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[00:20] <owl> sigh. re. 
[00:23] <madtux> wb owlita
[00:34] <owl> thx madtux 
[00:34] <owl> 14 hours of work and i can't sleep O_O
[01:00] <madtux> owl, excess of caffeine?
[01:00] <owl> nope. no coffee... just 2 cups of tea (in the morning9
[01:05] <madtux> stress?
[01:06] <mnemoc> veterinarian?
[01:08] <madtux> oh i know what it is... u are affraid os having yet more nightmares about mnemoc 
[01:08] <mnemoc> *g*
[01:09] <madtux> mnemoc, ur evilness never stops to suprise me
[01:09] <owl> stress = 14 hours of work (- guess )
[01:09] <owl> hehe :) not mnemoc , no vet :)
[01:09] <owl> vet is over or so
[01:09] <mnemoc> why?
[01:09] <madtux> could be that... i used to have those kind of issues before
[01:10] <owl> well... i have no chance, i guess
[01:10] <mnemoc> married? gay?
[01:10] <owl> madtux: sigh :(
[01:10] <owl> mnemoc: dunno. maybe relationship or something? maybe disliking me? i dunno. 
[01:10] <mnemoc> :(
[01:11] <owl> yeah. well. i never talked to him...
[01:11] <mnemoc> :@
[01:11] <owl> mnemoc: ?
[01:11] <owl> .oO( boys, you know i am shy? ;)
[01:11] <mnemoc> bah
[01:11] <owl> hm? :)
[01:11] <madtux> i know u are evil... shy.. not really.
[01:12] <owl> i am shy. evil - just to people i know :)
[01:13] <mnemoc> so, know him
[01:14] <owl> impossible :) he must to the first step. but he didn't. so i guess, that he is not interested in me
[01:14] <mnemoc> he is a veterinarian! he doesn't know to take first steps
[01:15] <owl> hehehe. he is older than me :)
[01:15] <mnemoc> not much
[01:15] <owl> aehm. abou 12 years
[01:16] <mnemoc> not much
[01:16] <owl> O_O 
[01:16] <owl> some years more and he could be my father... 
[01:17] <mnemoc> bah
[01:17] <owl> you just want to make a match :)
[01:17] <owl> hihi :)
[01:18] <mnemoc> :)
[01:18] <owl> so he really should know - if he would be interested - how to say "want to drink a coffee"? :)
[01:19] <mnemoc> do it... isn't too hard
[01:20] <owl> it is. 
[01:20] <owl> my pets arent ill :)
[01:20] <owl> and: i am shy :)
[01:21] <owl> -> no need to go to the vet (and i also don't know when he's in the practice, too
[01:22] <mnemoc> just take one to 'control'
[01:23] <owl> not possible. .)
[01:23] <mnemoc> or for a suggestion about food or something
[01:24] <owl> hihi. nah. :)
[01:24] <mnemoc> why not? that's easy
[01:24] <owl> as said above - i dont know when he is at practive... 
[01:24] <owl> nope. it's easier to answer "something containgin "wellensittichfutter" :)
[01:25] <mnemoc> just do something and stop hiding
[01:26] <owl> nah... :/
[01:26] <owl> i sent them (practice) a fax last week. no reply. 
[01:26] <mnemoc> in person
[01:27] <owl> *cough* nope. with the fax it's done... 
[01:27] <owl> it was something business-related. 
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[01:28] <owl> and - there was my mobile phone number, mail-addy, phone-number, fax-number, website etc. written down. 
[01:29] <mnemoc> but it's paper, not owl
[01:29] <owl> well. it's owls name written on fax. ;)
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[09:09] <esden> yawn .... moin
[09:10] <daja77> hi esden 
[09:22] <esden> hi daja77 
[09:28] <owl> *yawn* moin
[09:31] <esden> moin owl 
[09:31] <owl> hi esden 
[09:39] <blindcoder> moin
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[10:11] <owl>  hi blindcoder 
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[11:47] <daja77> ping clifford 
[11:56] <esden> moin blindcoder 
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[12:06] <blindcoder> re
[12:13] <blindcoder> and gone 
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[13:33] <madtux> moin
[13:34] <daja77> hi miguel
[13:34] <madtux> Good day Danny. how are u?
[13:35] <daja77> a bit desperate atm
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[14:04] <blindcoder> moin markuman 
[14:05] <blindcoder> daja77: desperate? You should stop the gnome update ;)
[14:05] <markuman> moin blindcoder 
[14:07] <owl> hi markuman 
[14:07] <owl> aeh. madtux 
[14:07] <markuman> hi owl 
[14:07] <madtux> good day owlita
[14:07] <madtux> daja77, why so?
[14:07] <madtux> blindy my brother :)
[14:08] Action: blindcoder hugs madtux 
[14:08] <owl> hi blindcoder 
[14:08] Action: blindcoder hugs owl, too ;)
[14:08] <owl> sorry. oversaw you *being blind*
[14:09] Action: blindcoder yawns into #rocklinux 
[14:09] <blindcoder> damn, these windows machines make me sleepy
[14:10] <owl> hehehe. i guess it's the weather. i know just almost-dead-people today
[14:10] <owl> *sitting in bed* :)
[14:10] Action: madtux gives a bear hug to owl 
[14:10] <madtux> GROUP hug to owl
[14:12] <owl> hehe. 
[14:13] <owl> sigh. i have a list of 30  books which seem to be interesting... problem: i am allowed to choose 2 books......
[14:13] <owl> (still need 1 book... because the other already chosen)
[14:15] <madtux> :)
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[14:19] <owl> not funny. 
[14:20] <blindcoder> throw a die
[14:23] <owl> pffff. you're the 2nd person recommending me this... *sniff*
[14:26] <blindcoder> well, why don't you do what you're told then :P
[14:26] <blindcoder> 8-ball: should owl throw the dice?
[14:26] <blindcoder> 8-ball says: Go for it
[14:27] <blindcoder> see ;)
[14:28] <blindcoder> bbl
[14:30] <owl> blindcoder: *kick*
[14:33] <owl> someone knows " a long way down" written by "nick hornby"?
[14:39] <owl> anyway. i am driving to IN - buying my books :) bbl
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[15:34] <esden> huhu ... everyone ;)
[15:39] <madtux> hi
[15:44] <esden> http://www.esden.net/photoblog/48
[15:51] <madtux> a megatokyo blanket .. NICE
[15:51] <madtux> *g*
[15:52] <esden> madtux: hehe yes ;)
[15:55] <mnemoc> great picture
[15:55] <madtux> yeah... u can see the whole blanket..
[15:55] <madtux> its really awesome
[15:55] <madtux> *g*
[16:06] <esden> rofl ... you are a badass madtux :P
[16:08] <madtux> what did i do?
[16:08] <madtux> :)
[16:09] <esden> nooooothing
[16:12] <mnemoc> poor madtux been blamed
[16:14] <esden> hehe
[16:18] <madtux> ;)
[16:25] <daja77> blindcoder: hehe yeah but this time it is a kde problem
[16:32] <blindcoder> re
[16:33] <madtux> ra
[16:33] <daja77> better to say a damn stupid attr problem
[16:33] <blindcoder> esden: nothing like photoshop, huh?
[16:33] <madtux> daja77, just move to gnome already
[16:34] <daja77> http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=116420 <- that one to be precise
[16:35] Action: blindcoder has weird things when compiling a livecd while running a livecd
[16:35] <blindcoder> stuff like /usr/lib/ /usr/include/ and /usr/share/terminfo/ disappearing
[16:35] <daja77> madtux: I spent 1,5 days to fix gtk+ ...
[16:36] <madtux> it was fun.. wasn't it?
[16:36] <madtux> *g*
[16:36] <daja77> i wrote about it in the blog
[16:36] <daja77> have to add the happy ending though ...
[16:38] <daja77> i don't get why $root and other vars are empty in this package
[16:40] <blindcoder> bug ;)
[16:41] <daja77> this package sucks completely
[16:41] <daja77> it has a sanity check that notices that this one file isn't at the place where it should be, but is too stupid to copy it there
[16:42] <blindcoder> pff
[16:42] <daja77> and I still haven't figured out how I can copy it there
[16:42] <daja77> apart from manually using cp
[16:44] <blindcoder> anyway, Kendo time
[16:44] <blindcoder> bbl
[16:44] <daja77> hf
[17:54] <esden> blindcoder: hehe ;)
[17:56] <owl> re
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