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[15:09] <treo> hi
[15:23] <daja77> re
[16:19] <owl> moin
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[19:44] <[raphael]> What was the command again to install sth from sourcecode and create a package on the fly?
[19:46] <[raphael]> so I can write `<command> make install` and I can later manage the package with mine...
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[20:18] <[raphael]> anyone?
[20:19] <mnemoc> Emerge-Pkg ?
[20:19] <mnemoc> mkpkg ?
[20:23] <[raphael]> mnemoc: yes, that's it! thank you
[20:23] <[raphael]> mkpkg
[20:23] <mnemoc> :)
[20:24] <mnemoc> yw ,-)
[20:24] <[raphael]> but you're about 3 minutes late :) anyway, no big deal (I can just make install again with that and then it's recorded)
[20:24] <mnemoc> [16:21:05] <[raphael]> anyone?
[20:24] <mnemoc> [16:22:24] <mnemoc> mkpkg ?
[20:25] <mnemoc> 1:19m :)
[20:25] <[raphael]> mnemoc: indeed, indeed, and it took me a while until I looked into ksirc again  (and /me has no timestamps)
[20:25] <mnemoc> :)
[20:26] <mnemoc> i forgive you, this time
[20:26] Action: [raphael] will be very more careful what he says in the future !!!
[20:27] <mnemoc> :)
[20:34] <marcix> hi there! I have build and installed rock from debian ... can I now just move my configurationdir in config to /usr/src/rock... or should I move the whole src-dir?
[20:35] <[raphael]> marcix: I usually ln -s /etc/ROCK-CONFIG /usr/src/rock-src/config/system
[20:35] <[raphael]> if that's what you were asking
[20:35] <[raphael]> I wouldn't exactly copy it (copies get out of sync)
[20:36] <[raphael]> then I can use -cfg system to deal with the installed system (like ./scripts/Emerge-Pkg -cfg system koffice)
[20:36] <mnemoc> i keep 'default' for the running machine
[20:37] <mnemoc> so i don't need to specify -cfg
[20:37] <[raphael]> sounds even better :)
[20:37] <mnemoc> copies get out of sync, but Config is risky and can delete your config, and as it's a symlink you will loose it for ever
[20:39] <marcix> background is: some rockpackages build in debian while they do not under rock...in the debian filesystem I have a nice cfg marcix and would like to take that over the /usr/src/rock-src
[20:40] <marcix> anyway...nice distro :)
[20:41] <mnemoc> cristal is a distro, rock is a distribution build kit
[20:41] <marcix> I read about that...
[20:41] <[raphael]> marcix: if you use ./scripts/Build-Pkg -cfg marcix  within your debian system, then... you're directly building the package INTO your debian system, not the marcix target necessarily (unless you give additional target option to Build-Pkg)
[20:42] <[raphael]> or... root option, whatever (I don't know)
[20:43] <mnemoc> never use ./scripts/Build-Pkg directly, unless you really know how it works
[20:43] <marcix> yes .... but after the build
[20:43] <marcix> cd build/.../ROCK/pkgs
[20:43] <marcix> mine -R /mntpoint -ifv *.gem
[20:43] <marcix> cd /mntpoint
[20:43] <marcix> chroot . /bin/bash
[20:44] <marcix> then I installed that into a new partition...now I want use /usr/src/rock-src
[20:44] <marcix> there
[20:47] <[raphael]> marcix: the install procedure above is just fine
[20:47] <[raphael]> and... you can install the rock-src.gem package (or whatever it is called), then you get the /usr/src/rock-src automatically
[20:48] <marcix> I allready have it via rocket
[20:48] <[raphael]> so you don't need to "copy" the original rock-src that you used for building the distribution
[20:48] <[raphael]> ok... yes, then you need to symlink your configuration from /etc/ROCK-CONFIG to the config directory of /usr/src/rock-src and you should be fine (see above)
[20:49] <marcix> oh.. ok ...now I see :)
[20:49] <[raphael]> mnemoc: is this symlinking actually mentioned in the docs anywhere? I remember that I thought about that myself... (and I have read Rene's handbook many many many months ago)
[20:50] <[raphael]> marcix: good :)
[20:53] <th> blindcoder: send me a page or call me next time - sorry
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[22:13] <th> blindcoder: clifford: 22c3 iso uploaded - sorry for the delay
[22:13] <th> /aw again...
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[22:52] <crosvera> hello
[22:53] <crosvera> a question Rock have an util like APT (debian)
[22:54] <netrunner> crosvera: hi.
[22:54] <netrunner> crosvera: I don't know the features of apt, if you could describe what you need I might be able to answer your question
[22:55] <crosvera> download and install software from Internet
[22:55] <crosvera> like pacman (arch)
[22:55] <crosvera> emerge (gentoo)
[22:55] <mnemoc> rocket
[22:55] <crosvera> ;)
[22:56] <crosvera> and some Netinstaller?
[22:57] <mnemoc> bootdisk (installer) has network support
[22:57] <netrunner> and something like windows update service? *eg*
[22:57] <crosvera> nice
[22:57] <mnemoc> *G*
[22:59] <crosvera> some link to download the Bootdisk's ISO
[22:59] <crosvera> ?
[23:00] <mnemoc> every iso includes the 'bootdisk'
[23:00] <crosvera> ok
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[23:11] <netrunner> hm. if I have a server that accepts mail for foo.net, can it forward mail to hosts inside my network adressed by bla@bar.foo.net?
[23:12] <mnemoc> sure
[23:13] <netrunner> ok. then I should read exim docs now :)
[23:14] <mnemoc> good luck :)
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[23:40] <netrunner> ah, works :)
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[00:00] --- Sat Dec 31 2005