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[07:49] <blindcoder> moin
[07:50] <cutio> huhu
[07:50] <cutio> last ep of fmp:tsr is out, dude
[07:51] <blindcoder> already got it  :)
[07:51] <blindcoder> v2
[07:51] <cutio> hehe
[07:51] <cutio> then its probably over
[07:51] <cutio> forever
[07:52] <blindcoder> haven't seen it yet
[07:52] <cutio> me neither
[07:52] <blindcoder> but I will now
[07:53] <blindcoder> screw breakfast
[07:53] <cutio> just got up and saw: yay done
[07:53] <blindcoder> there's more important stuff to do
[07:53] <cutio> ^there is? woot
[07:54] <blindcoder> yeah, TSR :)
[07:55] <cutio> hehe
[08:28] <blindcoder> daja77: p2, p3, pm and noopt builds are done. pmmx should be done tomorrow
[13:59] <owl> moin
[14:02] <blindcoder> moin moin
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[17:27] <fake> hellas
[17:27] <blindcoder> moin fake 
[17:29] <fake> nix moin, i'm up since 12 ;P
[17:29] <fake> there is a nice pic of my i/o online
[17:30] <fake> http://gothic.at/berichte/sonst/2005/051015-schwarzer_reigen_10/fotos.php?page=3&image=51
[17:30] <blindcoder> I'm up since 07:15
[17:30] <fake> streber ;P
[17:30] <blindcoder> o_O
[17:30] <blindcoder> looks... well...
[17:30] <blindcoder> like made of plastic... like a sculpture or something
[17:30] <fake> it's too bright
[17:31] <fake> it's not white makeup ;)
[17:31] <blindcoder> I see
[17:33] <blindcoder> hmm
[17:34] <blindcoder> seems my little Ibiza will be cramped next week
[17:34] <blindcoder> cramped? crammed?
[17:34] <blindcoder> Vollgestopft :P
[17:35] <cutio> mission: get a working system for a nokia 6230i bluetooth environment within 20minutes, yay
[17:36] <blindcoder> cutio: good luck :P
[17:36] <fake> 6230i ?
[17:36] <fake> crappy junk ;)
[17:36] <cutio> where's the bluetooth section on a 2.6 kernel?
[17:36] <blindcoder> cutio: device drivers
[17:37] <fake> Device drivers -> networking options, iirc
[17:37] <fake> since 2.6.12, iirc
[17:37] <cutio> ive .11
[17:37] <cutio> dont find it, brr
[17:37] <fake> pff. somewhere in device drivers
[17:38] <cutio> a
[17:38] <cutio> also network devices, jsut hidden
[17:38] <cutio> btw the 6230i rocks;)
[17:38] <fake> nope
[17:38] <fake> it sucks big time
[17:38] <fake> it's a series40, series40 is a piece of junk
[17:39] <cutio> so what?
[17:39] <cutio> what's so bad?
[17:40] <fake> you can't exten a series40 device
[17:40] <fake> only with java midp applications
[17:40] <fake> the os doesn't support foreign mative applications
[17:40] <fake> *native
[17:41] <fake> it's a nokia homebrew o/s
[17:41] <cutio> yeah, a symbian one would be nice hmm
[17:41] <fake> symbian rocks, compared to series40 ;)
[17:42] <blindcoder> fake: you could hack my coffee machine to remind me to clear the "Satzbehaelter" more often
[17:43] <fake> if it's running on symbian... ;)
[17:43] <blindcoder> no idea, but the maggots I had in there today were just... ewwwwww
[17:43] <fake> the 6230(i) is, btw, so old, it will be ditched off the market after christmas
[17:43] <fake> ewwww!
[17:44] <blindcoder> jepp
[17:44] <blindcoder> emptied it early august and then today
[17:44] <cutio> hehe thats true, but normal ppl dont need the newest (and most expensive) stuff every year
[17:45] <fake> but if you invest, it should last ;)
[17:45] <blindcoder> hmm
[17:45] Action: blindcoder looks at his Siemens M55
[17:45] <blindcoder> you want to say I'm "normal", HUH?
[17:46] <cutio> i used to have an a55
[17:46] Action: fake off to coding again
[17:48] <blindcoder> pff
[17:48] <blindcoder> streber :P
[17:48] <blindcoder> it's SUNDAY!
[17:50] <cutio> yay cellphone found
[19:12] <esden> bopp
[19:12] <blindcoder> moin esden 
[19:38] <daja77> blindcoder: athlonxp and athlon build is done
[19:41] <blindcoder> daja77: sweet
[19:42] <blindcoder> daja77: preferred upload mechanism?
[19:42] <daja77> tomorrow from university, scp ftp or sth to you, because I am behind a firewall
[19:44] <blindcoder> daja77: see query. scp is available
[19:44] <blindcoder> daja77: as is ftp
[19:45] <blindcoder> didn't remember that I was still running ftp...
[19:45] <daja77> ;)
[19:53] Action: esden bashing a podcaster ;)
[20:11] <cutio> anyone with a dlink dbt120 around?
[20:11] <esden> http://www.prangstgrup.com/startupsound/ <- rofl
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[20:47] <esden> ahh finally I found a feedback form for ipod
[20:47] <esden> directly requested Ogg Vorbis support
[20:48] <blindcoder> good boy
[20:48] <blindcoder> *pat*
[20:48] <esden> blindcoder: please do that yourself too: http://www.apple.com/feedback/ipod.html
[20:49] <blindcoder> I don't have an iPod
[20:49] <blindcoder> and I don't know why I should buy one, really
[20:49] <esden> and? ... you can write that the missing feature prevents you from buying one
[20:49] <blindcoder> I don't get that turmoil about the iPod
[20:50] <blindcoder> will do 
[20:50] <esden> because ipod is the best music player around if you ask me ... but that is something one has to find out for oneself
[20:50] <blindcoder> well, what would I need it for?
[20:50] <blindcoder> I must not use it at work
[20:50] <blindcoder> I have a CD player in my car
[20:50] <esden> for hearing your music in your car
[20:50] <blindcoder> and I can't use it at Kendo
[20:50] <esden> but it is much easier to use then a cd player
[20:51] <blindcoder> 6 CDs fit at once
[20:51] <esden> you have all your music all the time around
[20:51] <blindcoder> and everyone in the car can listen :)
[20:51] <esden> ok ... you have more music
[20:51] <blindcoder> hmm
[20:51] <blindcoder> I have all my music around on those six CDs :)
[20:51] <esden> but you connect the ipod to your player
[20:51] <blindcoder> at least, all the Music I actually listen to
[20:51] <blindcoder> I can?
[20:51] <esden> yes you can
[20:51] <blindcoder> it has an iPod-to-Cassette interface?
[20:51] <blindcoder> or an iPod to CD-Changer?
[20:52] <esden> casette ... or instead of teh changer ... and the ipod is controlled over your radio controls
[20:52] <blindcoder> so
[20:52] <blindcoder> who will teach me changing shit to gold to I can afford one?
[20:53] <blindcoder> advantage of the cd-changer: it's already there ;)
[20:53] <esden> hehe ... good argument ... 
[20:53] <esden> you need a raise in your selery
[20:53] <blindcoder> I need a cut in my expenses ;)
[20:53] <esden> yes that would be a possibility too
[20:53] <esden> you should not drink so much ... *GG*
[20:53] <blindcoder> well, the next month should be fine in that regard
[20:54] <blindcoder> I've had a backlog of stuff to pay
[20:54] <esden> or not buy so much useless stuff *GG*
[20:54] <blindcoder> as usual this time of the year
[20:54] <esden> ahh right
[20:54] <esden> that is normal
[20:54] <blindcoder> useless stuff?
[20:54] <esden> dunno ... that are only ideas how to cut your expenses :D
[20:55] <blindcoder> hummhumm
[20:55] <esden> humm ... 
[20:55] <blindcoder> well, I had a backlog of ~450 EUR this month
[20:55] Action: esden is asking himself how to open a fund
[20:56] <esden> urgh ... that are many bucks
[20:56] <blindcoder> true
[20:56] <esden> (/me hungry ... waiting for noodles to get ready)
[20:57] <blindcoder> that's why next month should be better
[21:03] Action: owl shares "ueltjes" with #rocklinux 
[21:03] <blindcoder> YAY
[21:04] <esden> WOOT
[21:04] Action: esden takes a handfull
[21:04] <blindcoder> *mampf*
[21:04] <esden> *crunch*
[21:04] <owl> *g* 
[21:04] <owl> hi guys ;p
[21:04] Action: esden hugs owl very hard
[21:04] <owl> O_O why this?
[21:04] <esden> *squeeeeeeeeeeze*
[21:05] Action: owl squeeks like a rat
[21:05] Action: blindcoder takes the ueltjes while owl isn't looking
[21:05] <esden> owl: that is why -> blindcoder 
[21:05] <esden> ;)
[21:05] Action: esden looks at blindy
[21:05] <owl> hehe, it's better cuz i should do a bit of training tomorrow. no training with fat *g*
[21:05] <esden> *cough*
[21:05] Action: blindcoder shares with esden
[21:05] <owl> hehe
[21:05] <esden> blindcoder: thanks
[21:06] <esden> good owl 
[21:06] <esden> very good nuts you have here
[21:07] <owl> nah, the spanish ones were better
[21:07] <esden>  /yell WHY DO THE NOODLES TAKE SO MUCH TIME!!!!!1!ELEVEN
[21:07] <owl> esden: "ruhig blut" ;)
[21:07] <blindcoder> that's the good thing about rice
[21:08] <blindcoder> only takes 10 minutes
[21:08] <esden> :P
[21:08] <esden> what I have is "Penne al Forno" it has to be in the oven for 35-45 mins
[21:09] <blindcoder> urgs
[21:09] <owl> self-made?
[21:09] <esden> ok ... 35 mins are over
[21:09] <esden> another 10 mins
[21:09] <esden> owl: what? selfmade? you think I am suicidal?
[21:09] <blindcoder> esden: learn cooking :P
[21:09] <owl> esden: *g* maybe? *hides*
[21:10] <blindcoder> every self-respecting hacker is able to cook
[21:10] <owl> blindcoder: hahahahahahahahaha. good joke
[21:10] <blindcoder> s'true
[21:10] Action: esden cooks something for owl and blindcoder, loughing all the time in a very suspicious way
[21:10] <esden> you will like it
[21:11] <blindcoder> cooking is about as easy as reading a howto about basic KDE usage :P
[21:11] <owl> pffff. *eating and falling down* *dead*
[21:11] <esden> no ... first of all I do not have a kitchen ... second I am too lazy
[21:11] <esden> blindcoder: yaiks
[21:11] <owl> blindcoder: well. reading the howto-cook-something is easy, but having the taste it should receive, is a bit more difficult
[21:12] <blindcoder> owl: start with something simple. Like Chili con carne
[21:12] <blindcoder> or "Nudelauflauf"
[21:12] <esden> owl: do not wonder ... blindcoder is eating since years so hot that he does not taste anything ...
[21:12] <blindcoder> hehehe
[21:12] <esden> everything tastes like paper ;)
[21:12] <esden> right blindcoder?
[21:12] <blindcoder> pffff
[21:12] <cutio> i just ate shrimps some hours ago, i love woman who can cook ;)
[21:13] <owl> blindcoder: nah, i am hating chili ;) and: i am lucky if i have a lasagne which is not as black as my clothes ;)
[21:13] <blindcoder> cutio: poser :P
[21:13] <owl> esden: you're not nice to blindy? ;)
[21:13] <esden> cutio: yes ... kill me ... say something more about your girl! '_'
[21:13] <blindcoder> I'd like to have a woman that actually acknowledges cooking skills in a guf
[21:13] <esden> owl: that is only my way to express my love to him
[21:13] <esden> owl: sorry
[21:13] <owl> esden: your love? you're gay *hides*
[21:13] <cutio> esden: that's probably the only positive thing for men ;)
[21:14] <owl> cutio: the only positive thing? i guess you forgot something *cough*
[21:14] <esden> owl: you are female? *GG*
[21:14] <owl> esden: well. at least i think so ;)
[21:15] <owl> (and the mirror told me today)
[21:15] <esden> owl: at least you talk like one ;)
[21:15] <esden> yuck a mirror ... how can you ... I removed mine years ago
[21:15] <owl> esden: *kick* :p
[21:15] <owl> esden: i need mine to fumble the contacts into my eyes... 
[21:15] <cutio> owl: well ok *this and that* too:)
[21:16] <esden> I can put pieces of plastic into my eyes without looking in the mirror
[21:16] <owl> cutio: you see. .oO( men ... )
[21:16] <esden> it hurts with the mirror and without
[21:16] <owl> esden: why?
[21:16] <blindcoder> well, I'm careful not to look at my mirror too much
[21:16] <blindcoder> it might break
[21:16] <cutio> owl: food is important too!
[21:16] <esden> owl: pieces of plastic are not meant to be in ones eye!
[21:16] <esden> that is not normal!
[21:17] <owl> blindcoder: don't kick or hit it :)
[21:17] <blindcoder> owl: looking is enough
[21:17] <owl> cutio: yeah. i belive so... ;) 
[21:17] <owl> esden: it is. especially more comfortable while doing horseback-riding ;) 
[21:18] <esden> ohh ... now I finally understand what happened with my window glass ... it can also reflect ... and it probably reflected my visage ... and broke during that process ;)
[21:18] <owl> blindcoder: tssss. pessimist
[21:18] <blindcoder> owl: realist with a grain of pessimism
[21:18] <cutio> esden: at least your not looking like 'the night':)
[21:18] <owl> blindcoder: nah. pessimist.
[21:19] <blindcoder> whatever
[21:20] <esden> cutio: lol
[21:20] <owl> pffffff. 
[21:20] <esden> owl: you have no chance against that blind stubborness of blindcoder ;)
[21:20] <owl> esden: yeah, seems so ;)
[21:22] <esden> damn the noodles are not ready ... I need an "umluftofen" this one here sucks
[21:23] <owl> esden: nah, the "angaben" are always wrong ;)
[21:24] <cutio> an ofen for noodles
[21:24] <cutio> x_X
[21:26] <blindcoder> cutio: hey, I have a rice cooker :P
[21:47] Nick change: stf^afk -> stf^rocklinux
[22:00] <owl> .oO( everybody felt asleep? )
[22:01] <blindcoder> probably
[22:01] <blindcoder> as usual :P
[22:01] <owl> yeah ;)
[22:01] <owl> *yawn*
[22:14] <cutio> just playing around with obexftp
[22:17] <owl> *g* which mobile?
[22:18] <cutio> 6230i
[22:21] <owl> oha. ;)
[22:21] <cutio> ..again.. *sigh*
[22:21] <owl> why again?
[22:22] <cutio> fake said the same
[22:22] <owl> the same? "oha"?
[22:23] <owl> sigh. where's my knuddel-hamster "esperanza"?
[22:23] <cutio> just something with a similiar intention
[22:24] <owl> ah, ok ;) well. at least /me is not a nokia-lover ;)
[22:25] <cutio> do you use a bluetooth dongle?
[22:26] <owl> cutio: nah, no dongle. but internal bluetooth... (and used dongle with my old NB) why?
[22:27] <cutio> my dlink dbt120 kinda annoying it wants a "security code" to work correctly under windows
[22:29] <owl> O_O windows? 
[22:30] <cutio> huh?
[22:30] <owl> why do you want it to work under windows? O_O
[22:32] <cutio> because ive many clients here? linux, windows and osx and i dont want to boot the linux box everytime just to transfer some files
[22:33] <owl> hmm. k. o_O well. windows - i have no experience with win and bluetooth
[22:33] <cutio> i've. i wasted 2 hours and it doesnt work.
[22:34] <owl> windows ;)
[22:35] <cutio> nah. fscking dlink
[22:36] <owl> *g* i wouldn't say so... my dad powered on his pc... 3 printers (of 3) are not working... with linux they're working... 
[22:40] <cutio> cu..pp.ss.. omg i tried to forget that part of my life
[22:40] <owl> hehe. why? ;) 2 HPs connected via smb/cups... (on my intranet-server) and the other directly via usb... none of them worked ;)
[22:42] <cutio> well one day, i tried to print something important(had to be done within 10min) and magically cups didnt work, it just accepted the job, wrote printing and then the job disappeared
[22:43] <cutio> but my holy lexmark printer didnt print one char
[22:43] <owl> yeah, i know this... lexmark? with linux?
[22:44] <cutio> a 3000, heh
[22:44] <owl> brb. new kernel-img
[22:45] <cutio> woot i found a tutorial about hacking the dlink driver, brb
[22:55] <esden> woot film finished
[22:56] <esden> my god ... another 12euros to be spent :(
[22:56] <esden> damn film photography >_<
[22:56] <esden> it costs so much :(
[22:58] <owl> esden: yeah. where do you develop your films?
[23:02] <esden> I tried at porst ... (they messed it up terribly) and at minimal (they did not mess it up so much but it took 4 days till I had my images back what is not acceptable)
[23:02] <esden> I am still searching for a shop doing the stuff correctly
[23:04] <owl> hmmm. mueller?
[23:05] <esden> I am sure they also need several days to develop images
[23:06] <esden> I would pay more for my images if I get them in one day ... and they do not mess that up
[23:06] <esden> really
[23:06] <owl> hmmmm. fotohaus zacharias?
[23:06] <esden> humm ... dunno ... I have to find the shop in rosenheim ;)
[23:07] <esden> I have here another 3 or four to test out
[23:09] <owl> hehe. ok
[23:10] <owl> btw - saw my latest photos of my budgies?
[23:10] <esden> yes ... finally they are sharp
[23:10] <esden> thanks :)
[23:10] <esden> they are really sweet
[23:10] <owl> de nada ;p
[23:10] <esden> and have you seen the latest photos in my photoblog?
[23:11] <owl> hehe. i know :) and my hamster 8still no photos) is also sweet. totally tiny :)
[23:11] <owl> na not yet i guess
[23:11] <esden> owl: then run and take a look
[23:11] <owl> yeah ;)
[23:11] <esden> and also run and take some images of your hamster ;)
[23:14] <owl> hehe, yeah i will do... tomorrow i will stay a bit longer in my buero... and hopefully see him ;) today he went again onto my hand :) 
[23:14] <owl> and my budgies - they're really insane *g* flying over our heads, sometimes agains our heads...
[23:15] <esden> urgh ;)
[23:15] <esden> funny
[23:15] <owl> yeah ;) and: they just appear in pairs :) "unzertrennlich"
[23:16] <owl> http://www.esden.net/photoblog/9 <- i guess you chose a wrong "belichtung" ;)
[23:17] <esden> owl: nope ... that was wrong whitebalance
[23:17] <esden> but I do not remember playing with it around
[23:17] <owl> ok O_O 
[23:17] <esden> the camera did it by itself somehow
[23:18] <owl> hehe, yeah, this is a common problem.. i am using sometimes the spiegelreflex of my dad... (really old) - it's a bit tricky... but i like the digicam most to be honest... dreaming about a spiegelreflex-digi ;)
[23:18] <owl> well. might i will spend a bit of money... ;) 
[23:19] <esden> I will probably raise a fund for my camera ... ;)
[23:19] <owl> *g* why?
[23:19] <daja77> esden: get this one http://www.ethanzuckerman.com/blog/?p=216
[23:19] <esden> because I need somewhat about 800 to 1k Eur for my camera
[23:20] <owl> esden: *nod* welcome in the club
[23:22] <owl> those cameras i am able to get at NR sometimes are soooo great *sigh* *sabber*
[23:22] <owl> (don't ask me for the names... different models)
[23:22] <esden> but I have no big needs ... only a Nikon D50 ... with 18-55 and 55-300 lenses
[23:23] <owl> hmmm. dunno... ;) some magazines have often nice reviews. might oyu should have a look...
[23:24] <esden> owl: I have looked at magazines ... but they are not talking about all camaras in one class
[23:24] <owl> esden: ah. ok. well. i once read a magazine which was quite good... 
[23:25] reinaldo (n=reinaldo@pc-14-24-104-200.cm.vtr.net) joined #rocklinux.
[23:26] <esden> like a comparison between ... canon 300D, canon 350D, nikon D50, nikon D70, Pentax *ist DS ...
[23:26] <owl> hmm. k. don't knwo the exact differences betweend the cams
[23:26] <esden> but there is a very good site for reviews of digital cams
[23:26] <esden> http://www.dpreview.com
[23:26] <owl> url?
[23:26] <owl> *g*
[23:26] <esden> hehe ;)
[23:27] <daja77> .oO (he ignores me)
[23:27] <esden> daja77: I started reading it ... but megapixels is not everything :P ;)
[23:27] <daja77> yep gigapixels is
[23:27] <esden> rofl
[23:28] <owl> *yawn*
[23:28] <esden> and there is a very ince channel at freenode
[23:28] <esden> #photogeeks
[23:29] <owl> *lol*
[23:29] <esden> cite: "I had a choice to make for my hobby, photography or collecting fabergait eggs"
[23:29] <esden> or something in the kind
[23:30] <owl> O_o
[23:30] <owl> i am going to bed now. *falling down of the couch*
[23:30] <owl> gn8 ;)
[23:30] <esden> ok ... it is called faberge
[23:30] <esden> eggs
[23:31] <esden> good night owl
[23:31] <esden> http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/4819/ <- an example of such an egg ;)
[23:36] reinaldo (n=reinaldo@pc-14-24-104-200.cm.vtr.net) left #rocklinux ("Leaving").
[00:00] --- Mon Oct 24 2005