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[07:42] <blindcoder> moin
[07:47] <th> moin
[07:58] <blindcoder> 1-glibc23 fails
[07:58] <blindcoder> Created file outside basedir: /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive
[07:58] <blindcoder> :(
[07:59] <blindcoder> anyway, gotta go to work
[07:59] <blindcoder> bbl
[08:30] <blindcoder> re
[09:13] <netrunne1> blindcoder: here not ...
[09:39] <blindcoder> netrunne1: this happens for the second time now :(
[09:39] <blindcoder> any idea what this 'locale-archive' thing is?
[09:46] <blindcoder> okay, found what it is but not how to create it / prevent its creation
[09:56] <blindcoder> okay, I think I have a fix
[09:56] <blindcoder> just need to test it
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[10:34] <daja77> blindcoder: heisenbug, it vanished here again 
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[10:59] <blindcoder> heh
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[14:13] <blindcoder> 335 builds total, 131 completed fine, 0 with errors.
[14:13] <blindcoder> :D
[14:13] <blindcoder> crystal with all submaster patches
[14:14] <owl> moin
[14:14] <daja77_> you fixed ifplugd?
[14:59] Action: netrunner not
[15:25] <netrunner> thx for kde update. applied and downloading, right before reaching stage 9 :)
[15:25] <daja77_> :D
[15:26] <blindcoder> re
[15:28] <blindcoder> hmm
[15:28] <blindcoder> I haven't started building KDE in my build yet....
[15:28] <daja77_> hi blindy
[15:28] <blindcoder> *apply*
[15:28] <daja77_> *gg*
[15:29] <daja77_> it was in the queue for days but after my build finished it is tested
[15:29] <blindcoder> good good
[15:30] <blindcoder> so, can we expect a glimpse of clifford before CLT?
[15:30] <daja77_> dunno was out with a friend yesterday so I haven't phoned
[15:36] <daja77_> is the lq forum dead?
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[15:41] <daja77_> wah why is bootdisk set ti linux24
[15:42] <blindcoder> daja77_: dead as in 'noone there to post'? yes
[15:42] <daja77_> *sigh*
[15:43] <blindcoder> kde update submitted to rock-community
[15:44] <daja77_> :)
[16:06] <blindcoder> narf
[16:06] <blindcoder> finally found the bug that made './scripts/Download gcc4' download all gcc packages
[16:07] <blindcoder> (valid for all forked packages)
[16:10] <blindcoder> okay, I'll drive home now
[16:10] <blindcoder> bbl
[16:19] <daja77_> oh
[16:49] <blindcoder> re
[17:04] Action: blindcoder updating gnupg
[17:04] <blindcoder> daja77_: sorry for taking away your job :)
[17:06] <daja77_> no go on
[17:06] <blindcoder> done :)
[17:06] <daja77_> argh this bootdisk buildng sucks
[17:07] <blindcoder> hmm
[17:07] <blindcoder> should I pkgfork the licq plugns?
[17:08] <daja77_> hm why
[17:09] <blindcoder> so that you can independently install the plugins
[17:09] <blindcoder> and independently build them
[17:09] <daja77_> not bad
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[17:23] <kasal> Hello.  I noticed that rocklinux has solid block cursor (not underscore), how is it done?
[17:24] <daja77_> now that you mention it, haven't noticed on the laptop so far ;)
[17:26] <blindcoder> kasal: it can be done using escape sequences
[17:28] <blindcoder> kasal: where do you mean? terminal? xterm? rxvt?
[17:28] <blindcoder> ah found ih
[17:28] <blindcoder> it
[17:29] <blindcoder> ESC*d1Q
[17:29] <blindcoder> that's block
[17:29] <blindcoder> ESC*d0Q
[17:29] <blindcoder> that's underline
[17:29] <blindcoder> hmm
[17:29] <blindcoder> maybe not
[17:32] <daja77_> waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh
[17:33] <daja77_> !> Running 'depmod -a -q -F /boot/System.map' ..
[17:33] <daja77_> !> ./scripts/Build-Pkg: line 510: mkinitrd: command not found
[17:33] <daja77_> -> $root/var/adm/logs/5-linux26.out -> 5-linux26.err
[17:33] <daja77_> does this mean the bootdisk is broken?
[17:34] <blindcoder> daja77_: using cliffords tree with some submaster patches?
[17:34] <blindcoder> it means that you need to add 'rockinitrd' to the bootdis
[17:34] <blindcoder> k
[17:34] <daja77_> how?
[17:35] <daja77_> damn it i wanted to install today
[17:35] <blindcoder> either in target/bootdisk/preconfig.in or with a custom package selection
[17:35] <daja77_> hmpf
[17:35] <blindcoder> 2006012709353716453
[17:35] <blindcoder> apply that patch
[17:36] <blindcoder> kasal: maybe that can help you: http://www.vim.org/tips/tip.php?tip_id=817
[17:37] <daja77_> 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file target/bootdisk/linuxrc2.sh.rej
[17:39] <blindcoder> oh
[17:39] <daja77_> ok ic i just merge the pkg add, the rest is not good anyway
[17:39] <blindcoder> seems that patch contains more than it should
[17:39] <daja77_> yep
[17:40] <blindcoder> hmm
[17:40] <blindcoder> if I run a cluster build...
[17:40] <blindcoder> how can I make the nodes use the local harddisk for building?
[17:40] <daja77_> no idea
[17:43] <daja77_> == 02/15/06 17:49:32 =[5]=> Finished building package rockinitrd
[17:43] <daja77_> next try
[17:53] <kasal> blindcoder: The tip only helps partially.  It's nice that the "vim terminal reset" can be customized.
[17:54] <kasal> But my previous rock instalation had a block cursor which was _white_ (not light grey), and blinking, so it was perfectly visible.
[17:55] <kasal> I don't know how to achieve that.  I have to admit that I have problems understanding the three color values in the VGA-softcursor.txt
[17:56] <blindcoder> VGA-softcursor?
[17:56] <blindcoder> ah
[17:57] <blindcoder> so you want a non-blinking white block cursor?
[17:59] <kasal> no -- I don't care whether it blinks.
[18:00] <kasal> I want a block cursor.  My previous rock instalation had white blinking block cursor and I don't know why.
[18:01] <kasal> I want to see my cursor; the colorful softcursor is enough, though the previous was better.
[18:02] <kasal> ... and perhaps I'd like to understand why it does what it does.  I wasn't able to google any good document.  :-(
[18:02] <blindcoder> neither am I
[18:04] <blindcoder> HAH
[18:04] <blindcoder> echo -en '\033[?17;0;114c'
[18:05] <blindcoder> the first number sets the height of the cursor
[18:05] <blindcoder> the second one is a bitmask of what to change. leave at 0
[18:05] <blindcoder> the last one is the actual color attributes
[18:06] <blindcoder> increase in multiples of 16 to change background color and multiples of 1 to change foreground color
[18:08] <blindcoder> hmm
[18:08] <blindcoder> got it
[18:13] <blindcoder> ah, found it
[18:13] <blindcoder> daja77_: what do you think
[18:13] <blindcoder> daja77_: should build/ROCK/src.foo be used in parallel builds?
[18:13] <blindcoder> daja77_: or should we stay in $builddir (/usr/src/rock-src/src.foo)?
[18:15] <kasal> blindcoder: thanks... (I still cannot find bright white color, but I should do something better now.)
[18:15] <blindcoder> kasal: that is bright white. bright white is defined by your terminal emulator
[18:16] <blindcoder> daja77_: I'll just try and look at the results
[18:19] <netrunner> blindcoder: look at the docs for cluster building and the scripts/Create-SymLinks or similar name
[18:20] <kasal> blindcoder: OK, if you have time to teach me: I use linux console.  How can I get bright white?  Shall I find esc sequences to change the palette?
[18:20] <blindcoder> netrunner: yes, that's fine and well
[18:21] <blindcoder> netrunner: but you need build/ from the network node
[18:21] <blindcoder> netrunner: and then you would extract to build/<id>/ROCK/src.foo
[18:22] <blindcoder> kasal: I don't know, sorry. I think it needs patching the sources and/or looking into your framebuffer documentation
[18:22] <netrunner> blindcoder: yes, true.
[18:22] <blindcoder> netrunner: which, frankly, sucks
[18:24] <kasal> blindcoder: ...uff.  Thank you again for your help.
[18:25] <netrunner> blindcoder: that change with extracting to ROCK/ came after that. noone noticed :)
[18:36] <blindcoder> netrunner: well, I did just now... trying to fix it, too
[18:47] <blindcoder> /etc/init.d/xprint: line 1: id: command not found
[18:48] <blindcoder> daja77_: got a fix for that one?
[18:48] <esden> puhh ... that was a nice hacking session ... 
[18:49] <esden> hello everyone sbtw
[18:49] <blindcoder> moin esden 
[18:49] <blindcoder> esden: you're still hacking? I thought all you do these days is making pictures *dr&h*
[18:49] <esden> :P
[18:49] <esden> sure I am hacking
[18:50] <esden> just implemented ansi escape codes support to qemu text console aka serial console
[18:50] <blindcoder> good boy *patpat*
[18:51] <blindcoder> hmm
[18:51] <blindcoder> I fail to see why etc/init.d/xprint is even executed...
[18:52] <esden> humm ... as always you are blind ;)
[18:53] <blindcoder> so enlighten me
[18:53] <esden> humm ... interesting kernel message: All bugs added by David S. Miller <davem@redhat.com>
[18:53] <esden> blindcoder: I can't I do not glow
[18:56] <blindcoder> esden: xprint is a rc-script!
[18:56] <blindcoder> esden: there's no sane reason why it should be called by the ROCK build scripts
[18:57] <esden> blindcoder: ask clifford ... it is his bash magic field generator that causes that
[18:57] <blindcoder> I doubt that...
[18:58] <blindcoder> aaah
[18:58] <blindcoder> damn xorg
[19:07] <blindcoder> hah
[19:07] <blindcoder> fixed :D
[19:13] <blindcoder> the fuck...
[19:13] <blindcoder> coreutils no longer ships an 'id' program o_O
[19:15] <blindcoder> hmm
[19:15] <blindcoder> what the fuck is up here...
[19:15] <blindcoder> usr/bin/id is _supposed_ to be there, but isn't
[19:21] <blindcoder> daja77_: ping
[19:46] <blindcoder> hmm
[19:46] <blindcoder> seems to be cliffords fault
[19:47] <blindcoder> for some reason he removes the commands uptime, groups, hostname, id, kill and su from coreutils
[19:51] <esden> hehe ... stripping down the unnessesary stuff as it seems :P
[19:51] <blindcoder> unnecessary? HELLO?
[19:51] <esden> *GG*
[19:51] <blindcoder> he claims that those programs are suuplied by other packages
[19:51] <blindcoder> but he makes no reference as to _which_ packages that would be
[19:51] <esden> kernel is also obsolete since now for rocklinux ... didn't you know that?
[19:52] <blindcoder> I only know that this world is trying to make me lose my sanity
[19:52] <esden> lol
[19:52] <blindcoder> I would love to jump into a pool of ethanol right now
[19:52] <esden> trying? ... *GG*
[19:52] <blindcoder> or maybe battery acid
[19:53] <blindcoder> all the irc channels seem to be deserted, too
[19:53] <esden> ohh battery acid is very fine for your skin ... after that it is so smooth!
[19:53] <esden> blindcoder: semester break ...
[19:53] <blindcoder> seems like everyone suddenly developed a life
[19:53] <esden> lol ... me too .. I go get some food with friends .. cu l8er
[19:54] <blindcoder> yeah, begone!
[19:54] <esden> :*
[19:55] Action: blindcoder will grab some booze and some anime now
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[20:37] <daja77_> blindcoder: ?
[20:37] <blindcoder> daja77_: !
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[20:38] <blindcoder> daja77_: in 2006012416345619142 clifford removes the mentioned programs from coreutils
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[20:39] Action: ringo likes rock crystal vy vy much
[20:39] <blindcoder> really, right now I'm almost ready to go on a killing spree...
[20:40] <daja77_> damn
[20:40] <daja77_> so i should remove that patch and rebuilt coreutils
[20:40] <daja77_> hey ringo 
[20:41] <blindcoder> daja77_: removing the lines from coreutils.conf should be enough
[20:41] <ringo> hey daja77_  ! 
[20:41] <blindcoder> daja77_: I'm currently building rock-community crystal to see if that patch has any right to exist
[20:41] <blindcoder> otherwise I'm going to revert it
[20:41] <ringo> finally I'm doing some none server related linuxing got wlan up :)
[20:42] <blindcoder> nice
[20:42] <blindcoder> what kind of wlan?
[20:42] <ringo> rt2400 
[20:43] <blindcoder> don't know about that one
[20:43] <ringo> no big prohblem takes just a little time 
[20:44] <blindcoder> I see
[20:44] <ringo> Yeahh it was a while back when you talked to me, but had no time to make the effort
[20:46] <ringo> dualbooting was another thingie with grub, but hey I cant find another hobby.
[20:46] <blindcoder> doesn't work with grub2
[20:47] <daja77_> grrrrr
[20:47] <daja77_> -> Copying and adjusting linuxrc scipt
[20:47] <daja77_> -> Copy various helper applications.
[20:47] <daja77_> cp: cannot stat `../2nd_stage/sbin/udevstart': No such file or directory
[20:47] <blindcoder> of course. udevstart is obsolete
[20:47] <blindcoder> curse ucrap
[20:48] <daja77_> so our script should honor that change ..
[20:48] <ringo> luckely I use 0.94 ;) 
[20:48] <ringo> grun
[20:48] <mnemoc> why is udevstart evil?
[20:48] <blindcoder> mnemoc: because the udev people think that manually typing 10 lines of shell is better
[20:49] <daja77_> not evil but not obsolete in 0.84
[20:49] <mnemoc> blindcoder: so ROCK could 'fake' it's own udevstat instead of adding 10 for; do echo; done lines?
[20:49] <blindcoder> mnemoc: that's what I suggested some time ago
[20:50] <blindcoder> mnemoc: OTOH, we have already changed the scripts to contain those actions
[20:50] <blindcoder> so removing udevstart simply solves the issue
[20:50] <mnemoc> daja77_: my question was basicly 'why deprecate that tool'
[20:50] <blindcoder> _this_ issue with ucrap
[20:50] <mnemoc> :)
[20:50] <blindcoder> mnemoc: my very thought when I read about that.
[20:51] <daja77_> mnemoc: i have no idea
[20:51] <daja77_> i am not involved in udev stuff
[20:51] <mnemoc> :)
[20:51] <blindcoder> mnemoc: but it's not like the ucrap people have any intelligence worth mentioning anyway
[20:51] <mnemoc> *G*
[20:51] <blindcoder> well, slightly over room temperature maybe
[20:52] <daja77_> blindcoder: could you make a patch, i need to install a machine tomorrow *sigh*
[20:52] <blindcoder> daja77_:  the necessary patches are already in submaster
[20:52] <blindcoder> daja77_: if you applied them you can safely ignore that error for now
[20:52] <daja77_> for bootdisk?
[20:52] <blindcoder> yes
[20:52] <daja77_> i applied netrunner's patches
[20:53] <blindcoder> # create nodes for devices already in kernel
[20:53] <blindcoder> frot target/bootdisk/linuxrc.sh
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[20:55] <blindcoder> just committed a last patch to entirely get rid of ucrapstart
[20:57] <daja77_> whoa nice patch for the download problem
[20:58] <blindcoder> yeah, entirely not obvious, really complicated, need a ph.d. to see it and oh-so-useless :)
[20:59] <blindcoder> sorry >_<
[20:59] <blindcoder> today is somehow not my day
[21:00] <daja77_> hey don't worry :)
[21:01] <daja77_> good to have you in :)
[21:02] <blindcoder> yeahyeah, thanks :)
[21:02] <blindcoder> I just sometimes wonder who's more explosive: rxr or me >_<
[21:03] <mnemoc> you are more dangerous
[21:03] <blindcoder> *snif*
[21:04] <daja77_> blindcoder: well we needed a replacement ;)
[21:04] <blindcoder> Explosive Ego From Berlin: New and improved!
[21:07] <daja77_> v2.0
[21:12] <mnemoc> explosive-ego v1.0 forked, explosive-ego v2.0 cut the head an keept the name :p
[21:17] <blindcoder> anyway, bedtime
[21:17] <blindcoder> good night
[21:17] <mnemoc> good night blindcoder :)
[21:24] <daja77_> n8 dynamitecoder
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[23:29] <daja77_> cat: build/bootdisk-TRUNK-x86-pentium-mmx-32-bootdisk/ROCK/isofs.txt: No such file or directory
[23:29] <daja77_> grr
[23:30] <daja77_> n8
[23:34] <netrunner> n8, 2
[00:00] --- Thu Feb 16 2006