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[06:58] <blindcoder> moin
[07:56] <[raphael]> moin
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[09:36] <owl> moin
[09:40] <blindcoder> moin moin owl 
[09:42] <owl> hi blindy. 
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[11:04] <netrunner> moin, 2
[11:07] <blindcoder> moin netrunner 
[11:17] <netrunner> "St. Petersburg: Explosion nahe russischem Atomkraftwerk"
[11:17] <netrunner> cozy here :)
[11:17] <blindcoder> oops
[11:18] <blindcoder> seems like my missile targeting system was a little off... </joke>
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[13:05] <daja77> 1586 builds total, 228 completed fine, 15 with errors.
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[13:09] <blindcoder> urgs
[13:12] <daja77> configure: WARNING: PAM detected, but no headers found!
[13:14] <clifford> daja77: https://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/smadm.cgi?i=2005121612490328832
[13:14] <blindcoder> who needs header :)
[13:15] <daja77> ah ok
[13:15] <daja77> kdebase ;)
[13:16] <daja77> !mensa
[13:16] <daja77> d'oh
[13:16] <clifford> daja77: how did you manage to build the shadow package without the pam headers?
[13:16] <daja77> no shadow failed
[13:16] <daja77> too
[13:16] <blindcoder> daja77: mensabot?
[13:16] <daja77> just started to look into the things
[13:17] <daja77> blindcoder: yes we have a bot that reads the mensa schedule from the net
[13:17] <daja77> anyway time for lunch
[13:24] <blindcoder> nice idea :)
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[14:58] <madtux> hola
[14:59] <blindcoder> moin madtux 
[14:59] <madtux> moin Ben
[14:59] Action: netrunner jumps in
[14:59] <madtux> hey netty
[15:02] Action: netrunner had to return from dorms to work because room was occupied :)
[15:02] <blindcoder> O_O
[15:02] <netrunner> at least the internet here is stable
[15:02] <madtux> blindcoder, his room mate was getting laid..
[15:02] <madtux> netrunner, good thing.
[15:02] <blindcoder> madtux: yeah,thought so
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[15:04] <netrunner> we call it 'plugin session'
[15:04] <netrunner> :)
[15:06] <blindcoder> hehe
[15:20] <daja77> hm they closed the xmas market due the storm here
[15:28] <blindcoder> storm?
[15:30] <daja77> heavy wind ...
[15:30] <blindcoder> I know what a storm is :P
[15:31] <daja77> blindcoder: the doors of the elevator that is outside the university did not close because of this
[15:31] <blindcoder> ouch
[15:44] <demian> hi
[15:45] <clifford> [raphael]: ping!
[15:46] <[raphael]> clifford: pong!
[15:46] <clifford> -> query
[16:02] <daja77> clifford: did udev build for you?
[16:03] <clifford> daja77: yes.
[16:03] <daja77> damn
[16:05] <daja77> ah ok ic
[16:33] <daja77> that binutils update sucks
[16:55] <[raphael]> I'm thinking of installing ROCK on my laptop
[16:55] <[raphael]> together with FreeBSD, right now it's only running FreeBSD
[16:55] <blindcoder> [raphael]: installing ROCK is always a good idea :)
[16:55] <[raphael]> an important feature I need is an "update-able" system
[16:55] <[raphael]> blindcoder: yes ... in most cases...
[16:55] <[raphael]> I recently updated my laptop from FreeBSD 5 to FreeBSD 6
[16:56] <[raphael]> Since I installed FreeBSD I NEVER had to reinstall
[16:56] <[raphael]> I could always update (everything) to the latest (stable) version
[16:56] <[raphael]> that's somehow a feature I require of an operating system
[16:56] <[raphael]> what's the state of updating in ROCK Linux?
[16:57] <blindcoder> [raphael]: clifford has a first-hand experience on that
[16:57] <blindcoder> [raphael]: also, it's a topic at 22C3. The functionality is there to update everything
[16:57] <daja77> clifford: ping
[16:58] <[raphael]> I managed to get all (important) data centralized onto a server, so it's not that bad if I have to reinstall my laptop, but still, it would be just convenient if that's not necessary...
[16:59] <[raphael]> hmm... it has 30 GB hard disk, so splitting might also cut down on development possibilities
[16:59] <[raphael]> but, as I said, I don't keep any data on the laptop that's only on the laptop (everything either in a svn or imap server)
[17:00] <[raphael]> so I could very well install a system and "play" around with it
[17:00] <[raphael]> so I could also help testing/debuging the ROCK update procedure
[17:01] <[raphael]> (since it doesn't matter if it breaks)
[17:01] <clifford> daja77: pong
[17:01] <blindcoder> clifford: you've been doing work on updating a live ROCK installation, no?
[17:02] <clifford> yes. I do that with my laptop since a while now.
[17:02] <blindcoder> [raphael]: there you got your answer :)
[17:02] <blindcoder> clifford: could you write a ROCKDoc page about how one would do so?
[17:03] <[raphael]> blindcoder: indeed. Well, I think I'll just cut down on hard disk waste and then there'll be enough space for both systems :)
[17:03] <daja77> clifford: postfix failed here due missing references to pthread which is bdb related, so I try to insert the -lpthread switch via gcc wrapper, but I am not sure if this is the right fix?
[17:04] <blindcoder> anyway, gotta go now
[17:04] <daja77> cu
[17:04] <blindcoder> [raphael]: good luck, and  bug clifford about that updating thing
[17:05] <daja77> ok that doesn't work anyway
[17:05] <daja77> if i add that switch manually in debug shell it works
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[17:15] <daja77> ok one should use the right wrapper names of course ...
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[17:28] <madgyver> hi there
[17:29] <daja77> hi
[17:29] <madgyver> does someone have the time to help a RL-newbie?
[17:29] <daja77> please only ask your question and we#ll see
[17:30] <madgyver> (oh... wait that does NOT mean Real-Life ;)
[17:30] <daja77> i guessed that
[17:32] <madgyver> k, I try to crosscompile ROCKLinux for an xscale prozessor, but when the script trys to build the dietlibc there are some _dl_close errors
[17:35] <madgyver> the are produced when the script trys to generate some directories, but the fatal error occurs later, when it trys to call Build-Pkg -this-is-the-secound-run ...
[17:36] <daja77> can you put the error log somewhere?
[17:39] <madgyver> do you mean the output on the screen or is there a more informational logfile?
[17:40] <daja77> build/$build-id/var/adm/logs 
[17:44] <madgyver> this directory does not exist, but there is a log dir. I'll look through those files for more information, thanks for now, I'll be back ;)
[17:53] <madgyver> is it ok, when I just cut'n'paste the relevant lines in here?
[18:02] <madgyver> you can see the log on spam.la (filter for rocklinux
[18:02] <madgyver> ./scripts/Build-Pkg -this_is_the_2nd_run -0 -cfg mypal -root auto -id 
[18:02] <madgyver> 1134737791.31707.4162265329 dietlibc=dietlibc
[18:03] <madgyver> this line is the one that makes the trouble.
[18:03] <madgyver> normally it would not be printed out, but i added a line to my Build-Pkg script
[19:06] <daja77> you changed Build-Pkg?
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[19:36] <demian> see u next week
[19:36] <demian> bye
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[20:53] <[raphael]> anyone knows which packages failed in the latest reference build?
[21:08] <madgyver> daja77 yes I did, some debugging output (variable content and checks about the controllstructures)
[21:10] <daja77> don't get me wrong but I'd prefer if you use an unchanged build skript in that case
[21:11] <netrunner> is there some fat undelete utility for linux?
[21:53] <madgyver> I changed it when i encountered an error....  did zou take a look at the errorlog?
[21:59] <netrunner> *rofl* java developer to me: "Efficiency is something noone is interested in"
[21:59] <madgyver> *gg*
[22:04] <madgyver> cu, I'll be away, but if someone has an idea about my problem just write. will be back and read the stuff
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