.
[18:11] <daja77> hm why I am getting that much cksum errs *grmpf*
[18:11] <th> blindcoder: i'm testing it on non-initrd boot system.
[18:13] <blindcoder> daja77: using the cvut mirror?
[18:13] <blindcoder> I reported on its brokenness some time ago
[18:31] kasal (i=kasal@ka23.karlin.mff.cuni.cz) joined #rocklinux.
[18:51] <clifford> afk till monday. (www.linux-kongress.de)
[18:52] <blindcoder> have fun!
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[00:00] --- Wed Oct 12 2005