[00:42] <demian> cu on monday
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[08:51] <[raphael]> moin  moin
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[14:47] <netrunner> daja77: yes.
[14:48] <netrunner> greetings from st.petersburg
[14:49] <mnemoc> hi netrunner 
[14:52] <netrunner> scandinavian airlines want"s their food paid :(
[14:52] Action: netrunner has not eaten since 3am. now going to shop.
[14:58] <mnemoc> they charge on board?
[15:01] <netrunner> yes
[15:04] <mnemoc> yuck
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[18:23] <netrunner> http://sprite.student.utwente.nl/~jeroen/projects/mouseeye/
[18:56] <esden> huhu everyone ;)
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[19:01] <Tamburash> cao drustvo
[19:01] <Tamburash> ko ovde koristi ELITESECURITY forum?
[19:03] <Tamburash> da li nekoga zanima produkcija radio reklama!
[19:04] <Tamburash> da malo procaskamo na tu temu...
[19:04] <blindcoder> Tamburash: this channel is english speaking
[19:04] <Tamburash> ohhhhh
[19:04] <Tamburash> thanx blind!
[19:05] <Tamburash> uhhhh
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[19:26] <netrunner> what lang was this?
[19:29] <blindcoder> no idea
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[20:10] <esden> my holy goddess ... the images from the New Year's eve are damn popular
[20:11] <esden> every time I look on my log output someone is accessing it
[20:11] <esden> and it is already in the top 3 of page hits
[20:11] <esden> on my domain
[20:11] <esden> how did that happen?
[20:15] <blindcoder> people who haven't had a new years party?
[20:17] <esden> humm ... may be ... dunno ...
[20:17] <esden> blindcoder: are you taking this explanation because of autopsy?
[20:18] <blindcoder> autopsy?
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[20:47] <esden> blindcoder: your own experiance
[20:51] <blindcoder> esden: somewhat, though different context
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[21:16] <th> back in town
[21:16] <th> Rockplug will die. /etc/rc.d/rc.local will be created and be empty after
[21:16] <th> installation. After installation, the system administrator can place commands
[21:16] <th> here which should be run at system startup.
[21:16] <th> hehe you dont know how much i love this.
[21:17] <blindcoder> yeah, I'm also back home in berlin since a few hours ago
[21:17] <blindcoder> heating was off
[21:18] Action: blindcoder is freezing to death right now
[21:18] <daja77> hi th 
[21:19] <th> hey
[21:19] <th> i'm back from austria since few hours
[21:19] <blindcoder> I'm back from bavaria
[21:19] <blindcoder> that's almost the same :)
[21:21] <th> we had 25 degrees some days
[21:21] <th> celsius
[21:21] <th> below zero
[21:22] <blindcoder> your point?
[21:22] <th> hey - it was great.
[21:24] <blindcoder> same here
[21:24] <blindcoder> didn't have so much booze all last year as I had the last three or four days
[21:24] <blindcoder> and not nearly as much fun :D
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[21:27] <th> haha
[21:28] <Freak> esden: hannes was just showing an url to your photolog, I like the multiple me-picture
[21:28] <Freak> esden: what're you using as software there?
[21:31] <esden> Freak: thanks
[21:31] <esden> Freak: I use photoshop
[21:31] <blindcoder> esden: I think he meant pixelpost
[21:31] <Freak> esden: I think I'll copy that idea and do some photo like that myself when my cam arrives
[21:32] <Freak> veeery nice
[21:32] <esden> Freak: hehe ;)
[21:32] <Freak> blindcoder: suppose so, sounds like what I might have meant
[21:32] <esden> Freak: you mean the software for to run the photoblog ... then it is pixelpost
[21:32] <esden> yes
[21:33] <Freak> yea got it, thanks esden and blindcoder 
[21:45] <esden> blindcoder: have you survived the coctails you drunk with Matina?
[21:45] <blindcoder> esden: I survived friday
[21:45] <blindcoder> esden: but saturday was evil
[22:14] <esden> blindcoder: oha?
[22:14] <esden> what have you done then?
[22:15] <blindcoder> esden: ehm... we did drink
[22:16] <blindcoder> and talk... and make fun of other people...
[22:24] <esden> blindcoder: with whom?
[22:25] <esden> the same people as friday?
[22:25] <blindcoder> esden: mostly, yes
[22:25] <blindcoder> sepp wasn't there
[22:25] <blindcoder> but then the same
[22:25] <daja77> someone familiar with g++ linker error messages?
[22:32] <blindcoder> heh
[22:32] <blindcoder> suddenly everyone is gone :)
[22:34] <daja77> :D
[22:34] <daja77> http://www.elektro-porn.de ..
[22:35] <blindcoder> you know
[22:35] <blindcoder> that domainname scares me
[22:35] <blindcoder> sounds like matrix pr0n
[22:35] <daja77> well it is not scary
[22:37] <blindcoder> well, I still want to sleep tonight so I'll at least postpone it
[22:38] <daja77> it is no porn, just click
[22:38] Action: daja77 pushes blindcoder 
[22:38] <blindcoder> MUAHAHHAHA
[22:38] <blindcoder> about as good as pen island :D
[22:39] <daja77> ;)
[22:39] <blindcoder> http://www.penisland.net/
[22:40] <esden> ROFL ... a company called elektro porn ... damn!
[22:41] <esden> and this company has nothing to do with porn
[22:41] <esden> very nice
[22:41] <esden> and is TUV certified
[22:41] <esden> amazing
[22:41] <blindcoder> hehe
[22:41] <blindcoder> damn, this new haircut still needs getting used to
[22:41] <esden> hehe
[22:41] <blindcoder> it always feels like my hair will fall into my face
[22:41] <daja77> show pics
[22:42] <blindcoder> but at least I'm even hotter now than before :D
[22:42] <blindcoder> well, a half-decent one here: http://scavenger.homeip.net/bilder/cgi-bin/view.sh?WORKDIR=/home/www/bilder/2006-01-06_hair;id=dscf0013.jpg
[22:43] <daja77> *gg*
[22:44] <blindcoder> another one here: http://scavenger.homeip.net/bilder/cgi-bin/view.sh?WORKDIR=/home/www/bilder/2006-01-06_hair;id=dscf0045.jpg
[22:46] <daja77> (join #binutils
[22:46] <daja77> argh
[22:46] <blindcoder> almost :)
[22:46] <daja77> not my day
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