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[06:58] <blindcoder> netrunner: you configured your mailer to be smtp.mydomain.de?
[06:58] <blindcoder> anyway, gotta leave early today
[06:59] <blindcoder> bye
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[08:28] <blindcoder> moin
[08:54] <esden> moin
[08:54] <blindcoder> moin moin esden 
[08:54] <esden> moin blindcoder 
[08:54] <esden> *yawn*
[08:55] <blindcoder> just got up?
[08:55] <esden> yes
[08:55] <blindcoder> pff
[08:55] <blindcoder> I'm up since 06:30
[08:55] <blindcoder> already got my winter tires mounted on the car
[08:56] <esden> I was in bed at 02:00 ...
[08:56] <blindcoder> pff
[08:56] <blindcoder> lazy student
[08:56] <esden> not lazy ... I worked :P
[08:57] <blindcoder> ah yeah
[08:57] <blindcoder> humping != working :P
[08:57] <esden> that is right ... humping == sport
[08:58] <blindcoder> ack
[08:58] <blindcoder> well, the only sport with a stick I'm doing is Kendo
[08:58] <blindcoder> and that's no meat stick :P
[08:59] <esden> lol
[08:59] <blindcoder> anyway, I have a tournament on Saturday *panics*
[09:00] <blindcoder> and I'm Kokugikan's new recording clerk...
[09:00] <esden> muahaha ... I hope they will beat the hell out of you ... ;) ... then you finally know why life is appreciable 
[09:01] <blindcoder> they will...
[09:01] <blindcoder> my practical fighting experience sums up to two fights at training
[09:01] <blindcoder> one fight against a newbie
[09:01] <blindcoder> one fight against someone my grade
[09:01] <blindcoder> oh, it's three fights
[09:01] <blindcoder> one fight against someone one grade above me
[09:05] <esden> why didn't you do more fights in training?
[09:08] <blindcoder> two reasons
[09:09] <blindcoder> first: I didn't attend advanced training earlier and these three fights were in beginners training
[09:09] <blindcoder> second: advanced training is about three times as hard as beginners
[09:09] <blindcoder> and my condition doesn't last long enough to take part in the fights which happen at the end of the advanced training session
[09:10] <esden> humm ok ...
[09:10] <esden> understandable
[09:11] <blindcoder> anyway, I convinced Erik, who's only doing kendo since this summer to participate, too ;)
[09:11] <blindcoder> so I'm not _all_ alone
[09:11] <blindcoder> there are several registrations from .pl and .cz, too
[09:11] <esden> cool ;)
[09:11] <esden> greet the .pl ones for me
[09:11] <blindcoder> heh, okay
[09:12] <blindcoder> come here and cheer me on!
[09:12] <blindcoder> We really need some cheerleaders!
[09:12] <esden> perhups some sweet polish girls ... ;)
[09:12] <esden> hump them for me with your monster stick ;)
[09:15] <blindcoder> pff
[09:15] <blindcoder> I wish
[09:20] <blindcoder> bite my politically correct ass
[09:23] <esden> lol
[09:24] <esden> humm ... I have to go to mediamarkt and buy a tv card ... >_<
[09:24] <blindcoder> what for?
[09:24] <esden> my work needs it ... I have to write a image recognition software
[09:24] <blindcoder> I can give you my USB tuner
[09:24] <esden> and tv card has to be the image data source
[09:26] <blindcoder> never really used it, anyway
[09:26] <esden> ok ... I get a shower
[09:29] <blindcoder> so, just booked my flights over christmas
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[11:26] <netrunner>  sed -i -e 's,\[D\] \d+ ,[D] 0 ,' */*desc
[11:26] <netrunner> what's wrong with that?
[11:27] <netrunner> it does not match :(
[11:30] <owl> moin
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[11:53] <blindcoder> moin
[11:53] <netrunner> hi blindy
[11:53] <blindcoder> I'd say the \d+
[11:55] <netrunner> it also does not work with [0-9]+ or [[:digit:]]+
[11:57] <blindcoder> hmm
[11:58] <blindcoder> just use 's,^\[D\] [^ ]* ,[D] 0 ,g'
[11:59] <blindcoder> seems to be a problem with the +
[11:59] <blindcoder> because [1234567890]* works
[11:59] <netrunner> hm, new firefox feels good.
[12:00] <netrunner> fast.
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[12:02] <blindcoder> netrunner: 's,^\[D\] [0-9]\+ ,[D] 0 ,g'
[12:03] <netrunner> thx 
[12:04] <netrunner> why is firefox calling itself "deer park"?
[12:05] <daja77> netrunner: good question, I don't get this too ...
[12:06] <netrunner> it was the codename before it became firefox 1.5
[12:26] Action: netrunner downloading kde 3.5
[12:45] <daja77> sigh
[12:46] <daja77> perhaps you'll find the solution
[12:46] <blindcoder> I still say that moving libattr to /lib _is_ the solution
[12:46] <daja77> no it didn't work here too
[12:47] <blindcoder> oh
[12:47] <daja77> some distros have symlinks in their packages, but I don't know why, it makes no sense
[12:48] <blindcoder> it does for stupid packages
[12:49] <daja77> the strange thing is the compile test in configure for attr works
[12:50] <blindcoder> can you put the .err file somewhere
[12:53] <daja77> http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/~jahre/5-kdelibs.err
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[12:56] <blindcoder> humm
[12:57] <blindcoder> can you show me the libattr.la?
[12:58] Action: netrunner has a /lib/libattr.so{,.1,.1.1.0}
[12:59] <blindcoder> daja77: can you post the libattr.la?
[12:59] <daja77> http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/~jahre/libattr.la
[13:00] <daja77> netrunner: yes the .so files are there but the .la is in /usr/lib
[13:01] <blindcoder> well, well
[13:01] <blindcoder> # Directory that this library needs to be installed in:
[13:01] <blindcoder> libdir='/lib'
[13:01] <blindcoder> there's the problem
[13:02] <blindcoder> libtool expects both the .so _and_ the .a in the same directory
[13:02] <netrunner> does a symlink help?
[13:02] <blindcoder> probably
[13:03] <daja77> our scripts prevent this atm
[13:04] <daja77> kde does not need a .a file, it doesn't find that .la description for strange reasons
[13:05] <blindcoder> actually, it's libtool that doesn't find it
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[13:05] <daja77> yes
[13:05] <daja77> libtool complains in attr.log that the .la file is not installed in /lib but there is no good reason to do that
[13:06] <blindcoder> besides the fact that libattr belongs to /lib
[13:08] <esden> bopp
[13:08] <blindcoder> re esden 
[13:08] <daja77> //usr/lib is in the path so it should be found
[13:08] <daja77> -/
[13:08] <netrunner> I think it does not consider the so and la to be in different dirs
[13:09] <esden> lol .. the guys from chaosradio are ill ... they are podcasting tonns of stuff
[13:10] <netrunner> http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-bugs-dist&m=113205723015685
[13:10] <daja77> yes I found that one
[13:11] <daja77> doesn't help very much ...
[13:11] <netrunner> Resolution: INVALID :)
[13:11] <daja77> yes
[13:11] <daja77> they set it after I sended that patches 
[13:12] <daja77> i tried if --with-extra-libs=/usr/lib fixes it
[13:12] <daja77> it first looked like it in debug shell, but I could not reproduce it by rebuilding
[13:14] <netrunner> why not place the symlink if everybody does it?
[13:16] <blindcoder> probably because stefanp would scream again
[13:16] <blindcoder> I still wonder why he thinks libattr.so should be in /usr/lib/, taa
[13:16] <blindcoder> too
[13:18] <daja77> i guess they are in /lib because you need them for xfs access
[13:19] <blindcoder> (stefanp) this is BS. *libattr.so* and libattr.la are for development only and belong to */usr/lib*. fix kde instead if it's broken.
[13:19] <blindcoder> emphasis mine
[13:20] <netrunner> blindcoder: well, he prefixed it with "this is BS" :)
[13:20] <blindcoder> true ;)
[13:20] <netrunner> daja77: why did you say our scripts prevent usage of symlink?
[13:21] <blindcoder> netrunner: because they move everything *.{la,a} to /usr/lib/
[13:21] <blindcoder> regardless of whether it is a symlink, a file or a block device
[13:22] <daja77> btw I agree on the matter that this is BS
[13:23] <blindcoder> narf, I shouldn't look at the oldest patches in SubMaster
[13:26] <netrunner> if we create the symlink in kdebase.conf and remove it afterwards? :)
[13:26] <blindcoder> I like that idea 
[13:27] <netrunner> I wonder if it would appear in the flist ...
[13:27] <blindcoder> I don't thin^W^Whope it doesn't
[13:27] <daja77> i sort of don't like it and besides kdebase would be too late
[13:29] Action: daja77 trying xtrace for kdelibs atm
[13:31] <daja77> i guess there is a libtool dependency set to a wrong value, perhaps I can find out which
[14:27] <netrunner> damn.
[14:28] <netrunner> kde 3.5 is not qt 4.0 compatible :(
[14:30] <daja77> i don't use qt4 for it
[14:37] Action: netrunner trying to split the qt package
[14:42] stf^rocklinux (n=root@heim-033-137.raab-heim.uni-linz.ac.at) joined #rocklinux.
[14:42] <stf^rocklinux> hi all
[14:43] <daja77> hi stf^rocklinux 
[14:43] <netrunner> what do I need for a forked package? definitions in the .desc, pkgmapper.in ...
[14:44] <mnemoc> i thought pkgmapper.in was only for splits
[14:45] <netrunner> oh, ok.
[14:45] <netrunner> but I cannot build my forked package :)
[14:46] <netrunner> how can I make the fork known?
[14:46] <netrunner> ah, preconfig.in maybe
[14:48] <netrunner> aha
[14:49] <mnemoc> registration is needed?
[14:49] <blindcoder> not necessarily
[14:49] <blindcoder> only if you want to be able to do Build-Pkg gcc41 for example
[14:49] <netrunner> in preconfig.in the pkgfork is done.
[14:49] <daja77> http://doc.rocklinux.org/wiki/PackageForking ...
[14:49] <blindcoder> otherwise you'd have to do gcc=gcc41
[14:50] <netrunner> daja77: yes, there I found about preconfig.in :)
[14:50] <daja77> that's why I wrote it there ;)
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[14:55] <netrunner> damn. cannot do it in cluster mode as the deps are still on qt :)
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[14:56] Action: netrunner sed'ing the deps_db
[14:57] <netrunner> aha.
[15:01] <blindcoder> hm?
[15:04] <netrunner> after seding the new forked name into the dep_db, the cluster build queues the package correctly.
[15:05] <blindcoder> yeah :)
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[15:11] madtux (i=miguel@pf0.hostarica.com) joined #rocklinux.
[15:11] <madtux> hello
[15:11] Action: blindcoder hugs the madtux!
[15:11] <madtux> :)
[15:11] <madtux> hi brother
[15:12] <blindcoder> moin :)
[15:12] <blindcoder> wish me luck! I have a kendo tournament on Saturday *shivers*
[15:12] <daja77> hi miguel
[15:13] <daja77> yeah don't lose against a woman ;)
[15:13] <blindcoder> heh
[15:13] <blindcoder> I'll try :)
[15:14] <madtux> blindcoder, make sure owl is not there... she could keep ur ass
[15:15] <blindcoder> whe won't :)
[15:15] <madtux> good
[15:15] <madtux> daja77, howdy?
[15:16] <netrunner> hi maddy
[15:16] <netrunner> madtux: where you live, is there sun in feb? and sea?
[15:16] <daja77> quite ok
[15:17] <netrunner> or march
[15:17] <madtux> netty how nice to see u
[15:17] <madtux> u are talking about summer?
[15:17] <netrunner> march
[15:18] Action: netrunner looking for some warm country to spend holiday in after cold winter semester in russia
[15:18] <madtux> i am not quite sure of understanding ur question can u please elavorate
[15:18] <madtux> netrunner, march is plain summer here
[15:18] <madtux> perfect place to come.
[15:18] <netrunner> cool. do you have sea nearby?
[15:19] <madtux> from where i live i can be either on the pacific or caribean in around 1 hour drive
[15:19] owl (n=owl@ joined #rocklinux.
[15:19] <madtux> how about that?
[15:19] <madtux> :)
[15:20] <blindcoder> moin owl
[15:20] <madtux> beautifull beaches.... nice weather... cool party places
[15:20] <netrunner> hm. 
[15:20] <blindcoder> I just read that as "beautiful babes"
[15:20] <madtux> and u could get madtux to show u all around
[15:20] <daja77> you forgot about the girls
[15:21] <netrunner> madtux: nearest airport?
[15:21] Action: netrunner will take his girl :)
[15:21] <madtux> i have told so many times about CR woman that i believe that aspect is obvious
[15:21] <madtux> netrunner, the airport is 5 mins away from my place
[15:21] Action: netrunner reconsiders his plan to take builtin girl ...
[15:21] <netrunner> madtux: I mean a name of the airport that I can enter in lastminute.com :)
[15:21] <netrunner> Alajuela?
[15:21] <madtux> netrunner, "SJO  - Juan Santa Maria"
[15:22] <madtux> correct alajuela
[15:23] <mnemoc> San Josť?
[15:23] <daja77> strace log of that command reveals that it actually reads /usr/lib/libattr.la wtf
[15:24] <blindcoder> heh
[15:24] <netrunner> hm, 1.6kEur ...
[15:24] <mnemoc> :D
[15:25] <mnemoc> netrunner: where does it stop?
[15:25] <madtux> i guess russia is kind away from here
[15:25] <netrunner> oh, 1.5kEur... need to play a bit with the dates :)
[15:25] <madtux> but i am telling u.. its totally worth it
[15:25] <owl> moin
[15:25] <netrunner> mnemoc: amsterdam
[15:25] <madtux> netrunner, how much is it russia - de ?
[15:26] <madtux> netrunner, i know its around 600 EU brelin - san jose roundtrip
[15:26] <netrunner> madtux: that is about 350 the last tickets I bought.
[15:26] <madtux> berlin*
[15:26] <netrunner> madtux: I am looking munich-sjo
[15:26] <madtux> that can work
[15:27] <owl> hi blindcoder , madtux 
[15:27] <netrunner> madtux: maybe. I am calculating 2 persons :)
[15:27] <madtux> hi owlita
[15:27] <madtux> netrunner, good point
[15:27] <netrunner> madtux: how expensive would life be for two weeks in sjo?
[15:28] <madtux> depends on what u are planning to do
[15:28] <madtux> and where u are planning to go :)
[15:29] <madtux> tell me abit of ur plans
[15:29] <netrunner> madtux: don't know. :) where it is warm and cool :)
[15:29] <madtux> let me find out a bit and get back to u
[15:29] <madtux> i will need an email address if possible.
[15:30] <daja77> huh what's that
[15:30] <daja77> write(4, "unkown.open64:\t/usr/lib/libattr."..., 35) = 35
[15:31] <blindcoder> that's a write to filedescriptor 4 with 35 bytes
[15:32] <blindcoder> and 35 bytes were successfully written
[15:32] <daja77> i am confused by this text with the spelling errors in
[15:35] <daja77> ah ok it writes to the wrapper log not to the .la file
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[15:52] <netrunner> gnn... why is download using the slowest mirror?
[15:53] <blindcoder> it's using the fastest
[15:53] <clifford> netrunner: i don't think so.
[15:54] <blindcoder> higher number == higher throughput
[15:54] <netrunner> blindcoder: oh, I thought that was the response time ...
[15:55] <netrunner> so far I always had tuwien with http automatically chosen, which now had the lowest number.
[15:56] <daja77> hi clifford 
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[16:34] <netrunner> daja77: firefox needs a --enable-canvas for http://ted.mielczarek.org/code/mozilla/tabpreview/ to work.
[16:34] <daja77> aha
[16:35] <daja77> so you want to add it to the .conf?
[16:35] <netrunner> yes. currently running a build with it.
[16:36] <daja77> ok
[16:36] <daja77> so what about your kde build?
[16:37] <netrunner> currently in 5-qt=qt33
[16:37] <daja77> ah k.
[16:38] <netrunner> I have added creation and removal of the symlink to kdebase, will see if it helps.
[16:38] <daja77> why base
[16:38] <daja77> kdelibs fails
[16:38] <daja77> and it is the first kde package to be built
[16:39] <netrunner> oh.
[16:39] <netrunner> ok, I've put it to kde-3.conf now.
[16:40] <daja77> ok
[16:40] <daja77> so it will be done by every kde package?
[16:41] <netrunner> yes. for now. this is no real fix, I just want to have it built once :)
[16:42] <daja77> well ..
[16:43] <daja77> everything is fine until libtool executes a grep for /lib/libattr.la and I haven't found the source that triggers that
[16:44] <owl> gnarf. 523 MB to copy... 
[16:44] <owl> *headshot*
[16:44] <owl> 512
[16:52] <esden> very interesting owl ... tell us more ...
[16:53] <daja77> she shoots herself in the head (with alcohol i guess) twice a day, or so
[16:54] <esden> woot ... the tv card is running ... nice
[16:55] <blindcoder> :)
[17:13] <owl> nah. copying to photodatabase whish uses internal usb 1.1...
[17:17] <owl> jipeeeh! my orig cam is there
[18:02] <netrunner> daja77: I assume libtool itself just finds the .so there and then just assumes the .la is also there...
[18:02] <daja77> well it had worked so far before the upgrade
[18:02] <daja77> but kde uses its own libtool
[18:02] <netrunner> daja77: before they have not used libattr :)
[18:03] <daja77> really?
[18:03] <netrunner> yes
[18:03] <daja77> ah
[18:03] <daja77> well then I just switch it off
[18:03] <netrunner> what, the libattr?
[18:03] <netrunner> what is it for?
[18:06] <daja77> for acl support
[18:06] <daja77> I'll try --without-acl
[18:08] <daja77> and if that works I could update libtool in general
[18:08] Action: daja77 hides
[18:10] <netrunner> well, as you said kde uses its own libtool.
[18:11] <daja77> that would do no harm, yes
[18:11] Action: mnemoc wonders how bad could be to massivly replace libtool-s with the built one 
[18:12] <netrunner> why built? it's a shellscript :)
[18:12] <mnemoc> yes yes... i mean the one at /usr/bin/
[18:12] Action: netrunner going to dorms. hunger calls 
[18:14] <mnemoc> for x in `find -name libtool -type f`; do cp -vf $root/usr/bin/libtool $x; done :) 
[18:33] <daja77> kdelibs is building 20min, if it builds 30 that problem is "solved" for now
[19:14] <netrunner> 19:16 builder:      finished job '5-kdelibs' (ERROR)
[19:15] <netrunner> daja77: you tried with without-acl?
[19:15] <netrunner> opt/kde3/share/mimelnk/image/x-djvu.desktop: djvulibre kdelibs
[19:15] <netrunner> :)
[19:15] <netrunner> if that is all :)
[19:15] <blindcoder> djvulibre?
[19:15] <daja77> build is still running
[19:16] <netrunner> blindcoder: what is that?
[19:16] <blindcoder> netrunner: a question :)
[19:16] <blindcoder> never heard about that package before
[20:12] <daja77> test -z "/opt/kde3/share/config" || mkdir -p -- "/opt/kde3/share/config"
[20:12] <daja77> mkdir: `/opt/kde3/share/config' exists but is not a directory
[20:12] <daja77> make[3]: *** [install-configDATA] Error 1
[20:12] <daja77> *aaargh*
[20:14] <blindcoder> hoeh?
[20:15] <daja77> guess that was the kdebase try after libs failed because the main build wasn't interrupted
[20:17] <netrunner> daja77: my kdelibs built with the race-condition-prone hack.
[20:18] <daja77> with what?
[20:18] <netrunner> linux joystick patch was in the way ...
[20:18] <netrunner> daja77: creating the symlink from kde-3.conf and removing it lateron
[20:18] <daja77> netrunner: that works?
[20:21] <netrunner> daja77: yes
[20:22] <daja77> can you send me a patch?
[20:23] <netrunner> daja77: it is not cluster safe ...
[20:23] <netrunner> hook_add preconf 3 "[ -f $root/lib/libattr.la ] || ln -s ../usr/lib/libattr.la $root/lib/libattr.la && touch libattr_link"
[20:23] <netrunner> hook_add postmake 3 "[ -f libattr_link ] && rm -f $root/lib/libattr.la"
[20:23] <netrunner> in packages/kde/kde-3.conf
[20:23] <daja77> in kde-3.conf?
[20:24] <netrunner> yes. the touching is to make sure at least they don't delete foreign links.
[20:24] <mnemoc> "[ -f libattr_link ] && rm -f $root/lib/libattr.la" <--- this will produce an abort when ! -f libattr_link
[20:24] <netrunner> mnemoc: would an || true help?
[20:24] <daja77> netrunner: but kdelibs already has a postmake hook
[20:25] <mnemoc> netrunner: yes, but [ ! -f libattr_link ] || rm -f $root/lib/libattr.la   is cleaner :)
[20:25] <netrunner> mnemoc: ok
[20:25] <netrunner> daja77: so what?
[20:25] <netrunner> daja77: it is hook_add and not hook_overwrite
[20:25] <daja77> ah ok
[20:26] <mnemoc> *g*
[20:27] <netrunner> hm. do we have a global temp dir during build?
[20:27] <blindcoder> I think so
[20:27] <netrunner> maybe $base/src ?
[20:28] <daja77> ok restarting
[20:33] <netrunner> Job 5-kdelibs                 builder (20628) since 20:24 2005-12-06
[20:33] <netrunner> Job 9-kdelibs                 builder (19899) since 20:24 2005-12-06
[20:33] <netrunner> if that will work ... :)
[20:33] <blindcoder> o
[20:33] <blindcoder> o_O
[20:33] <blindcoder> well
[20:34] <blindcoder> I've thought for a long time that Create-PkgQueue shouldn't overlap stages...
[20:35] <netrunner> it does, if dependencies are satisfied.
[20:35] <blindcoder> yeah, that's the problem
[20:35] <netrunner> but I think here the problem is more that 9-kdelibs was scheduled before the stage 5 equivalent due to I removed the .err file :)
[20:36] <blindcoder> 9-00-dirtree being built before 5-whatever finishes
[20:36] <blindcoder> this might work with the flist wrapper
[20:36] <blindcoder> humm
[20:36] <blindcoder> forget that last line
[20:36] <blindcoder> cluster builds won't work with find one way or another anyway
[20:42] <daja77> sth was wrong with your hook
[20:44] <daja77> http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/~jahre/daja-police.jpg
[20:45] <blindcoder> hoeh?
[20:46] <blindcoder> they strip-searched you in tunisia?
[20:46] <daja77> they just helped me in ;)
[20:46] <blindcoder> ah
[20:47] <daja77> the guys in the grey suits were police in civil clothes or secret agents, didn't really figured out
[20:49] <blindcoder> I see
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[22:03] SteffenP (i=steffen@p54997CD7.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[22:04] <daja77>  Finished building package kdelibs.
[22:05] <daja77> thx netrunner ^^
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[22:45] <netrunner> grep: /lib/libacl.la: No such file or directory
[22:45] <netrunner> daja77: kdebase seems to have a similar problem :)
[22:45] <daja77> yes ...
[22:45] <daja77> and some patches that are not applying
[22:46] <daja77> but not today!
[22:47] <netrunner> kdelibs built.
[22:47] <daja77> yes
[22:48] <daja77> and i am damn tired and have to get up early to let some people in to read teh radiators
[22:52] Action: netrunner adding the same hack for libacl
[22:54] stf^rocklinux (n=user@heim-033-137.raab-heim.uni-linz.ac.at) joined #rocklinux.
[23:15] <mnemoc> netrunner: .la has a libdir field, if that libdir field points to /usr/lib, and you symlink .so there, it should work.
[23:17] <netrunner> mnemoc: you think we need to edit the .la files when we move them?
[23:17] <mnemoc> netrunner: at least deserves a try :)
[23:18] <mnemoc> the main idea of having .a at /usr/lib is to save space at /
[23:18] <mnemoc> a symlink would use a whole inode, as the real file would do
[23:19] <mnemoc> but expending the size of a link on the other side (/usr) is not that important
[23:35] <netrunner> mnemoc: my assumption was that libtool finds /lib/libattr.so and therefore expects libattr.la on the same place.
[23:35] <netrunner> mnemoc: but if you think that it finds the file, reads the libdir tag and overwrites its knowledge of the file's placement ...
[23:39] <mnemoc> i haven't tested, but i believe it looks for .la first
[23:41] <netrunner> I see I already have a libattr.so symlink in /usr/lib. just remains to change the libdir tag ...
[23:41] <netrunner> I think it is a bug in libtool, because it does not consider seperate placement of .so and .a
[23:42] <mnemoc> libtool sucks
[23:43] <mnemoc> it's amazingly bloated
[23:43] <mnemoc> and so ugly coded, that adding 'slibdir' (or similar) is almost impossible
[23:44] <mnemoc> i hate it :(
[23:44] <mnemoc> *rant mode finished*
[23:45] <netrunner> :)
[00:00] --- Wed Dec  7 2005