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[00:44] <Dark-Star> Hi. Anyone know how to bootstrap Rock Linux on an UltraSPARC? Is there an ISO available somewhere?
[00:48] Action: stf^rocklinux takes a look...
[00:53] <stf^rocklinux> I can't find an ISO at iso.rocklinux.de but you can cross-compile a minimal build-bootstrap distribution for UltraSPARC e.g. on an x86 architecture.
[00:53] <stf^rocklinux> With this distribution you should be able to compile everything else natively.
[00:56] <stf^rocklinux> Dark-Star: replace "x86" with "any architecture Linux/GNU runs on" ...
[00:57] <Dark-Star> do I need RockLinux on x86 to cross-compile it? I read somewhere on the docs that bootstrapping from other distros might have some problems...
[00:58] <stf^rocklinux> The requirements are rather low, bash >= 2.05, mktemp, ...
[00:59] <stf^rocklinux> basic Linux/GNU programs, and not too outdated, that's all
[00:59] <Dark-Star> ah ok, then I'll try it tomorrow
[00:59] <Dark-Star> thanks
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[01:07] <stf^rocklinux> - Architecture, CPU and Optimization                                   ? ? ? ?<sparc>    Generic SPARC Workstations                                  ? ?
[01:07] <stf^rocklinux>   ? ?<64>       Build 64 bit user-space SPARC (v9 - UltraSPARC) (EXPERIMENTA? ?
[01:07] <stf^rocklinux>   ? ?<v9>       Optimised for UltraSPARC                                    ? ?
[01:07] <stf^rocklinux>   ? ?<*>        This is a cross-build between architectures 
[01:07] <stf^rocklinux> oops
[01:08] <stf^rocklinux> well, that's how the top of the ./scripts/Config menu should look like when cross-compiling for UltraSPARC.
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[03:31] <daja77> re
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[07:53] <blindcoder> moin
[09:54] <owl> hi blindcoder 
[09:54] <owl> moin all
[09:57] <blindcoder> moin owl 
[09:59] <blindcoder> owl: gonna buy a new laptop?
[09:59] <blindcoder> test
[09:59] <blindcoder> hmm
[09:59] <blindcoder> 12 seconds lag
[10:06] <owl> blindcoder: well. yeah, i will buy a ibm thinkpad... ;)
[10:06] <owl> but not yet sure where and when ... inside-computer has to call me because of the price of a service-pack
[10:07] <owl> http://www.notebooksbilliger.de/product_info.php/notebooks/ibm/r52reihe/ibm_thinkpad_r52_alviso_un364ge <- my "whish-laptop"
[10:07] <blindcoder> owl: by a powerbook :)
[10:07] <owl> blindcoder: nah, i need a ix86er-arch...
[10:08] <blindcoder> sounds nice
[10:08] <owl> yeah :)
[10:09] <owl> especially the option "3 year service-pack at door"
[10:10] <blindcoder> where?
[10:10] <blindcoder> I only see 1 year bring-in
[10:10] <owl> blindcoder: "zubehoer" - "garantieerweiterung: 3 jahre vor ort"
[10:10] <owl> (bottom of page)
[10:11] <blindcoder> 329 EUR
[10:11] <owl> yeah. this is why i am waiting for the inside-computer-call... ;)
[10:12] <blindcoder> I see
[10:12] <owl> i saw (but this was for the r50-series-notebook=) a package with 276 EUR... 
[10:14] <blindcoder> expensive enough
[10:14] <blindcoder> especially since my Acer is now almost three years old and the only thing that failed was the harddisk when the laptop fell to the floor once
[10:15] <owl> yes. but - i've got the jamba-etc. -> enough money spent... (with a worse laptop - and with less garantuee etc.)
[10:15] <blindcoder> I haven't spent a cent on this stuff :P
[10:16] <owl> O_O my bf has a acer, too... grafik-chip: defect, keyboard: defect. laptop-apge: about 1,5 years
[10:16] <blindcoder> you're all doing something wrong :P
[10:17] <owl> blindcoder: /me spent... and it was good. buut now i don't want all the stress with manufactures, sellers and co. -> 3 years at door-service ;)
[10:17] <owl> blindcoder: yeah, buying cheap notebooks
[10:17] <blindcoder> probably :)
[10:17] <owl> and: acer has not that good "ruf"...
[10:18] <blindcoder> hmm
[10:18] <blindcoder> If I had to buy a new laptop now it'd definately be an acer
[10:18] <owl> i often heard "1,5 years or 2 years old " - and after that everything went bad :)
[10:18] <owl> O_O one of those "backsteine" -> wxga-something? ;)
[10:19] <blindcoder> wxga?
[10:19] <blindcoder> Acer Travelmate 662LCi
[10:19] <blindcoder> works like a charm
[10:19] <owl> dunno this NB
[10:19] <blindcoder> my biggest complaint is that after three years the battery is down to 75% of its original capacity
[10:20] <owl> oerks.
[10:20] <blindcoder> which is hardly a complaint at all
[10:20] <owl> hmm. it is :)
[10:22] <blindcoder> hardly
[10:25] <owl> O_O
[10:28] <blindcoder> losing 25% after three years is acceptable
[10:28] <blindcoder> so it's now down from ~4h to ~3h runtime
[10:30] <owl> hmm. 
[11:07] <blindcoder> esden: ping
[11:07] <esden> blindcoder: pong
[11:08] <blindcoder> esden: hid
[11:08] <blindcoder> hi
[11:09] <blindcoder> esden: I've made a ton of speed improvements to dragon
[11:09] <blindcoder> esden: the webfrontend now renders in fractions of seconds instead of up to a minute :D
[11:09] <esden> blindcoder: hehe well done
[11:10] <blindcoder> esden: actually, I've "only" made a "cache" table which congregates the data by hour
[11:10] <blindcoder> esden: and created an index on the timestamp
[11:11] <esden> simmilar to what I have done for bingo
[11:11] <esden> but monthly
[11:11] <blindcoder> yeah :)
[11:12] <blindcoder> uncached: 568,000 entries
[11:12] <blindcoder> cached  :  38,000 entries
[11:12] Action: esden still missing a graph for the month
[11:12] <esden> ;)
[11:13] <blindcoder> :P
[11:13] <blindcoder> no use making a graph if you can have lunch while waiting for it
[11:13] <esden> sure
[11:15] <blindcoder> I'm really afraid of the database size though
[11:15] <blindcoder> it's running for nine days now
[11:15] <blindcoder> and has half a million entries...
[11:16] <esden> postgres should have no problem with that
[11:16] <blindcoder> neither has mysql
[11:16] <blindcoder> and I don't know anything about postgre
[11:17] <blindcoder> not that I know much about mysql :)
[11:17] <esden> blindcoder: try to learn something :P
[11:17] <blindcoder> esden: I learned whacking someone over the head this week :P
[11:17] <blindcoder> esden: at kendo, at least :)
[11:18] Action: esden hiding and going
[11:18] <blindcoder> hehehehehe
[11:18] <blindcoder> RUN
[11:18] Action: esden has a lot to do today
[11:18] <esden> cu
[11:18] <blindcoder> okay
[11:18] <blindcoder> have fun
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[16:18] <esden> bopp
[16:19] <daja77> O_o
[16:20] <blindcoder> re esden 
[16:20] <blindcoder> esden: I've added the graphs :)
[16:20] <blindcoder> esden: have a look
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[16:39] Nick change: blindcod1r -> blindcoder
[16:42] <esden> ahhh very nice blindcoder 
[16:43] <esden> but is it possible to make a bargraph or linegraph like in bingo traffic or other traffic systems?
[16:43] <esden> and it is pretty fast
[16:46] <blindcoder> esden: sure it is possible
[16:47] <blindcoder> yeah it is fast. and all the speedup is done in MySQL :)
[16:47] <blindcoder> esden: could you have a look at the /usr/src/linux- config
[16:48] <esden> config? why?
[16:48] <blindcoder> esden: just to make sure :)
[16:48] <esden> urgh ... you think I will see a mistake if there is one? ...
[16:48] <esden> but I can try
[16:49] <blindcoder> esden: checking the network card would be alright
[16:49] <blindcoder> you know which is needed
[16:49] <blindcoder> I will add a start script that checks for network existance and if there is none will restore the old /boot/grub/menu.lst and reboot :)
[16:51] <esden> blindcoder: you do not need that script
[16:51] <blindcoder> no?
[16:51] <esden> you can reboot to the rescue system if it does not work
[16:51] <esden> and restore the old config
[16:51] <blindcoder> esden: yes, but how do I shut pallas down?
[16:51] <esden> erm ... yes right
[16:51] <blindcoder> :)
[16:54] <esden> I remove the Xircom cardbus support ;)
[16:54] <blindcoder> hmm
[16:54] <blindcoder> I have already compiled that kernel
[16:55] <esden> ahh ok
[16:55] <blindcoder> it is ready to be booted :)
[16:55] <esden> ok it seems to be oook
[16:55] <esden> if you are ready to reboot tell me
[16:55] <blindcoder> okay
[16:56] <esden> and make sure your script does not reboot in loop
[16:56] <esden> take your time for it
[16:58] <blindcoder> oh
[16:58] <blindcoder> loop
[16:58] <blindcoder> checked :)
[17:00] <blindcoder> okay, guess I'm set
[17:00] <esden> ooook
[17:00] <esden> give me 5 mins to close everything
[17:00] <blindcoder> sure
[17:02] <esden> oook ... 
[17:02] <esden> only irssi missing
[17:02] <blindcoder> can you log onto irc from elsewhere?
[17:02] <esden> humm ... I can try 
[17:02] <esden> one moment
[17:04] esdentem (n=esdentem@apollo.bingo-ev.de) joined #rocklinux.
[17:04] <blindcoder> shutdown -h now
[17:04] <esdentem> ok here
[17:04] <blindcoder> ehm, -r :)
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[17:04] <esdentem> ok do it!
[17:04] <esdentem> but do reboot
[17:05] <esdentem> not shutdown!!!!!!
[17:05] <esdentem> waaahhhhh
[17:05] <th> reboot was -h, hmm?
[17:05] <blindcoder> heheeh :)
[17:05] <blindcoder> nah
[17:05] <blindcoder> shutdown -r now
[17:05] <th> try -h first ;)
[17:05] <blindcoder> :P
[17:05] <esdentem> th :P
[17:05] <th> might work as well ;)
[17:06] <th> hehe
[17:06] <blindcoder> root@th:/# rc network stop
[17:06] <th> blindcoder: guess my right machine name first...
[17:06] <blindcoder> too lazp
[17:06] <blindcoder> y
[17:07] <blindcoder> blindcoder@pallas:~$ uname -r
[17:07] <blindcoder>
[17:07] <blindcoder> YAY
[17:07] <esdentem> th: blindy is only stopping your human communication modules ;)
[17:07] <th> hmm
[17:07] <th> that's evil
[17:08] esden (i=esdentem@pallas.crash-override.net) joined #rocklinux.
[17:08] <esden> bopp
[17:09] <blindcoder> :)
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[17:12] Action: esden eager to see the statistics for pallas ;)
[17:12] <blindcoder> same here :)
[17:12] Action: blindcoder packing up dragon-0.2
[17:13] <esden> humm ... tunneling does not work yet
[17:13] <blindcoder> without the mysql root password this time
[17:13] <blindcoder> root@pallas:~# /usr/local/sbin/enable_masquerading2
[17:13] <blindcoder> esden: should work now
[17:14] <esden> ok works now
[17:14] <esden> I also needed to do:
[17:14] <esden> echo -n "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
[17:14] <esden> and
[17:15] <esden> echo -n "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/ppp0/forwarding
[17:15] <blindcoder> ah
[17:15] <esden> it should be added to start scripts too
[17:15] <blindcoder> make it so :)
[17:15] <esden> where?
[17:16] <esden> test
[17:16] <blindcoder> well
[17:16] <blindcoder> I'd say /etc/rc.d/init.d :)
[17:17] <esden> not network?
[17:18] <blindcoder> hmm
[17:18] <blindcoder> probably, yes
[17:20] <esden> humm ... it should be possible to add it somehow to rocknet?
[17:21] <esden> but I do not know how
[17:22] <th> i always thought that rocknet is a myths
[17:22] <blindcoder> th: no, it exists
[17:22] <esden> humm ... the server here seems to use it
[17:22] <blindcoder> /etc/network/rocknet
[17:27] <blindcoder> esden: dragon is running :)
[17:27] <esden> where?
[17:27] <blindcoder> in my screen
[17:27] <blindcoder> on pallas
[17:34] <blindcoder> esden: the data is cached hourly
[17:35] <esden> humm
[17:36] <esden> blindcodeeeeeer .... 
[17:36] <esden> when all traffic is combined to an app like sshd ... then you will not see who produced the traffic
[17:36] <esden> for example all my tunnel traffic will be shown as sshd and not pppd
[17:36] <esden> somehow
[17:38] <blindcoder> I will see who
[17:38] <blindcoder> but sadly not what
[17:39] <fake> hi
[17:40] <esden> hi fake
[17:40] <blindcoder> moin fake 
[17:40] Action: fake testing kde 3.4.3
[17:40] <blindcoder> it lives!
[17:40] <fake> it stinks! its ugly! it must be fake!
[17:40] <fake> ;-)
[17:40] <blindcoder> that's what _you_ said
[17:41] Action: fake proud of his manly smell
[17:41] <esden> *sniff* ... humm I do not feel any ugly smell
[17:41] <fake> esden: you need a smell-over-ip stack, you moron
[17:42] <esden> ohh ... yes right .... damn ... I knew I forgot something
[17:42] <esden> wait I look for a mac os x driver for that
[17:42] <fake> cheapest way: smell your old socks you should have washed 3 weeks ago
[17:42] <blindcoder> hmm
[17:42] <fake> should be a pretty close hit ;)
[17:42] <blindcoder> I washed them today
[17:42] <fake> blindcoder: w h y ?
[17:42] <esden> "Ergebnisse 1 - 10 von ungefahr 87.900 fur smell over ip mac os x"
[17:43] <fake> *rofl*
[17:43] <blindcoder> fake: because I was out of socks
[17:43] <blindcoder> both sides
[17:43] <fake> just re-use the stiffy ones...
[17:43] <fake> ;-))
[17:43] <blindcoder> d'oh
[17:43] <blindcoder> next time
[17:43] <esden> blindcoder: then you do not need boots anymore ;)
[17:43] <blindcoder> YAY
[17:44] <blindcoder> they are damn expensive anyway
[17:44] <fake> blindcoder: don't worry, angie will fix it for you
[17:44] <blindcoder> angie?
[17:44] <fake> angie will fix it all.
[17:44] <fake> she promised.
[17:45] <blindcoder> ah, miss I-don't-need-preservatives-with-this-face
[17:45] <fake> oh wait, the cdu has a history in not fulfilling promises...
[17:45] <fake> and in doing illegal business
[17:45] <blindcoder> I need it, I breath I need to show lifu
[17:45] <fake> nah, too bad 23% of germany forgot that a few weeks ago
[17:45] <blindcoder> I need it, I breath I need to show life
[17:45] <blindcoder> I have it I got it I I don't have no life
[17:46] <blindcoder> true
[17:46] <fake> not that i care... muahaahah
[17:46] <fake> beckstein will be head of the bavarian ministers
[17:46] <fake> waaahaha
[17:46] <fake> it's just too evil to be true
[17:47] <esden> now I know why you are over there in vienna ... politic asylum ... or how it is called
[17:47] <blindcoder> fake: O_O
[17:47] <blindcoder> fake: good thing I'm in Berlin now
[17:47] <fake> well, stoiber had a great loss in his election to ministerial president in bavaria - only 97% this time...
[17:48] <fake> the king of bavaria will manager germanies money
[17:48] <fake> *manage
[17:48] <fake> i'll so laugh at you poor germans...
[17:48] <blindcoder> fake: nope
[17:48] <blindcoder> he's not minister of finance
[17:48] <fake> not?
[17:48] <fake> i thought he wanted to
[17:48] <blindcoder> just of "wirtschaft"
[17:48] <blindcoder> well
[17:48] <blindcoder> I want a few million euros :)
[17:48] <blindcoder> and I don't get them
[17:49] <fake> thats because you don't say 'aeh' and 'sicherlich' all the time.
[17:49] <fake> we can all learn a lot from our king...
[17:50] <blindcoder> und als ich dachte dass ich dachte dachte ich dass ich dachte dass ich ans denken dachte. Haeh? Sachte.
[17:50] <blindcoder> mUAHAHAHA
[17:51] <blindcoder> damn, I need to get some alcohol
[17:51] <blindcoder> this must be three times as funny if not sober
[17:57] <daja77> hi fake!
[18:01] Action: esden needs alcohol too
[18:01] <esden> I need to calm down
[18:04] <fake> hi daja77 !
[18:04] <daja77> nice to see you here
[18:05] <fake> thanks ;)
[18:08] <esden> humm another "get your degree without exams" spam ... I start thinking about it seriously ... exams suck @_@
[18:10] <blindcoder> Seht ich probierte die heilige Saeure. Hoert wie ich mich langsam ins Irrenhaus steure.
[18:11] <blindcoder> Ich erzaehl euch vom Fraktal, dem Ding im Ding, hab vergessen wer ich bin.
[18:13] <fake> holy acid?
[18:15] <fake> never underestimate the power of a schnitzelsemmel...
[18:16] Action: daja77 now has all his exams
[18:18] <blindcoder> schnitzelsemmel?
[18:18] <daja77> cu
[18:19] <fake> bye daja77 !
[18:20] <fake> schn1tzl0rs3mm3l 0ph d34th!
[18:22] <blindcoder> o_O
[18:34] <esden> a schnitzelsemmel lying around for a week can surely be used as a chemical and biological wepon ... and mostly because it develops self conciousness ;)
[18:40] <blindcoder> a self-conscious schnitzelsemmel
[18:40] Action: blindcoder eats it in a hurry
[18:40] <blindcoder> *burps*
[18:40] <blindcoder> it might have taken over the world
[18:40] <esden> humm ... poor schnitzelsemmel ... I have to grow another one now :(
[18:40] <esden> it was my pet! :(
[18:41] <esden> you mourderer!
[18:41] <blindcoder> eww, that gives a -3 alignment penalty and loss of divine protection
[18:41] <fake> <- schnitzelsemmel graveyard
[18:43] <esden> blindcoder: muahaha!
[18:43] Action: esden attacks blindcoder because he is weeker now!
[18:43] <esden> ok ... I take a shower
[18:44] <blindcoder> still got AC;-58 :P
[18:44] <blindcoder> your wimpy totally corroded -2 orcish dagger can't hurt me :P
[18:57] Action: esden taking out his sword of blindcoder decapitation +3, +20 on decapitating blindcoders
[18:57] <blindcoder> o_O
[18:57] <blindcoder> WAAAH
[18:57] Action: blindcoder shoots esden with a piece of nerd foam
[18:58] <esden> muahaha my alignmend is ubergeek ... this does not hurt me I am not a "schlipstraeger" you should use something else to 5t0pp0r m333!!! 
[18:59] Action: blindcoder uses a code generator, mindmap, deadline combo against esden 
[19:01] <fake> bingo!
[19:01] <esden> waaahhhh ... I am melting!!! 
[19:01] Action: esden puts on a metal antihack helmet
[19:01] <esden> woahh that one was good
[19:01] <esden> but not good enough
[19:01] Action: blindcoder converts esden into AJAX
[19:02] <esden> zirrrp zirrrp segfault
[19:02] Action: esden dropping core on blindcoder 
[19:02] <blindcoder> ewww
[19:02] <esden> erm machine state
[19:02] Action: esden dropping machine state on blindcoder
[19:03] <esden> connecting javascript references to blindcoder
[19:03] <blindcoder> sorry, I'm using w3m
[19:03] <blindcoder> I have no javascript support :P
[19:03] <fake> wtf?
[19:03] Action: esden applying "kill it" dtd to blindcoder's XML config file
[19:04] Action: blindcoder dies
[19:04] <esden> I am the w1nn000r!
[19:04] Action: blindcoder watches Full Metal Panic
[19:05] Action: esden jumping around as an AJAX trying to look usefull
[19:25] <cutio> blindcoder: tsr?
[19:25] <blindcoder> cutio: yeah
[19:25] <blindcoder> cutio: 12
[19:25] <blindcoder> second to last
[19:26] <cutio> yeh, im downloading ep12 right now
[19:26] <blindcoder> it freaks me out, to be true
[19:26] <cutio> hehe, everything has to end;)
[19:27] <blindcoder> not the second to last
[19:27] <blindcoder> but the content
[19:27] <cutio> ah
[19:27] <blindcoder> not that the whole series didn't suck as it was already
[19:27] <cutio> tell nothing
[19:28] <blindcoder> sure :)
[19:28] <cutio> btw there are some new promising animes coming this season
[19:28] <cutio> black cat seems good 
[19:29] <blindcoder> no idea, I don't really keep up with it. just get recommended to one or another every now and then
[19:29] <cutio> do you know monster?
[19:30] <blindcoder> I've been told about it
[19:30] <blindcoder> but couldn't dl it because their tracker always rejects me
[19:30] <cutio> try changing your client
[19:30] <cutio> azureus should do fine
[19:31] <blindcoder> I'm content with btlaunchmanycurses
[19:31] <cutio> yep i used to use it too
[19:32] <cutio> its nice if you've a rootserver with enough traffic and screen installed
[19:32] <blindcoder> I've got a machine on a DSL line running 24/7
[19:32] <blindcoder> that's plenty enough
[19:35] <cutio> eta 3min then done
[19:35] <blindcoder> hehe
[19:36] <blindcoder> this is the first ep of tsr that actually ROCKS
[19:36] <blindcoder> so be sure to watch it
[19:36] <blindcoder> ASAP
[19:37] <cutio> brb
[19:51] [raphael] (n=raphael@host-84-235-196-162.satlynx.net) joined #rocklinux.
[22:07] [raphael] (n=raphael@host-84-235-196-162.satlynx.net) left irc: "using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12"
[22:21] <fake> daja77: pingeling
[22:21] <blindcoder> o_O
[22:21] <blindcoder> sounds like pinkeln
[22:21] <blindcoder> so piss off :)
[22:22] <blindcoder> fake: wtf happned to yoU? did they (whoever They may be) put something into your coffee?
[22:22] <fake> y?
[22:23] <blindcoder> I don't remember you this... funny
[22:23] <fake> blindcoder: i have a great time atm
[22:23] <blindcoder> I see
[22:23] <blindcoder> what happened?
[22:24] <fake> blindcoder: i get to hack symbian, which is quite... challenging, and i have sex ;-)
[22:24] <blindcoder> bah
[22:24] <blindcoder> ass
[22:24] <blindcoder> I hate you
[22:25] Action: blindcoder hasn't had sex since alexa
[22:25] <cutio> lol
[22:25] <fake> blindcoder: what about your i/o ?
[22:25] <blindcoder> fake: dumped her a week ago
[22:25] <fake> oh my...
[22:26] <blindcoder> she said she didn't want contact for a few days, needs to concentrate on stuff, I shouldn't be angry, she'd call me
[22:26] <fake> wtf, why is qt missing in the minimal-desktop pkgsel ?
[22:26] <blindcoder> I told her that she needn't call me again _ever_
[22:26] <fake> blindcoder: why??
[22:26] <fake> blindcoder: what if she was just honest?
[22:27] <blindcoder> fake: then there was the thing that she said: We'll split up again anyway
[22:27] <blindcoder> and then: I'd never move in with a guy
[22:27] <blindcoder> and: I still meet my ex, btw, but I won't introduce you
[22:28] <blindcoder> besides: she'll probably have FIVE MINUTES for a phone call every few days, no?
[22:29] <fake> not neccesarily?
[22:29] <owl> hi fake 
[22:29] <blindcoder> o_O
[22:29] <blindcoder> fake: -v please
[22:30] <fake> blindcoder: maybe she just didn't like it that she _needed_ to have 5 minutes every day?
[22:30] <fake> blindcoder: that can be quite a pressure for someone who has own hobbies & interests..
[22:30] <blindcoder> noones talking about every day
[22:31] <fake> blindcoder: oh, right, sorry, i misread
[22:31] <fake> blindcoder: the point is, the more you insist, the more pressure and 'obligation' builds up
[22:31] <blindcoder> but if my gf lives 250 km away and I only meet her every other weekend, I'd really like to at least hear her voice every now and then
[22:31] <fake> yeah, that sucks...
[22:31] <fake> owl: ellas, owlita!
[22:32] <blindcoder> wel
[22:32] <blindcoder> weak-end relationship
[22:32] <blindcoder> the break-up with uli and alexa was a lot harder for me
[22:32] <fake> HXGlobalPtr::Get() : getting GlobalPTR from HXGlobalManager
[22:33] <fake> ha!
[22:33] <fake> got it!
[22:33] <fake> that bloody bastard
[22:33] <owl> well. then it's no problem for you anymore?
[22:33] <blindcoder> hardly
[22:33] <fake> blindcoder: but it prove that you aren't incompatible ;-)
[22:33] <blindcoder> I'm much more interested in this bottle of rum that's running out of content
[22:34] <blindcoder> fake: hoeh?
[22:34] Action: blindcoder looks funny at fake 
[22:34] <blindcoder> who?
[22:34] <blindcoder> a~re? da~re?
[22:34] <owl> blindcoder: tsssssssssssssss. and this is "no problmes"
[22:34] <fake> blindcoder: it proved that there are women for you out there. and some aren't even worth it ;-))
[22:35] <blindcoder> owl: the problem is that esden's got a date today and I don't :P
[22:35] <fake> esden? with whom??
[22:35] <fake> *gg*
[22:35] <blindcoder> fake: sure are. but for now, I'm going to concentrate on kendo
[22:35] <blindcoder> fake: no idea, some dancemouse I've heard
[22:35] <fake> how the fsck is it possible that there is NO qt in misc/pkgsel/* ??
[22:35] <fake> from IN ?
[22:35] <owl> blindcoder: you shouldn't care about that sooo much ;) enjoy being free ;)
[22:36] <blindcoder> fake: rosenheim I think
[22:36] <fake> ah
[22:36] <blindcoder> owl: bah, 4x kendo a week
[22:36] <blindcoder> nuff said
[22:36] <owl> blindcoder: nah, free as in "having nobody to take care about" ;)
[22:37] <fake> now i totally lost it.
[22:37] <blindcoder> owl: whatever
[22:37] <fake> i finished a livecd build 3 days ago
[22:37] <blindcoder> YAY! fake has gone insane!
[22:37] <fake> i tested it, kde works, etc.
[22:37] <fake> but there is NO qt in the pkgsel!
[22:37] <fake> arrrr!
[22:37] <fake> arrrrriba!
[22:38] Action: fake calling clifford
[22:38] <blindcoder> arrriba arriba andale andale
[22:38] <owl> blindcoder: hmm. you should really see the positive site of being alone ;)
[22:38] <owl> O_O 
[22:38] <fake> it was supposed to sound more pirate-ish
[22:38] <fake> arrrrrrw!
[22:38] <blindcoder> fake: talk like a pirate day is over, you know
[22:39] <blindcoder> we arrrr closed
[22:39] Action: blindcoder drinks to that
[22:39] <blindcoder> cheers
[22:39] <fake> aite, so ive eard
[22:39] <owl> blindcoder: cheers. *taking the sprite-zero bottle*
[22:41] <blindcoder> owl: sprite-zero?
[22:41] <blindcoder> sounds like an empty bottle
[22:41] <blindcoder> which would suck 
[22:41] <fake> arrr, found it, aye!
[22:41] <owl> blindcoder: nah. this is the sprite -dring with 1 kal/100 ml
[22:42] <owl> but: yes, the bottle was empty, too... but replaced now ;)
[22:42] <blindcoder> owl: nad no taste to it?
[22:42] <fake> i enable kde/*
[22:42] <owl> blindcoder: pardon?
[22:42] <fake> but qt is now in x11
[22:43] <blindcoder> owl: 1 kal/100ml sounds like tap water
[22:43] <blindcoder> fake: for a long time I believe
[22:43] <blindcoder> fake: where have you been? living under a rock?
[22:43] <blindcoder> (pun not intended)
[22:43] <owl> blindcoder: nah, not really... not as candy as sprite/normal, but better than pure water
[22:43] <blindcoder> plain tap water is delicious
[22:43] <blindcoder> just not in paderborn
[22:44] <blindcoder> it tastes like blood there
[22:44] <owl> blindcoder: nope. not really... i am hating the "no taste"-feeling... 
[22:44] <blindcoder> hmm
[22:44] <owl> blindcoder: woerks. 
[22:44] <blindcoder> try taking tap water from berlin to ingolstadt
[22:44] <blindcoder> and comparing them
[22:45] <blindcoder> quite different tastes
[22:45] <fake> blindcoder: working like mad
[22:46] <blindcoder> I see
[22:46] <blindcoder> well, currently I even get to actually work at work
[22:46] <owl> blindcoder: O_O i normally know different tastes of water just, if there is a "entsalzungsanlage von meereswasser"....
[22:46] <blindcoder> not write shellscripts, rock patches and play nethack
[22:46] <blindcoder> but I can't say I'm overworked
[22:46] <owl> *g* blindy
[22:47] <blindcoder> owl: well, it tastes differently
[22:47] <daja77> fake: ?
[22:47] <blindcoder> but I wouldn't take paderborn water for brushing my teeth
[22:47] <fake> daja77: nevermind
[22:47] <owl> blindcoder: why? because of the dead rats taking their swimming-lessons there?
[22:47] <daja77> k
[22:48] <blindcoder> becaue it tastes like blood
[22:48] <owl> blindcoder: yeah, i said "dead rats taking ..." ;)
[22:48] <owl> btw, what tastes "great", is thos fscking "amoxicilin"... you even smell it... 
[22:49] <blindcoder> owl: nah, just too much iron in the water
[22:49] <blindcoder> amo wdat?
[22:49] <blindcoder> sounds like a love potion
[22:49] <owl> blindcoder: what a pitty. i thougt your meat will be served free... 
[22:49] <owl> blindcoder: amoxicillin... antibiotika.
[22:49] <blindcoder> ah
[22:50] <owl> gnarf. i am hating it, if my dad takes everything from the desk and thwors it into my rucksack or bag
[22:51] <blindcoder> backpack
[22:51] <blindcoder> that's the joy of living alone!
[22:51] <blindcoder> noone there to throw your stuff around
[22:51] <blindcoder> and happily encrypting my dirty socks using my three-day-used underwear as key :D
[22:51] <owl> blindcoder: nah, the joy of having a notebook... that would ber enough... then i gcould sit either in living room or in my office. 
[22:52] <owl> igitt.
[22:52] Action: blindcoder hugs his acer
[22:52] <owl> *lol* i will do so with my thinkpad, too,, after it's delivery
[22:53] <blindcoder> can't you think for yourself? *hides*
[22:53] <owl> blindcoder: nah. not really. what do you think i have all of my birds and hamsters and laptops for? ;)
[22:54] <blindcoder> let's see
[22:54] <blindcoder> the hampster for electricity
[22:54] <blindcoder> the birds for distraction
[22:54] <blindcoder> the laptops for contacting your lawyer :P
[22:54] <blindcoder> admit it
[22:54] <blindcoder> you have a crush on your lawyer!
[22:55] <owl> bwahahahahahahahahahaha. nah, really not. he's a "bit" too old. 
[22:55] <owl> and: i just had one "date" with him... and no further will follow as it seems ;)
[22:55] <blindcoder> well
[22:55] <blindcoder> good luck
[22:56] <owl> thx. well... at least i got the money back and so... 
[22:56] <blindcoder> true
[22:56] <blindcoder> how much did the lawyer cost?
[22:57] <owl> dunno. normally it will be paid by "amtsgericht" (because of the "beratungskostenbeihilfe"... -> one contact. not that much... (the last lawyer (i was there 2 or 3 times)) cost was 42 euro... so this time it should be less
[22:57] <blindcoder> I see
[22:57] <owl> (he wrote one letter ("wir bitten um stellungnahme bis soundso") - and one chat)
[22:58] <blindcoder> I see
[23:00] <owl> well... i will go and have a chat with my bed's "floehe". 
[23:00] <owl> gn8 ;)
[23:00] <blindcoder> nighty
[23:00] <fake> n8
[23:00] <fake> omg, 23 already...
[23:01] <fake> i need longer days
[23:01] <owl> hehe. better time-management *hides*
[23:01] <owl> bye ;)
[23:01] <fake> owl: less work ;)
[23:01] <blindcoder> owl: 23 is for pussies
[23:02] <blindcoder> there goes my last shot of rum
[23:02] <blindcoder> cheers
[23:02] <fake> cheerio..
[23:02] Action: fake up for more coffee
[23:02] <blindcoder> damn
[23:02] <blindcoder> another empty bottle of rum
[23:03] <blindcoder> fsck these longitudes
[23:03] <blindcoder> liquids evaporate too fast here
[23:05] <blindcoder> oh fuck me
[23:05] <blindcoder> I've just spilled half of the peanut crusts NEXT to the trash
[23:07] <fake> i want this to work...
[23:07] <blindcoder> no, you don't
[23:08] <blindcoder> a) because it's mine :P
[23:08] <blindcoder> b) sometimes you have to do Windows XP
[23:08] <blindcoder> and c) sometimes there's NOTHING to do for week-
[23:08] <blindcoder> s
[23:08] <blindcoder> and you don't know whether you'll be fired next month or not
[23:08] <blindcoder> it sucks
[23:08] <blindcoder> but it pays the rent
[23:08] <fake> i am working on windows xp atm
[23:09] <blindcoder> yeah, I had to install it and put the license stickers on the side of the machines
[23:09] <blindcoder> those poor machines...
[23:10] <fake> sucky os
[23:10] <blindcoder> true dat
[23:10] <blindcoder> 6 page checklist
[23:10] <blindcoder> 2.5 pages deal with making it usable
[23:10] <blindcoder> deactivating "blending" effects for menus
[23:11] <blindcoder> unfolding control panel in start menu
[23:11] <blindcoder> this kind of stuff
[23:11] <fake> i don't mind the eye candy, if the rest works stable
[23:11] <blindcoder> I must deactivate it
[23:12] <blindcoder> everything else isn't "freigegeben"
[23:22] <fake> ha! morons!
[23:22] <blindcoder> hm?
[23:22] <blindcoder> YAY
[23:22] <blindcoder> All-You-Can-Eat-BBQ
[23:22] <fake> the helix client example top-level client code is wrong
[23:23] <fake> it doesn't install a GlobalManager (sounds cool, huh)
[23:23] <blindcoder> ehm
[23:23] <blindcoder> so?
[23:24] <fake> so the application 'cores' (or, in symbian terms, leaves)
[23:24] <fake> not the best example
[23:24] <blindcoder> leaves?
[23:24] <blindcoder> so a shit and run, huh?
[23:25] <fake> the strange term 'leave' is what throwing an exception means in nowadays c++ code
[23:25] <blindcoder> o_O
[23:25] <blindcoder> shit and run, alright
[23:25] <fake> but back in the days where EPOC designed the roots of symbian, exceptions were not part of the C++ standard ;)
[23:26] <fake> so they have their own exception handlind
[23:26] <blindcoder> so frist it core dumps (shits) and then leaves (runs()
[23:26] <fake> practically, it runs into a TRAP
[23:26] <fake> ;-)
[23:26] <blindcoder> that would suck :)
[23:26] <blindcoder> being TRAPped on the run :)
[23:27] <fake> if you don't trap it, it will run away with all the prescious embedded and highly constrained memory ;-))
[23:27] <blindcoder> yay, data theft!
[23:27] <blindcoder> it stole my memory!
[23:28] <blindcoder> with all my precious girls-contacts in it
[23:28] <blindcoder> all zero of them
[23:28] <fake> so, you lost null pointers
[23:28] <blindcoder> eww
[23:28] <blindcoder> null pointers
[23:28] <blindcoder> got some of them in recent linux kernels
[23:28] <blindcoder> and fisheye java crap^H^H^Hode of course
[23:29] <blindcoder> hmm
[23:29] <blindcoder> fisheye
[23:29] <blindcoder> oops();
[23:29] <blindcoder> started it again
[23:31] <blindcoder> well, counting together all the male contacts I have in berlin would still amount to zero :P
[23:32] <fake> you should try to socialise, you know
[23:32] <blindcoder> fuck if I tried
[23:32] <blindcoder> none of the girls want to meet me again
[23:32] <fake> ?
[23:32] <fake> not neccesarily girls
[23:32] <fake> just... people
[23:32] <fake> you don't even need to like them
[23:32] <fake> just know them
[23:32] <blindcoder> well, where?
[23:33] <blindcoder> it's not like ingolstadt's city center where there's one bar next to the other
[23:33] <blindcoder> you gotta drive a few km between the good bars
[23:33] <blindcoder> you even gotta drive between the bad ones
[23:33] <fake> social contact means just doing stuff with other people, without outruleing the possibility to get to know the people you are with
[23:33] <blindcoder> well, I know a good number of people from kend
[23:33] <fake> like, kendo ;)
[23:33] <daja77> blindcoder: what about your girlfriend?
[23:33] <blindcoder> NAAAAAAAAAAAAARF
[23:34] <blindcoder> daja77: I dumped her a week ago
[23:34] <fake> jinx ;)
[23:34] <blindcoder> true
[23:34] <daja77> blindcoder: d'oh
[23:34] <blindcoder> fake: yeah, maybe I'll hang out with Erik
[23:34] <blindcoder> fake: he'll have his first kendo exam on wednesday
[23:34] <blindcoder> fake: and also just recently moved to berlin
[23:34] <daja77> fake as a socializer that rocks
[23:35] <blindcoder> true :)
[23:35] <fake> daja77: i have to say, just knowing people makes one feel at home much faster
[23:35] Action: blindcoder feels transported into an alternate universe
[23:35] <fake> in bonn, i knew nobody
[23:35] <fake> i never felt at home
[23:35] <blindcoder> I do know a few peolpe from BeLUG
[23:35] <blindcoder> but it just has terrible meeting dates
[23:36] <blindcoder> wednesday, 18:00
[23:36] <blindcoder> just when kendo training started
[23:36] <blindcoder> and next week it will even start at 20:00
[23:39] <SMP> just why am I getting sick when for the first time in months I get into a good flow at coding again ...
[23:39] <SMP> I code like shit when I'm sick
[23:40] <daja77> :)
[23:40] <fake> hi SMP ;)
[23:40] <fake> whaddayagot?
[23:41] <blindcoder> I usually just sleep when I'm sick
[23:41] <SMP> guess it's just a flu
[23:41] <fake> bird flu, muahaha
[23:41] <SMP> nah
[23:42] <fake> i tend to read when i'm sick
[23:42] <fake> just until my head hurts, then i watch crappy tv shows ;)
[23:43] <blindcoder> bah
[23:43] <blindcoder> I have no TV
[23:43] <esden> re hi all
[23:43] <blindcoder> WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeee
[23:43] <blindcoder> it's date-date-esden!
[23:43] <fake> re hi esden, how was your date?
[23:43] <blindcoder> so, since you're back
[23:43] <esden> hehe ;)
[23:43] <blindcoder> the date was crap I see
[23:43] <esden> I am still alive yes
[23:43] <fake> blindcoder: jinx, again
[23:44] <esden> blindcoder: no it was marvelous
[23:44] <blindcoder> esden: so why are you here?
[23:44] <blindcoder> ooooh
[23:44] <blindcoder> I see
[23:44] <esden> the party was over
[23:44] <blindcoder>  agood boy is in bed at 20:00 so he's home at 23:00
[23:44] <esden> and I had adds ...
[23:44] <esden> (people who wanted to go dancing too >_< )
[23:45] <esden> I had to drive them home
[23:45] <blindcoder> poor guy
[23:45] <blindcoder> have a drink
[23:45] <esden> yes I am!
[23:45] <blindcoder> ... I'd say but it's all gone
[23:45] Action: esden writing an sms
[23:45] Action: fake 's company still has ~10 bottles of vodka staffed ;)
[23:45] Action: daja77 has still one over from the bday party
[23:45] <esden> gimme one I need it ;)
[23:46] <fake> and white wine, yummy
[23:46] <blindcoder> hell, I still have wodka, brown rum, 80% rum, cherry liqueur, tequila, beer, coffee liqueur, absinth and and and
[23:46] <fake> urks, absinth
[23:47] <blindcoder> fsck
[23:48] <fake> i need to replace mozilla on the livecd...
[23:48] <blindcoder> I just emptied the whole content of my ashtray filled with peanut peels next to the trashcan
[23:48] <fake> ashtray?
[23:48] <fake> why do you have an ashtray?
[23:48] <daja77> fake: just do it ;)
[23:49] <blindcoder> fake: for visitors
[23:49] <fake> daja77: i will
[23:49] <blindcoder> fake: also for my shisha when I'm too lazy to dump the burnt tobacco somewhere else
[23:51] <fake> hm, shisha, nice
[23:51] <blindcoder> true :)
[23:51] <blindcoder> the only stuff I can actually smoke
[23:51] <esden> ahh shisha rules ... ;)
[23:51] <esden> ok ... I have to go
[23:51] <esden> cu guys
[23:52] <esden> have a nice night ;)
[23:52] <esden> you two *GG*
[23:52] <esden> or three
[23:52] <esden> or so
[23:52] <blindcoder> nighty
[23:52] <fake> n8 esden!
[00:00] --- Sun Oct 16 2005