[00:07] <daja77> lol a spammer in the old wiki
[00:08] <blindcoder> again?
[00:08] <daja77> nope just read the mails
[00:08] <blindcoder> ah
[00:10] madtux (i=miguel@pf0.hostarica.com) joined #rocklinux.
[00:10] <madtux> hello.
[00:11] <blindcoder> MADTUX
[00:11] <daja77> miguel!
[00:11] <madtux> hey guys
[00:13] <daja77> 15 min past midnight ;)
[00:13] <blindcoder> yeah
[00:13] <blindcoder> and 13h of almost constant gaming
[00:13] <madtux> i just woke up..
[00:13] <blindcoder> interrupted only by lunch and an annoying flying owl :)
[00:14] Action: madtux images owl flying around blindcoder's room
[00:14] <daja77> hehe
[00:14] <blindcoder> MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[00:14] <madtux> my... do i have a twisted imagination
[00:15] <blindcoder> RPI in #rocklinux 
[00:17] <madtux> ;-)
[00:20] <owl> hi madtux !
[00:20] <madtux> hehe
[00:20] <madtux> Hi owlita
[00:20] <madtux> :)
[00:21] <owl> blindcoder: i was not flying, i was ranting about the """cleverness""" of "customer"
[00:21] <owl> (and a bit exploding maybe)
[00:21] <madtux> 0_o
[00:21] <owl> madtux: ? :)
[00:21] <madtux> .oO( so she was indeed on blindcoder's room)
[00:21] <owl> madtux: nah. 
[00:21] <madtux> way to go blindcoder 
[00:21] <owl> would be a bit too far ;p
[00:22] <madtux> owl, u just said u were not flying
[00:22] <owl> owl: yeah. i was not flying because i was exploding, to be concrete
[00:22] <madtux> yup..
[00:22] <blindcoder> owl is concrete? you can drive over her? :)
[00:23] <madtux> so that was like stating that u exploding on blindcoder's room
[00:24] <owl> sigh. you really love me today *sniff*
[00:25] <blindcoder> and today has only just begun :)
[00:25] <owl> oh fsck :(
[00:25] <owl> and still no mail and everything is crap. wonderful. 
[00:29] <blindcoder> hehe
[00:30] <blindcoder> since I put the regex "<a.*<a.*<a.*<a.*<a" in the comment blacklist there's no spam coming through anymore :)
[00:30] <madtux> i've loved you since i was borned
[00:30] <owl> madtux: yeah, sure. *sniff*
[00:30] <madtux> owl, i certainly do.
[00:31] Action: madtux gives owl a big bear hug
[00:31] <madtux> come on blindcoder let give owl a bit of love
[00:31] <madtux> :)
[00:31] <blindcoder> no
[00:32] <blindcoder> not after she made me stop gaming for a few minutes again and again all day
[00:32] <madtux> blindcoder, she just wanted to have a bit of ur attention
[00:33] <owl> blindcoder: blll. i wasn't that bad ;p
[00:33] <madtux> blindcoder, yeah... she wasn't that bad :)
[00:33] <blindcoder> madtux: there's... other ways... to get my attention
[00:34] <madtux> buying u pr0n ?
[00:34] <owl> lol. ordering him a wife
[00:34] <owl> <- not nice ;)
[00:35] <madtux> owl, can u find him 3 wifes?
[00:37] <blindcoder> pr0n is boring
[00:37] <owl> madtux: 3 wifes? what for? 
[00:37] <madtux> RL pr0n blindy
[00:38] <madtux> owl, one cooks, one washes and cleans, the other gives blindcoder pleasure
[00:38] <blindcoder> THREE?
[00:38] <madtux> tasks can rotate on a daily basis
[00:38] <owl> madtux: lol :) 
[00:38] <blindcoder> what the fuck would I do with THREE women?
[00:38] <madtux> blindcoder, read above.
[00:38] <madtux> owl, :)
[00:39] <owl> but that's an idea for men && me... one to talk, one to hug, and another one for serving stuff ... hrm. 
[00:39] <madtux> blindcoder, on the weekends one of then can have a day off... so then blindcoder can have 2 wifes giving him pleasure at the same time
[00:39] <madtux> owl, make's sence doesn't it?
[00:39] <madtux> :)
[00:40] <blindcoder> hey
[00:40] <owl> madtux: men or women? ;)
[00:40] <madtux> i guess it works for u too
[00:40] <madtux> blindcoder, ?
[00:40] <blindcoder> I'm cooking by myself, thankyouverymuch
[00:40] <blindcoder> so one day I cook and they give each other pleasure?
[00:41] <blindcoder> pff
[00:41] <madtux> and u watch?
[00:41] <madtux> :)
[00:41] <madtux> u are a sick little..... 
[00:42] <owl> *g* madtux 
[00:42] <blindcoder> hmm
[00:42] <blindcoder> you _do_ realize I dumped my first gf because of too much sex, no?
[00:42] <madtux> 0_o
[00:42] <madtux> ARE U NUTS?!?!
[00:42] <madtux> geez!
[00:42] Action: madtux hides
[00:42] <blindcoder> madtux: well, she wanted sex every day, all week, all month
[00:43] <blindcoder> madtux: and didn't accept me _not_ wanting that
[00:43] <blindcoder> watching is boring
[00:43] <madtux> well its simple... if u didn't wanted u could just pretend u wanted
[00:43] <blindcoder> they have fun and I'm horny
[00:43] <blindcoder> where's the fun for me in that?
[00:44] <madtux> well u can have fun cooking
[00:45] <blindcoder> no, I'm dead serious
[00:45] <madtux> come on man... i am just teasing u don't get mad at me
[00:47] <blindcoder> no, I'm not a pretender
[00:47] <blindcoder> not if I can avoid it, that is
[00:48] <blindcoder> I'm mad at tux, that's where the "madtux' comes from :)
[00:48] <madtux> :)
[00:53] <netrunner> blindcoder: can you share her phone number? :)
[00:54] <owl> men...
[00:55] <netrunner> owl: no, those I don't need :)
[00:55] <blindcoder> netrunner: as far as I know she married som 40-something guy
[00:55] <netrunner> owl: but thanks for the offer
[00:55] <blindcoder> after she bitched around with half a dozen guys after we broke up
[00:55] <owl> married? oh god. 
[00:56] <netrunner> so, garry finished, go to bed now.
[00:56] <owl> bye netrunner. gn8
[01:05] <owl> SIGH. life is depressing. waiting for mail and just getting notification about spam-mails is not fair :(
[01:07] <blindcoder> heh
[01:08] <owl> nah :(
[01:20] <blindcoder> naptime
[01:20] <blindcoder> bye
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[01:21] <owl> gn8 blindcoder 
[01:46] daja77_ (n=daja77@dslb-088-072-032-021.pools.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
[01:54] <owl> gn8
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[10:20] <blindcoder> *sigh*
[10:20] <blindcoder> so much for the spam blocking mechanism in mediawiki
[10:20] <blindcoder> how do you do a rollback in mediawiki?
[10:21] <blindcoder> PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE tell me you don't have to do that by hand...
[10:32] <esden> boppppel!
[10:32] Action: blindcoder bounces against esden 
[10:32] <blindcoder> oops, sorry
[10:32] <blindcoder> I was busy bouncing around because of being angry
[10:32] <esden> urgh ... erm ... ok
[10:32] <esden> I see
[10:32] <esden> I am always apearing too fast ...
[10:33] <esden> so do not worry
[10:33] <blindcoder> thanks :)
[10:33] <esden> mediawiki spam ... humm
[10:33] <blindcoder> yes
[10:34] <blindcoder> clifford said he'd install spam filters when we discussed the move on 22c3
[10:34] Action: esden not using mediawiki
[10:34] <blindcoder> I'd also rather not
[10:35] <esden> blindcoder: what would you use?
[10:35] <esden> I imagine: nothing ... noone should know of the secret project Rocklinux *GG*
[10:38] <blindcoder> esden: subwiki
[10:40] <esden> blindcoder: and why does clifford want mediawiki?
[10:44] <blindcoder> I don't quite remember, really
[10:52] <esden> wow ... the last post of you ... amazing!!!
[10:52] <blindcoder> hm?
[10:52] <blindcoder> why geeks and nerds are worth it?
[10:52] <esden> ja!
[10:52] <esden> yes I mean!
[10:53] <blindcoder> yeah, I also love that one :)
[10:54] <blindcoder> mainly because it's true
[10:54] Action: esden mutates compleatly to a nerd again ... :)
[10:55] <esden> blindcoder: and yes it is mainly true too
[11:17] <owl> moin *yawn*
[11:19] <daja77_> moin
[11:21] <blindcoder> moin owl, daja77_ 
[11:21] <netrunner> moin, 2
[11:22] <owl> and where's the text: "why men should choose female geeks?" ;)
[11:23] <blindcoder> write it :)
[11:23] <owl> i am not male :P
[11:24] <owl> and i guess my so called "BF" doesn't know what to write. because he just sees the negative side-effects. *grmpf*
[11:25] Action: netrunner has a geek compatible gf :)
[11:25] <blindcoder> same here
[11:25] <blindcoder> called fuzzy
[11:26] <owl> fuzzy? your plush-tux? :)
[11:26] <blindcoder> a sweet 1500 MHz portable, non-complaining gf :0
[11:26] <owl> *lol* at least my 2 male friends are beeping and so. called birds
[11:28] <esden> moin owl 
[11:28] <esden> moin netrunner 
[11:28] Action: daja77_ better not thinking how blindy is having sex with this gf
[11:30] <esden> daja77_: urgh ... take that brain cinema away!! take it away!!! aaaaaargh
[11:30] Action: daja77_ hides
[11:30] <esden> take it away ... not hide!!!
[11:30] <blindcoder> hehe
[11:31] <netrunner> esden: just imagine suddenly the fan spinning up :)
[11:31] <esden> autsch!!! even more cinema!!! wargh .... I hate you netrunner 
[11:33] <daja77_> lol
[11:38] <daja77_> esden: just think of how cold it got in russia since he is there ..
[11:46] <netrunner> let's implant esden more images :)
[12:00] <esden> I hate you guys ... :P ;)
[12:01] <esden> urgh .... damn ... this is the first month where I have more then 1GB traffic on my site
[12:02] Action: daja77_ using the pic of esden's eye for implanting dancing banana movies
[12:03] <esden> o_O?
[12:03] <blindcoder> hehe
[12:03] <blindcoder> esden: how so?
[12:03] <esden> dancing banana? ... what is interesting with that
[12:03] <esden> blindcoder: new years eve ... thanks to that I have tons of visitors ... I think ...
[12:03] <daja77_> nothing but you'll get mad about this
[12:04] Action: esden is mad already
[12:04] <esden> *_*
[12:04] <esden> @_@
[12:04] <esden> \o\
[12:04] <esden>  |
[12:04] <daja77_> oh haven't noticed ^^
[12:04] <esden> \
[12:05] <esden>  \o\
[12:05] <esden>   |
[12:05] <daja77_> .oO (new blog entry, esden got mad)
[12:05] <esden>  / \
[12:05] <esden> daja77_: you destroy my dancing man!
[12:06] <netrunner> damn, why does my svnserve spit out german error messages
[12:07] <daja77_> netrunner: because you have the wrong locale?
[12:08] <esden>  \o\
[12:08] <esden>   |
[12:08] <esden>  / \
[12:08] <esden>  /o/
[12:08] <esden>   |
[12:08] <esden>   \\
[12:08] <esden>  \o\
[12:08] <esden>   |
[12:08] <esden>  //
[12:08] <esden>   o
[12:08] <esden>  /|\
[12:08] <esden>  / \
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[14:34] <blindcoder> oh fuck
[14:34] <blindcoder> I've wasted half of the weekend gaming now :(
[14:34] <blindcoder> I need to wash my clothes, bake bread, clean up...
[14:34] <blindcoder> just five more minutes
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[14:58] <blindcoder> ouch
[14:58] <blindcoder> Are you a computer geek? http://www.nerdtests.com/ft_cg.php
[14:58] <blindcoder> I scored 97%...
[15:50] <blindcoder> HaH!
[15:50] <blindcoder> screw going out alone
[15:51] <blindcoder> Erik will come with me and maybe sebastian, too
[15:57] <esden> rofl I am a computer god!
[15:57] <esden> 99%
[15:57] <esden> geek
[15:59] <blindcoder> ouch
[16:00] <esden> I think ... there is something wrong with the test ... or with me ...
[16:00] <blindcoder> hehe
[16:00] <blindcoder> damn, sebastian doesn't answer his phone :(
[16:01] <esden> perhups he is busy doing something productive ;)
[16:01] <blindcoder> probablf
[16:01] <blindcoder> i'll try again later
[16:05] <esden> http://www.esden.net/blog/2005/08/13/geek-or-not-a-geek-that-is-the-question/
[16:11] <blindcoder> what? dhr has only 93 o_O
[16:16] <esden> yes ... strange ...
[16:22] Freak (n=freak@dslb-082-083-178-045.pools.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
[16:33] <owl> re
[16:34] Freak__ (n=freak@dslb-082-083-161-177.pools.arcor-ip.net) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[16:35] <blindcoder> wb
[16:35] <owl> thx
[16:52] <owl> igittigitt...: http://www.golem.de/0601/42845.html
[16:54] <blindcoder> sounds nice
[16:55] <owl> nice?! 
[16:55] <blindcoder> yeah
[16:55] <owl> you mean for DAUs,...?
[16:55] <blindcoder> you know, those people exist
[16:59] <owl> and i thought you don't want klicki-bunti. 
[17:00] <blindcoder> I don't have to use it, do I?
[17:01] <owl> nah. but even the fact that a debian-clone will be mutated into a "i want to click on a nice colored thing" makes me sad
[17:01] <blindcoder> *shrug* I'm not using it, so I don't care much :)
[17:02] <owl> sigh :)
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[19:55] SteffenP (i=steffen@p54996C93.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[20:02] Action: owl writes a book: thousand reasons why men are not understandable idiots. dot. 
[20:04] <th> and where are the reason why women ARE "understandable idiots"?
[20:04] <owl> genetic :)
[20:04] <owl> women && women && talk: good. 
[20:04] <mnemoc> chromosomic to me precise
[20:04] <owl> women && men && talk: bad. 
[20:04] <owl> men && men && talk: bad. 
[20:05] <owl> men && something-else && talk: unknown. 
[20:05] <owl> mnemoc: yes... 
[20:05] <mnemoc> what is something-else ?
[20:05] <owl> undefined sex :D
[20:06] <mnemoc> :)
[20:06] <owl> pardon, 3 men annoying me are too much. 
[20:07] <owl> nothing has to do with you here. 
[20:07] <mnemoc> 3 men ${another_verb} you are too much too?
[20:07] <mnemoc> singing?
[20:07] <owl> singing?
[20:07] <mnemoc> cooking?
[20:08] <mnemoc> cooking to*
[20:09] <owl> O_O nothing. but they're annoying. all 3. in different ways. and different "Relationships" to me. sigh. 
[20:09] <mnemoc> ah, 3 specific men, not just '3 men'
[20:10] <owl> yeah
[20:13] <owl> 24 on tv today btw, if someone from .de ist reading ;)
[20:57] <th> 20:06:07 < th> and where are the reason why women ARE "understandable idiots"?
[20:57] <th> 20:06:23 < owl> genetic :)
[20:57] <th> so you are saying it's genetic that women are idots?
[20:57] <th> "understandable" idiots to be precise
[20:57] <mnemoc> chromosomic :)
[20:58] <mnemoc> Y chromosome is mandatory to have reasonability
[20:58] <owl> huch? mouse-fights?
[20:58] <mnemoc> pff
[20:59] <owl> argh. blindness
[20:59] <owl> there is new text
[20:59] <owl> douh
[21:00] <owl> th: if you see the most female beings: yes, it must be genetic that they're idiots
[21:00] <th> interesting
[21:01] <owl> hm?
[21:02] <mnemoc> female are idiots as male can't talk
[21:03] <owl> exactly
[21:03] <mnemoc> if a female is not a idiot, she is not really a female
[21:04] <mnemoc> if a male can talk, he is not really a man :)
[21:05] <owl> ack :p or the sentence "exceptions approve the rules"
[21:12] <esden> you have strange topics guys
[21:13] <owl> yes esden ? :)
[21:14] <mnemoc> esden: what topic do you suggest?
[21:21] fake (n=fake@rapidnetworks.de) joined #rocklinux.
[21:22] <owl> hi fake . 
[21:30] <esden> mnemoc: none ... it is ok ... if there is nothing better ;)
[21:30] <esden> I have no ideas .. I am dumb
[21:31] <mnemoc> esden: :)
[21:31] <owl> poor esden ;)
[21:32] <mnemoc> esden: what about your projects?
[21:36] <esden> which project?
[21:40] <esden> ahh ... I should learn reading ... "projects"
[21:41] <esden> erm ... I would say ... advancing
[21:41] <esden> currently playing around with ruby, ruby on rails and ajax
[21:41] <esden> and cursing all the time about bad software design done by strange people
[21:42] <esden> and of course lacking documentation ;)
[21:46] <mnemoc> ruby on rails is the  bad software, or javascript?
[21:46] <mnemoc> http://sarissa.sourceforge.net/doc/ is quite nice
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[23:49] <esden> mnemoc: rails also has its downsides ... and lacks ... but the software I mean is typo http://typo.leetsoft.com
[00:00] --- Sun Jan 22 2006