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[08:01] <netrunner> moin
[08:26] <blindcoder> moin moin
[09:33] <blindcoder> YAY
[09:33] <blindcoder> I just _may_ be able to get some nicely designed ROCK CDs for CLT
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[10:31] <blindcoder> YAY
[10:31] <blindcoder> I _do_ get them :D
[10:32] raphael_wels (n=raphael@lehrenetz.fh-wels.at) joined #rocklinux.
[10:32] <raphael_wels> hi all
[10:32] <esden> moin
[10:32] <blindcoder> moin raphael_wels, esden 
[10:32] <blindcoder> esden: I do get professionally printed ROCK CDs for CLT :D
[10:33] Action: blindcoder bouncing around the channel happily
[10:35] <esden> hehe ... congrats blindcoder 
[10:36] <esden> blindcoder: how do I create a iptable rule that will be automatically deleted after some amount of time?
[10:37] <blindcoder> esden: at :)
[10:38] <blindcoder> esden: iptables -A INPUT -j REJECT && at now + 3 hours < <( echo iptables -D INPUT -j REJECT )
[10:39] <blindcoder> esden: supposedly there is a patch to make the rule "time out" but I haven't found it yet
[10:39] <esden> no no no ... there is a iptables internal possibility
[10:39] <esden> I am sure!
[10:41] <blindcoder> --ctexpire
[10:41] <blindcoder> -m conntrack --ctexpire 300
[10:41] <blindcoder> makes it expire in 300 seconds
[10:41] <blindcoder>        --ctexpire time[:time]
[10:41] <blindcoder>               Match remaining lifetime in seconds against given value or range
[10:41] <blindcoder>               of values (inclusive)
[10:43] <blindcoder> alternatively:
[10:44] <blindcoder> -m --datestop 200601312359
[10:44] <blindcoder> -m time --datestop 200601312359
[10:44] <blindcoder> however, this doesn't remove the rule
[10:45] <esden> ahh ok ... humm
[10:45] <esden> ok .. I will use that then ... and have a cronjob wipe out the expired rules
[10:46] <blindcoder> esden: what are you trying to achieve?
[10:49] <esden> I want to write a script that is watching squid logs for "strange" lines (emule and torrent connects) and adds iptable rules for the ip's producing that lines, the rules should block the ip (we have no mac adresses to match here) for 10mins and then the rule should be dropped ... because the villan could be spoofing the ip
[10:49] <esden> so we do not want to restrict the right owner of the ip
[10:49] <blindcoder> spoofing an entire HTTP request would be quite difficult
[10:50] <esden> you can take every ip here you want
[10:50] <blindcoder> if the spoofer can't snif the spoofed i's raffic
[10:50] <blindcoder> ip's traffic
[10:50] <blindcoder> ah, okay
[10:50] <blindcoder> where is 'here'?
[10:50] <esden> rosenheim
[10:50] <blindcoder> campus? dorm?
[10:51] <esden> dorm
[10:53] <blindcoder> ah
[10:55] <blindcoder> *sigh*
[10:55] <blindcoder> blog spammers must be about the most stupid spammers on this goddamn planet
[10:57] <blindcoder> last night I had no less than 24 (twenty-four) attempted spams at a by now 7 week old entry (the only entry they _ever_ tried to spam)
[10:58] <blindcoder> and seven more on an even _older_ entry (september...)
[10:58] <blindcoder> and not a single one passed the filter
[10:58] <blindcoder> you would think that by now they'd have learned
[11:07] <esden> that are bots
[11:07] <esden> on my site _no_ spam has ever maid it to get on the page ... everything filtered out ... but still they try it
[11:07] <esden> simply stupid
[11:08] <blindcoder> *nod*
[11:09] <blindcoder> hmm
[11:09] <blindcoder> I think I know what I'm gonna do
[11:09] <blindcoder> I could just throw back a 403 - Forbidden if the comment is identified as spam
[11:10] <blindcoder> or just sleep for 20 or 30 second before actually returning something
[11:13] <blindcoder> anyway, lunchtime
[11:14] <esden> bon apetitt blindcoder
[11:38] Action: netrunner leaves to moscow
[11:45] <esden> have fun netrunner 
[11:45] <esden> netrunner: good trip
[11:45] <esden> netrunner: make some photos ... wanna see ;)
[11:58] <esden> blindcoder: nice ... I have found that there is a testing module called expire 
[12:05] <blindcoder> esden: see, I said it is a patch :P
[12:13] <esden> blindcoder: :P
[12:30] <blindcoder> esden: ping
[12:35] <blindcoder> http://www.rocklinux.org/wiki/Chemnitzer_Linux_Tage_2006
[14:31] <owl> re
[14:32] <owl> esden: i have a d50 now :)
[14:34] <blindcoder> re
[14:34] <owl> wb blindcoder 
[14:35] <blindcoder> thx
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[14:37] <blindcoder> :)
[14:43] <owl> note to self: the "trial-shot-pics" are sharper than my komi after some weeks... 
[14:44] <blindcoder> komi?
[14:45] <owl> konica minolta
[14:46] <blindcoder> ah
[14:46] <owl> at least i didn't know till now that a flower can have "hair" ... and you see it on the pictures O_O
[14:46] <blindcoder> hehe
[14:47] <blindcoder> anyway, bbl
[14:48] <owl> bye blindcoder 
[15:24] <esden> owl: wow! Congrats!!!
[15:26] <owl> esden: thx ;)
[15:30] <raphael_wels> th, how are you doing?
[15:49] <blindcoder> re
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[18:17] <blindcoder> re
[18:31] <owl> wb blindcoder 
[18:32] <blindcoder> thx
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