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[05:15] <netrunner> moin
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[08:48] <esden> moin
[08:48] <esden> muahaha ... I really broke the 1GB mark real traffic (no error messages, no bots, no traffic produced by myself) on my website!
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[10:42] <blindcoder> moin
[10:48] <esden> blindcoder!!! *hug* *squeeeeze*
[10:50] <blindcoder> urgs
[10:51] <esden> :(
[10:53] <blindcoder> I've had a whole bottle of sake yesterday
[10:53] <blindcoder> don't do that to my worn-out body
[10:58] <esden> blindcoder: ohh ... sorry
[10:58] <esden> did not know that
[10:58] <esden> why did you have a bottle of sake yesterday .. anything special?
[11:01] <blindcoder> esden: well, it was another weekend at home, that's something to celebrate
[11:01] <blindcoder> besides, if I give martina a bottle of sake for her b'day, I can have one of my own :P
[11:03] <blindcoder> esden: martina turns 21 today, you really should gratulate her, or she'll be pissed ;)
[11:07] <netrunner> who's martina?
[11:07] <netrunner> [X] send px
[11:07] Action: netrunner used couchsurfing in moscow and met really cool people.
[11:15] <blindcoder> couchsurfing?
[11:15] <blindcoder> netrunner: martina is my best female friend :P
[11:15] <blindcoder> anyway, lunchtime
[11:16] <netrunner> blindcoder: http://www.couchsurfing.com/
[11:19] <esden> blindcoder: sms sent ...
[11:19] <esden> this evening I will need a lot of alcohol ... >_<
[11:22] <netrunner> esden: why? come here, this evening there will be a lot :)
[11:22] <netrunner> (again) 
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[11:33] <esden> netrunner: humm ... I would like to ... but I have no money to pay the flight :(
[11:33] <esden> and I am not so fast in running so I could make it to you till the evening 
[11:34] <netrunner> ok, I will import some, than we can do it next week :)
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[11:55] <blindcoder> re
[12:00] <daja77_> esden: why?
[12:06] <esden> in two hours I have my last exam
[12:07] <blindcoder> ooooh
[12:37] <daja77_> good luck
[12:39] <esden> daja77_: I do not need luck ... I need knowlege
[12:39] <esden> ;)
[12:39] <daja77_> and a d ;=
[12:40] <esden> :P
[12:41] <blindcoder> d cup?
[12:42] <esden> ohh ... I would have to drink a lot more beer to get d cup ;)
[12:46] <blindcoder> hmm
[12:46] <blindcoder> it's a new year...
[12:46] <blindcoder> big copyright tag update patch
[12:47] <esden> hehe ... perhups you should create a script that should be run every year that is a hook in svn repository so that it automatically get's triggered on new years eve ;)
[12:48] <esden> or you could make the copyright tag to furute ... for example till the end of year 3000 ;)
[12:48] <blindcoder> hehe
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[13:40] <daja77_> netrunner: great site, just created a profle
[13:40] <daja77_> +i
[13:47] <owl> moin
[13:48] <blindcoder> yeah, sounds like fun :)
[14:31] <blindcoder> hmm
[14:31] <blindcoder> glibc23 patches don't apply o_O
[14:31] <daja77_> which?
[14:32] <blindcoder> package/base/glibc/glibc23/glibc-2.3.1-timezone.patch
[14:35] <blindcoder> the '??' reads 'zzz' now
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[15:20] <blindcoder> 5 out of 6 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file sysdeps/arm/dl-machine.h.rej
[15:20] <blindcoder> *sigh*
[15:21] <blindcoder> hmm
[15:21] <blindcoder> strange
[15:21] <daja77_> was machst du eigentlich grad?
[15:22] <blindcoder> narf...
[15:22] <blindcoder> syncing the lvp-tree and the rock-tree
[15:22] <daja77_> i see
[15:22] <blindcoder> and forgot that patch -p1 < foo doesn't automatically do svn rm and svn add...
[15:23] <daja77_> indeed
[15:23] <daja77_> just wanted to hear it was your fault
[15:23] Action: daja77_ hides
[15:23] <blindcoder> :P
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[16:32] <clifford> http://www.clifford.at/spl/splpoker/  (with firefox 1.5 only)
[16:34] <daja77_> hm it just pops up with a window containing xml code
[16:36] <mnemoc> firefox 1.5 only
[16:37] <daja77_> it is ff 1.5
[16:37] <daja77_> guess it needs a svg plugin too
[16:38] <mnemoc> it isn't included? :(
[16:39] <clifford> ff 1.5 has SVG. that's one of the core features.
[16:40] <daja77_> well it does not work here
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[18:20] feistel (n=feistel@ joined #rocklinux.
[18:20] <feistel> hi
[18:20] <feistel> I need help
[18:20] <feistel> please
[18:20] <feistel> :-)
[18:26] <stf^rocklinux> hi feistel
[18:27] <stf^rocklinux> maybe I can help?
[18:28] <stf^rocklinux> what's the problem?
[18:30] <feistel> I need 
[18:30] <feistel> eject a CD-ROM without umount them
[18:32] <stf^rocklinux> afaik you need to patch the kernel for that...
[18:32] <feistel> only patching the kernel?
[18:32] <feistel> some option for mount?
[18:33] <stf^rocklinux> I've been told that e.g. Knoppix does it to eject a Live-CD at reboot
[18:34] <feistel> aja
[18:35] <stf^rocklinux> as you don't won't to unmount the CD-ROM there's nothing you could tell mount...
[18:36] <stf^rocklinux> but ejecting a cdrom without unmounting it seems ugly to me
[18:36] <stf^rocklinux> wouldn't it be better to unmount the CD-ROM first?
[18:39] <stf^rocklinux> maybe a lazy unmount ("umount -l") helps
[18:47] <daja77_> just try the eject command
[18:47] <daja77_> it does the umount
[18:53] <stf^rocklinux> daja77_: yeah, do you know if this also works with the CD mounted as root fs? That would be nice 
[18:53] <daja77_> erh guess not
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[20:17] <markuman> is linux EFI bootable?
[20:20] <stf^rocklinux> there's a config option "      [ ] Boot from EFI support (EXPERIMENTAL)   " in Linux-
[20:22] <esden> hehe ... someone with an intel mac?
[20:23] <stf^rocklinux> markuman: use 'make menuconfig' in your kernel sources directory, the option is below "Processor type and features"
[20:25] <stf^rocklinux> markuman: and the help text says you have to use ELILO as boot-manager
[20:59] <markuman> no, i've no intel mac. just interesting. thx :-)
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